Aug 29, 2011

Great Finds: Sarah’s Stands & Giveaway!

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Swag

We have a fantastic giveaway for you today.  One of the things we’re always searching for is great cake stands.  When Sarah from Sarah’s Stands emailed us with her colorful cake stand collection, we were very excited to finally see cake stands in bold colors.  Sarah created her collection after searching for a larger cake stand for her wedding cake. Frustrated with her lack of choices, she decided to create her own…soon Sarah’s Stands was born. Sarah’s cake stands are American made, come in 6 different sizes, and an array of colors.

Sarah is giving away a cake stand to one lucky reader.  In order to win, you must like us on facebook and tell us which color you would pick in the comment area below.  Click here to see all of the great colors to choose from. We will randomly choose the winner and announce it this Friday.  This contest is limited to those who live in the United States.

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  • I would love “Something Blue”. It would POP off of my display, which is white and light pink, love it.
    a Fan on FB too 🙂

    • something blue

    • Lori Harwell

      Would love White Wedding!

    • I would choose the white. It is classic that will go with anything. Darla Julin

    • Jeannie Acevedo

      Black Tie Affair

    • Monica La O

      I would love the ‘Sea of Love’ stand!

    • lisa park

      i would love the white!

    • brantley

      sea of love 🙂

    • Melanie

      the black is my favorite!!

    • Dominic

      I’d probly go with the black or white, so versatile.

    • Stephanie Wickstrom

      LOVE them all! I have some great ideas for Blushing Bride!

      • Congrats, Stephanie! I would love to see any pics showing the great ideas you come up with for your Blushing Bride cake stand. Please send them my way to [email protected]. I hope you enjoy your cake stand!

    • jacinda banet

      I love the “Black Tie Affair” of the shown choices, but I’d really love a custom ordered Vintage orange stand to put out for my son’s owl themed 1st birthday party!!!

    • I’m loving the Sarah’s Stands! Great find, indeed! I’d have to go with the all purpose “Wedding White” or a custom cherry red! Love them all!

    • Would love a white stand to feature my cakes on my facebook & site….!/pages/Cakes-by-Elisa/286957878572

    • Really like the WHITE. Accents all of my cakes.

    • Steph badham

      Aisle of the jewel for me! Gorgeous!

  • Lisa Ard

    I would choose the white. I am in the process of opening a vintage themed store- I love the modern but slightly retro look of the cake plate.

  • The Sea of Love cake stand is beautiful!

  • Jessie

    Starry eyed or Vintage Lace! So hard to pick

  • Angela

    I would choose Starry Eyed. Its my favorite color

  • I adore the Sea of Love cake stand! Gorgeous! 🙂

  • I love the Starry Eyed, but I collect white milk glass so would probably choose the white. They are beautiful!


    I already like you on fb, and would like jewel of the island color! Thanks

  • Sarah P

    The Sea of Love is the perfect color! I’m currently planning our wedding and budget won’t allow for the big, muli-tiered cake of my dreams, so we’re just having a mini-cake. But, even mini-cakes need a super cake stand and the Sea of Love is the absolute ideal accent color for us!

  • I am already a liker on FB 😉 There are so many beautiful colors to choose from, but thinking from a purely “practical” perspective I would choose the Vintage Lace!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Maria @ Love & Sugar Kisses

  • Something Blue would be my choice. It’s a gorgeous shade and so many colors compliment it.

  • Melissa

    Oooh! Sea of Love! Gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I think my favorite is The Black Tie Affair!! LOVE them all:)

  • Oh, these are great!! I love the aqua blue and the green. So pretty!

  • Lisa

    My choice would be Black Tie Affair but I really love Jewel of the Aisle!

  • Amy B

    White Wedding!!! A classic white cake stand is versatile and I could use it for years!

  • Gorgeous, love them, vintage lace would be my pick!

  • The “first” one I want is Black Tie Affair!! Then the pink, then….
    They are all fabulous!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    I think the blushing bride pink is perfect! I like you on fb!

  • Kim

    HUGE fan already and I love these! Just experienced the same problem of not being able to find a stand this past weekend!!

    Love the dark chocolate! !!

  • Tracey B.

    Something Blue is my favorite. They are all so simply gorgeous.

  • Raychel Wishart

    I just spent at least five minutes on their site trying to decide what color I would choose! They’re all so pretty!! But I think my first choice would be Sea of Love. Such a rich beautiful bright color. And Amy, I don’t “like” you on facebook — I “LOVE” you!! 🙂 (but not in a creepy way!lol)

  • I am a fan on Facebook and I would pick Jewel of the Isle, because it’s such a unique color for a cake stand. It’s just beautiful!

  • Rosalene

    I would choose Sea of Love, it would definitely POP on my chocolate buffet!

  • katey

    I would love blushing bride! such a pretty pink color! love these stands!

  • fun choices! Though I have to say “jewel of the aisle”

  • Amber

    LOVE these!!! I would choose “Sea of Love”…thanks! Amber

  • Betsy C.

    I’m already a fan and LOVING the Sea of Love color. I also love the mustard yellow in the photo at the top of this post, but I didn’t find it…it would be another great option for fall!

  • I like couple of colors but my 1st pick will be ‘vintage lace’ …no doubt about that.

  • Melinda

    I like you on Facebook already! I would choose vintage lace – it would go with so many things….but then I may need to expand the collection with a few other colors as well!

  • Tara

    I love the Dark Chocolate!! 🙂

    (and I already “like” you!) 😉

  • Necelda

    An avid fan already in FB. I love something blue. Iit took me awhile to choose my fave color because they are all gorgeous. I’m trying to collect cake stands before going to pastry school. Thank you for the

  • Sherry Grant

    They are all beautiful, but I like Sea of Love the Best. Such a vibrant color

  • I love the Black!!

  • Already like you on FB 🙂 I looove the Sea of Love (teal) AND Starry Eyed (gray). These are so fun!

  • A sea of love is beautiful!

  • I love following you on FB! The clean lines of this stand are to die for… I would choose Something Blue… because it matches our shop and coordinates with our RED counter!

  • Vanessa Grant

    I am already a BIG Amy Atlas Fan!!!

    If I had to choose I would go with “Something Blue”.

  • Leslie

    Black is good for me !!!

