Aug 24, 2011

Mexican Margarita Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

After the scary tremors we felt in New York yesterday, this party is looking mighty fine. Linsey of Lux Events and Design sent us these great pictures from the “Keep Calm and Drink a Margarita” birthday party her family threw for her. The color palette for the event was a very tropical hot pink, lime green, and orange with a splash of yellow. In keeping with the theme, there were margarita machines dispensing strawberry and classic-flavored margaritas at the perfect temperature. A mobile taco truck provided three types of taco fillings, salsa, beans and rice. There was also an array of festive desserts, including: three types of cupcakes (horchata, margarita, and chocolate dulce de leche), tres leches cake, Mexican chocolate mousse shots, and margarita-shaped lemon sugar cookies. This looks like the perfect end-of-summer bash!

For more south-of-the-border ideas, click here.


Taco Man –  Zendejas

Dessert Bar – Hero’s Baking Company


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  • Too cute! I love the colors and the theme.

  • ole!

  • Melissa

    Loving the color palette…warm and vibrant!

  • Way too cuuuute! I love this dessert table! 🙂 Makes me giggle and I haven’t even had a margarita drink yet! 🙂

    • Ana

      It is a very nice table that represents the vibrant colors that represents everything that we Mexicans are, happy, divertdidos. On the other hand because when you mention other people’s comment “Ole,” if that phrase is from Spain and not Mexico. Thank you.

  • Buenas tardes¡¡

    Es todo precioso, que te voy a decir, si tienes un gusto exquisito.


  • Oh!!! Not fair!!! I had just gotten into the swing of drinkin ‘ritas this summer. I have to give them up for a bit to get over a health issue but this makes me want it to be over even more now!!!
    And the pink + green cutey palette makes me want strawberry rita.

  • Crystal S

    Muy bonita! LOVE this Linsey! You are soooo talented I absolutely love the colors and your theme!

  • Sheila

    Ole’ Very nice, as usual! Linsey always has the best designs!

  • yay Linsey!!! Congrats! This Looks Dee-lish!! 🙂

  • This has just put a great big smile on my face – what a wonderful bright and happy design! x

  • wow! wow!! so creative!! loving this theme and margaritas- one of my favorite drinks! 🙂

  • Sharon

    What is the font name? My husband has this font as a tattoo piece and I can not find it anywhere. It is perfect for a margarita party! Please advise

  • Bernie Schultz

    Would love to know where the round paper decoation can be found for our rehersal dinner!
    Thanks so much.

  • Helena

    Hi Amy,
    Can you please tell me how you made or where to find the background for the dessert bar (big lime) as well as the lime straw toppers.