Jul 22, 2011

Vintage Sewing Party Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

We could hardly contain our excitement when this feature came into our inbox. Christine of Pure Joy Events created this party for her daughter Caitlyn’s 7th birthday. Caitlyn became interested in sewing after receiving a sewing kit for Christmas.  Fabric is always a huge inspiration to me when we’re doing parties, and Christine also was inspired by fabric with Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane pattern.

Christine transformed her child’s playroom into a sewing room.  Some amazing props included a 100 year old rotary sewing machine, vintage spools of thread and hand made pin cushions. She also brought in hoops to dress up the sewing party decor.  Christine took embroidered fabric and stretched it over hoops to create a backdrop for the dessert table.  There were initaled hoop placemats on the table where the girls ate, and Christine had hoops ready for the girls to sew as an activity.  Christine had ruffled fabric garlands draped across the chair backs.

A vintage sewing table was used to create the dessert table.  Isn’t that beautiful?  Desserts included spool of thread cookies n’ cream cake pops by 6 Bittersweets, lollipops made with vanilla flavored candy melts, raspberry curd, macarons and that amazing sewing cake. Everything is about this submission is SEW beautiful!

Rebecca Watkins Photography (http://www.rebeccawatkins.com/)

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  • Oh, some kids are SEW lucky!! Cute and beautiful party, without doubt! And I have exactly the same sewing machine it belonged to my grandma!!! Great everything. It’s so humble and great of you to share other people’s work, Amy!!! Your work is fantastic because you are!!

  • WOW!!!! I’ve never seen anything quite like this – it’s amazing. The attention to detail is second to none. Thanks for sharing – it’s sooo inspirational!

  • Hey so cute, everything!

    Lovely ideas!!

  • I totally just had a freak out. I love sewing themes for any party. I wish I would have had a cross stitch party for my 7th birthday!

  • so sweet!! or should I say “sew” sweet. always beautiful inspiration!

  • Super creative. Love the spools as holders!

  • This is so pretty it makes one gasp and have hope and believe in good things.. This looks like one of the best days ever…

  • This is gorgeous!!!! I love every single thing!

  • deb

    Precious….love all the details! Very creative…thanks for sharing!

  • Christine did a stunning job on all of the details!

  • Adorable !! Cute cute cute!!!!! Well done.

  • Yay Christine! Your party got featured on here! Well deserved. I’m super proud to have worked on the paper designs with you!

  • Cute! What a fun idea!

  • Oh. My. Word. I am dying, this is probably one of the most beautiful and creative parties I’ve seen. I love this!

  • This is AMAZING!!! I am loving that cake!! Such a creative theme carried out wonderfully!! She has raised the bar! 🙂

  • What a cute and original idea – I love the green palette and those sewing kit party bags are true brilliance. Congrats!

  • Kiss Me Kate

    This is truly amazing!!! What a beautiful and unique theme! Everything about this is perfect xxx

  • What an amazing party idea!

  • OMG, can I please have this party for my birthday this year??? Fabulous!!

  • Tina

    I LOVE everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a truly unique theme for a party. Love the attention to detail. Just amazing! The photos capture all the great details of this amazing party!! Wonderful inspiration.

  • StevieK

    WOW!!! This party is SEW Fabulous!!! What a lucky li’l girl. And the colors are beautiful!

  • What a different idea. The embroidery hoop monogram place settings are so warm and inviting, and I love the cat on the cake.This is a party I’d like an invitation to this party please 🙂

  • Thanks for the lovely feature. I’m truly flattered by everyone’s comments.

  • Congrats to Christine on this lovely feature! She is truly a talent, one that I’m lucky to live near and have the honor of working with. Thanks for linking to my site =).

  • Akanksha MIttal Agarwal

    I am speechless…..very creative …….Luce the use of the old and humble sewing machine…..thanx for sharing such lovely ideas .

  • Just gorgeouse! Love the bright and fresh colour palette. Those spool pops are AMAZING!!!

  • So adorable!!!!!

  • This is re

  • Wow this is really amazing love it so creative

  • This is absolutely gorgeous! So much attention to detail!

  • Glenda

    I’d like this for my 55th birthday party this year! Fantastic!

  • Precious. I loved it!

  • beba

    me encanto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!