Jul 27, 2011

Sweet As Honey Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

Everyone was buzzing in the AAE office when we saw this post come in from Suzi Waters of Alannah Rose.  We have featured Suzi’s daughter Alannah’s 5th and 6th birthday parties here and here.  After the buzz of her party last year, Suzi created a Busy Bee themed party for her daughter Ella’s 5th birthday, inspired by her Buzz Buzz Bee Invitations. We created a bee table for our book that has some similar elements so it was exciting to see this.  The marigold, yellow and black palette works well for both kid and adult parties.  How cute are those fondant bee cakes?  Suzi decided to be a worker bee herself and made those beehive and bumblebee cakes herself! We love the cakes, ginger bee cookies, and the bee-striped yo yo biscuits. Suzi served nectar for drinks and favors included “Sweet as Honey” mason jars.  We think anyone would want to swarm to this party!

For more buzz-worthy parties, look here, here and here.


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  • Just a gorgeous party! All the little touches are really sweet and the table is not overcrowded even though it has lots of yummy treats on there! Love the hanging decorations too! Makes me proud to be an Aussie 🙂

  • Pretty, pretty, Loving the cake…=)

  • Rowaida Flayhan

    Loving this table

  • I am LOVING the bee theme lately.
    Did you know pesticides are starting to wipe out large amounts of bees? If they stop pollenating our food we’ll all starve! Support local honey growers and eat organic if you can to keep from spreading the need for use of pesticides!

  • In love with this party! Just perfect!

  • Gorgeous! LOVE the cake!!!

  • Stevie

    Such a gorgeous party! I love all the li’l bees.

  • Stunning!! These bees are so cute…xx

  • this is bee-utiful!! 😉

  • I really love this display, the cake and the bees are just gorgeous!

  • Beautiful, stunning and gorgeous is some of the words that come to mind. Love this party and the details, OOOOOo to die for! Congratulations Suzi, you’ve out done yourself again.
    PS: Are the bee’s on the cake the ones you told me about that you struggled with? I can’t tell, it looks amazing!!

  • WOW this is the cutest dessert table I’ve ever seen!!!

  • Lynne

    Looks fantastic 🙂 It great to see so many talented Australians being shown on your blog. Just have to say “Go Aussies” 😉

  • Love the mini beehive cakes! And the packaging of everything is beautiful and happy!

  • I LOVE this theme. I did a similar theme for a baby shower – I wish I would have incorporated more bee accents since we in Utah are “the Beehive state.” Here’s mine: http://diyingtobedomestic.wordpress.com/2010/09/16/my-little-sunshine/.

  • Thanks so much for featuring Ella’s party! We had an amazing day, and all the kids loved it. Such a buzz to see our work on your beautiful site! Suzi xx

  • I am a honey bee it all started with my mom giving me that nickname as a little girl. Love love love this party! So sweet!

  • ash

    What was your nectar punch made out of?