  • Necessity is truly the mother of invention! Vera Wang couldn’t find the perfect gown and Sara couldn’t find the perfect cake stand. This is simply sensational Sara! I would pick white of course!

  • I would choose yellow. It goes with the birthday party “elmo” theme Ive been planning for 3 months! I am doing everything very very colorful and this would definitly make my cookie monster and elmo cupcakes pop! Ive been following you on facebook for a while now, I get tons of ideas from you and love your work!

  • Karina

    Black Tie Affair. really classy and it would go with everything.

  • Leanne hood

    Sea of lOve is my favorite color in the whole world!!! Not to mention it matchs my daughters birthday themes!!

  • RosannaC

    I love the Vintage Lace one. So simple, yet so elegant!

  • Pam

    I would choose Starry Night. A metallic silver can go with any theme! Love your site…. such an inspiration to us all.

  • Nicole F

    I love the color of blushing bride!!

  • Already an Amy Atlas FB fan! I wish I could have one in every color! I would pick Wedding White.

  • I would love to win the “something blue” cake stand. It is so beautiful and would work lovely with my Christmas themed snowball cake. 🙂

  • Kelly

    Jewel of the Aisle!!! ‘Cause I love pink and need it in my life! If something is available in pink….pink it is!!!

  • Sea of Love is a beautiful color!

  • I am crushing on grey at the moment so I would pick Starry Eyed!!

  • Diane

    “Jewel of the Aisle” catches my eye.

  • Black Tie Affair would look amazing with a white frosted cake!

  • Tangela Sutherland

    I love black tie affair. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Tina B.

    I already like you!!! I would adore the Sea Of Love cake stand!!!

  • Danielle

    I’m in love with sea of love! So pretty! But all of these cake stands are beautiful!

  • Debora James

    I LOVE the vintage lace cake stand. I’d love to have all the colors.*lol* Thank you for the chance to win one!!

  • I would LOVE something blue! I’m a fan on facebook too! Have been for a while. HUGE FAN!

  • Anna Josh

    white 🙂

  • Angela K

    I liked you on Facebook, but wish they had a LOVE button. I love all the colors, but my favorite is the Sea of Love.

  • isms

    I would definitely pick the YELLOW!! Its absolutely AWSOME!! I love how bold it is, it would definitely be a statement peice 🙂 Here everything is about making a satement and I know EVERYONE would be talking about it! 🙂

  • Janelle King

    I would love Something Blue! Been a follower on Facebook and can’t wait for your book to come out!

  • Carrie Rockwell

    Black Tie Affair, how can you go wrong with bold, basic black? Love to own one!

  • felicia

    Black Tie Affair would be my color of choice…I think it would work with any dessert table!

  • Erin S.

    I would have to go with Blushing Bride for my daughter’s bakery themed birthday party! They are all beautiful!

  • Sea of Love is beautiful. I’m sure I could make the perfect cake to sit on the stand. They are beautiful! Like you on FB as well.

  • KD

    Well, I already was a fan of your facebook page and I would love to win the silver. Every time I see a cake stand I think about my girlfriends wedding where we stayed up until 2 am the night before putting together a cake stand. Let’s just say, we still laugh at the absurdity of it.

  • I love Jewel of the Aisle amd Blushing Bride!

  • Do we really have to pick just one? I can’t choose between The Sea of Love and Jewel of the Aisle. I’d be happy with either one :-).

  • Monika

    Vintage Lace or Black Tie Affair!

  • Susanna

    Blushing Bride would be PERFECT for all the sweet parties I plan to throw for my baby girl!

  • You’re making us choose? Almost impossible–I want them all, but I’d have to say hot pink!

  • Angela Evans

    Already a fan on FB and I LOVE the Sea of Love 🙂 They are ALL beautiful!

  • ella

    I would definitely pick black…

  • Aimee

    They are all fabulous cakestands. Saying that, I would take one in any color given:) I’m starting a small business and can use on in EVERY color!!

  • Christine

    Sea of Love! What a beautiful pop of color!

  • Roxi

    I love the vintage lace and the chocolate brown! Perfect for the bridal showers I have coming up!

  • What beautiful, modern cake-stands! It’s so hard to choose, but I think I would go with white wedding… followed by Sea of Love or Starry Eyed!

  • Dark Chocolate! Honestly I think that is the first rich brown cake stand I’ve ever seen!

  • Erin C

    I love the colors! My first pick would be vintage lace, because it would go with my daughter’s first birthday party I am planning.

  • Tiffany

    Black Tie Affair!

  • Heather Nolting

    Lovely and just what I have been waiting for. I would select Jewel of the Isle.

  • Naomi

    So hard to choose! But since I’ve been dying for an aqua cake stand, I’d have to pick Something Blue. What gorgeous colors!

  • Katherine

    I love either the red or white stand.

  • Liliana

    The cake stands are Fun & Fabulous!!! I would love each and every color! but if i had to pick one it would be the pink because of my two girly girls!!!

  • Dena Cage

    I love these stands…I would pick Black Tie Affair very classy!

  • Sea of Love! Or maybe the Black Tie Affair for this fall!

  • Lezlie Blazzard

    These are just beautiful!! I think I would have to START with Starry Eyed, but definitely keep on collecting them. Ü

  • Nikole

    I love these! I would choose Blushing Bride!

  • oh wow how to choose!! So many awesome colors! I would probably go with Vintage White or Hot Pink..or Black…lol. I can’t decide! I am also a FB fan!

  • Anne Martin

    Sea of Love…perfect name & lovely color!

  • Rebecca Howard

    Blushing Bride FOR SURE! 🙂

  • Roxy

    I LOVE them all!! But my favorite is Jewel of the aisle!

  • So hard to choose! I would pick blushing bride.

  • Beautiful stands! I really love something blue. It’s soft and pretty.

  • In love with “Starry eyed” and “Sea of Love.” Would probably go with Sea of Love for a beautiful pop of color!

  • Sheree Renee

    The sea of love is a wonderful shade!

    I wish I knew of Sarah’s company earlier.. We encounter the same problem finding a stand for our wedding cake. Way to go Sarah for making your own solution!

  • I love the simplicity of these– would work for ANY party theme– I LOVE starry eyed. Neutral but not black or white…

  • oooh, definitely Sea of Love! But really, all are beautiful!!

