Aug 04, 2011

Reel ‘Er In! Fishing Party

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

Spaceship and Laserbeams is back on the blog today with another innovative party for you.  We’ve featured this Etsy Collective {made up of Stephanie of Spaceship and Laserbeams, Goodness Bakeshop, and Hello Dear}  many times before like here, here, and here.  This party was created for Stephanie’s son Sam’s 2nd birthday. Since Stephanie is from the fishing province of Newfoundland and her husband is a fly fishing instructor, Stephanie decided on a fishing party.  She styled the party to feel like community wharf where men are repairing their fishing nets.  The textures of the props and plaid pattern reflects the natural built landscape of Newfoundland. We love how the styling included wired props, newspaper, rusted vessels, and burlap.  Desserts included orange mousse boats with a chocolate chip “sail”, watermelon “fish pops”, newspaper-wrapped cantaloupe sticks, “reel ‘er in” and “bait” cupcakes, orange basil cake, and blueberry shortcake {egg, dairy and preservative free}.  Little fishermen signed the “fish” guest book with their fingerprints. The little fishermen also took home their own tackle treat box!  We’re HOOKED with this design! Fabulous job, ladies!


Printables, Styling and Photography – Spaceship and Laserbeams

Printable Designer – Hello Dear

Cakes, cupcakes and cookies – Goodness Bake Shop



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  • This party is no “Fish Tale!” Once again, they got all of it right…hook, line and sinker!

  • I love the commemorative art for each person to sign. I wish I had done that when my children were little – great memory for the birthday boy to have [ and mom ]!

  • Ria

    What a unique and creative theme!

  • I’m always blown away by Stephanie’s creativity.

  • Ann

    Very very beautiful and creative! I love it !

  • Rebeca Robbins

    So much fun! My boys are older now- teenagers- but I have had so much fun creating birthdays for them over the years! This is just so cute! Love the thumbprint fish!

  • Oh my goodness, thank to everyone for the kind words! And to AAE for featuring my son’s little party!

    • Brittnee violet

      Please let us know where to find the tackle boxes. Not able to find them 🙁

    • Eliza

      You did an awsome job!!! love it!! please let us know where we could be able to find the tackle boxes. Thank you.

  • Yeah! Love it all… great colour palette… and the thumbprint fish is so cute! And of course I love the cake!

  • Sarah/Dreamers Joy Events & Design

    Love it! Coolest Treat boxes ever! 🙂

    • Edgar

      Just wanted to know where to find the small tackle boxes. Ive searched everywhre in the web.

      Please help


  • I love that cake! The use of the cupcake to hold the mast is a great idea too!

  • Phenomenal job! My favorite element on the table is the watermelon fish on a stick. Spaceship and Laserbeams…ROCK.


  • Meredith

    Absolutely fantastic! I love everything they do.

  • love, love, love it!!

  • Stacey

    AMAZING! I have girls, and we don’t fish, but this party impressed me and I appreciated every detail!

  • this is fabulous! i really like the finger print card, great designs, styling and yummy treats!

  • What an unusual, but wonderful idea for a boy’s birthday party. I love the newspaper wrapped cantaloupe sticks and I bet the party guests were absolutely thrilled with the tackle treat boxes.

  • A lot of great idea. Thank you

  • I absolutely adore this! Especially considering you haven’t gone for the typical nautical blue/white theme and incorporated all aspects of fishing, My favourite is the cake – looks yummy!

  • loving it, did a fishing theme for my late uncle, he would have loved this. thank you for the lovely ideas. Maybe for my grandson/ or babe to be.

  • Kristen

    I know you’ve gotten this question 10 times over but I didn’t see the answer in the post or comments. Where did those fabulous tackle boxes come from? Thanks so much. Great party! Love the styling. Especially the color theme