Sep 29, 2011

Around the Atlas: Philippines

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

This Blue Ribbon Picnic came all the way from Manilla, Philippines. Yumi from Yummy Piece of Cake created this table for a little boy’s first birthday. Her company, up until now, has focused solely on cupcakes.This was her first foray into the dessert table world.  She wanted the table to scream picnic. She accomplished that with the use of the gingham pattern and red white and blue palette. Sweet treats inlcuded nutella cupcakes, blueberry layer cake cups, freshly made doughnuts and cake pops. We bet this won’t be her last table.

To see another picnic post, click here.

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  • aww i love it!

  • That’s a very cute table…I love the doughnut stick holder. 🙂 Yumi, what is that beautiful yellow flower called? They look like mini sunflowers here in the U.S. Those mini brownies, cute idea with a browned marshmallows. Simple preparation yet delish to look at & I bet yummy to eat! 🙂
    Yumi, what island/part of the Philippines are you from? Great work!

    • Thanks Beth! I’m from the capital city, Manila. You’re right, the flowers are like mini sunflowers 🙂 I have a whole row lining up beside my house, I’m not really sure what its called but its pretty common here and blooms all year round. I’ll let you know once I find out!

      • Tet

        Hello Yumi!

        I am also from Manila. I have been following Amy Atlas’ blog for awhile now and I really love looking at all these wonderful dessert tables. It was such a pleasant surprise then to see your table featured here. It looks beautiful and delish 🙂 I’m glad there is someone in Manila who offers this kind of service. Hope your business prospers!

        By the way…I think the blooms are called cosmos flowers. We have a lot of them in our backyard too 🙂

      • Jen

        hi yumi! please email me where i can get in touch with you. i would like to inquire about your services. thank you!

  • rose

    Hi Yumi,

    The table looks great and very personalized with the name of the birthday boy even on the chocolate bars… kudos to you!!! I bet they’re really yummy too!

    I hope to see more of your work in the international scene..


  • Great job, Yumi! Everything looks wonderful and yummy.