Oct 05, 2011

Oxo & Cookies for Kids (& Giveaway)

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Swag

We’re here with a giveaway from Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. This organization was founded by two OXO employees, Gretchen and Larry Witt who were inspired by their son Liam’s battle with pediatric cancer. They were shocked to learn that the main reason over 25% of kids diagnosed with cancer do not survive is because of a lack of effective therapies. And the reason for the lack of effective therapies was simple: lack of funding. ??Cookies for Kids’ Cancer was created to fill this void and to provide inspiration and support for individuals, communities and businesses to help fight pediatric cancer through the concept of local bake sales. The organization has raised over $150,000 to support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. This year, OXO will donate up to $100,000 to support research for new and improved therapies. Here are three easy ways to bake a difference and join OXO in the movement to find a cure for pediatric cancer:

1. Cookie Spatula – Purchase a Limited Edition Cookie Spatula. Your purchase helps OXO support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Up to $100,000, 50% of profits benefit pediatric cancer awareness.

2. Virtual Cookie – Spread the word about Cookies for Kids’ Cancer by sending a virtual cookie to all of your friends. OXO will make a donation per cookie shared, up to 10,000 cookies each week.

3. Host a Bake Sale – Large or small, your bake sale will raise funds for new and less harmful treatments for pediatric cancer. With OXO’s support, every dollar counts twice as much!  From July 19th to December 31st, OXO will match all proceeds from registered bake sales, up to $100,000.

Oxo is giving away a copy of the Best Bakesale Cookbook along with a limited edition Oxo “Be a Good Cookie” spatula. To enter, you must tell us what sweet treat you would bake for your bake sale AND you must repost on your Facebook page linking to this post to spread the word. The entry that sounds the most creative and delicious to us will be the winner. We will announce the winner on Friday.


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  • Katie

    I actually donated baked goods to a bake sale last week and they were a hit! I made homemade cinnamon/mexican vanilla marshmallows, then used them in Mexican Hot Chocolate brownies made with this amazing Mayan Cocoa from Savory Spice Shop. They were perfect! Chocolatey, gooey with just a little bit of spice from the Mayan Cocoa.

  • Beth

    Apple crumb cake. My kids’ favorite

  • I would bake my Peanut Butter{scotch} Blondies! Peanut butter and butterscotch all wrapped into one yummy treat, the perfect combo if I do say so myself.

    I am reposting now – you can check at facebook.com/bakedbyjoannaUS. 🙂

  • Teresa Hemsworth

    oatmeal raisin cookies, the kids love them. And, my husband makes them the best!

  • Sarah L.

    I’d make scotcheroos: peanut butter Rice Krispie bars with a chocolate & butterscotch topping. Ahhhhhmazing! (And I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t like ’em!)

  • Would make chocolate and peanut butter cake pops and rice krispie cake pops in bright colors because they are delicious and they also have a great presentation. Would let kids decorate and sell them with help and supervision. There is nothing more empowering than watching kids at work helping other kids. Putting words on tags on the pop like Dream, Dance, Hope, Wish, Laugh, Confidence, Courage, Love would make them complete.

    We would call them Pops of Inspiration.

    Because, after having an adult brother and sister with cancer I can tell you this, they have cancer, but it does not define them and you have to be there to help make sure they can see that day. They stil dream, dance, hope and love and so do you!

  • Alissa

    I would make chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing because it’s my son’s favorite.

    I have personally lost members of my family to cancer and I know first-hand how devasting it can be. I can’t even imagine losing a child to cancer. When my son was younger, there was a little boy there who lost his fight with leukemia. Even though I didn’t know him or his family very well, it affected for days afterward. There has to be a way, there just has to. And I think that if arming the researchers with whatever they need financially is what it takes, then count me in!

    • Alissa

      whoops…my sentence got cut off. It should read: When my son was younger, there was a little boy in his daycare who lost his fight with leukemia.

      • Alissa

        I also posted to my page: facebook.com/alissa.rothstein

  • Cheryl

    Ohhh so hard to decide! I have a lot of great bake sale ideas!
    I guess I would do Popcorn ball Flowers. Popcorn balls with dried cranberries and m&m’s mixed in, on a stick with a cupcake liner for the flower petals and green leaves.
    These look really cute mixed with cinnamon rolls on a stick!

  • Cristina

    I want to make caramel nut clusters in a spider shape with melted chocolate and pretzel stick legs! (nuts for adults, sub broken oreos/ graham crackers for lil ones)

    One of my go-to’s is rice krispie treats half dipped in chocolate

    and I’ve been wanting to make pumpkin bread bars with cream cheese frosting.

    A bake sale is a perfect idea, bc I don’t know what’s come over me with all these sweet cravings! I am going to get planning 🙂

    reposting to FB!!

  • Monique marron

    Root Beer float Brownies… YUMMY….And cake pops…smile..xp

  • I would make my oatmeal cranberry cookies. 🙂

  • Jazzmin

    I would make a huge assortment of cookies and share them wolith my family and friends.

  • Rochelle

    Chocolate chip is always a party pleaser.

  • Jeannie Acevedo

    I have reposted on my FB page, anything for a good cause. For my bake sale I would make a variety of cake pops, they are always such a big hit.

  • I would make cupcakes and make editable round toppers with the “cookies for kids cancer” logo on top (brown logo shown in book cover above).

    I also posted this on my business facebook page today:

    –this is a wonderful cause!


  • Cyndee

    Home made cookies are true gift from the heart.

  • Sandi Benoit

    I’d have to say some old fashioned oatmeal raisin cookies! My kids always loved them…

  • Jessica @peekababy

    For bake sales I live to make a few different things…oatmeal currant bars, banana bread muffins, rainbow cupcakes and un-chocolate chip cookies are some of my favorites!!

  • Susan Schumann

    I would make my sugar cookies. For toddlers I would do a variety of pastel color sugars; for school age I would go a variety of primary color sugars and teens would have neon color sugars. I mix corresponding colored nonpariels and decorative candies with my sugars. They would get wrapped by the half dozen in a cellophane bag with my curly-que ribbon tied around the bag. My sugar cookies = HAPPY and everyone smiles when they see them.

  • I´d make little heart shaped butter cookies and little letter shaped butter cookies spelling out the word Love.

  • Linda Peckett

    I would make datesquares. I just love them and so do my kids. The ones with the date filling and crumble top.

  • Jessica

    I would do brown butter krispie treats, a la Smitten Kitchen. They are the best and I have those ingredients on hand at all times!

    facebook posting too!