  • Bonnie Tran

    I love the Black Tie Affair!! So tres chic!!

  • Heather Lee

    Fan on FB 🙂 and I can’t decide between the blushing bride or dark chocolate but if have to pick I think I would go with the dark chocolate.

  • Abby D

    I LOVE the Vintage Lace stand. It would work perfectly with the baptism I’m working on for me son.

  • Madison B

    SOMETHING BLUE! I neeeeeddd iiiitt 😉 so. amazing.

  • I love your blog, Amy, and visit it many times every day!! Thank you so much for the chance to win this amazing cake stand! All of the colors are beautiful, but my favorite would have to be the sea of love! (Second choice would be starry night, third would be black tie affair)…they’re all so pretty!

  • Traci

    Can’t believe I haven’t liked you on FB yet, but I just did it. I think the Vintage lace stand would be great!

  • I would definitely choose Jewel of the Aisle. So much fun!

  • Kelly

    White Wedding.. you can never go wrong with classic white!!

  • I absolutely love how elegant the black tie one is.. Good luck everyone!

  • Alexia

    The black, perfect for Halloween!

  • beka

    i like you on fb

  • beka

    i would definitely go with the white! goes with everything. 🙂

  • I would choose white. Everything pops on white!

  • CeRae

    Even with all of the gorgeous colors, I’m drawn to the classic “White Wedding” color for a cake stand. Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway!

  • Rochelle

    I love the Jewel of the Aisle…it would be fabulous for my daughters birthday party!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE them all but I would have to choose the sea of love to go with my pretty bird dishes.

  • I’m torn between sea of love and jewel of the aisle!

  • Jennifer Waters

    I would choose blushing bride – what a beautiful pink color that would look great at my daughter’s upcoming birthday party!

  • Liz

    I love the blushing bride or the mustard yellow but I can’t find it on the site! I already liked you on facebook.

  • Hi Amy!

    I would LOVE the blushing bride (light pink). So fun! Great cake plates!

  • Cori

    sea of love!

  • Sea of love! <3

  • i ‘like’ you already! i would choose starry eyed or the yellow if it’s available!

  • Cici B

    Always start with WHITE

  • DeDee

    White Wedding…perfect! Already a FB fan! 🙂

  • Sylvia

    Wedding White!! Already a facebook fan =)

  • Abbey

    If there were a “love” button on FB, I would LOVE you and all your work!
    I would definitely love the teal cake stand. I’m planning a travel theme party for my dad’s 60th birthday (also inspired by one of the many inspiring submissions). It would be the cherry on top!

    • Abbey

      And by teal I mean, Sea of love

  • Diana

    Jewel of the aisle! I love the bright bold color.

  • Susan A

    white or red or black…I love them all!!

  • Sandy Orazine

    I immediately thought the white would be beautiful in my Christmas party display this year! Of course, it would be great for all the other occasions as well. I liked you on FB!

  • Laura V

    I would love the white stand. It goes with everything 🙂

  • Just started my own cake business and Delivered my very first wedding cake in the hurricane yesterday! I would have loved to have had the “vintage lace” cake stand

  • Laura E

    I am a fan on FB and I would pick “Sea of Love”

  • The vintage white is great so is the sea of love. Long time FB fan!

  • Jocelyn

    I love the ‘Black Tie Affair’, so gorgeous! Definitely a fan on FB!

  • I’m a FB fan! I LOVE the “Something Blue” stand!

  • Renee

    I’ve been a FB fan. I definitely would choose the light pink. So bakery-ish.

  • Angela S

    Sea of Love is amazing.

  • I love the Sea of love. And I’m a fan on FB

  • Maureen

    I’d go with the dark chocoalte! Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  • I absolutely LOVE the turquoise cake stand! I am a fan on facebook and read your blogs all the time!~ I also own my own candy and dessert buffet company and would love to use these cake stands in my displays!

  • I would choose something blue! Just the right color of blue for a lovely cake stand!

  • I like you (a lot)on FB. It’s so hard to choose, but I would probably go with Dark Chocolate.

  • Heidi

    Nothing like good ol’ WHITE its basic and goes with any theme or occasion 🙂

  • I am a fan on fb and I love the starry eyed!

  • Voskanian


  • Brandi

    I like you on FB! (that’s how I found this lol). I would l like the Something Blue because it would be perfect for the 1 yr birthday party I am planning for my munchkin.

  • I love Sea of Love! I think its a gorgeous blue =)

  • Adonna

    I’ve been an avid fan on FB for quite some time 🙂
    LOVE Starry Night… just simply beautiful!

  • Vivian Suh

    All those colors are SO gorgeous! I absolutely love the “Vintage Lace”. It goes with every theme!

  • Ashley W

    My first pick is “Black Tie Affair!” They’re all beautiful!

  • Silvina

    I love the Black Tie Affair and really enjoy your blog!!!

  • I love all colors, but would go for the “vintage lace” …

  • I love the Blushing Bride! Cute pink… cute name too 😀

  • Michelle

    Well, I was going to say blue until I saw the Dark Chocolate. Wow!!!! Definitely dark chocolate!

  • Already a fan on facebook…loved looking at the inspirational photos and I would probably choose the Vintage Lace or the Black Tie affair…ohh I love them both. But for now, the Vintage Lace!

  • Kim

    Blushing bride!

  • Nicole

    wow.. that is a hard call, I love the elegance of the black, the pop of the pink.. but I think I’d have to go classic white.. the possibilities are endless!!!

  • Laura Foley

    I love her “Something Blue” design! And it would match my kitchen!

  • Tami

    I would choose “Something Blue.” That is a color that really showcases many foods.

  • Joanna Warbiany

    I love the Vintage Lace… It goes with every color scheme:)

  • Rosalinda

    Big fan already on Facebook and I choose Sea of Love! <3

  • cheng

    I love Vintage Lace!

  • Misty

    The Sea of Love is my choice! BTW… they are all gorgeous!

  • Holly

    I am a fan on Facebook and love Black Tie Affair!

  • Katy

    Black Tie Affair!

  • Already a fan and would LOVE the dark chocolate one. So pretty!

  • amy martin

    I love all the colors, but my favorite is “black tie”, but I think I’d get more use out of the “vintage white”!!! if you turn it upside down it would be a cute stand for a mini wedding cake with a lower tier of cupcakes!!!

