Jul 07, 2011

The Pastry Pedestal Giveaway!

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Swag

How great are these Pastry Pedestals from Pen N’ Paperflowers Studio and Design? We love how these lucite stands can encourage anyone to get creative while displaying desserts.  You can change the tone of your table simply by switching out the scrapbook paper underneath the top.  They also can take your pastries to new heights and give your sweets display that always needed vertical element.  If you want to see how it works, look here for a quick how to.  Guess what?! Five lucky readers will receive The Pastry Pedestal Starter Kit! Simply state how you’ll use them and we’ll pick a random winner by Tuesday, July 12th.  Good luck!


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  • Ann Marie Buckley

    I would use them for EVERYTHING! LoL.

    • blancala

      I’m hosting my first baby shower and these would be sooo great this is the first time ive ever seen them and im in love….

    • sue

      I would use them for my little girl frist birthday party.love them!!very Fun!thanks

    • I would use these every single way I could find. I think I would plan dessert tables solely for using these 😉

    • Nicole Bailey

      I would use these for my daughters 6th birthday party, its all about her favourite things, and one of them was cupcakes, would be a perfect way to display them.

    • stacey

      these would work great for my sons birthday party coming up. I’m doing an airplane theme (which i got from you). and the little airplane cupcakes would look so good displayed on these.

    • BeBe

      The versatility of pedestals are phenomenal! Bridal showers, birthday’s, ladies luncheons, Sunday brunch, girls night (in) I would combine them with the my second love which is scrapbooking and be the hostess with the mostess! Yummy!

    • LucyV

      I would use them to “raise” the tone of the buffet at my next ladies poker night.

    • CynthiaR

      I’d use these for my cupcakes!

    • Sandra Webb

      I am planning a baby shower for my daughter who is expecting a baby girl. I have 5 grandsons and this will be my first granddaughter. I am so excited. I want this occasion to be a special occasion. I plan to display cupcakes at the baby shower. Using the Pastry Pedestals will add to the excitement. This will also give me an opportunity to introduce the pedestals to some of the creative moms that will be in attendance. Good luck to me!!!!!!!!!:)

  • I would use them for my little guys next Birthday party. Fun!

  • Oh, so very in love with these. For these, I would learn to bake. These would justify my paper stash.

  • Crystal Burns

    I totally love the fact that you can switch the paper for differet colours and themes – genious!! I would use them for an upcoming bridal shower I am hosting. Actually who am I kidding – i would use them for every party lol! Im addicted to creating dessert buffets so they would def come in handy!
    Thanks for offering a contest! Good luck to everyone!!

  • Julie

    Well, I have a party coming up and I would LOVE to use them to showcase some beautifully decorated cookies! Those pedestals are so cute! I love how they can be customized to your decor.

  • OMG these are so great! As a wedding planning, I can envision using them for dessert displays, candy bars, seating charts, the list goes on! Great idea!

  • Mary

    Ooooooo!!!!! I would use them to display cupcakes. These would be sooo perfect for my housewarming!! fingers crossed!!!

  • Ohh…so pretty!! The possibilites are endless with those adorable stands! The first thing I would do is make something amazing to display, take photos for my website, and then share them with my Meals on Wheels seniors! (we bake and donate cupcakes for the birthday folks every month here, and they LOVE the cupcakes!)

  • Elfi Melo

    Beautiful! I’d use them for displaying macaroons one on top of the other for my little one bday party next oct.!

  • Jessica T

    These are adorable! With 3 young kids, I look to this website for inspiration for all their parties…these would be used for each party! The next is a Pirate theme (so far)and these could be used all around the ship cake. Halloween, use them around and have spider webs all over the bases–possibilities are endless!!

  • I’d love these, can dress them up to match the cupcake decorations and look fab in photo’s!!!

  • Love them! perfect for my summer teddy bear tea party in the park.

  • So cute!! I’d use them for displaying my cupcakes and for photographing them!

  • Kim

    Would be great to use at my sons upcoming construction party for his 2nd birthday!! I could build a great display 🙂

  • Melissa

    Oh wow! I would use them for a fabulous Amy Atlas baby shower that I’m hosting on July 30! Thanks for the chance!

  • Laura

    Whoopie Pies for a party!

  • Very cute! They would be a great prop for photographing cupcakes!

  • Kristi

    Umm…every way! Muffins, cupcakes, fruit, trinkets…wow, the possibilities are ENDLESS v=o)

  • Lillian Phelps

    I would use these for my birthday coming up soon!

  • I will use them to display my more exotic recipes as I am a new start up Cupcakery!

  • I would love these for small individual tarts and cupcakes for at parties. I would also love to use them as a lovely display for cheeses and fruits for a wine party or for displaying apps for a dinner. love them <3 🙂

  • Oh my goodness! What a clever idea. LOVE this. I would use them for everything! Just thinking about it’s making me giddy. 🙂

  • Faith Smith

    These are so cute and very versatile. I would use for my daughter’s upcoming birthday:)

  • Charmin Brooks-Castleberry

    I would use the stands for my daughter’s upcoming baptism lunch.

  • These gorgeous little pedestals would be the perfect pairing with my cupcakes. What a fantastic design. I would be thrilled to own them.

  • My son just asked me to make my Strawberry Cupcakes. Since he leave for college in August, I could use them at his going away dinner!

  • Oh my gosh! I would use these in so many ways, using so many things. I want them!!

  • These are great! I’d love to use these in dessert tables and displays! Wonderful!

  • Tracey B.

    I would use them for the many school parties and playdates I host for my boys! And, they would be a great addition to my annual Halloween pre-trick-or-treating party dessert display.

  • They would be perfect for a Love is Sweet table with blk & wht photos of the bride & groom….

  • sheala

    oh these are lovely! why i’d just use them for anything! from dinner parties to tea parties! cute!

  • cherrie

    These are adorable! I would use them for my dessert tables for sure! There’s so many ways to incorporate them into your events!

  • Weezie Black

    All my friends are getting married and having babies and I usually volunteer to bring desserts to their wedding and baby showers. This would be an amazing addition 🙂

  • I would love to use these to display cupcakes throughout are sweet buffet at our wedding. Following our wedding they would be great for buffets, as a center piece with votive candles on top, pedestals for condiments at barbecues…the possibilities are endless.

  • Amy

    These are so gorgeous! I would use them for my next display (my nephew’s bris in August)!

  • My daughter loves cupcakes and I always make them for her special occasions. These would be perfect!!

  • Sandy N

    I would use them for my 30th birthday party coming up. They are too cute!!

  • Jessica

    i would use it for my upcoming birthday party 🙂

  • These are fabulous! First I would use them at my daughter’s baby shower to display desserts. I would love to use them on my craft fair table for displaying labels and prices and even some product.I would also use them to put candles on my dinner table for some ambiance. Great product!

  • Ashleigh

    I would use them to display cupcakes at my “Yay I’m done with my third year of medical school” party! 🙂

  • Laura W

    These are absolutely adorable! I would love to add some pizazz to my table & kitchen decor. Do I even need to mention how cute these would be with a delicious desert on top? Love them!

  • Vanessa

    I would use them for my two little girls birthday parties..& ladies nights in!

  • I’d use them for my son’s birthday party and for any get together- dinner party with friends. I love the red polka dots one and the fact you can change the designs depending on the party!

  • Sarah/Dreamers Joy Events & Design

    The Pastry Pedestal is awesome! Would love win so I can use them at my nephew’s party this august! My first display would be of cupcakes but i can definitely see myself using them to display other desserts! 🙂

  • adrielle

    How wouldn’t I use them? I mean I already have a list of things I would use them for. I’d use them when its my turn to host my Book Club meetings (aug. is @ my house), I’d use them for my daughters birthday party in october, I think I could even use them for those mini tarts my sister in law makes whenever we have a sushi party! Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

  • Amy Murphy

    I have 4 kids and lots of parents/grandparents nearby- we ALWAYS have a celebration in order. However, I also thing these would be an AWESOME way to make dinner just a little more spectacular for a fun night- displaying some other fun dish, like even, gasp, a veggie! I can picture all sorts of fun with these guys!

  • Catriona Cameron

    I’d find any excuse to use them: birthdays, housewarmings, happy saturdays, for a cupcakes, brownie, whoopie pie, macarons, shortbread, cake, cheese, …, …, etc etc

  • Alissa

    oh those are cute. i would use them for tiny pies, i think, for a friend’s upcoming baby shower.

  • Love! I would give these to my sister to encourage her to domesticate herself! Or… Maybe just keep for myself and show off when she visits 😉

  • MichelleK

    I would use them for my friend’s bridal shower. I love the bouquet idea!!! These are so cute & I love how you can change the paper!!!

  • The Pastry Pedestal would be so helpful in elevating our photos for the new business my partner + I have started. What a wonderful boost to our start!

  • Hayley

    I would use them for my friend’s wedding in October. I’ve been tasked with arranging and organising a candy buffet for them and these would be perfect for the mini cupcakes! 🙂

  • Anggie

    My husband recently graduated as a pastry chef and is always baking. I’d love to display his delicious treats on these.

    Also, my best friend is having a baby and these pedestals would just complete the candy and treats display I’m planing for her.

    I would not stop using them!

  • Melinda

    those are wonderful! I’d use them for my cake tastings!

  • Mary Jo

    These are just about the most versatile cupcake stands I have EVER seen!! WOW!! You could use these for absolutely every occasion! I would use them for cookouts, holidays, and “just because” the are so stinkin’ cute! With the paper and fabric stash I have, I could celebrate just about ANY occasion!! Great giveaway!!

  • How adorable!!!!!! I would use these for so many special parties I have coming up!!!!!! They would be perfect for displaying my favorite mini desserts and cupcakes!!!!!

    Michelle Torres
    [email protected]

  • Amy

    Wow, what a great idea! Perfect for parties to make desserts stand out!

  • These are so cute! I’d love to use them for my friend’s upcoming wedding, which I’m making desserts for!

  • Julia C.

    Love this giveaway! I would use them to decorate the house and as dessert displays at parties! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Myril

    Some people are so creative. I never would have thought of such a brilliant thing. I would use them for my families birthday parties. Or any other occasion for a party. As my 6 month old daughters shirt says “cupcakes are the new black”. I would probably store them above my cabinets so they were always on display.

  • What a neat idea! I, too, love to bake and could see using them all the time. Lots of new displays come to mind 🙂

  • Jen

    These are great!! I can’t wait to start baking! Hmm . . . what to make first, coconut or red velvet cupcakes?

