Aug 31, 2011

Hello Kitty Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

This featured submission from Linette of PaperGlitter is one that evokes many childhood memories for me. I loved Hello Kitty as a kid and I still remember my Hello Kitty erasers and jewelry chest.  Hello Kitty has been in the states since around 1976 and yet the brand is still timeless.  How many of you had something with Hello Kitty on it?

Apparently, Linette’s daughter also is a Hello Kitty lover so Linette created a Hello Kitty theme for her 3rd birthday. To honor Hello Kitty’s roots, Japanese accents were added like the phrase “I love Sweets ” in Japanese, paper lanterns, origami stars, a bento box for Kaylee and origami lilies for the tables (which were hand made by Linette). The backdrop was simply some coloring sheets on a roll that she purchased at Michaels.  It cost less than $10 and was the perfect contrast to all of the bright colors.  A sweet shop filled with treats included cake pops, cupcakes, pocky sticks and donuts. Each guest was given “Kaylee Dollars” to buy sweets from the sweet shop, and a box to take their treats home. We think this is so cute.  Scroll down to see the list of vendors.  You can download free printables from PaperGlitter.

Vendor Credits:

Lollicakes: Posh Nosh Cakery
Cupcakes: Misha’s Cupcakes
Hello Kitty Cookies:  Cookie Mamas
Japanese Candies: Tim’s Oriental in Homestaed, FL
Donuts: Mandarin Gourmet Donuts in Miami, FL
Brown Gable Boxes: The Container Store
Twine: The Twinery
Washi Tape (decorating the Lollicakes): Le Box Boutique
Hello Kitty Table Mats: Free download at Sanrio
Origami Paper Stars: Origami Palace
Brown Paper Bags with Magenta Ribbon & Hello Kitty Lunchbox: Target Stores
Magenta clear cups and paper lanters: Party City stores

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  • This is AWESOME! I loved hello kitty as a child and now my daughter does. I lived in Japan for six years and this is sooo perfect!!

  • Jazzmin

    Where did you get the glassware? I love the one with the cookies in it (it had a lid too). So cute!!! I want a party like this =)

  • Erin

    I love this!!! Is it wrong that I want this for my 43rd birthday next year?! Thanks for sharing!

  • Cute! Im baking Hello Kitty French Macarons tonight for my daughter’s 4th birthday party 🙂

  • Soooooo cute! The Bento is adorable as well!!

  • This made me audibly SQUEE! I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a child and this just brought it all back to me. I’m almost 37 and I still buy myself a little Hello Kitty something now and then.

    • sandra

      I love this, so pretty. I love hello kitty and the pink paper lanterns.

  • This party is absolutely adorable!!!! I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a child! My studio has Hello Kitty trinkets everywhere! Great job on this party. I want this party for my B-day! : ) Love the dessert cart!

  • lovely.i want one for my 40th birthday!!

  • Ana

    Absolutelly love this! Brings great memories back,

  • I am beyond thrilled my daughter’ party is featured on this fine blog and am thankful for your lovely comments of it.

    Wanted to clarify that I do offer many free printables on my blog but the printables I used for this party are for sale on my shop and you can find those at

    Thank you Amy for your inspiration and for this wonderful opportunity!

  • SUCH an awesome party Linnette!!! really just spectacular 🙂

  • Extraordinary!!!! Thanks for using our Washi Tape…love it!!!

  • Love it!! Linnette the party is FABULOUS and I bet your little one was just in heaven. You are an awesome mommy for giving her the party theme she wanted so much, and making it so spectacular!!

  • Daisy Kelvin

    This is such an amazing party !! I love paperglitter, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Linnette. I am sure your daughter had so much fun!! Can you give a tutorial on how you made the sweet shoppe stand??

    • Daisy-I actually will make some tutorial to be featured sometime in the future. I think I will have to draw out the steps since making this again will be difficult for me due to space. I did take some photos of the progress but basically:

      There is a $20 Ikea table for the base. I layered that table with lots of thick 1 inch foam board on the sides and top of the table. The poles are white wrapping paper rolls dug inside 3 inches of foam board on top of the table. The roof is made from quarter inch foam board pieces. Then the rest is decorated with printed papers or papers from the craft store. All paper really 🙂

      • Daisy Kelvin

        Wow thanks Linnette… I will patiently await your drawing tutorial on your blog!!

  • This is so sweet and well thought out!
    Decorbyyael x

  • Eve

    This reminded me of my childhood too, when i was still living in Tokyo, in 70s’. I bet her daughter was really thrilled on her birthday!!! Thanks for sharing these CUTE CUTE CUTE pictures! 🙂

  • Some pictures didn’t show up 🙁 I love the coloring sheet backdrop idea!! Cheap and easy with big impact!

    • I know 🙁 In some browsers they are either showing up black or really saturated. I sent an email to their staff–hopefully they’ll fix. It’s a shame as some of the ones that are not showing up are my favorite!

  • Okay. I can’t even make the font big enough to express my excitement when I saw the “snack tray” up above!!!!! OH MY GOSH that is ADORABLE!!!! Holy cow, I have never seen anything like it! And I have always been crazy about HELLO KITTY! This is just the cutest thing ever!!! love, love, LOVE!

    • Polly Love–thanks for the kind words 🙂 You can make the HK bento box yourself! I followed this tutorial on YouTube:

  • This is sooo adorable!

  • I ADORE Hello Kitty and would love a party thrown like this for ME!! *wink*
    I’ve got the Hello Kitty waffle iron, sandwich maker and other things I claim to buy for my children but I’m really feeding my own personal Hello Kitty fix. *wink* The details are SO fun…love it!!

  • Hands down, the best Hello Kitty party I’ve ever seen. Come on, the HK bento box? So stinkin’ cute!

  • Gloria

    The best HK party I’ve seen. Was the candy shop time consuming. How long did it take u to make?

  • Gloria-

    it took me 6 hours to make the sweet shoppe structure–not as long as I thought it would take! Someday I will put up a tutorial. If interested here is my blog:

    Thanks for the sweet compliments 🙂


  • Karina

    I love everything that Linnette does, she is awesome and this whole Hello Kitty theme here is as amazing as she is!
    You al should visit her website, it’s fantastic!!!!!