  • I would LOVE a Black one…they are beautiful!

  • Well, since I have two daughters, anything pink would do…..Blushing Bride would be perfect!!!!

  • Tammy

    I think I really like the Starry Eyes! So hard to choose, though!

  • jenn a.f.

    tough choice… I love the black tie affair and the starry eyed!

  • Tanya Zaleski

    Vintage Lace…LOVELY!

  • huge fan, WHITE.

  • Monica Gava

    I like the starry eyed… classy but not the usual white.

  • I’d love to have the black cake stand!

  • Cecily

    Black Tie Affair, and a white cake to put on it.

  • I ADORE the blushing bride!

  • I love vintage lace…classic elegant and sophisticated to match my vintage china I hire out for weddings….

  • Evonne Szeto

    I love the Vintage Lace stand…simple colors always are the best, gorgeous stands!

  • Edith Rivera

    I would love the Vintage White cake stand…. 🙂 LOVE your blog…

  • Jenn

    Tangerine orange

  • Lillian P.

    I like the dark chocolate! A pretty pink or turquoise colored confection would look scrumptious on top!

  • Melody

    Something Blue – but I do love all the colors. FB Fan.

  • Marisa David

    I would LOVE the black tie! I’m dying for a black cake plate right now.


    “SEA OF LOVE” is my love!

  • Kerry

    I love the sea of love and something blue!

  • WOW!!! They are all sooooo lovely and beautiful but I think I would really love Something Blue! This is so gorgeous & I can’t wait to showcase many desserts and food and even flower vases filled with flowers on top! 🙂 Thanks so much! Thanks a million to you both, Amy A. & Sarah! 🙂

  • Karyn

    These are great cake stands! I love all the bold colors, but Sea of Love is my favorite.

  • love “sea of love” turquoise cake stand! what a statement.

  • Kira

    They are all great, but I think I would go with starry eyed!

  • johanna

    LOVE the LIPSTICK RED! xxx!

  • Renee R,

    Starry-Eyed…besides being my fav color, something about silver (and metallics) adds the bling factor!!! Along with diamonds being a girls best friend (we love our shiny!!!!), the color is eye-catching and makes things POP!!!!

  • Kathleen

    I would LOVE to win the ‘Dark Chocolate” stand. What a great piece!! I am really diving into food presentation with my cooking and baking and i do not have a cake stand! 🙂

  • Ooh, la, la. They are fantastic!
    “Black Tie Affair”

  • Abby

    Jewel if the Aisle is my favorite!!!!

  • Bernie

    Vintage Lace – so elegant – I am imagining it paired with a soft suede – sophisticated!

  • love love love these! all the colors are amazing, but if I have to choose one, Sea of Love. 😀

  • Beautiful! LOVE, love Vintage Lace!

  • Melissa Osborne

    Something blue! I love it!

  • Tewana Hill

    I’d love anything but red or yellow!!!

  • I read the info wrong and left a post on Facebook…sorry:(
    I LOVE “a black tie affair”. All of the colors are amazing though.

  • Nancy Veitenhans

    Would love black tie affair. I do not have a cake stand – so this would be my first! 🙂

  • Ashley R


  • megan

    i love starry eyed!

  • colette

    SEA OF LOVE would be the perfect color to make a coconut covered cake really pop, bring depth to a cake with hues of pink and green flowers and add a touch of whimsey to a salted caramel frosted cake. (reposted from Facebook)

  • Really hard to choose! I would love to have one in each color, but that’s not possible – Sea of Love is one of my favorites & also Jewel of the Aisle!

  • Jenny

    These are fantastic! I love them all! I love the Vintage Lace and Sea of Love!

  • These are fantastic! Finally some fun colors!!! I would LOVE the “Sea of Love” 🙂 <3

  • Wendy

    White Wedding!

  • I think the white one wants to live at my house!

  • I would LOVE Black Tie Affair!

    Thank you!!!

  • Katie Torres
  • Kristen D.

    Oooh, so hard to choose – I adore them all! I think my ultimate favourite is “Black Tie Affair”, I hope you pick my name! But if not, I love all your designs just the same 🙂 🙂

  • All beautiful colors but Sea of Love is my favorite!

  • I have to pick just one color?? Any of the pink or blue shades I’m thinking. Love them all but those colors stand out the most to me.

  • Connie

    I’d love to have them all in my cake shop but Sea of Love is my fav!

  • Definitely Black Tie Affair!

  • I liked you on FB!
    And I would choose BLACK! Because it can go with almost everything and still look awesome

  • I already ‘like’ your page on facebook. It’s so difficult to choose just one color (I love them all!), but I finally decided on the “Black Tie Affair”.

  • Definitely the blue!

  • The Starry Eyed is a wonderful neutral, I would love to add to my cake stand collection!

  • Vintage lace, please! I have Black Tie Affair and LOVE it!!

  • Jewel of the Aisle
    Would love to see a bold Turquoise or Yellow cake set on top of this gorgeous stand.

  • I would like the Black Tie Affair because it goes with everything. What a great collection. They are all great!

  • I love White Wedding — it’s a classic!

  • i think i would get starry eyed!

  • Shannon

    Black Tie Affair *LOVE*

  • Brita

    Can I just say that all of the colors are my favorite? Really!!! So pretty! Something Blue would be my choice today though! Simple and beautiful cake stands 🙂

  • Love Starry Eyed! So fabulous!! I’m a fan on FB as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff!

  • I love the Black Tie Affair. With so many black and white themed parties nowadays, that would be perfect.

  • They are all beautiful, but my personal choice would be “jewel of the aisle.”

  • They are all chic stands, but my favorite color is “Sea of Love”! Honestly it just makes me happy!!

  • Faith Smith

    I think I would like Black Tie Affair….just in time for Halloween!

  • i like you on facebook and I would get the something blue

  • Derya W.

    Hard to choose!! I like Sea of Love, Blushing Bride and Black Tie Affair!

  • Kelly Burley

    I love the BLACK TIE AFFAIR… how great would an orange & black halloween cake look on that beautiful stand!

    love these! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Kodi

    I would love “white wedding”. So classic.

  • Ibett

    Good morning, I absolutely adore your blog! You have NO idea the inspiration your website has given me ♥ If I could choose the color for your webpage, it’d be as elegant and outstanding as your ideas…. gold and ivory would be it for me ♥ xoxo!