  • valentine

    awww super love it!! I’ll use it as cupcakes display on my wedding next year!!!

  • Kristy G

    I love these – so customizable and fun! I’d use them for a baby shower and birthday party I’m having next month!

  • Katie

    I would love to use these for the upcoming baby shower!!!

  • Brooke

    I love these!!!! I am going to use them for my brithday party!

  • Tal

    OMG – this is beautiful !!!!

    this fits as my Jewelry stand 🙂

    this will be a great incentive to bake a beautiful french macrons

  • i would offer them to my clients as a unique display for whichever special occasion they order cupcakes!

  • Christine Campobasso

    What a clever creation! I would happily incorporate these Pastry Pedestals into every buffet I host at my home for family and friends. Desserts, candles, flowers, cocktails…the possiblities are endless!

  • Christine H.

    This would be great to use for the dessert displays for any future party/showers!

  • Jen

    These gems would make me appear much hipper than I really am!! We have a multi-family vacation coming up and I’d love to be the one to display my cupcakes on these beautiful stands! I can just see the paper I’d choose….soft blue and green patterns to go with the ocean and sky! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • Love these! I would use them for my daughter’s upcoming 4th birthday party!

  • Jen

    ……………and then the next day, I’d use them for little finger sandwiches with red checkered paper! I can’t stop thinking about them…..

  • Chandra

    Super cute! My girls love tea parties so we’d definitely make use of them.

  • Amy Cripps

    Since I’m a baker and have 2 little boys, I would use them for all my baking creations at their parties! Which are usually inspired by Amy Atlas’ creations!!!!

  • A baseball shower we are having in August!

  • Jessica Hembree

    I’m planning a wedding right now and I would love to be able to use these! I can just see these topped with pretty little appetizers tucked into birch-bark planters stuffed with moss… 😉

  • Diane

    Cute! These would be fun for displaying a group of truffles and mini bouquets.

  • Kate

    I am going to a ‘Screw you Cancer’ party for a friend who has just finished chemo & radiation. I would love to display my vanilla cupcakes with candy screws!

  • I just simply adore the Pastry Pedestal and Jessica from pen n paperflowers as well! Even though my daughter just turned 2 I’ve already gotten the wheels turning for her 3rd birthday party and would love to incorporate these into a farmer’s market themed birthday bash!

  • Melissa viers

    These are adorable!! I would leave these scattered strategically around my house to lure the kids in to packing up their toys!!

  • Jennifer Shapiro

    Those would look amazing on a buffet table!

  • Sydney Bishop

    I would mainly use them for my cupcake display at the “homemade market” I do. nHowever it wouldn’t end at that I would use them for all my parties I mean they are super functional and goes with everything.

  • Adorable! I would use these for my upcoming boozy cupcake party!

  • I would love to use these adorable pedestals for my sons 3rd birthday bash!!

  • I will use these for displays on my Candy Buffets. I can see a stack of chocolate (white) dipped giant marshmallows embellished as a bride and a groom displayed on these.

  • Kim

    Adorable!!! I would arrange these into a Christmas tree shape for our holiday open house!

  • Raychel

    I LOVE these!! I would obviously use them for cupcakes, but also I am serving individual mozzarella/tomato salads at a tea party next month an these would be PERFECT for displaying them!

  • I would LOVE to use this for cupcakes, cookies or candies- at my parties:) LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!

  • How cute are those!! I would use them for my daughter’s 19th birthday in September. She loves cupcakes and would love to have a table set up of sweets in honor of her special day.

  • I’d use them for a Paris-themed party!

  • Jennifer

    We are planning a Willy Wonka themed party for my son this fall and what would be more fun than a bouquet of cupcakes as a centerpiece!

  • yvonnew

    I would love to use them for a mini stack of chocolate chip cookies. For individual birthday party desserts too!

  • mina

    I really would like to have them and put on the top little cheese cakes or cups of colored fruit, or real flowers for decorating tables .

  • Barb Greene

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! These would go fantastic with my daughter’s birthday tea party at the end of the month! I have been looking for such beauties for so long and I’m so glad I found them!

  • Polly McMillan

    I through parties all year long so of course they would be a staple for me….specifically if I won this set I would through a Peep Party immediately for all my girlfriends and would display delicious delicacies with grace and elegance atop these little beauties!!

  • I could use a good reason to bake some cuppie’s…I always give my neighbors some so we don’t eat them all. My Dulce de Leche cupcakes were mentioned at our neighborhood July 4th celebration as a hint.

  • Sylvia

    AWESOME! I totally love these pedestals. What would I use them for?….hmmmm…EVERYTHING. LOL. They would be put to good use, summer BBQ, birthday parties, and church functions.

  • I would use them for my son’s birthday party. An upcoming Alice themed Tea Party, then really go nuts and dress them up for a Winter Holiday theme.

  • I would LOVE to use these for my daughter’s first birthday party – they would be so great for adding the whimsy of Whoville to our Seuss theme! 🙂

  • Karen Trentine

    Darling! I’d use these for my daughters 2nd birthday party. I’m planning a Ruby’s Diner vintage red & white w/cherry accent party.

  • Kelsey

    I will use it to display all my goodies (Cupcakes, bars, fruit) when we move into our new house and can finally enjoy entertaining! Switching out the paper during every season will allow for personalization and creativity! Love it!

  • I am planning a Celebration for my expectant party assistant. I would love to surprise her with these adorable little stands.

  • I often bake cupcakes for friends and family members’ birthdays and these stands would be perfect for elevating (literally) the one set aside for the celebrated person! Love them!

  • I would use it for my sister’s 40th birthday. And, every time I make cupcakes!

  • Jen

    I would use these as an excuse to bake every single day! They make everything adorable!

  • Lisa

    What wouldn’t I use them for?! Would be a great housewarming gift, with cupcakes included (of course!)

  • I would love to have these to display my marshmallow mini wedding cakes for sweets tables. Or any kind of marshmallow would look pretty on them! I love them!

  • Lynnie

    So cute and adorable! I take pictures of all of my fun baked goods and these would make great props for that!

  • I would use these to save the world… one dessert table at a time ;0)

  • Shelley

    Love the way you can change the paper. I would use them for my child’s upcoming birhtday party!

  • Oh those are darling! I have many uses in mind from home entertaining to possibilities with my baking business! Just darling!

  • ilissa willing


  • Lani derrick

    I would use them for an upcoming baby shower, on the desert buffet table!!!

  • Julie Turner

    With 3 kids and the holidays, our house is one big party 🙂 I’m sure they would make an appearance at them all. Love them soo much!! We’re hosting our 1st big Halloween party this year and they would be perfect! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • I would use them in my photography, for cupcakes at a housewarming next month, jewelry stand on my dresser, table centerpiece holding a tiny plant, so many uses!

  • pamm kesselring

    I would use them EVERYDAY for EVERYTHING! They are just too cute.

  • Ruby Garcia

    I would use them just because! They make for great art and are functional too!

  • I’m a SAHM who makes cakes and cupcakes to earn extra money. I would use them not only for my personal parties but to display my other creations on my website and FB page with full credit to Pen N’ Paperflowers Studio and Design.

  • Cindi

    I would use these at a 60th birthday party I’m having for my parents in August – my first ever dessert table attempt!

  • I would use it for my little one’s upcoming birthday! So fun!

  • I would use them for taking pictures of my cupcakes and to add interest to my dessert table for parties. Love them!

  • Ana

    I love them. I’ll use them all the time. my 3 year old daugther will like to have them.

  • DeDee Hardman

    They would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday party and my neice’s baby shower I have in the next month.

  • Mae

    I would use them for my son’s first birthday party! These would be awesome and I am sure the guests will love it! It’ll sure add a wonderful touch to the dessert table I am planning to have!

  • Ashley S.

    What a great idea! Love these! These would be perfect to use them for my children’s upcoming birthday parties.

  • How adorable! I would use them for an upcoming baby shower!

  • Brianna

    LOVE these!! I would use these for cupcakes and other fun treats at my childrens birthday parties!

  • Tina

    Those are cute. A would use them in a dessert table.

  • I love it! In addition to using it for cupcakes and cookies, I would drill three or four holes on each round and use them to display puch up cake pops

  • Kyla Kristine V

    I would use them on upcoming baby showers!

  • Gabriele

    I would use them daily in my home. . . and for a baby shower I’m working on for August!

  • Chris

    I would use them anytime I had a party, get-together or just company c:

    Lovely item!

  • Ohhhh, I would use these in a Red Ridding Hood Bday I am planning and designing. They would be perfect to make cupcakes into trees!!!

  • I would use these for an upcoming cupcake competition that I am in to display each of my cupcakes.

  • Betsy

    These are fantastic!! I would used them for an upcoming baby shower and to be truthful, if I had them, I would invent lots of other reasons to use them, too 😉

  • I love it!!! I would use it as a party favor, specially for formal ocassions like weddings. I would use a picture of the couple with a little poem printed on. And insert the picture in the pedestal round.

  • Kris

    I LOVE THESE! I would definitely use these. I’m looking to have a cupcake themed bridal shower next year and these would be perfect! I’m obsessed!!!

  • Suzanne

    These are too cute! I would use them for my sister’s upcoming birthday & everything else!

  • A friend of mine is having a baby, and I am hoping to throw a surprise baby shower for her! these would be perfect to show off small portions of our menu!

  • Laura R

    OOOoohh!! I love these stands…I would used them for all my dessert tables…they are just perfect..!!

  • Palmita

    They are just fabulous! I would cut out my children’s drawings and use them underneath the top. They will be just thrilled to see their drawings in a “family brunch table”!

  • Amanda

    I would create opportunities to use these wonderful stands! In the kitchen and dining room, for parties, any chance to use these would make the day a mini celebration.

  • beka

    i would definitely use these for my son’s birthday party in september!

  • Andrea

    I soooo love these. They can be used for everything from CakePops to candy and everything in between for a sweet treat table. Love them!

  • Justin

    I would not only use them for cupcakes and meringues, but mini-pumpkins on the Thanksgiving table!

  • These are great! In addition to many parties (I’m sure), I would use these for displaying my treats during photo shoots for my blog!

  • Alexandra

    I will definitely use them for everything sweet or savory!!!
    I love to entertain and my son’s 4th birthday is coming up so I would use them for his superhero party and then for dinner parties!!!!
    Appetizers would look delish on these! I really really want them!! : )
    What a great concept!!!

  • Jen F.

    These stands are amazing. I love helping friends and family with their special events and these would be so perfect!

