Aug 29, 2011

Dino-mite Dinosaur Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

We thought this table was DINO-Mite!  Joanna Warbiany created this table for her son Wyatt’s 4th birthday party. Joanna started by collaborating with Kelly Lyden of WH Hostess to create a custom dinosaur invitation (she also created all of the great signage). Once the palette was established, the rest of the table fell into place. Since the table was going to be outside, Joanna wanted bright colors that would pop. She also created cute names for the desserts and tables to tie into the dinosaur theme. The sweets table became the “Sweetivores” table and there was an “Herbivores” table created set up with fruit and veggies. Lunch consisted of “Brontosaurus Burgers”, “Fossil Fruit” and “Jurassic Veggie Cups.” Sweet treats included Dinosaur Eggs (Jelly Beans), Lava Rocks (Rock Candy), Macarons, the fondant cake and cupcakes. Everyone had a roaring good time!

Check out this post to see another Dinosaur inspired dessert table.

Photography by Lollipops & Slingshots

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  • How lovely every little boys dream

  • Nora

    I love white! Go together with any cupcake or cake colors!

  • Great colors and patterns and I love the banner! The cake looks amazing too!

  • So jealous of your talent!

  • The orange, blue, and green work so well together for this Dino-Mite party theme. I especially love the Sweetivores and Herbivores signs with all of the other paper goodies.

  • So cute!

  • lisa park

    where did you buy those lovely hanging lanterns?

    • Joanna Warbiany

      Hi Lisa,

      I purchased the paper lanterns from Luna Bazaar… you can find them here


      • Diana

        This party is adorable! Oh my goodness! What color are the paper lanterns? Looking at the site, I can’t tell!

  • OMG, so cute!


  • Bella Cupcake Couture was so proud to be a part of this stylish birthday party. We loved how perfectly our Bella Basic Cupcake Wrappers in Citrus Orange went with the overall theme.

    Joanna did such an amazing job! We always love to have our cupcake wrappers on display with her cupcakes. It was extra special to know it was for her little boys birthday.

    Thanks Amy Atlas for featuring!

  • So cute, so whimsical, and so SWEET! Awesome to see Carrie work with you Amy, and your team. Carrie is a fabulous professional, I was just able to work with her on another project (actually today to be seen on stylemepretty) and I’m very happy to see the gorgeous work you devised together. Wonderful! If you ever like to add illustration accents to a styled shoot, I’ll be thrilled to hear from you 🙂

  • Karri Taix

    Do you have more pictures of this party? I’m looking to do a dino party and need some more ideas. Thanks.

  • Wanda

    Great party decorations! What size were the paper lanterns?

  • Allison

    Can you please share what size the paper lanterns are?