Jul 18, 2011

WH Hostess Giveaway & Discount

By: Amy Atlas, in Swag

We are back today with another great giveaway for your guys. Kelly of WH Hostess is giving away a $100 gift certificate today so get your party shoes on!  Not only does WH Hostess create unique stationery, but each of her modern collections also includes about 15 coordinating items. We love a one-stop-shop for entertaining!  Below is a peek of her collections, but check out her site here for more.  You can check out her blog for more inspiration.

To enter, please let us know what kind of entertaining you are doing this summer.  We will randomly pick a winner and let you know on Wednesday.  In the meantime, you can use discount code AMYATLAS to get 10% off your entire purchase. Happy Shopping!


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  • Entertaining everywhere! I book theme babyshower in Vermont, a onesie baby theme shower in DC, a backyard bbq summer party. Casual and fun I cant wait to make cupcake icecream cones and nilla wafer ice cream sandwiches!

    • suhesley

      i am planing a party for my mom,she had cancer,and now she’s a free cancer,its a time to celebrate her new life!!

    • romulo monteiro

      it’s my wife’s birthday,i want to celebrate with family and friends a beautiful party!!

    • LucyV

      I’m planning a party cos its SUMMER

  • I’m helping plan my brother’s second wedding reception (in our hometown) and need to plan a housewarming party for myself!

  • I am throwing a baby shower this summer for my best friend who is pregnant with her first baby girl! I am so excited!!

  • Ann Marie Buckley

    I am planning a birthday party for a wee one and a Bowling and Babes party.

  • Mary

    I am planning a babyshower for my sister…. she is having TWINS!!! Whoohoooo!!!!!
    I just bought a house and we are trying to do an “annual BBQ event” BBQ, dominos & lots of fun!

  • Liz Morales

    I am planning my daughters 2nd birthday this August…Cant wait to celebrate this special day! Love your blog…and all your items!

  • RosannaC

    My parents’ 35th anniversary is coming up and I’m going to be in charge of the party!

  • Richel

    We are planning a big party to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, my grad school graduation and my daughters first birthday!

  • Laura

    I’m planning a birthday party for my soon-to-be 7 year old, and just looking for excuses to have friends over

  • Melissa

    Celebrating my sweet Daughters birthdays with a purple butterfly party for my 3 yr old and a rock star party for my 5 yr old

  • Erin C

    This summer I am hosting a baby shower!

  • Aline L

    I’m planning my baby shower with my wonderful family. These creations are so lovely!

  • Nicole

    More than likely, I will be having a Birthday/Baby shower combo, since both are in August! Would love to have these adorable announcements to make it extra special! 🙂

  • Melania

    I’m planning my wedding anniversary. I can’t wait to use some of Wh Hostess’s products. They’re all adorable.

  • Lindsey Wilson

    Just got done with a Luau Summer theme. Now working on a art/rainbow party. Love all the designs.
    [email protected]

  • ShellyCake

    What a lovely website that Kelly has! I just moved into my very first house, so I will be having a housewarming party soon! In addition, I will be hosting a back to school party for my husband’s colleagues at the local community college.

  • I am planning a 80’s theme 30th birthday for my boyfriend. It’s going to be great with losts of details but more importantly, we are having tons of friends and family attending.

  • Kristy

    Planning a surprise party for my grandparents anniversary!

  • Alexandra

    I have my son’s 4th birthday party coming up in August, My niece’s and nephew’s birthday, my best friend’s bridal shower, I am going to be kept busy. I LOVE everything on her site! I will reach out to her to see if we can customize some things…


  • My daughter’s Christening!

  • Caroline

    I am doing BABY ENTERTAINING this summer! My sister and I have sons that are weeks apart. I’m on a mission to give him the best 1st birthday possible! I look forward to planning his customized basketball themed party. Of course, 1st birthdays in my family turn into adult parties so I have to REALLY bring my “A Game”.

  • Kim

    We are hosting a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom.

  • Karen

    We’re going to be doing some serious backyard bbq-ing.

  • Mariana

    My bridal shower in August!!!

  • Maia

    A 4th birthday party for my niece! 😉

  • Angeline

    A few parties/celebrations…my sister’s wedding shower (rustic themed), her wedding (vintage theme – black/cream with accents of plum and blush colors) and my son’s 4th birthday (still need a theme!;).

  • Kim

    I am planning a backyard BBQ Birthday party for my 2 boys, going to be 3 and 6.
    Rock star is the theme!

  • Were going to be moving soon so we will be hosting a housewarming party along with our Annual Garlic Festival we do!

  • I’m going to have a girl’s night at my cottage!

  • Amanda Parr

    We have a few plans set for this year!
    First I’m planning a surprise houswarming for my boyfriend! We’ve moved 2 hours away from most of his friends and family and I want to have all of them come down in Sept for a weekend get together!
    Next we will be hosting our very first Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I’m super excited for. But what’s even better is that in January our son will turn 3 and his theme is Dr. Suess and our daughter will be turning 1 in March, which we will be doing an Angel Themed party!!
    So we would really love to win!!!

  • Stephanie Barrick

    I don’t really have any summer bash plans, but I do have a huge Sweet 16 Birthday Costume Party (story book characters)for my daughter in October. This would be a wonderful help! We are having finger foods and a candy buffet along with cake. Thanks for the contest!

  • We are pregnant and I am planning a Gender Reveal party for family and friends. This would be so helpful to use for my party 🙂

  • Crystal

    I’m planning a sip and see for my new nieice and a 40th birthday party for my sister!

  • Dana

    Celebrating summer with friends and a backyard BBQ.

  • Andrea C.