  • aimee lestet

    I throw quite a few baby showers. I would use them to put little baby booties and bottles on. So cute!

  • These are fabulous. I saw them on her blog a few months ago and was excited to learn that she was going to be selling them. I’ll use them for the parties I help style and of course for my son’s birthday in December. Pick me, prety, pretty please!

  • Ashley

    These are so adorable!! I would use them for dessert bars! I’m always looking for ways to make my desserts more unique. 🙂

  • Kelly

    These are adorable! Pick me!

  • Ruthy

    Wow, I would use them for everything and anything!

  • Cori

    Cute! They are perfect for my daughter’s upcoming “strawberry shortcake” birthday party.

  • Gwyn

    I would use them to display my baked items and take pictures for my etsy store.

  • Tami

    Since my grandchildren are addicted to cupcakes, I would use them to prepare a fantasyland treat themed to their current interests and passions.

  • These are fantastic! I would get scrap paper to decorate it with and match cupcakes to it!

  • Cara

    Oh, so may ideas! … add faux petals and the pastry becomes the flower center, add strings of candy for a candy chandelier, hang thin mylar streamers for New Years celebration, hang mini popcorn garlands for an oscar party, hang soft pompom edge trim for a baby shower, how about raffia around the edges to make mini hoola skirts for a pool party add cupcakes topped with a hibiscus flower … endless possibilites!!! On the scale of “I want, I need, I have to have”… these are an “I have to have”!

  • Traci

    How creative…definitely a must have

  • Christine

    I would use them for everything and anything !!! They’re so cute 🙂

  • Sandie

    I will totally use them for every holiday, get togethers, and birthdays. 🙂

  • Jenell Boyd

    Yes these could be used for displaying sweet goodies like cupcakes, or macaroon, or tarts etc. But in order to showcase their true versatility the first event that I would use these amazing stands at would be an upcoming BBQ bash. I am planning a BBQ buffet and I would place mini fancy ketchup, mustard, relish, bbq sauce, and mayo bottles on the stands so that no one would have to hunt for these must haves – as eyes would be drawn to their eye catching stands!

  • Melissa McLean

    My mum turns 60 at the end of august in Auckland new Zealand and I have offered to do a dessert table… I think these would look amazing…. Something very different.

  • Luciana

    I would love them to present next 25th of july the cupcakes for the Pink ribbon high tea!
    but i also think could be great for a little chirstmas tree for the holidays!

  • Since I usually spend my free time making cupcakes for fun, these would be the perfect way to display my cupcakes! I love the concept and they are so versatile and can be used at many different parties!

  • Angelique

    What a great way to combine two things I love! Scrapbooking and baking! I would use these for a bunch of my friends baby showers that are in the next couple of months! You can get so creative!

  • For birthday parties!

  • Oh I’d definately use them to create innovative cupcake bouquets and incorporate them with our party displays!

  • What wouldn’t I use them for? I am moving into my first apartment this month and I am going to have the cutest kitchen in town. I would put these out when my new neighbors pop over for a friendly chat and coffee. I love that you can personalize them with paper. I am always changing my mind about little accents like that. Thanks!

  • Gerdy

    So beautiful

    I’ll use it for mini cupcakes & macarons

  • China

    These would look great in my new kitchen window AND at our upcoming at home reception to display mini wedding photos.

  • I have tons of idea to use them .. they looks so pretty and you are right about giving dessert that gorgeous ‘height look’ .
    I am thinking of using them in savory dishes too .. spice may be as an ingredient .. or even drink too probably. Holidays .. parties .. cocktail parties.. and of course like you displayed cupcakes.
    I am crossing my fingers tight .. my toes too. Hope I win 🙂 Just love this giveaway.

  • Darci

    Goodness, I could use this for so many things. Cupcakes of course, you could even put candles on it for a center piece, mini pies, little candies in cupcake holders, believe me, I’d get a lot of use out of this!! 🙂

  • Kimberly Long

    i absolutely love these pastry pedestals!! i would make great use of them at birthday parties for my 3 children… and definitely at holiday parties too =)

  • Judy

    Adorable!. Would be using these for future bridal and baby shower dessert tables. Scrapbooking and cupcakes-my personal favorites!

  • Bonnie Tran

    These are soooo cute!!! I am love to bake and am constantly searching for new vessels to put my baked goods on. These would be perfect for my daughter’s Strawberry Shortcake theme birthday!!! Please! Please! Please!!!!! 🙂

  • Nancy

    I would use them to make my dessert tables for all my daughters birthday parties and of course every year for my Thanksgiving table. I love giving my table new heights 🙂

  • Lindsay

    I would use them for birthday parties and every holiday! So cute and fun!!

  • Hi Amy & Staff & Hello to Pen N’ Paperflowers Studio and Design Staff! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! 🙂 WOW! This is a FUN-tastic gift! I would LOVE to use these beautiful pedestals for almost anything. You mentioned that by simply switching out the scrapbook paper underneath the top, the “Patry-bilities” will be endless for me! I’m so very excited to get extra creative & use these gorgeous stands for baby showers for my pregnant girlfriends, for my son’s parties, for Mother’s Day brunch or High Tea, for office parties, my gosh I could go on & on! I’m so tickled pink! 🙂

    Thank you and have a lovely day,
    Beth ( The “Patry-bilities” are endless! )

  • I am always planning small intimate events for friends and family and these would be perfect for creating height on food tables!

  • Jennifer B

    I would use them for little Lolly’s third birthday party. She prefers cupcakes to cakes b/c there are more of them! 🙂

  • RosannaC

    These would be perfect for the “girl’s night in” parties I throw with my friends. So cute!

  • wow … i have never seen anything like this before! what a fantastic, clever idea! i do make cupcakes but more often, i bake cookies … i think it would be cute to stack cookies on top of the pedestal!

  • Denise s.

    Oh my gosh, so cute! I would use these puppies all the time…but especially for girls night in!

  • These would be great for cupcakes! I love how you can personalized them with paper. They would be a great alternative to a cupcake stand for Dessert Stations!

  • Melis in Wis.

    I’m getting married in Sept, so I think I would use them for my bridesmaid brunch!

  • Cindy

    I would use them for the mini “pupcakes” for our pooches birthday party!

  • Ginger B.

    I would use them at all my dessert tables. They will look perfect with mini pies, cupcakes, fruit tarts and so much more.

  • I would use it for my daughters birthday party coming up I would put them on the top of the cake with a special cupcake just for the birthday girl. but they would be great for thanksgiving and christmas maybe to help hold a cup of sauce or something I just really hope I win this b/c it would be very awesome to have

  • i would use them for parties and for my sisters baby shower!

  • Laura E

    Ohhh… My Daughter has requested a baking party for her birthday, could see using them as displaying the sample cupcakes and other treats for them to look at as their models when decorating their goodies.
    Also with a Halloween party planned, we would change the paper to be Halloween themed and then display some goolish treats (or maybe spiders!)

  • love when I see a fantastic design idea that is useful!

  • These would be perfect for a backyard barbecue and might just give me an excuse to have one! Jessica is genius!

  • Amy

    Pick me!!! I will put them to good use starting with my little girls first birthday party. Theme: Apple of My Eye 😉 ahhhh I love her <3

  • Kristen

    I would use them for my wedding coordinating and shower hosting services. So cute!

  • My little girl’s first birthday is next month, and the theme is CUPCAKES!! I would use them for the party. I also have a small baking business from home, and I would use them for baking jobs. I have been coveting stands like this for quite some time!

  • I would use them for everything…but especially my toddler’s upcoming birthday and a sip & see for my soon to arrive twins! Love these!

  • Would love to showcase cupcakes and cake truffles!!!

  • Would love to place some cupcakes and cake truffles!!

  • Laura Read

    I think it would be fun to serve a full course meal, mini style, and set each course on its own stand

  • I don’t think my comment posted…But, I would definitely use them for my little girls’ first birthday party next month with her cupcake theme! Also, I have a small baking business from home, I would use them for the jobs. I have coveted these for quite some time!

  • Brooke

    Ahhhhh! I am so excited for this giveaway. I recently contacted the inventor of
    these and she is so sweet and helpful too! She has great party ideas!
    I really need these for my son’s upcoming 1st birthday party. And would also use
    them for the 2 baby showers that I am throwing in the next 2 months! And hello,
    every other holiday in between! My list of the needs for this are endless 🙂
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • I would use them for all the showers i throw for all my friends!!

  • Peggy St. Clair

    I would use them in a box, I would use them whith a fox,I would use them here and there I would use them everywhere!!!
    First up Bruch with quiche muffins and scones…fun fun

  • OMG I love them……what a creative idea! I would use them for all of my small catering jobs I do in town. As soon as everyone saw them they would want them too!!!

  • Brendan

    I would use them to display cupcakes at my Mother’s 60th Birthday Bash this fall!

    Phoenix, AZ

  • I would use them for my son’s birthday party!

  • Katie S

    Fun! I would definitely use them for cupcakes…and maybe for some fun cake balls too! Great product!!

  • Cici B

    I would use them to help showcase my new business. Catering.

  • Emily

    I would use these at the party I’m planning for my friend John, who is leaving for law school this fall. I’m in the process of trying to gather display elements. I’m fairly new to all of this, after being inspired by your blog at the recommendation of a friend. (I can already cook and bake well, so I have that part covered at least!) 🙂

  • HoLLy

    These would be perfect at my 11.11.11 wedding!!*:. Such a fab compliment to my lucite chiavari chairs!

  • Susan A

    I’d use them for my daughter’s 1st Birthday party.

  • Shera

    I would use them to display cupcakes at parties and showers. Thanks for the chance!

  • i would use those adorable pastry pedestals for personal and professional parties i do.

  • KBecker

    Just what I’ve been looking for to display cupcakes at weddings and showers!

  • For Girl’s Night of course… I could come up with lots of different items to show off on these!

  • shayna

    I love to bake smaller baked goods (cupcakes and cake pops primarily) and these would be perfect to display them at birthday parties and holidays!

  • I would use them to display all kinds of things. Maybe whole fruit even.

  • They’re so versatile I can easily find a way to incorporate them into every party I do!
    RoseMarie, Home Confetti

  • Tiffany Turner

    I would use these for the Circus themed baby shower I am throwing for my best friend. I want to place circus animals doing circus acts on them! I think they would look great on the dessert table!

