Sep 13, 2011

Little Blue Elephant Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

Belinda of Styled by Belle sent over this adorable elephant-themed party she created for her son’s 1st birthday party. We love all of Belinda’s custom printables, including the elephant wrappers for the chocolate bars and popcorn holders. Belinda’s created an elephant design on the invitation which was then used to create the design of the cake, made by Belinda’s friend Amy Chapman. Other homemade sweet details included berry blue jello, blue iced donuts, oreo pops, and elephant cupcakes. Belinda also made “blue heaven” milkshakes for a fun drink.  Fun activities for the kids included elephant coloring books {handmade by Belinda} and a ride on a life size elephant statue. Elephants are known for their great memory and it looks like Belinda created a party that her little one won’t forget!


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  • It’s beautiful, but anyone who sees one, sees all.

  • Beautiful Party!! Where can I find those lollipops, the polka dot straws and the polka dot paper lanterns?

  • Cuteeeeeeeeeee

  • Adorable!

  • stylemecopycat

    This person’s “design” is directly copied from Sarah at Style Me Gorgeous’ Elephant designed printables and party styling theme – right down to the cake that was made for one of Sarah’s clients using the theme. Isn’t Styled By Belle commiting an infringement of copyright or something like that?

    Here is Sarah’s original baby elephant design made a couple of years ago for her son Max’s naming day:

  • Susan

    Gorgeous cake made by a gorgeous lady!

    I can verify her cakes and cupcakes taste as good as they look!

  • Susan Barnes

    I have been fortunate enough to have been the receiver of an Amy Chapman cake as has the rest of my family. Not only do her cakes look amazing but I have never had more comments from family and friends as to how delicious they are. Amy you have a wonderful imagination.

  • what an adorable party. I’m in love with that cake!

  • My Lil Cupcakes

    Wow, I love the theme, the cake, everything.

    In regards to the comments made by stylemecopycat, I agree the theme is similar, but definitly not the same.

    The colours used are different, the elephant is different as are a number of other items. Most ideas start somewhere and they are usually inspired by others. Styled by Belle would only be committing a breach of design copyright if she had matched it exactly which she has not…she has tweeked the design to suit her.

    Well done to Styled by Belle and the person that did the cake, I think you did an amazing job.

  • Adam

    Wow such an amazing design for a cake. Thank you for doing our wedding cake too it was amazing and definitely should be displayed here as well.

    Keep up the work.

  • Jessica

    I know Amy very well and her cakes are nothing short of amazing. Not only do they look great they taste even better! I highly recommend Amy to anyone looking for a top of the range cake for any occassion. I love this design!

  • Mai

    Another amazing creation by Amy! Her cakes and cupcakes taste as good as they look! Thank you for our beautiful wedding cake, you have a truly amazing gift.

  • What an adorable idea! The shades of blue are so pretty!

  • We lost a baby boy to stillbirth and buried him with an elephant, so elephants are very special to me now. I would LOVE to know where you got the little silver elephant place holders/photo holders. Thanks!

    And super cute party. 🙂

  • Sarah

    Unfortunately a very poor imitation of a Style Me Gorgeous design. How disappointing.

    My Lil Cupcakes – instead of making excuses for copycats, we should be supporting and getting behind the original designers who need their rights and creations protected. I’m sure we can all measure the tiny increments in how this design has been changed so it is not “legally” infringing copyright, but anyone can see who Styled By Belle has ripped off here.

    So much effort has gone into creating the party, but none whatsoever into an original design. Styled By Belle should be ashamed of herself.

    • oops

      she happily admits buying the design.

      Also please note this was for her own child and not a paying customer.

      If you’re not profiting and acknowledge the source of the adaption then its very much a grey area legally.

      • Natalie G

        But she is using the party to promote her professional business. Quite a grey area indeed!

      • not good enough excuses

        She is using the party to promote and launch her business….so she will be profiting from it, therefore it makes no difference that this is for her child and not a paying customer. If you want to start an event styling business it would be in your best interests to create something unique and original for your first table, this business is not starting on the right foot at all. Good luck with that!

  • Antonio

    Amy, fantastic recognition for all the hard work, designs, attention to detail, customer service and Love you put into each cake, large or small. Well done and keep baking.

  • Sarah

    Also, just want to mention that I am NOT Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous (leaving the above comment ^^), but I have been an admirer of her work for years.

  • Maree

    Where can I get a hold of the cake lady’s number. Amazing work and from the other responses, looks like she’s got a good rep.

    • Amy

      Hi Maree,

      My email address is [email protected] . Please don’t hesitate to send me an email with any inquiries you have.