  • Have been a fan on FB for as long as you’ve had a FB fan page – I think!

    Hard choice on the stands – love all the colors. Jewel of the Aisle caught my eye immediately. I also like White Wedding.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Amy!


  • Blushing Bride Rocks!!!

  • Blushing bride! Def blush worthy <3

  • sabrina


  • Kristyn S

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, something blue! <3

  • I love the Sea of Love! 🙂

  • Megan

    I swoon for vintage lace!

  • I would choose classic white– it would go well with almost any event, despite a color scheme!

  • Sarah M. Traub

    I LIKE THE 22″ Black Tie Affair how versitile is this piece? I can use it for the baby shower & Bridal shower I’m throwing as well as my own pwersonal dinner partys. These are very pretty and unique!

  • Amy Toms

    They are all so beautiful…it’s hard to pick! I think I would like the “Starry Eyed”..stunning color and would make anything look gorgeous! I’m such a big fan of yours already! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  • I LOVE the Dark Chocolate Cake stand. With Fall coming up, I am always looking for rich browns, oranges, and reds to bring that autumn feel to our Southern Texas home. and I liked the facebook page ages ago 😀

  • I would TOTALLY choose Something Blue – for no reason what-so-ever, except the color is gorgeous!

  • Whitney

    Would love to win the white wedding stand

  • I’d love the ‘blushing bride’ stand!

  • Jean

    Vintage lace is my favorite.

  • Like the Black Tie Affair. Very classy.

  • My choice would be the Black Tie Affair.

  • Natalie

    Sea of love! It is my favorite color and it would be great for a boys arty or girls party as well as adult parties 🙂

  • I would love to use the light blue stand on a tablescape display at a wedding invitation store.

  • White!! I adore Sarah and her work! 🙂

  • Lyndsey Taylor

    Vintage Lace…for the vintage look!

  • andrea

    these are amazingly BEAUTIFUL, yet simple and classic…and i NEED one! i LOVE LOVE the vintage lace! i am crossing my fingers on this one. 🙂

  • melina

    violet or lavander!!

  • I love them all, but would choose Sea of Love for me.

  • Rachies

    I have a hard time choosing between blushing bride and something blue..,
    They’re all so amazing!!!!

  • Susie

    Vintage Lace for sure. I would use it at my sweet little grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration on September 24th. They are all equally beautiful.

  • My first thought was a classic color like Vintage Lace or Black Tie Affair. Then I thought…if it’s free why not pick a fun color like Jewel of the Aisle or Sea of Love! But then…who can resist Dark Chocolate?!?

  • My 1st choice would be the “Black Tie Affair”…not only is it elegant, but black becomes very neutral when used as a display. I was once told by a decorator that in order to make everything else pop, you should always include something black in the mix. Oh, and I “liked” you on facebook!

  • So many beautiful colors. My favorites black (ultra chic) and red

  • kacie

    claydon blue

  • Casey

    Lovely! I think I like Vintage Lace the best – so classic and pretty!!

  • So beautiful! My favorite is Black Tie Affair. Anything you display on it would pop and look so chic!

  • Lindsey Wilson

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one is “Something Blue” and/or “White Wedding”
    Lindsey Wilson
    [email protected]

  • I love them all, but would especially like the Vintage Lace to use for my bride’s cakes and to leave on display at my venue, The White House at Westover, near Birmingham, Alabama.

  • i definitely like you on facebook. and i’d love the starry eyed cake stand. all of them are fabulous though!

  • Mary Riedel

    Love the White Wedding ! Goes with everything 🙂

  • Linda

    I love it all, bold bright colors. But I would have to go for “SEA OF LOVE” Favorite!

  • Rena

    Love the Blushing Bride color!!

  • …’jewel of the aisle’ … aesthetically BOLD!

  • I like you on facebook. My favorite is jewel of the aisle….so pretty!

  • Aly B

    Jewel of the aisle or blushing bride. I like you on FB.

  • Erika

    All the stands are amazing, but my fav is black tie affair :))

  • “Something Blue” is a splendid color! I love it!

  • I love all of them! But if I had to pick one it would be Blushing Bride!! I <3 it!!

  • dlb

    I can’t decide between starry eyed or something blue…

  • Blushing pink would be beautiful.

  • Michelle

    I would LOVE a black one

  • Erin

    I love all of them and would like to have one in each color, but if I had to pick, I would love to win the Dark Chocolate cake stand!

  • I love them all, but really like Something Blue.

  • Keisha

    I like Amy Atlas and Sarah’s Stands on FB! I would love the stand in Starry Eyed.

  • mimi

    would love the white stand

  • I love Sea of Love and Starry Eyed! I just can’t decide. I think the teal would be so pretty and fun, while the metallic gray would be a good addition to a classic collection easily used at all events.

  • mimi

    would love wedding white

  • Shera

    I’m a FB fan! My favorite is the sea of love! I would love to add it to my cake stand collection! Thanks for the chance!

  • RED…please 🙂

  • Jessica D.

    I’m now a FB fan and love the cake stands! I would have to choose vintage lace 🙂

  • what a clever gal miss sarah is! jewel of the aisle. love-love!

  • I would love Jewel of the Aisle! 🙂 Hot pink is becoming our trademark color and it would be a great addition to the store! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Tanya C

    Starry Eyed and Vintage Lace.. classic beauties!!! :o)
    thank you for the chance of winning!! Amazinggggg stands!

  • ica

    Something Blue! Love the watermelon fudge find!! Too cute!

  • The Vintage Lace is so beautiful.

  • nikki

    Liked you on facebook. Would love something blue!

  • Michael Harshbarger

    I would love to have either the starry eyed or Black tie affair Cake stand!!!

  • shera smith

    White…it could work with everything!!!!

  • I totally want them all but I’ll pick Jewel of the Aisle! =)

  • Donna B

    Love the Starry Eyed!

  • I would love Jewel of the Aisle, it is the same color as my logo!

  • Karen Lucas

    I would love “Sea of Love”

  • Fabulous giveaway! I would choose the black stand. Black is just about as classic as it can get. I’ve used one of Sarah’s Stands for a client…very sturdy, beautifully made, and gorgeous. Really set off the cake and had people ooh-ing and ah-ing all night. I couldn’t believe it was wood; it’s just smooth as glass. A very heavy cake was placed on the stand with no problems at all. The only bad news: the stand belonged to my client instead of ME! Now I want one. Black, please.