  • I love these. I just started a blog a few weeks ago called paon blanc and I’m starting to collect dessert stands. When I saw these…I knew I just had to try and win them. I have a pioneer theme coming up on the 24th and my creative brain is working overtime in what way I can incorporate these. I know for sure I must have them for the flower garden theme. Perfect to display all of my flower petal desserts. I love them and all the possibilities.

    • Laura…I’ve already had a customer use mini clay pots lined with decorative paper and then filled them with fresh blackberries. ADORABLE! That may be something you could incorporate into your flower garden theme party. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and interest!!

  • Sami Thomson

    I would use them for birthday party decor – i don’t have any and need to stock up on stuff for my twins 🙂

  • Mandi Russell

    I would use them for all my amazing table-scape displays!!

  • These are great! I’d use them for everything. They’d be perfect for every get together, and we have a lot!

  • Kelsea Kangles

    My husband loves sweets, so I’m constantly baking him things. I would use these to make an ordinary batch of cupcakes seem like something special!

  • Renee Funk

    These are a brilliant idea! I frequently host parties, and can think of several different showcasing ideas. I would love to use them as a centerpiece on my holiday table setup. The possibilities are truly endless.

  • Flor

    I would use them for my son’s Spiderman Bday cupcakes alternating in red and black in the stand and in the icing of the cupcakes! Cool!!

  • To display my healthy desserts on my fitness blog! nothinbutafitthing.blogspot.com

  • Annette

    I love how these look! Endless possibilities! I would use them to display desserts that I will bake for my grandson’s first birthday party!


  • Kristy

    I would love to use these at a Dia de los Muertos party I’m throwing in late October!

  • Tracy

    Wow – Love these!!!! I would used these in so many ways. The first thing would be my 13 yr. olds b-day.

  • dlb

    The possibilities are endless for these lovelies! In between displaying cupcakes I might consider putting tea cups on display…

  • Cupcakes
    Whoopie Pies
    Petit Fors
    There is no limit to the pretty things that would be displayed on this ingenious stand.
    I am always very minimal on decorations for any event or party, however, the food table is always the center of attention, as it has the most color, variety, lifts & levels, etc. so why fuss over streamers & balloons when you have candy jars & whoppie pies 🙂

  • Necelda

    I will use these for our housewarming party for our 1st home and also for my daughter’s bday next year. Something new to display for her 3rd bday.

  • I have been wanting these since they came out

  • I love these! I have hosted too many showers and have too many showers yet to host, so these would get tons of use! What a genius idea!

  • I have an anniversary celebration coming up and these would be the PERFECT thing for displaying the special desserts!

  • I would use them in all of the little parties I have coming up. A Tangled Party, Carnival, my little boy’s 4th birthday Cereal Party, a Dr. Seuss party, and a Roy G. Biv Rainbow party for my daughters 3rd birthday. They will be well loved and well used:)

  • I would love to use them for my marketing photos, as well as pretty much every cupcake event! I absolutely love them!

  • Kathleen

    I love these! I have recently started getting really into baking, and I am getting better, but my cupcakes look so sad in a tupperware containers, these would be great!

  • This is quite a lovely idea! I would customize them for my friends’ and family’s events!

  • The possibilities appear endless, I just know it would be fun to try all kinds of displays.

  • Oh my gosh, how won’t I use them? I’ll use them for summer parties, my son’s birthday parties, to showcase little appetizers at dinner parties. Sheesh, I might even let my friend who makes jewelry borrow them to display her jewelry at craft shows when I’m not using them for food;)

  • ahhh i love!!! i would totally use them for my own blogging pictures hehe and foodie parties in my house. i love entertaining with cupcakes!

  • Becky

    I’d use them…. Oh geez, how wouldn’t I use them?!?! I’d find a way every day!

  • The possiblities are endless on how to use these! Having a party planning business I would use them to display all kind of desserts. I love that you can use decorative paper to customize your display. They would be a hit!

  • I would love this!!! I just started really doing dessert table designs and I could think of about a million awesome way to use these! Please Please Please!! 😀

  • Annette

    I would definitely use these for my baby granddaughter’s first bday party. The theme? Tiny Things! It’s perfect!

  • Deborah

    What a cute idea, I’d love to use them at parties. Anything is better on a stick! :)~

  • Shannon

    The possibilities are endless. I have a three year and a one year old, so I could use them for their birthday parties from now til they stop letting me have them. Also, I teach Kindergarten. The kids would love getting cupcakes or other treats on them.

  • Love how you can be so creative with these! I will use these in my son’s upcoming birthday party and our babies (due in oct.) first birthday and everything between and after! These can go with everything! LOVE them!

  • Carlee

    These are adorable! I would definitely use them for my daughters upcoming 1st birthday party! 🙂

  • deb casteel

    Thinking about possibly using them for green apples that are stenciled with table numbers for my daughter’s wedding. Sounds fun!

  • Laura

    I’d use them for my daughter’s upcoming baking birthday party!

  • Debbie

    I’m going to use them for a bridal shower & thanks for the chance to win!

  • Alana F.

    These little holders are such a neat idea! I would use these for my daughter’s upcoming 3rd birthday. I always serve cupcakes at my girls’ parties because they are just the right size for kids. These holders would help make displaying them more interesting! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • These would be perfect for a big top/circus theme I’m working on.

  • Jill

    My daughter’s first birthday is coming soon and it would be a great way to display the cupcakes.

  • Michelle

    I love to bake and could see these on many party tables at my house! Love the fact that you can change the paper underneath to mathch the theme of your party…very clever!

  • Holly McLoda

    I seem to be the go-to party girl in the neighborhood. Showers, cookie exchanges, picnics – they all happen at my house. These would be FAB to use with every theme!

  • Stephanie Barrick

    I would LOVE these for my daughters upcoming 16th Birthday in October. It is a Storybook themed costume party in her favorite colors – pink, aqua and lavender. These would make the perfect accent on the cake table with the candy buffet. Thank you for the lovely give aways!

  • on my cakes!! yeehaw!

  • Jillian

    Oh, the possibilities.

    I would use them for a holiday party in December…I’m planning a very metallic and jewel-toned color scheme, so the lucite would really make the colors pop and not distract from their richness.

  • Lindsay

    We always have dinner parties over at our apartment and we bake a lot of desserts. This would save up so much space in our tight spaced apartment! All of our guests would totally go googly eyed over this awesome set up!

  • Pia

    Oh, wow! These are fantastic, and so versatile! I absolutely love the acrylic, and the ability to change the design to match the occasion! Of course, I’ve got tons of uses for these running through my head right now. But FIRST up is my son’s 22nd birthday party at the end of this month! We haven’t been able to have a party for him in a few years, so we’re totally excited to have him home on his birthday this year! He goes back to the Marines in December, after having been out due to injury. I’m thinking USMC decor for those stands! 😀

  • Oh I love these! I’d use them for the back to school party at the end of the summer!

  • I have a cake business so I would use them in our displays.

  • I would use them to display some cakes at my wedding, surely thats got to make me one step toward a candy buffet of amy atlas proportions?

  • Simi

    These are so exciting! I’m going to use these for my son’s “little monsters” birthday party… I’m making monster cupcakes and would like to use three or four pedestals for displaying monster heads made from inverted cupcakes or cupcake tops. It will we ghouslishly good!! (I know… so corny!)

  • Rena

    I would use them to create height on a dessert table.

  • laura~eye candy event details

    I would use them for everything including dessert tables to holiday crafts! You can find a way to display ANYTHING on them. She has got a great thing here! Would LOVE to win! =)

  • I would use them to pop my desserts up on the pedestals they deserve so they can be the star of any show.

  • In hopes of being stay at home moms my best friend and I started an event planning business. We would use these for so many events including our dear friends baby shower at the end of this month and a birthday party planned for august! These are so adorable! We will share the love if we win these! Thank you Amy Atlas your a huge inspiration!

  • I will use them for EVERY PARTY of course!!! I love how it can be customized to fit any theme!

  • Sara R.

    Oh my goodness! What would I not use them for?! Friends wedding, baby shower, birthdays, bake sale, cupcake center piece at a dinner party. The possibilities are endless……

  • Stevie

    I love these! I especially love that they’re clear and can be decorated under neath with different scrapbook papers and around the edges decorated with ribbons and flowers. I would use them to place cupcakes/muffins/mini cakes on. I would also place cups on top with different toppings etc. I see myself using them at family functions and parties/holidays! Thanks for the chance!

  • Colleen

    LOVE THESE! I would use them for mini sweets of course but also, sliders, stuffed shrooms, etc. I bet they would look cute stuck in a jar of lentils or coffee beans.

  • Ooooh these are fabulous. Is this give-away open to International readers of your blog too??? I understand if it’s not, but I would dearly love to win one of these ingenious display stands … perfect for cupcakes and all sorts of other “crafty” goodies!

  • I love these! I would use them for all my birthday parties, family get-to-gathers, friend’s baby showers, and lots more I’m sure! My husband and I are trying to have a baby, so hopefully I will get to use them at MY baby shower one day soon!

  • sissou

    whaou ! I will use them for the 10’th birthday party of my daughter ! For a nice cucpcake bouquet she will loooove it !

  • Jill

    Now why did’nt I think of this cutesy creation?!! Will definitely use them for my Candyland dessert table, but will also add them to the floral and candy combo centerpieces on each guest table. It will tie the look together perfectly!

  • Jean

    My sister’s having a baby boy . . . my first nephew so excited! I’m already planning the baby shower in October!!! These would be a great element to the cupcake stand!

  • Heather

    I’m hosting a pink and black “Heels & Hats” themed bridal shower in September and these would be amazing on the dessert buffet! Very girly!!!

  • Ro

    Would love to use them at a surprise bridal shower we’re planning in August.

  • Casey d.

    OMG. These remind me of the little circus act where they would balance those spinning plates on the palms of their hands. I want my cupcakes to defy gravity too!

  • I make cake pop displays as a little side business. It would be fun to add these in! Soooooo cute!

  • Christine

    I love them!!! I would use them for my dessert table for my wedding in November. It would make a great addition to my modern vintage decor!

  • Wow! As a collector of design paper, the possibilities are endless. I am always looking for ways to show off my baking with coordinating paper. I would not only display mini cupcakes but cake pops and have the paper the petals and the cake pop the center. Great idea!!

  • Debbie T

    these pedestals would be a VERY nice addition to my daughter’s bridal shower!!

  • Stacy A

    I would use them for so much! Dessert when hosting a BBQ or girls night. When I was throwing showers for family and friends. These would be great! I love that you can customize them too! How perfect!

