Aug 04, 2011

Great Finds: Rosanna’s Parisian Decoupage Plates

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds

We are loving this new collection from Rosanna.  These decoupage plates feature original French soap wrappers from turn-of-the-century Paris.  We really love the lavender and red La Rose du Louvre and Savor ala Violette plates.  So Parisian, so pretty….


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  • OH LA LA!! C’est vraiment fantastique/géniale !!!

  • She MADE those? OMG. What a brilliant and well-done way to preserve such fragile anitique soap wrappers! BEST idea ever!

    • Thank you for the kind words. It is a joy to provide beauty and utility to the objects we use daily.

  • Oh yes…love Rosanna stuff.

  • eek!

  • Jacques Tintinier

    I collect soap wrappers . ( toilet soap ) Only 100 grams ( 3,5 oz ) Weight should be on the wrapper . Jacques Tintinier _ Rue de la Gendarmerie 20 _ 1430 Quenast Rebecq _ Belgium __ [email protected]