    I’ve got a shower to plan along with an outdoor movie screening in our backyard! Really excited to work on each of them, and I know that gift certificate could definitely help. 🙂

  • Kathleen

    My mothers surprise 50th Birthday Party!! My mother is definitely ‘the hostess with the mostest’ so I am going to have to try really hard to out-party plan her 🙂

  • Chatelaine

    well 2 weeks ago we just had our annual Canada day party. We’re Canadian, but live in the US. We’ve been having this party for 6 years. Everyone looks forward to it. After that we have random summer get-togethers to enjoy the warm evenings!

  • Sara R.

    Love everything I’ve seen! I am doing a lot of entertaining this summer from birthday to welcome home parties. I will also be planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party soon.

  • Jenny

    I love all the fun invitations and accessories. I am going to throw a baby shower soon and I just love the modern shower invitations! It is wonderful to have all things coordinating.

  • I am throwing a bridal shower and a going away party for my son who is off to Brazil for a 2 year church mission.

  • Jada

    I’m planning my daughter’s 5th birthday party. A butterfly garden party.

  • Sylvia

    We are having my niece’s 3rd birthday party.

  • Carla

    I am planning a twins shower for my daughter (first grandchildren for me)!! So exciting!! I have WH hostess in my favorites and ordered for an Easter party for my neighborhood, everyone loved the invites, decorations, etc. Even gave out site information to others..

  • Kimiko

    Most of this summer’s entertaining consists of casual get-togethers, cocktails, etc. However, my birthday is coming up in August so we might do a little something special for that!

  • Genevieve

    So far this Summer, I have thrown a baby shower, a baptism reception and a 4th of July gathering. The next thing I have to do is a first birthday party!

  • Ivanna

    I am celebrating my son’s 3rd birthday this September (16th) and my theme is a distressed nautical motif!

  • I’m an elementary principal and my summer ends next Monday. However, my next party is for my Instructional Leadership Team. I want to get everyone together in early August and have a bit of brainstorming/planning for the upcoming school year but at the same time enjoy our summer adventures together over lunch and ice cold drinks. I want it to be a time of reconnecting/welcoming our new members/and building our team for what is going to be quite a busy/stressful year with the many changes that are occurring in our building.

  • I’ve done one baby Celebration and have another in a few weeks. Summer is such a great time for celebrating!

  • robbin

    pool paeerty, grandbabies bday parties and we are surviving the summer party…

  • Laura Peterson

    My daughter and I are hosting a brunch at our local hospital to say thank you to all the doctors and nurses for all their hard work

  • Aubrey W.

    I am planning an 80th Birthday Party for my Grandfather-in-law. We are doing an outdoors-man theme! He has always been into camping and shooting and hiking and fishing!

  • Bridget

    My baby girl’s first birthday!

  • Alexia

    My sister’s 30th!

  • planning my nuptials!

  • Stacie

    My daughter’s fairy themed birthday party!

  • Bsweet

    Starting to plan a really special gathering of all our baseball families….when baseball ends august 1st! Looking for inspiration!!

  • Malia

    My daughters 6th woodland fairy birthday. My teenagers hippy birthday. My oldest teenagers green spa party and my 40th parisian themed party. All four in less than a month of each other!

  • I have a back to school ice cream social coming up…an annual event and so every year I have to top what I did the year before!!!

  • Felicia

    I have casual get togethers with friends on a weekly basis, but I still like to make is special with personal touches and attention to detail!

  • Trisha Wright

    I would like to host a Back to School bash for the little ones who will be going back to school in a few short weeks. This party will get them excited about the new school year and celebrate all of the learning and accomplishments that are to come!

  • Lorena

    I am planning my daughter’s (6)and son’s (3) birthday party for this Fall. Love your blog and Kelly’s too!

  • I am throwing a house warming party! I just moved to the beach and my friend is moving in at the end of the month so I am planning a house warming party for our awesome new place 🙂

  • hueisei

    My newborn baby celebration!!!!!

  • linda

    anniversary..ours! thanks for including me!

  • Kristie

    I am hosting a baby shower for my cousin who is having a baby girl. She thinks it’s just going to be a small get together but, were trying to surprise her with something lavish…on a small budget.

  • I am throwing an engagement party in the Hamptons! Can’t wait, my theme is florals/birds

  • Tiffany Crabtree

    unfortunately I’ll be doing an End of summer party, so don’t want it to be over, but if it has to be why not throw a party!

  • Shera

    I have planned two birthday parties this summer. I am now planning a baby shower. Thanks for the chance!

  • Rena

    We’re having my in laws for great summer BBQs!

  • Creative and elegant without the stuffiness of tradditional invitations. I like alot! For a modern girl with etiquette, WH Hostess is a trick in my hostess hat.

  • We’ve been busy celebrating a new baby this summer – and now he can use thank you cards!

  • Jodi

    We’ll be celebrating lots of birthdays with more time to have fun because school is out.

  • Brianne

    Lots of baby showers!

  • cindy

    I am planning my first party that isn’t for kids! My good friend is having a birthday and it will be a good chance to stretch my entertaining wings! I am so inspired by all the photos! thanks

  • Heather Nolting

    My daughter’s 3rd birthday.

  • meredith c

    we are doing lots of entertaining! we LOVE to bbq, so we have some friends and family over atleast once a week! Our biggest event that ive been planning for months is my sons first birthday! It will be thomas the train theme, so i would love to incorporate your “modern train” theme into my planning :)Thanks for an awesome giveaway!
    wuera_mermaid22 at hotmail.com

  • Ariella

    my summertime birthday …can’t wait!

  • I will be doing at least 4 events: wedding showers, a baby shower, and a birthday party. I also may be doing a wedding and baptism, so this gift card would be very handy!!