  • claudia

    AMY :


  • Claudia de Hoyos

    I would use them to display my sweet treats that I prepare for my family and friends. My husband and I love to “refurbish old, unused unique items” for example our neighbor took down his old wooden fence and we used it to create serving trays for gifts for our friends. I added hand sewn blankets, baked goods and they all loved it! This would add to our collection of unique things, please pick me 🙂

  • kristi b

    my sister in law’s bday is coming up and i’d use them for her party!

  • Fiona

    We have a meetup coming up, and I was looking for unique displays for some baked goods. These are perfect!

  • Kon

    These are darling!

  • bridalzen

    I love how these make the displays fun!

  • John

    My wife would love these.

  • Mai

    I would use them all over an entire table spread, varying configurations and heights, for mini and regular sized cupcakes and dressed with pretty little blooms here and there. 🙂 Lovely.

  • I would use these for events in my boutique and for my three kid’s birthday parties.

  • I am the designated birthday upckae maker for my groups of friends so I would probably make everyone’s birthdays fancier with the cupcake pedastals!

  • Bernadette

    I would totally use these for my piano recitals! My little kiddies will love grabbing for some sky-high cupcakes! 🙂

  • Deanne

    My daughters 9th birthday is coming up in August – we are having a Japanese tea party this year…..these stands would be great to display the “sweet” version of sushi we are making!!

  • Abby

    I would love to use these for our wedding or any of the festivities leading up to the wedding! We are hoping to make our wedding innovative and like a fun party for all of our guests!! And, lets face it, I love cupcakes so much more than cakes! I’m hoping to have a cupcake set-up as the “wedding cake”!

  • Laura Liscano

    I would use them for every occasion I could think of! I would probably start creating my own holidays just for an excuse to use them-lol

  • Treva

    This would be perfect to display special treats for the firemen at our neighborhood fire station next month when they receive their national award!

  • Helen

    I would use these for family gatherings and for parties to display all kinds of special delights. Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Melissa O’Neill

    I would love to quickly cover in fabric to change them up!

  • For my daughter 2nd birthday party, is Eric Carle inspirated

  • We just moved to a new state, I would use them for our housewarming party! They would be perfect to share with our new friends.

  • Julie

    Darling! We love to entertain at our home and these can be used for any occassion…however they would definitely get used at parties for our three kids.

  • Laura Peterson

    These are the cutiest things I’ve ever seen. I would use them to display everthing.

  • I love how modern these are! I could see using them for many parties– next of which being a housewarming…

  • Riley Hammond

    I would use them for a back to school party!

  • Cecily

    I would use them for a Halloween party I’m planning. I’d make them look like witches hats, streamer, or cobwebs. I have wanted them since I have seen them.

  • I LOVE baking cupcakes and these would be a wonderful way to display them!

  • Brenda McBride

    I love all things fabulous & think it’s important to celebrate the beauty in EACH day! Since losing my mother to cancer, I’ve learned that each day is a gift…& not to wait for a special occasion to celebrate. Instead, make each day a celebration! I’d use this to celebrate the big & small moments with those I hold dear. I could even see them being used to display my son’s Thomas the Train characters at his birthday party!

  • Kay

    Love it, being able to use different scrapbook paper makes it very versatile! I would be able to create wonderful displays for our various Family, Volunteer & Teacher Appreciation events throughout the year with PTA.

  • Lori Lane

    I would love to use these to display my cupcakes in photos to promote my business. They are incredible.

  • Michelle J

    I love baking so I would use them every chance that I get.

  • Oh my, these are FABULOUS! I would use them for my husband and mine anniversary in August…he is a LOVER of chocolate covered strawberries and I would make up some and showcase them in our house (bedroom…lol) with these on them…have a few candles going..perfect! Thanks so much!

    [email protected]

  • How completely adorable!!! Lovely for Red White and Blue Bastille Day cupcakes!!

  • Sandra Tran

    I love, love, love baking cupcakes!!!! These would be super great to display the delicious treats I bake :o)

  • Brittney Robinson

    I have an event business and one bride wants to use them as her bouquet! Very creative! Id also use them for a “belly bump” at a baby shower coming up!

  • mariana

    I would use them for my brunch and dinner parties !!!

  • Angela R.

    I would use them for my first wedding aniversary =)and for every party! love them!!!!!!

  • Joy

    My son’s Butterfly Release Tea Party would look spectacular with these!

  • I’m a teacher so I would like to put one on each of my co-workers desk on the first day of school this fall.

  • I would use these for displaying some handmade Alfajores that we’re gonna have at my sister’s wedding. I’m planning her dessert table, and it will be mostly Chilean and Peruvian traditional sweets, with some extra special touches from our childhood in Chile and her Fiance’s childhood in Peru.

  • Jené

    So many different ideas running through my brain that it’s hard to know which to choose first!

  • What a fun idea! I would use them for all of my parties. In fact, I may make excuses to put together a dessert table just to use these! Thanks 🙂

  • shelley knight

    I LOVE to put desserts at different levels on a table. It adds so much interest and makes a table look so much better. I would love to get my hands on these!

  • I have been wanting to order these!! Hopefully I will win and “gift of procrastination” will prove itself again LOL
    def would use for my events.

  • These are lovely! I would use them for my little boy’s 2-1/2 birthday!

  • Susan C

    I can think of some really great things to do with these but I think I would like to use them to make cupcake bouquets!

  • I’d use them to promote my business… cute pics for my website and flyers!

  • Oh the possibilities are endless with these little gems! I might be a photographer by trade, but I LOVE to bake and display my goodies in unique ways for get togethers and parties… and then photograph them of course! Happy baking!

  • these are so cute! i’d use them for displaying cupcakes, of course. and keep them on the hutch displaying other cute things when all the cupcakes are eaten.

  • Sarah

    I would love these for my son’s farm themed party later this summer!

  • I’ve had my eye on these for some time – they are fantastic!!! I would use them for my own dessert table creations.

  • oooh lovely! i’m throwing my own 30th bday tea party and these would be perfect to display some food and cupcakes on!

  • Jenn

    I so love the idea of popping these into some areas of my home with little vintage picture frames on them. And, yes, I know they are for cupcakes! I would find a time to use them for cupcakes too!

  • Huda

    CUUUUTTTEE!!! I will use it for my sister’s birthday <3

  • Carrie

    My children have food allergies and since I make all their desserts from scratch (and am not a chef;) ) I have found the best allergy friendly treats to be cupcakes. I try to make different fun dessert tables for them with cupcakes (these would surely be a hit) since they can’t go to the local bakery and get a princess cake like other girls their age. While I pray for them to outgrow the food allergies…it will be a sad day when they realize mommy is not the best baker in the world:). I also have a lot of scrap book paper that would look awesome in those…

  • Melissa

    I’m helping with my sister’s upcoming wedding and these would be such a great addition to what I’ve been working on. Thanks for this fabulous opportunity!

  • I would use these for every event! I am throwing a summer launch party for a client and I would use them in a flower pot as blooming flowers with decorative cupcakes on each pedestals. Even use them as a tea light candle display. The ideas are endless!

  • How can’t you use these things? I’m thinking maybe mini cinnamon buns for an upcoming brunch I’m hosting…

  • sydney85

    I would love to use the pedestals to display financiers that I am baking for a pokeno party in my neighborhood. These pedestals are amazing!

  • Ooooh! I would use them for a garden tea party I’m planning! 🙂

  • Wow – these are so amazing! They would elevate any party or get together! I would use them to display individual cakes and tarts – cupcakes too.

  • Karli

    I would give these to my sister for her 30th birthday. She is the most amazing hostess. She always throws the most memorable parties whether it’s for her kids or a friend or even someone she doesn’t know. She just never says no! She would love these and would use them for every dessert bar she creates. In fact, she planning a shower right now for a good friend of hers. She’s pregnant herself right now. I would have to borrow these so I could throw her a shower! 🙂

  • Elaine

    I would use them for my niece’s 9th birthday party.

  • Judy L

    These look awesome…would love to use them for an annual get together we have with friends in September!

  • Oh, those are genuis! We’re having a real “high tea” for my daughters third birthday, and those would be perfect for serving petit fours!

  • Sandra

    I think the first event will be my birthday–then, probaby any/every occasion. I tend to “style” the dinner table even if it is just me and the hubs.

  • I would use them for some upcoming baby showers!

  • Brandy

    omg how wouldn’t i use them? I love these little guys.

  • Robyn

    Perfect for my daughters 5th birthday Tea Party – imagine the glamour these would add to the candy buffet table!!! And every party after that – even just the afternoon cuppa with girlfriends!

  • Hannah

    I’m a senior in college and we have parties at our house all the time. No party is complete without cupcakes, and these would be so versatile for any theme!

  • Skye W

    Would love to use these for upcoming birthday and tea parties!

  • Lissette

    I love these! I would use these for all the parties my family is always hosting!

  • Alma Valenzuela

    I would love to use them for my son’s 2nd birthday party!!! kids love cupcakes and this would be a great way to display them….

  • Aubrey Stephenson

    I would love to use them for my daughter’s upcoming birthday!

  • These would be perfect for creating new ways to photograph my cuppies!

  • I through a HUGE, and I mean HUGE Halloween soiree every year so I know they would be used for totally creepy and delectable treats, with little webs, black lace, and glow in the dark paper in side. (Put those under a black light—so cool!)

    Though they would be so awesome at other times of the year, and could be used in much softer and feminine ways—pressed flowers inside, single candies, stacks of cookies, or even to display individual champagne flutes for a cocktail party. Very cool!

  • stacey

    I would use these for my sons birthday that is coming up. We are doing an airplane theme (which i got from your site) and the little airplane cupcakes would look adorable on these stands.

  • Shannon

    I would use them for my son’s pirate birthday party in a couple of months. He’ll be 3. I can’t believe he is going to be 3!

  • This is so one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” items. So so smart!

  • These are so cool! I’d love to line them with pages from old books and use them as a centerpiece at my book club!

  • Sylvie

    Je les utiliserai pour manger et confectionner toujours plus de cupcakes ! Gros Bisous de France !

  • Maria Escobar

    “For my sister’s Birthday party”
    Is a garden cocktail party… 😉

  • nina

    my boys will be celebrating their birthdays soon 🙂

  • So cute! I would use it for my housewarming, in september. With white and red cupcakes on.

  • Lia

    OMG!!! Perfect for my farewell party 😉

  • Liron Mcley

    OMG! They’re so adorable!! I just got new cupcake decorating accessories for my birthday and this would be such a wonderful way to display all the little cupcakes I make for upcoming birthday parties!!!