    Here’s my cake on one of Sarah’s stands.

  • Gerdy

    I’m now fan you on FB …
    My favorites : black tie affair 

  • Kayla

    Starry Eyed, White Wedding, or Black Tie Affair would be awesome with our bright purple green wedding colors!

  • Patricia Sartini

    Starry Eyed!! 🙂

  • Charlene

    Vintage Lace is classis and will go with just about everything…wonderful idea!!!

  • Alyssa

    I love them all! I could see so many of them mixed and matched for different occasions. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Something Blue (or Starry Eyed).

  • Oooo, I like the brown, no the aqua, no the red. Definitely the red. We live in Arkansas-Wooo Pig Sooie!

  • Ces

    I love the dark chocolate

  • Wow! It’s so hard to decide on a color – they are all so gorgeous!
    I think I would go with the Dark Chocolate, though, simply because it would look great with just about any color cake on it.

  • vintage lace- classic, elegant and goes with everything!

  • Stacey Bode

    I would LOVE yellow! Bringing a little sunshine to any dessert table!
    Love the cake stands and blogs!

  • Sharon

    what other colour than PINK can brigthen up that birthday party of my little girl!

  • Sydney Bishop

    I am already a big fan via facebook, I would most likely choose the Dark chocolate cake stand love it!

  • I would LOVE the yellow one… it is not a common stand color! Bright & cheerful…I love it! I am always looking for unique party items for my business, so this would fit right in! Even if I don’t win… I’ll probably be purchasing one of these soon! Thx! – AnaLisa

  • Vivi Rosenberg

    I’d love the Sea of Love!

  • Kaulana Kamakana

    Jewel of the Aisle!!!11

  • White!!! Classic simple goes with everything 🙂

  • I love all the colors but the red is really nice.

  • Judy L

    All the colors are gorgeous. I especially love Sea of Love. I don’t own a cake stand but have been looking into getting one for the longest time.

  • Jess

    Oh, how I would LOVE one in every color!!! My favorite, though, is Black Tie Affair. It would make any color icing just POP, and it is so classy and elegant. What wonderful cake stands!! Oh, and I “like” you on Facebook! 🙂

  • Jennifer P

    Vintage Lace

  • i would love the black tie affair or blushing bride!!!

  • Hi Amy and Sarah, I love the classic White Wedding Cake Stand and I know all my clients will too 🙂 Can’t wait to share your beautiful stands with them. Thank you!!!!

  • I have “Liked” you on FB loooong ago…..

    I love all the colors, but pale blue the bestest!!

  • maria

    gotta go with classic white..

  • Honestly, How can you choose. They are all beautiful.
    Something Blue is a great shade.
    They are all special.

  • Danielle

    I am sooo excited about these! I am also always on the lookout for cake stands (love them!). I would buy them in all colors, but the teal one is really calling out to me!

  • Mary

    Sea of Love <3 Simply Divine.

  • Jessica

    Everything looks better in hot pink!

  • These are beautiful enough to pick a cake that matches the stand rather than the other way around!

  • Normally I’d choose white but I think I’d go with Black Tie Affair!

  • Jessica

    I’d love the yellow one, but it’s not listed so I’d choose sea of love. They are all pretty amazing!

  • Melissa

    Sea of Love!!!! Absolutely Fab color!!!

  • Angela Willis

    I would love the White Wedding Cake Stand!!! I am already a FB fan!

    Angela W.
    [email protected]

  • Polly McMillan

    The turquoise blue – such a statement color!!

  • Black Tie Affair Please!! It will match my cake shop decor!!

  • Kori

    I loe the Starry Eyed! Gorgeous.

    Yes…I’m a fan.

  • Kelly West

    I am a fan on FB!! I love the something blue!!

  • marco

    Sharry eyed !!!!! 🙂 thanks

  • sunshine

    definitely Starry eyed!!!! Would be a grate add to my collection!

  • Ashleigh Noonan

    Oh man … Decisions, decisions! I’d go for white wedding or black Tie Affair.

  • All the colors are great! However, I’m going bold with ‘Jewel of the Aisle’

  • Jenn

    Um…how do you choose just one? (seriously) I love the starry eyed. But then jewel of the aisle is so happy (it reminds me of my wedding shoes). Starry eyed…Yes, starry eyed…

    I am a fb fan!

    Love it all!

  • I love the Hot Pink one!!!! Who doesn’t Love hot pink!

  • Crystal

    I love “Black Tie Affair”!

  • Cindy Darnell

    I like the sea of love:)

  • Su

    I would love one in black and one in white. But if I have to only choose one, I think it would be the white!

  • Patty

    Why, orange, of course. Is there another color as beautiful as orange?

    • Patty

      Well, I guess orange doesn’t exist. Could have sworn I saw it earlier!!!

  • Loving the vintage lace one. What a cute cake stand!

  • Sandye

    I could always use white (love the name white wedding), but I really like the something blue!

  • oscar

    I really like Black Tie Affair.

  • Elizabeth

    I love them all but vintage lace looks like a classic 🙂

  • Becky

    I would take them all if i could – but if I must choose, it’s white.

  • Debbi DeMarce

    Black Tie Affair

    Nothing like a little black cake plate to make my stunning desserts pop off the plate. Beautiful color choices!

  • Erin G.

    I would love the “sea of love”, such a great color!

  • I am totally in love with the Jewel of the Aisle color!

  • Robin Schmitt

    I love the metallic silver! Very beautiful cake stands & such vibrant colors!

  • I would love red!!


  • Linda Freeman

    I love all the colors, but Jewel of the Aisle is my fav!

  • Aileene

    While the white is pretty and classic, “Sea of Love” is such a fun color that I would have to pick that!

  • Maritza

    “Sea of Love” is such a beautiful color!

  • Sheri Alber

    So sweet! I would choose Blushing Bride… pink!!

  • They are all gorgeous!! but I simply LOVE the blushing bride!! =)

  • Katie

    I LOVE Blushing Bride!

  • d’ann


  • Tina

    I Love love love the Yellow!

