Sep 13, 2011

UP Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

We have had so many amazing submissions hit our inbox lately, but this rainbow party brightened up our day! Jacki at Blissfully Sweet Cakes created this party for her son Ben’s birthday. Ben loves balloons. Always has. When he saw the Disney movie UP, he was hooked. Ben’s party was going to be a small family affair so Jacki decided to make a faux house cake (how amazing is that)?  Look at the edible rainbow hot air balloon on top!  Jacki brought in the UP rainbow balloon design for the real cake.  The rainbow cake is a big trend this year. Here is another great one that we featured. We love the use of the small rainbow fondant chip design on the cake.  You can also see those used on the amazing balloon cookie pops.Other sweet treats included cupcake ice cream cones, 7 layer jello cups, vanilla whoopie pies filled with speckled buttercream, mixed vibrant macarons, and confetti brownies. We love the rainbow crepe swag at the top of the table.  It is so simple to create, but it makes a great visual impact. The kids took home balloon-topped treat boxes filled with smarties, rainbow mentos, musk sticks, gumballs, a packet of rainbow coloured pencils with the balloon bunch cookies.

To see the table Jackie created for her son Liam’s birthday, click here.



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  • So HAPPY!

  • This is unbelievable!!! Such wonderful attention to detail!

  • gorgeous! I loved that movie! love the balloon cookies!

  • I love this! I want to do an UP event so badly!

  • Michelle

    I love UP! This is such a cute table. The mailbox is a great detail 😀

  • How fun, Love the bright colors! Great inspiration for my niece’s birthday this weekend!

  • How absolutely fabulous! That house cake is absolutely astounding! Beautiful photography, too.

  • Truly AMAZING!

  • Great Movie, Awesome party!

  • Sarah

    Great movie and absolutely wonderful table! Loving the bright colors- I can’t wait to show my friend who loves UP as well!

  • absolutely beautiful

  • LOVE all the details!!!

  • Dalia

    Such a HAPPY table…I love it!!!

  • we’re in our studio gushing over the sweetness of this display :: so charming {every detail}! ~

  • That is seriuosly so cute! I just love that movie!!

  • Fantastic. Congratulations Jacki, you are so clever and so committed and on top of that a very lovely person!

  • What a wonderful display of colors and textures! It just made me happy to look at and I didn’t even get a taste!

  • Being a balloon decorator, I gotta love the balloons, doesnt everyone? debra mggowan, party mountain event decor poconos pa

  • Fabulous table – the house cake is amazing! Kiki x

  • Amazing! And my daughter and I love this movie so much.

    Amy, I love your site – I have only just stumbled across it (I”m in Australia). I’m already getting great ideas for my daughter’s 6th birthday – she wants a French theme so your last blog post was inspirational.

  • This really brightened my day. Thank you for sharing!

  • wow, that cake is amazing!

  • Thanks to Amy for featuring Ben’s UP party and to everyone for your lovely comments. They have really brightened my day! Seeing Ben’s smile from ear to ear all day was the reward that every mum craves! Thanks again to everyone! Jacki @ Blissfully Sweet :)))

  • GORGEOUS !! love love love

  • Well done … Just LOVE it !!!

  • How cheerful and fun x

  • it is ALL just spectacular!!!!!! The cake is a work of art!

  • Jacki did beautiful!!! I love this theme.. I had this party for my little Francesco last june… if you like you can see it here

    • Ciao Etta
      Il tuo blog è ben scritto. Yor festa per Francy era stupendo – ho visto il partito che hai l’ispirazione da! Ben fatto, un bel lavoro! La famiglia di mio marito è italiano e di vedere il tuo bellissimo blog italiano è stato una luce al mio giorno. Grazie per i vostri commenti tipo.

  • Love, love, love your table. It is so beautiful with all of the colors. Can you give me a quick note on how you did the ice cream cupcakes? They are adorable!!!

    • Hi. The ice-cream cone cupcakes are really easy. I used the usual icecream cones and the used the same coloured batter that I used for the rainbow cake. I put maybe 3/4 teaspoon of each colour into the cone. Do not overfill! Batter should only come up half way. Then I microwaved them! It only took 80 seconds each one ( each oven may vary). Then allow them to cool and then use your frosting of choice. Mine was marshmallow, you could also use buttercream! Too easy! Have fun! 🙂

      • Thank you!!! Microwave – I would have never thought! Fantastic idea!!! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Jacki. My event is on Tuesday so I will be putting these on the menu. Now I am really excited! Woot Woot!

  • i love love love how the cake inside is rainbow – even the ice cream cone cakes! so magical!

  • fun, fun, fun!