  • Duana Green

    I would ♥ a set of these for a flower cupcake bouquet

  • Ann in PA

    I am hosting a welcome home party and these would be perfect for the mini tarts I am planning.

  • Now ~that~ is a clever idea. I reckon you could have them standing in wrapped florist’s foam down each step on a staircase (as a surprise)… you could stand Easter versions in the garden… or fairy cupcakes in the park… the ideas you could come up with really ARE endless…
    awesome 🙂

    Kind Regards

  • With eight grandchildren, I would use them for their birthday parties and also for family holidays. THey are awesome!

  • Jennifer Andersen

    I would use them for birthday parties for my four children. I also am a work-at-home, stay-at-home mom and would use them for my at-home business meetings. I would be able to do so many creative things with them.

  • But they are beautiful !!!!! I would use them to organize a super surprise party for my mom’s birthday!! :-))))

  • patricia kolb

    I would love to use these for my little girl’s first girls in pearls birthday party. the crystals hanging are too adorable!

  • I would use them on holidays, birthdays, and just for fun for my grandchildren.

  • I would def use them for an upcoming baby shower I am co-hosting to display donut holes!

  • Erica

    I think these are FABULOUS and I would use them for upcoming events that I’m planning. I LOVE to entertain my family and friends….It would go great with a NFL Theme surprise party I’m planning for my husband and father…..

  • Melissa Schneck

    these would be perfect for the luau tomorrow for my daughter, I’ve made beach themed cupcakes, they would look awesome on here.

  • Stephanie Slates

    Wow those are so innovative! I would love to use those for my daughter’s birthday party.

  • Cyndi

    I work at a school and each month, we rotate who brings goodies for the lounge. This would be such an ADORABLE way to display any kind of sweets!

  • Both of my kids’ birthdays are coming up. These would be a perfect table accessory.

  • So adorable! My twins 2yr bday is in a couple weeks would definitely use these and since we’re doing an under the sea theme would probably do a couple with “seaweed” going up the stems and have some fish at random intervals on the stems as well!

  • I am an event coordinator and would love to showcase them to our brides for candy bars/dessert displays making their favorite sweets a focal point.
    Very creative, modern product. LOVE it!

  • Desiree R.

    Love these!!! What wouldn’t I use them for seems the better question. They would be great for birthday parties and showers. I’ll probably be sharing them with my mom for selling and displaying food as well.

  • Kimberly

    These are awesome and could be used in so many ways. I would showcase my Cakeballs on them and decorate with my favorite birthday tags and paper. Love them. thanks

  • stacifromtexas

    I would use them for my parents surprise 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in August.

  • Krystal D

    These are so cute and so versatile! I love that you can decorate them to fit into your theme plus you can add a dimensional look to your party. I have an upcoming dinner party and love the idea of using them as a center piece with crystals hanging down from the circles since they are clear I can add colored paper and then placing take home gifts on top of them.

  • Natasha

    I would use these for every party, but especially for a european travel themed party I’m planning. They would be perfect since i plan on displaying different desserts from several countries. I REALLY wish i could have these!!

  • These would be so cute with little containers of berries for an outdoor picnic.

  • Yes, I like the idea of desserts, cookies, cupcakes and tarts but with sons and a husband that love “guys” nights at our house ….This would be perfect. Put the team scrapbook paper in the pedestal…. then add finger sandwiches. (Tiny pigs in a blanket) Bob Evans rolls divided into tart tins for ham, turkey, chicken, beef …three bite size sandwiches…. Triangle rainbow sandwiches (peanut butter & jelly three layers for the grandchildren. Small quiche tarts for lady fans … BUCKEYES!
    The paper could be changed for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Hors d’œuvre
    The pedestal would be like and tower lazy susan. I think I would like it. How is the storage??

  • I am a hobby cake decorator and always looking for new and fun ways to display cupcakes. These are adoreable!!

  • Rebecca

    I will use them for ever party job I do!!! I can use them in so many different ares! Children s’ party’s, Engagement parties, fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries, Viennese tables, just about anywhere and everywhere! I am soo super excited about these!!! I always have to find different ways to display mini cupcakes and macaroons these are perfection!

  • Erin

    I would use these for my daughter’s first birthday coming up next month! It’s rainbow themed and these would look amazing with the rainbow inspired cupcakes i’m making!! I would LOVE to win these!!

  • Barbara F.

    At a dinner or holiday party I would use one for each place setting (placed in a cute container) and place cupcake, brownie or two mini desserts on each pedestal — maybe even individualize with names… so many ideas, such a great presentation!

  • isms

    I would use them to make an elegant display for my grandfather’s 90th birthday in August!! (I’m planning on surprising him!!)

  • Sandra G

    We do a lot of women activities and a dinner party is happening soon. This would be a lovely opportunity to use as a display.

  • Tamika

    I am always doing a baby shower or wedding shower at work. These would be wonderful to use for that. I also have two little boys who’s birthday parties are coming up.

  • I would use them for my girls birthday parties. I can also see using them at so many different events.

  • Heather

    I would use them for the wedding shower of my FIRST future daughter-in-law!

  • Shannan

    I would use these to tablescape. You could put anything on them from fruit and candles to small stuffed animals or flowers. I love that you can add different papers to change them to match your theme.

  • vanessa greg

    I would use them for a cupcake display at a summer gathering 🙂

  • Crystal

    The possibilities are endless! But I’m thinking of stacking mini cookies for a towered effect or putting a mini terra cotta pot with a garden flower in it. I think that would be a unuique centerpiece.

  • Raven

    These are fabulous!! I would use them everytime I had a party. They would look cute with a variety of truffles displayed on each stand. Having the option of changing the paper gives unlimited amount of cuteness to every display.

  • Dawne Pace

    I will use them at my charity cupcake sales to present a cupcake in the center of a plateful of cupcakes. I also think they would be so versitle for birthday party table decor- as you can match them to any colour scheme!

  • Awesome! I have been wanting some of these adorable pedestals! I have 6 kids and a huge extended family, so I do a lot of baking. Plus I have a small cupcake business that allows me to do dessert tables a little bit..I would LOVE to have a set of these!!!

  • Rossana

    I will use them for my coming b-day!

  • Janice

    Did you mean “how wouldn’t you use them?”! I would use them for everything! My four kids birthdays and to make lovely displays for all of the holidays! There are so many possibilities…

  • Maitri

    I’m a brand new owner of an event planning service. I’d love to use this pastry pedestal for my VERY first official party. Fingers crossed! Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  • being an event coordinator, I can only begin to imagine what I would use these lovelies for…they would spice up absolutely ANY dessert table…oooooh a girl can dream, right?!?!!!

  • Shannon

    I LOVE these pedestals! I would use them for every party…every chance I get! 🙂

  • I will use them when I take pics for a blog post and at birthday party tables! Awesome product.

  • Brandi

    Loooove these!! I would use them for mini muffins, mini cupcakes, mini brownies..the list goes on and on =)

  • These would definitely be used for my kid’s birthday parties!

  • Cherie

    So adorable! I’d use these for cupcake bites! (Basically a Cupcake Pop w/o the stick!)

  • I would use these for any party I hosted – they’re so dynamic… and great serving pieces to dress up!! 🙂

  • Rebeca Robbins

    I love the idea of using my collections of vintage papers, fabrics, and trims on these and being able to showcase the food! What a clever concept!

  • Angela S

    I would use them for the boyfriend’s 30th birthday party.

  • Maggie R

    Just about on everything. But two that I can think of right now – brownies which I pain on and my niece’s upcoming debutant party – the candy buffet.

    Thanks – hope I win!!!!!!

    • Maggie R

      that was suppose to be paint on not pain 🙂

  • ShellyCake

    How cute!! I love ’em!
    I would use these little pedestals for a breakfast buffet with either little quiches or pastries.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would use them for holidays and parties!!!!!!

  • colette

    These would be great for all kinds of desserts, as shown. I might like to try them with appetizers (mini quiche, stuffed tomatoes, mini pizzas). Anything that doesn’t stack well on top of one and other would work.

  • Wendy Lutz

    I would use these for cupcakes for sure and I am thinking Christmas ornaments as a centerpiece.

  • I would use them to display cookies and cupcakes, along with other sweet treats, for food photography, my blog, and random sweets parties!

  • Vanessa

    OMGoodness, these are awesome!!! I could see using these for sweets and other home deco ideas, Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  • Rachel Barbic

    Oh, LOVE them! I am planning a gender reveal party for my sister-in-law and her husband and these would be a fantastic addition to the party details! I’m thinking they would be great for the mini-cakes I’m planning for each place setting. After that, I’ll use them every opportunity I get!

  • I will use the Pastry Pedestals for my parents 40th wedding anniversary!
    Thank you!

  • Melissa

    OMG….what will they come up with next….awesome idea. I would use them for my DIY Dessert Bar for my wedding! LOVE THESE…..i’m not sure if i can wait to see if i am a lucky winner….. :0)

  • Tarisa

    Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes!!!

  • Carol

    I would use them all of the time as my favorite thing to do is make cupcakes!

  • Brenda

    What a clever idea! With 6 children, 4 son-in-laws and 6 grandchildren there is definitely always a party goin on! What fun it would be to create something different and fun without breaking the bank!

  • Joan

    I love how you can switch the paper to cater to the event. I would definitely use these to display treats and maybe a trick or two at our Halloween party.

  • Anh

    Who says we have to limit ourselves to food? I would use them for all sorts of finger foods and desserts at parties and when not in use, I’d show my random trinkets some love and use the pedestal to display them. 🙂

  • Liza

    Love them!! I would use them for tons of things!

  • Stef

    rocketship cupcakes!

  • kelly

    These would be AMAZING our our Christmas social!!! Everyone would love me.. HA!

  • Crystal

    My baby is turning 3 and I would love to use the pedastals to display all his favorite treats with accompanying treats below it on each tray.

  • Amy

    I would use them for whoopie pies.

  • Eek! I would love to use these for my girlfriends 30th birthday! It’s a Vegas themed party with personalized poker chip cupcakes… they would look fabulous on the Pastry Pedestals 🙂

  • heather e

    adorable! i would love to use these for a fun summer party with lots of sweet desserts…or maybe, i would pile different kinds of cheese on each pedestal for a lovely and chic wine and cheese gathering!

  • stephanie

    My little man’s 1st birthday is in September…would love to have these!!