  • Gretchen

    The “White Wedding” would complete the look for my cake that will have painted peonies and sugar flowers. I’ve been wanting a pedestal cake stand for my 9/10/11 wedding!

  • I would love the black cake stand! perfect for my Halloween dessert table! | I am already a big fan of yours on facebook!

  • Aimee Baranski

    Sea of Love-my favorite!

  • Jodi

    I love the Sea of Love!

  • angela becker

    I would love the black tie affair! 🙂

  • Jane Smith

    LOVE your cake stands!!! I would love to have one in White Wedding.

  • Hi from Kathy’s Kakes! Fabulous stands! Would love one in white wedding–goes with any event!

  • Kimberley D

    White Wedding is so clean. I love clean lines without being boring and this cake stand fits the bill!

  • Love, love Jewel of the Aisle

  • Lidia Alvarado

    I would love the Sea of Love the colors are gorgeous

  • Valerie Marie

    Loooove White Wedding, can match anything! Already liked your FB quite a while ago.

  • Teresa Moseley

    I would love a white stand. I already own the black one and it’s fabulous

  • Andrea Garner

    Fan of you both on FB and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the White Wedding stand. I’m opening my own cake business and this would be perfect to display my work!!

  • Melanie

    ‘An ooh-so perfect shade of Ivory’ – Simply beautiful I think…

  • long time fan 🙂 the starry eyed (grey) would be a great addition to my collection.

  • berry

    I’d love white wedding.

  • Natalie Key

    I have actually been looking everywhere in stores for a nice cake stand for a wedding next month and have also noticed I can’t find anything pretty! but these are awesome! I absolutely LOVE the “Blushing Bride” color, but the Jewel of the Aisle would be perfect for a wedding I’m doing next month! 🙂

  • Follow on Facebook.
    I pick the dark pink.

  • Erin

    Sea of Love….so fun!

  • Jennifer griswold-higby

    my favorite color is dark pink 🙂

  • Something Blue would be a prized possession.

  • Renee

    Love the Blushing Bride, but would also love to see one in a big bold red!

  • Love black tie affair!

  • Jennyroo

    I love Something Blue – would be perfect with a pile of white cupcakes on top!

  • denise

    Vintage Lace please! Just lovely!

  • Michelle Powell

    I absolutely LOVE Jewel of the Aisle! That pink is to die for!

  • something blue would fit incredibly perfect for my baby shower.

  • Cheryl

    Sea of Love would be my choice! Anything chocolate would really pop against it!

  • So hard to choose, but it would have to be white – so classic!

  • Flight

    Hot pink is by far my favorite color, but I would love to have a black stand! So sharp and crisp!

  • amy

    I love Something Blue! Hope I win!

    [email protected]

  • melina


  • beatriz

    omg black is BOSS!!!

  • Emily

    I LOVE the Vintage Lace! It is SO PRETTY!

  • Allison Doll

    I love all of them, but if i had to choose one it would have to be “Sea of Love”. it would ask a pop of color to so many special events!

  • Fiona

    Already liked you on fb! Although I absolutely love the pink and turquoise ones, I’d have to get me the elegant “little black” stand.

  • Tatiana

    Love them all but I would get (as the first) the black one.

  • I LOVE the black. The bold color is simply gorgeous!!

  • Would LOVE the Black Tie Affair…..just beautiful! Fingers crossed!!

  • Would LOVE the Black Tie Affair! Just beautiful!! Fingers Crossed! 😉

  • Starry Eyed, absolutely in love with that stand!!!!

  • Melanie C.

    I would love the classic Wedding White.

  • Marco

    vintage lace!! my girlfriend would love to have this!!! 🙂 and im a fan on fb 🙂

  • Freba

    starry eyed for me!!! 🙂

  • sunshine

    vintage lace soo beautiful!!

  • I liked you on Facebook! I love the “Black Tie Affair.” Would be perfect for the cake I am designing right now!

  • Cherish

    Sea of Love! Beautiful 🙂

  • Jill Baker

    Sea of Love! Shades of blue always catch my eye and are the colors of the eyes of the ones I love!!

  • Kristi

    Would love the teal!!

  • I would love some dark chocolate! Vintage Lace and Starry Eyed would just be awesome as well!!

    Thank you!!!!!!

  • Jewel of the Aisle – Hot Pink! Because I always like to make a statement. 🙂

  • Kristen S

    I would choose the Black Tie. SO dramatic and lovely!

  • Michelle

    I like the starry eyed stand, but the jewel of aisle is so eye catching. I would love to have one no matter the color, they are all bright and fabulous.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  • Emali

    I LOVE “sea of love” and I am a fan on FB!

  • Brandi

    love the sea of blue <3

  • Trish

    big fan of the vintage lace…and the something blue! love them all!

  • Leonie S

    I would choose the hot pink one – Jewel of the Aisle!

  • Abbey Rothenberg

    I would choose vintage lace because it’s classic and perfect for my wedding day!

  • Kim

    Sea of Blue is the perfect color all by itself or complimenting another color. This is a cake plate that screams to be the center of attention in any baked goods buffet. And let’s face it, wouldn’t you scream if you were so good looking!

  • I LOVE Something Blue!

  • Melissa

    starry eyed!! im a fan thanx!!

  • Brunetta

    vintage lace is beautiful definitely my pick!!!

  • Loving all the bold color cake stands…. I would go for the turquoise color!!!! Very bold and oh so cute!

  • Morgan

    I liked you on facebook! I would choose white wedding. White is perfect for all occasions!

  • Gloria

    Pink pink pink!

  • Brantley Freeman

    LOVE these! Liked you on facebook and I love the yellow AND the pink! The yellow would be my first pick though! My daughter turns a year old in January and we can’t afford most of the ones I’ve found! So this would be a real treat! 🙂

  • Bernadette

    I already like you on FB. Can’t decide between blushing bride & sea of love. These are beautiful!

  • Suzanne

    I love all of the colors, but I think I would choose white.

  • Jessica Dum

    I absolutely love the Sea of Love color! All of them are beautiful but this would make for a great pop of color! 🙂

  • Love love love the blushing bride!!! so cute! =)

  • Kelli Chadwick Arnold

    Vintage Lace is my choice!
    (although they are all gorgeous!)

  • Solducky

    I like on FB as sarah linette, and I would choose the Black Tie Affair!
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  • just for fun, i’m going with sea of love. what a great party color!

