Jun 24, 2011

Sneak Peek Michaels + Behind the Book

We’re just getting back into the swing of things since being in book overdrive and will soon have lots of fun behind the scenes to share.  Above is a sneak peek of a really fun trip I took to Texas recently with the Michaels Executive team and some very crafty bloggers aka “The Michaels Creative Crew.”  This was a very fun and informative trip and I’ll give you the full behind the scenes on that next week {warning – it was packed with great stuff so there will be multiple posts!}

In the meantime, a little “behind the book” to give you an update on where we are on the book process.   I promised you all I’d keep you in the loop with what I can so here is an update.  Yesterday, my publisher Hyperion sent over a mock up of the book cover!   For those who follow us on twitter and facebook, you may know that we had a cover shoot last week with Johnny Miller.  So really fun news is that I’m on the cover {not easy to land!}  It is totally surreal to look at this mock cover with me on it.  It was definitely a “pinch me moment” when I opened up the email with the mock cover. Gals and guys…don’t give up on your dreams because it really can happen.  If there is anything I can impart to you, it is that.  Next week the AAE team has a bunch of book meetings.  We have marketing meetings, sales meetings, and interior design meetings with the publisher.  Hyperion has been incredibly supportive and I’m so happy I’m playing a role in every step of the process.  I’ll continue to share what I can as we get ready to roll this baby out for Spring 2012.

We’ll have a guest feature up this afternoon {+ the winner to yesterday’s July 4th printable giveaway} and definitely come back for the Michaels fun {and some great July 4th inspiration} next week. Have a great weekend! xoxo

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  • So happy, excited, proud of how far AAE has come. You continue to inspire with class and grace. Looking forward to this book!! Enjoy the rest of the process, and the summer. Cheers! xo ~Dawn Menon

  • Oh looks like you guys had a blast! 🙂

    can’t NOT wait for the book!

  • Oh my goodness Amy–you came to my neck of the woods! What a thrill to learn about your new book venture. Truly, an inspiration.Will definitely be on the look out for your book.

  • SO excited for the book!!! I’ve been tracking its progress in sneak peeks!

    PS: I’m so happy that I’m giving away a sock monkey on my blog! :o) Happy Friday!

  • Happy for all of the family unit at Amy Atlas Events. You are right about not giving up on your dreams. You have to be resilient and persevere to accomplish all that you want to do. Cannot wait for the book!

  • You are such an inspiration Amy! Looking forward for your book!

  • So excited for the book to come out. Best of luck and succes. Wish you a wonderful weekend.
    Following you on twitter I wish you could add me to your following list. http://www.twitter.com/Rowaida
    Best Regards