  • Amy Chapman

    Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments…it is much appreciated..

  • Nicole

    What a gorgeous party!
    The internet is a source of inspiration to all.
    Check out Styled by Belle’s blog where she actually mentions where she has gotten her inspiration!

    • Sarah

      There is a line between inspiration and Copying. And when it is a design used for professional promotion you really have to be careful

      • Holly

        Well said.

  • Nana Joy

    Amy the cake maker is my grandaughter and I could not be more proud of the work she does and the love and thought that goes into each creation. She is more than worthy of all the compliments. Every cake I have tried has been delicious.

  • Fellow caker & party enthusiast

    I have to agree with Sarah on this one. As a fellow caker and party maker you have to draw the line on where you “copy” or get “inspiration” from. There is no harm in replicating something – but give the designer FULL credit and do not completely rip off someone’s design by just changing colours. Unfortunately for Belle she chose an extremely well known and respected designer to copy, sorry get inspiration, from! Why can we not appreciate the inspiration out there and use our OWN creativity to find a way to express it!
    Finally – I find it ironic that Belle only posted up where she received her inspiration from AFTER all of this came about.

  • A Amy Atlas Fan

    I think it’s also a poor copy of the original from Style Me Gorgeous. Sorry i’ve been told if you got nothing to say dont say it at all but i cant believe all the comments that says its awesome i know mostly are the cake fan which i am sure is really good by the cake maker. But style by belle, No offense but I dont see its up to par with all the other tables that a are featured on this blog.

  • Amy

    We are starting to get some pretty harsh comments in the comment moderations. Many are from one person. Honestly, we’re on the fence about this one regarding inspiration, and trust us, we’ve been copied over and over for several years. A healthy debate about this topic is fine. What we don’t like is our readers to stoop to a level that is beneath them. Let’s please refrain from the harsh comments. Amy Atlas Team

    • ahdrohan

      Bingo Amy! I was going to say the same thing. I don’t want to say everybody, but a lot of your readers copy you and I see that all the time. Could you imagine if you decided to leave harsh comments on every single blog you spot a copy of your tables?? No offense, but let’s stop being hyprocrites, ladies.I am sure Belinda put a lot of effort into her son’s birthday party and she deserves the credits. ‘Style me Gorgeous’ should be flattered for being such a huge inspiration to Belinda.
      Belinda, don’t feel intimated by anyone and keep up the good work! I wish you all the success!

      • Style Me Gorgeous

        Andressa, the issue here is NOT copying table styling, it is breeching the copyright of a set of professionally designed party printables. Of course you will see tables inspired by others, nobody owns copyright to techniques or the way sweets are displayed for example. We are talking about the invitation and party printables design. If an event stylist chooses to create their own party printables it would be a lot better for their business if they produce something original. What is happening to this industry? there is a general attitude that it is OK to try and recreate a designer’s work, just make a minor change and you get to call it your own, hiding behind the term ‘inspired’.
        I can assure you I am not flattered by this at all. It is disappointing to say the least.

        • ahdrohan

          Sarah (Style me Gorgeous)I apologize. I haven’t clicked on the link to actually see what people were so upset about. I thought people were talking about how the desserts, sweets, goodies were displayed,the use of the color palettes, etc…Now,I SEE what you are saying. Oh, my. It’s a huge no no. I totally understand your point now.
          We’re all in this business because we believe we can use our own creativity to do wonderful things, to inspire other people and most importantly, to do what we love.We are part of this industry because we believe in our own work,because we believe we have the potential to do it beautifully. So, let’s do it ladies! Lots of success to everybody!

          • Style Me Gorgeous

            no worries Andressa 🙂 I know there are mixed opinions on the whole issue of what is being ‘inspired by’ something and what is crossing the line and copying it. I love that I inspire people with my work, I love it even more when they respect my work and have good ethics, most professionals in the industry do give credit where credit is due, and ask permission if they have a customer who wants something made for personal use (ie a cake or clothing) using a design of mine, and I respect them in return for that.

        • ahdrohan

          Well said,Sarah!Keep inspiring people with your beautiful work and I hope they always respect you and your work in return.

    • Deb

      Amy, this might be a great topic for your “Ask Amy” column.

      • Style Me Gorgeous

        I agree Deb, it’s a topic that everyone is very divided on, a very tough one!

  • Teresa

    I would like to add that Amy’s cakes are absolutely beautiful. I was recently surprised with a cake by Amy Chapman for my birthday and it was stunning. My guests are still raving about it. Amy the elephant cake is adorable and a testament to your talent. Thank you to the Amy Atlas team for showcasing this wonderful lady’s talent.