  • Jeri

    Love the “Vintage Lace”. Beautiful stands!

  • Smitha Vemuri

    Sea of Love is my pick – its whimsical, elegant, and fun!

  • Lindsay M

    Starry eyed! How perfect! 🙂

  • Oh I love them all, I would probably go with the wedding white one though just so we could use it for all our parties because its just to cute!!! Adorable! great job Sarah pick me pick me!!! Ill write a blog about it:)

  • Amy

    Love the vintage lace! Sea of Love is fantastic too.

  • Daisy Kelvin

    Who doesn’t love “something blue” I can see endless use of it !

  • Jennifer Wynn

    (love) white wedding!!!! (very classic)

  • Love the teal one! These are so perfect for cakes!!!

  • Black tie affair !!!!

  • Caroline Finch

    My choice, Black Tie Affair! It’s truly regal.

  • Love the “Jewel of the Aisle” deep pink! So fun for a party!

  • Kim Batchelor

    sea of love!! I need these for my upcoming wedding. They are perfect!

  • I kind of want one in every color!! I think I’d pick starry eyed.

  • Gail

    I want a sea of love! or a black tie affair or any of the above!

  • Sandy

    Love, love, loving Jewel of the Aisle!

  • The “Sea of Love” would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday!

  • Janna M

    I love the Ocean Teal. I can picture the most beautiful red and white cake on that stand! So pretty!

  • Black Tie affair! But love them all!!!!

  • Love love love blushing bride! =)

  • Madison B

    Something blue, I wannnnntt iitttttt! 🙂

  • Jane Koon

    Liked you for a long time, FB and all…and love the black!! It is so classy


    I love all of them but my favorite is The Black Tie Affair!!

    Thank you!!


  • Something blue is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Kimiko

    Since I don’t own any cake stands yet, I would proably get the White Wedding so I could use it at various holidays/events, but I LOVE the other colors!

  • I would LOVE a stand in blushing bride!

  • Robin B

    the bright blue! or… the yellow. or the pink. one of each? is that an answer?

  • Vanessa

    Would love the black tie affair for the surprise groom’s cake I’m making for my fiance. His football team is the Baltimore Ravens and their colors are Purple, Black and White. Our wedding colors are Red, Black and White. I already got a helmet cake pan and plan on making my own purple frosting.

  • jen

    I would love one in Something Blue. I’ve liked you on Facebook x

  • Michelle

    LIKED on FB. 🙂 I need one of these for my son’s 2nd Birthday Party coming up. I’d pick Sea of Love for his party, or maybe Blushing Bride for myself! Beautiful!

  • Blushing Bride.
    or maybe Black Tie.
    : )

    LOVE them all

  • I would definitely pick Black Tie Affair. It’s so classy! I love it. 🙂

  • Wedding white and vintage lace! Very classic and I too appreciate that they’re larger sizes!

  • I would have to go with black tie. Already a fan!

  • I LOVE the Black Tie Affair!! Beautiful!! I’m a fan on FB also!!

  • I think I would go with Jewel of the Aisle. So pretty!!

  • Loan Do

    The black tie affair is my favorite colored cake stand! :]

  • Vintage Lace for sure.

  • I am in love with Blushing Bride. I would use it to promote my breast caner items in October.

  • Abby Lowery

    Sea of Love! It’s such a fresh color.

  • Emily Ferons

    It’s so hard to pick. I love them all but I’d probably go with white wedding.

  • Sean Ferons

    Black Tie Affair

  • Rebecca Avery

    I’m totally torn between Jewel of the Aisle which would go perfectly with my Raspberry Ice Artisan when Santa remembers to bring one, and Sea of Love which is the exact shade of turquoise I want to use for my own wedding! Amy you make it too hard to decide!

  • Tina Williams

    I want pink!! Please, please, please!!

  • Tina valdez

    I would have to say the hot pink cuz I have two grand baby girl and that would look great on the birthday table 😉

  • Aileen Bell

    I’m loving the red. Screams “party” to me. 🙂 Aileen

  • Aileen Bell

    Scratch that previous comment. See the red isn’t available. Also love “somthing borrowed” Works with a lot of different palettes. 🙂 Aileen

  • Julie

    love the sea of love so pretty!! I follow you on FB
    Julie h

  • Blushing Bride, that’s my favorite color.

  • Sept. 3rd (My birtday)
    I would absolutely love to own the black one. What a wonderful birthday gift that would be if I could win!

  • Lori Tylander

    RED! For my baby boy’s vintage themed first birthday party:0) SO excited to celebrate his first year!

  • sonia

    I would love to have the black.I can use it for halloween,cakes,pops,cookies etc.I can even use it as a table centerpiece and add flowers,or just plain deserts.I have alot of parties i can use it for.Even adding some ribbon can make it look nice and stand out.Black is the color everyone uses know days and incorprates it with other colors.Weddings,sweet 16,birthdays,and babyshowers use black on something and i can deffinitly use it.I can also use it for fresh cut fruit to sit on top for celebrations.I wouls love to have this black it will get a good use and it will be the center of attention in my house,that my friends will love to have one also.

  • Karla

    Thank you for the great giveaway. I like them all, but my favorite is White Wedding.

  • Michelle Crawford

    I would love the black one! I have been looking for the perfect black cake stand and I think I’ve found it! 🙂

  • Milea

    Really love the Sea of Love, although I could see myself using several of these in so many different colors for so many events. Making us choose, soooo unfair…

  • Dee

    OMG! they are all so beautiful. I love the colors! My first pick would be vintage lace, because I have a boy and a girl and I could use it on every party

  • Sarah

    Really love the black, or the starry eyed!!

  • jodie

    I have 3 little girls so OF COURSE, i would pick pink!!!! 🙂 (blushing bride)

  • I would love to win the Yello or bright Pink for my business!

  • Elizabeth

    I would love a white or black one. I am new to decorating cakes.

  • Oh’ they are so cute! I love ‘something blue’ and ‘blushing bride’.
    Thanks for letting me enter. I’m your newest follower. I’m also following on facebook.

    Hugs…Tracy 🙂

  • corinne

    I love the sea of love but as i would like to step up in cake decoration in switzerland i think the white or black one i would use more. Hoping to win as i dont have even one big cake stand till now. greetings from switzerland