  • Ivanna

    What I would do with these circular gems??? I would use them for an upcoming family reunion dessert table. I would print distressed bronzetone pictures of each family member, cut & display them in these beauties! Vintage baby pics, wedding & old army photos, etc – would be fabulous… This would truly be a great conversation piece, as well as a walk down memory lane as each person takes a cupcake :-)Each pic would be marked with a number as would each dessert wrapper & I would make a game out of it, to see if the person who takes the treat knows who the family member is in the circle! Thanks for the chance of winning this awesome prize!!! Be sweet! IMD

  • Bernadette

    These lovely pedestals would make ANY treat look even cuter. Love them!!

  • Betty

    Thinking ahead these would be great for holidays!

  • Oh my gosh!! I can think of so many ways to use them!! I would love using these for my little one’s 1st birthday party coming up in a few months!

  • I would use them for cupcakes in an awesome dessert display.

  • dkelmore

    These cupcake pedestals would combine my love for baking and my love for cute scrapbook paper…the possibilities are endless! Love them!

  • Thanks for the opportunity! I’m planning a housewarming party for my parents are moving into their newly constructed dream home in a few months.. this would be perfect for the dessert table!

  • Vivian

    I will use these on the dessert table at my baby shower! We’re so excited for our first baby (girl).

  • Jo

    So cute! These would make me look so good at my attempts to make coordinating tablescapes with cute mini cupcakes!

  • Ting

    I would love to use it for bunny theme baby shower I’m hosting for a good friend of mine.

  • Judy

    These would be awesome for setting party favors on. Also using little baskets or bowls full of candy. The possibilities are endless…..

  • gina

    I love these! They would be great for so many things, I have three kids that I love throwing parties for, but the party I’m working on now is a “thanks for being a friend” party. I am blessed with so many amazing girlfriends and I’m looking forward to throwing a brunch celebrating their friendship. I would love to design inserts for these that list the reasons why I love their friendship!

  • If I win them, I thing I will use them for all my gourmenderies!

  • Blythe

    My daughter’s 5th birthday is approaching and she would adore these… Such a fantastic idea!

  • Barb

    This would be graet for my daughter’s grad party! Thanks for the chance!

  • Heather

    Cupcakes have become my standard treat for special events and family get togethers – birthday parties, picnics, extended family dinners, holiday parties, the list goes on and on – we like to get together a lot ;)! I have several cake stands that I use to display my creations, as presentation means a lot to me, but I’m starting to get bored with them after using them so much! These pedestals would solve that problem for me! With the ability to change their appearance so easily, I could use them for everything instead of my cake stands, and I’d never get tired of them!

  • Sandra

    These would be perfect to use at the garden tea party I’m hosting for my dear neighbor who is moving far, far away.

  • Susan Larson

    I have a wedding coming up in October and we are looking for fun ways to display our wedding cupcakes! These would be PERFECT!!!!

  • Whitney

    Would love to use these for my book clubs’ meetings!!

  • I would use this as a display in my bath store. I make handmade soaps and bath products…and I always have a few Cupcake Soaps, Puffcake Soaps and Bundt Cake Soaps displayed on my front counter….sorta like a “Dessert Counter”. This would be a perfect way to show them off! Plus, I would be happy to hand out your cards when people ask about the display so you could potentially get some sales from it as well. It’s a Win-Win! Thanks for considering me!

  • Robin Klau

    Love how versatile these are! I’d use them for our three kids birthdays plus our annual apple cider party (we have an apple press and invite the whole neighborhood over to make cider every fall). Great product!

  • Trisha

    I’m always looking for new ways to display food when I host a party. These pastry pedestals are a perfect addition to my display dish collection. I have a joint birthday party for my son and daughter this summer. It would definitely be the talk of the party!


    I would use them for cupcakes, cookies, fruits….pretty much everything!! Gotta get me some!! 🙂

  • Heidi

    I would love to use these for my daughter’s 19th birthday – and maybe even for her wedding SOMEDAY! (She’s already planning on cupcakes!)

  • Chrystal

    Super cute! I would use these at every party. I always seem to be the go to girl for all the family special occasions.

  • Mariana Utsumi

    I would use them to display my cupcakes!!!

  • I would use this for a dessert bar I am doing!

  • A flower arrangement with cupcakes inside-I think that would be really fun:)

  • Jeanette

    I would use them for the candy table at me nephews birthday. I love it!

  • Carol Tad

    These would b perfect for my daughters birthdAy! My 1st daughter turning 4 In August and theme is yellow white and pink! My baby 1st birthday in Decemeber and works perfect with her winter theme blue and icecicles hanging from them. 🙂

    Not that I think about it works great with every event I will be planning!

  • Amy Toms

    EVERYTHING!!! I’m crossing every finger and toe for this!!! First on the agenda, would be to use them for my best friends bridal shower…we are doing a bakery theme shower!! These would be PERFECT!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • {GENIUS}! That is all I can say about these little pedestals. The possibilities are endless!

  • Kimiko

    I would love to use these for cupcakes! Or even to display snack cups, or appetizers.

  • Lynette

    I’m thinking about fall events today… Mini pumpkins would look so cute on the pedestals!

  • stacy

    Parties of course!!!!

  • Emy Alansari

    Great and cute thing .. I would use them to create Cupcake Bouquet for my son’s Birthday 😉

  • I would use them as props for my food on my FB page! Those are stinkin’ cute!

  • Nicole

    I would use these for every holiday, birthday & special occasion during the year… love them!!

  • I LOVE these!! I would use them for all my parties, starting with my twins’ 4th birthday next month. 🙂

  • Carrie

    Every year I host a Christmas wrapping party where my girlfriends come over one morning with gifts and we wrap together 🙂 These would be SO adorable with mini quiches on them and using all the different wrapping papers underneath!!

  • I love this. I like to party and decorate…..so I could use them in tons of party plans.

  • I have been drooling over these since she released them, coming up with idea after idea. Id use them for displaying my items (origami cranes on a pedestal!) but I also picture using them at all holidays (Santa leaving little presents out on them, or using them for Easter and Valentines day treats). SOOO many ideas…

  • Alexia

    For my kids’ birthday parties and our Halloween party!

  • Viveca

    I would use them for my grandma’s 85th birthday!!!!

  • I want these…if I don’t win they are on my list to buy soon!!!! Need them for an upcoming ice cream/pool back to school party. Fingers crossed.

  • emily kate

    I attempted to replicate this idea several months ago when I saw one of her parties (before she was selling these) and it was a mess! I would so use these for lots of parties, especially an upcoming baby shower!

  • Ginger

    I would use these amazing stands to showcase amazing yummys for all holidays and birthdays.

  • Angela Alpaugh

    I would use them to serve my desserts in my home!

  • Laura V

    Applications are endless!!!! They would make anything look 10X better 🙂

  • TOO CUTE! I’d use the pedestals in my craft show displays for my cupcake bath fizzies.

    Thanks for hosting a cool giveaway 🙂

  • CoDele

    Are you kidding me? I think the question should be, “What would you NOT use these for?” because that response would be much shorter. :0)

  • Jill

    So adorable! I’d use them to make all my mediocre baked goods look better. Actually, scratch that, I’d let them inspire me to make more beautiful, tastier baked goods in the first place.

  • Ming

    The possibilities are endless with these! What fun!!!

  • Raabeaa

    I’d use them to display mini monsters (table centerpiece ) at my sons 1st birthday party! They are super cute!!!

  • Felicia

    I’m planning a 60th suprise birthday party for my mom, and these would make the perfect centerpiece fot the table!

  • I am about to open a Pastry Boutique and these are definitely going on my display window… I have seen these for the first time and I am so in love them. So very chic..

  • Lauren

    I’m hosting my first bridal shower soon, so these would be a lovely touch!

  • Lisa W

    these are such a creative, neat idea for displaying cupcakes… As an elementary school volunteer, I bake cupcakes several times a month, because my cupcakes are allergy free (and we lots of kids in school with peanut, tree nut, dairy, egg, etc. food allergies)- we can’t bring in bakery cupcakes ‘cuz there is a chance of cross contamination with the nuts and other ingredients int he bakeries. These diplays would be so neat to show off our allergy free cupcakes at school. Then the kids can all eat the same treat and feel special about it 🙂 … yes!!!

  • Eli

    I would use them for a pink and zebra baby shower brunch we are having next week at work.

  • This is a genius idea. I would use it ALL THE TIME, but the next time I would use it would be for an Open House party with a Hollywood theme. It’s a great way to make things look festive—regardless of the occasion!

  • Courtney

    I am hosting my best friend’s bridal shower within the next few months. They would make a perfect touch for the little fondant stephanotis flower covered cupcakes that I am making. I have already been thinking of ways to display the cupcakes in little potters that the guests can then take home as their favors. The Pastry Pedestals would work perfectly for this!! AND the next best thing is the can be used for a wide variety of parties and events!

  • Zhaleh

    We have quite a few birthdays coming up in the family, so I am sure we could get a lot of use out of these!

  • Hi, I guess there was some problem, my comment has not been published. Would love to use the Pastry Pedestal for my upcoming pastry boutique’s show window.

  • Luis

    This is such a great idea! My wife love her cupcakes and will look great especially for our coming event, our son’s first birthday.

  • Jessica C

    First, I would put cupcakes on them foe my son’ s first birthday party!!! These are so versatile. Mini quiches, cinnamon rolls and muffins bouquet for brunch. Wonton cups, shrimp cocktail cups, and vegetable skewer cups as appetizers for dinner party.

  • thienan

    these stands will grace every party i host from now on! i’d use them for desserts and even small apps.

  • How would I use these??? Oh…the possibilities are endless! We always love dressing up special occasions with food, there is the ice cream social that we’re hosting right around the corner, not to mention the birthdays that are approaching and the baby shower too, and back-to-school and all the fun things we do for teacher appreciation. See what I’m saying?? I think though, my first use would be creating a centerpiece for a group called Little Flowers with flower cupcakes…simple, but I’m sure with the pedestals it would be fantastic!!

  • Denise

    I would use them for every family function tablescape! We have a large family and lots of parties, they would be a value add!

    Great Giveaway!

  • I would use them to display my cupcakes and cookies at craft fairs. Love them!!

  • This is amazing!! What a clever idea. I would use them for absolutely everything…I can already picture all the different papers I would use and all the cool parties they would make their presence at:) Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • jessica

    Hosting a baby ‘sprinkle’ would love these to use with strawberry cupcakes!

  • Trisha Wright

    I would love to win these! They would be put to good use this October for my son’s fourth birthday. We are doing a circus theme and these would add depth/height to our dessert table. Pick us!!!

  • How adorable are these pastry stands! I would love to use them for not only pastries and cupcakes, but appetizers for parties as well. I love that the stands can be themed for your event!

  • Stacie

    These are too cute!! My daughter’s birthday is coming up & these would make my dessert table look beautiful!

    Thanks for the giveaway~

  • Sarah

    wow, these are awesome! i would use them for my wedding in jan. i am currently working and designing my own dessert table for the wedding!

  • ohhh, this got me so excited! I hope to be a food photographer and make my own bakingbook/cook book in a few years, this would help me so much to practice and take photos of my cakes while working out the recipes for my book! 🙂

  • Karen

    I am giving a wedding reception for my friend. The young bride was widowed 3 years ago & was lucky enough to find love again in an Army soldier. The groom is stationed in Iraq and we look forward to his safe return and this blessed event. The Pastry Pedestal would be the “cherry on the cake” at their dessert display table!

  • I would use them for a dessert table I’m doing at the end of this month. It’s for a picnic wedding. I would display the chai cupcakes with honey ginger frosting on these babies.

  • Judy R

    I would use them for my granddaughter’s upcoming 7th birthday party.

  • Dana

    I would use them for a dessert fundraiser at my church.

    • I’m glad you mentioned fundraisers….these are perfect for promoting businesses or charities!
      I’ve even created some themed decorative paper rounds for my daughter’s high school events.

      A hidden “thank you” or inspirational message can be unveiled once the pastry is plucked from the pedestal. *wink*

  • Cindy Silva

    My sister is having her first baby, and I’m going all out for her baby shower. These would make a wonderful addition to the dessert table I have planned.

  • Natalie G

    These are awesome! i would use them in my photos and for my Halloween & Christmas party desserts! 🙂

  • Natalie Tucker

    I have several friends getting married and having or having their first child, and so I am often hosting bridal&baby showers. These are so cute and would be perfect!

  • Susan Wadkins

    Tomorrow is my precious daughter’s 20th birthday. What a great gift for the girl who bakes cupcakes for everyone else’s birthday!!! She’s also baking cupcakes for a friend’s wedding in October so these would be perfect for that too! Please make it a special birthday 🙂

  • Mel

    I love them!! I’m hosting a baby shower for my sister who is having twins and the Pastry Pedestal would be a great addition!!

  • Julissa

    The possibilities are endless. I could see using them for every party or event. Love them!!!!

  • Tiffany Crabtree

    I LOVE these!! How fun would they be to use at a party. And the fact you can change them to fit your colors or theme is great. I’d love to win these, thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Sheri

    With three little girls who like to bake, I see plenty of uses for these! They are adorable.

  • patty

    these are soooo lovely, i would use them to display my cupcake creations!! good luck everyone!!!

  • Kristy

    Those are beautiful!!!!!!!! I would love, love, love those : )

  • Tricia

    I would use them for my daughter’s preschool graduation! LOVE them!!!

  • Lisa

    This coming Labor Day Weekend, our eldest daughter and her 2 girls, our second daughter and her 4 children, our eldest son and his wife, and our youngest daughter and son will all be together at our house for the first time in 7 years! Did you notice – exactly one dozen kids and grandkids! One pastry pedestal for each! I’ll personalize a pedestal for each one, and have special treats each day – a cup of homemade mini granola balls one day, definitely a special cupcake another day, a little cup of M&Ms another day . . . Every day will be special!

  • These are awesome!! Just what I need for taking photos of my cupcakes! Thanks for the chance to win some!!

  • val bobias

    I want to use them for everything. But I can’t wait to use them for mini apple muffins at the Teacher’s Welcome Back breakfast. SO CUTE!

  • ohhh I love these!!! There are seriously endless possibilities with these babies! I must have some… 😉

  • I would use them to display cupcakes and candies. I would decorate the stand by blinging it out or even adding ribbons to it.

  • Kristin Palmer

    I’m in the process of planning my best friend’s baby shower and these would be perfect!

  • I would use them for everything. I love to bake cupcakes…mini-cupcakes…cookies…any baked treats. 🙂

  • Andrea

    My son is turning 7 in september and he wants a pirate party. The pedestal would be great for it! I´m writing from Argentina. I don´t know if this is an international giveaway but I took a chance anyway…

  • Richel

    I would use them at my daughters first birthday party! What a cute idea!

  • Jillene Petersen

    I fell in LOVE <3 with these in 2 seconds flat! Ahhhhhhhh I love to throw parties and have been given the alias "Martha" by many in my social groups. But even Martha Stewart would be in awe of the presentation I could pull out using the pastry pedestal at a "cheery cherry luncheon" with the ladies! :):) Love the idea of cherry cups or dessert cups atop pretty papers and the pastry pedestal as the center of attention!!

  • Brittany K

    I would use them for everything, we entertain a ton but for sure at the next event, my husband’s birthday to display the golf ball pops I’m having made!

    • Brittany K –

      Great idea. I was going to try that for Father’s Day but ran out of time.
      I found a green air conditioning filter that would’ve worked perfectly for the faux “golf green” to display them with.

  • Norah

    I would use them for all my babies birthdays!

  • Karina

    I would use them for ALL of my desserts!!! I LOVE Them!

  • Definitely in a custom dessert table. Jewelry! Somehow im my little beans bedroom would be fun!

  • I love these. They would really go great on the candy table at my daughter’s strawberry shortcake 3rd birthday party.

  • These pedestals look great; they’re really fun and creative! I think they’re great for every party (would have loved them for my Cupcakes & Cocktails Party last weekend)! They would be amazing for pictures of cupcakes on my blog too.
    My idea is to insert the pedestals in a firm base, put it in a beautiful transparant glass bowl and then fill it with pink sanding sugar, pearls (decorative or edible), M&M’S or Jelly Beans. Think that would be a great(dessert-)table centerpiece!

  • doreen teoh

    Too nice not to show it off at special events-even family game night, will put cupcakes as prizes.

  • Debra

    I am co-owner of a Cupcake shop. These would be very nice for displaying our cupcakes in our shop or at events we cater!! Just started a few months back and we are always looking for great ideas and this is definitely a great idea!!

  • These are so Darling, Perfect for Cupcakes @ Parties :O)

  • I would LOVE to Indulge with these for my events and food shows! LOVE them!

  • We are having my mother-in-laws 77th birthday and they would make a great addition to the cupcakes and table decor.

  • In addition to parties, I’d love to use them for photographing my cupcakes!Thanks for the chance!

  • Erica

    Hello! I would use these little babies at my husband’s 30th birthday party this summer! 🙂

  • They’re simply fantastic… as event stylist and wedding planner, I’d use them for beautiful displays matching flowers and petit fours, ie a lavender parfait, a sweet and romantic mix of white and lilac.

  • So smart and stylish-perfect for any party!

  • I would use them for displaying shot glasses or tealight holders or votives.

  • Lindsey Wilson

    I would use them soooooooooo many times! My fiance is graduating the Police Academy soon so they would first be used for his grad party. Later at probably ALL of our birthdays. Plus they would be such a perfect addition to the dessert table at my wedding! Thanks for the opportunity.

    [email protected]

  • KKatie

    I would use these as part of the dessert bar setup for our wedding in two months. They’d be perfect for displaying our cupcakes or cannoli. Yum!

  • keecam

    I would use them for cupcakes and cookie stacks!

  • Amy C.

    I love,love,love these! They are very cute I would use them for my cupcakes to set up at parties 🙂

  • Jessica Piscopo

    I would use these to display brownie bites on a candy buffet. What a great product!

  • I have a small cupcake business and a huge cupcake obsession!! I have looked at these many times..It would be awesome to win them. I would use them to take pictures of my cupcakes for my portfolio and website!

  • Aimee

    I’d use these for all my sweets parties I have:)

  • I would use them to make an edible cupcake arrangement.

  • LaVonne

    I would use them on my daughter’s upcoming birthday party dessert table! & then incorporate them into more birthday & social events!

  • My Birthday is the next one up! 31 SO I will be using them for myself…I see glitter ribbon in their future!!

  • For an upcoming Christening party with a modern twist.

  • Melissa Elgin

    I would use these great pedestals for my son’s back to school/end of summer party. So fun.

  • I would love these to use at my daughter’s birthday party!!! These are soooooo super awesome!!

  • Ashley

    I LOVE these! I would use them all the time but, especially for my baby’s birthday party!

  • Jennie Beltramini

    SO excited to get my entry in!! I’ve attempted one dessert disply and now I’m hooked… I’d use the Pastry Pedestal at my very next party!

  • Barby

    Yay! I would use this for my sister in laws baby shower it’s an intimate gathering and I am in charge ok creating and cooking the menu for 15 guests. This would add a special touch of fabulous

  • Absolutely LOVE these…. just the perfect accessory for my sweet mums 89th birthday in a few weeks~

  • Michelle

    I’d used them to style out my upcoming Abby Cadabby 3rd birthday dessert and candy table!

  • These would be awesome for our annual Back To School Bash, they would be perfect for our table!

  • Marina Reyes

    I will use these little ones for my cupcakes! This is ingenious!

  • Sarah Barrett

    The possibilities are endless, but I’m thinking my daughters 10th birthday coming up in just over a week would be a great place to start!

  • Emily S.

    Oh I hope I’m not too late!! These are so pretty and I’ve loved them since you debuted them. I love the bite size dessert craze- so I’d use them for cupcakes, petite fours, macaroons. They’re the answer for EVERYTHING!

  • Hi, Rikki and I are just starting out our lil cupcake/dessert table business. We have a LONG way to go but this is our passion and we’re learning as we go. These small treasures would be used probably in every photo shoot lol, we love them! They are versatile and easy to use. This product is easy to promote so that’s what we would do, thanks!

  • Renee J.

    My daughter loves to bake and this would be a great surprise for her! Thanks so much for the chance to win these goodies!

  • I would use these at my free wedding class ” How To Plan A Wedding in 12 months” Series at my local branch library to display desserts and for ideas for the newly engaged brides to display desserts at their future wedding receptions and events. I would also use them at my annual client/vendor appreciation party

  • mekei

    with 9 kids i’d use them for birthday events (almost every month we have one) and a court of honor i have coming up. they are fabulous.

  • Josephine Kalb

    Beautiful set! Exactly what I need fo my studio room.

  • Baby blog

    Such adorable booties! I would love to make some of these for my daughter:)

  • Loving the info on this site, you have done outstanding job on the post