Jun 23, 2011

Fourth of July Printables Giveaway!

By: Amy Atlas, in Swag

This morning we featured a fun Fourth of July shoot.  We have received some fantastic submissions so keep checking back with us over the next week for some more fantastic Fourth of July inspiration. In the meantime, if you are preparing to throw that Fourth of July shindig, we are just in time to make your 4th even sweeter.  We have a fun give-a-way for you guys today from Lauren McKinsey. We featured one of her adorable printables sets a few weeks ago here.  Lauren is offering a full set of her Fourth Of July collection, including the PDF’s, to one lucky AAE reader.  The collection includes the following (a $75 value):

To enter, please tell us your favorite Fourth of July memory.  We will randomly pick a winner and announce it tomorrow. You will have your collection just in time to for that AMAZING party that you are going to have.


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  • My sweet husband and I shared our first kiss on the 4th of July in 2007. Pretty special memory! 🙂

  • My favorite Fourth of July memory is getting together with my huge family when we were younger for barbecues and swimming. Loved it!

  • Kelsea Kangles

    My favorite memory has been an ongoing one. My family has ran a fireworks booth to support their non-profit organization since I was a baby. Every fourth of July is spent selling fireworks, usually in 100+ degree weather. At the end of a long, sweaty, busy day, we pack it up, shower, and then all get together to barbecue hamburgers and eat homemade ice cream. We lay on the grass and watch fireworks, and try to relax after a long four days of selling fireworks. It may not be a traditional fourth of July, but it always leaves a lasting memory!

  • Kristy

    I have very fond memories of cookouts, fireworks, and playing in the grass on July 4th. I hope to make the same memories with my children and extended family!

  • Selena

    I have memories of BBQs and going to the fairgrounds in my town swatting away mosquitoes 🙂 and waiting as patiently as possible for the fireworks to start!

  • Tami

    Several years ago, we were on vacation with extended family on the Fourth of July. Our condo had a huge hot tub on the balcony, which happened to overlook the town’s fireworks display. We had a great time with everyone in the hot tub, eating ice cold watermelon, and watching the fireworks!

  • Kim

    Going to our local Army base for Freedom Fest and being able to thank the soldiers face to face for their devotion that allows me to be free

  • Melanie

    My fondest 4th of July memories come from watching amazing fireworks presentations over the Snake River and enjoying the company of friends and family on beautiful summer evenings in Idaho.

  • Awe……I have some wonderful 4th of July memories, but my favorite is when we made hats with our cousins, created musical instruments and had a parade up and down the sidewalk in our neighborhood….such fond memories! ♥

  • My favorite memory is spending the 4th in Yorktown, Virginia with my family! And then sitting on the dock watching the fireworks over the water with good friends.

  • Diana

    A favorite 4th was last year when I was blessed to watch my friend Julia(from Russia) experience the fun of a traditional 4th of July in America. There were friends, fireworks and a good ol’ BBQ. PRICELESS!

  • Adrienne

    My favorite memory of the 4th is when I was 16 and all of our high school friends loaded up in trucks and cars and drove to the levee on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi river to watch the fireworks over te bridge in Memphis.

  • My favorite 4th of July memory is going to the beach with family & decorating our wagons, bikes, etc. to ride in the little island parade! PS – I love Lauren’s designs. She designed some printables for a twins baby shower that I hosted with a good friend of mine in May!

  • Tina

    My favorite memory was when I was about 12 yrs old & my grandfather got a visit from the police due to the large fireworks he bought & was shooting from his boat dock. He was pretty slick & knew they would come, so he hid the REAL stash under the deck & then only gave away the smaller ones to the police. This made us laugh, the police happy & the BEST 4th of July!!

  • Cristin

    I always LOVED sparklers as a kid!! & I love this set – I already have the cupcake toppers ready to go!

  • Vanessa Edil

    Going to our town’s park where they had a live concert, picnic/barbeque, swimming, and then watched the fireworks with family and friends. Good times:-)

  • Claudia de Hoyos

    Definitely seeing my husband get off the bus after touring overseas for a year! I will never forget that we went to the beach with our dog Ali and ate sandwiches, that is all we could afford at the time, watched the fireworks, ahhh the memories!

  • Keilia

    My fiancé and I meet on July 4th, 2000. We were really good friends for 5 years and got together almost 6 years ago this year. We are planning on gettin married next July in he gulf of mexico. I always look back on that July 4th and am thankful for a wonderful man I have been blessed with and forth blessing of our daughter! July 4th will always be a special date to me!! And I lOvE Lauren McKinsey’s designs!!!!

  • Nicole

    My husband proposed to me on the 4th of July 2006. This year our youngest son will be 6 months old on the 4th =)

  • Angela Willis

    When I was a teenager, every year I would go to my best friend’s house (she lived on a hill)and watch fireworks from her yard (snow cone in hand)! One year, we decided to mix it up a bit, and ate a picnic dinner where we watched fireworks on the edge of the river, across the field from where they shot them! They were directly overhead. The time spent together was magical!

  • Sharon Kraus

    Our first child was due on July 4th, however she came 2 days early on July 2nd. Whenever I think of the 4th of July, I think of July 4th, 1999 the day we were finally able to bring our first baby home. Sweet memories…

  • Tammy

    sparklers…gotta love em’!

  • Mel

    It was a lot of fun just to sit on the top of my dad’s car hood and watch the fireworks which wasn’t too far from us.

  • Jen

    When my sisters and I were growing up we used to have block parties with all the neighbors and than watch fireworks. Then we would play flashlight tag and hide and seek! I miss those days!

  • Lindsey Hemphill

    When we were kids we belonged to a country club and every year at the July 4th party they would lube up a watermelon with baby oil and drop it off the diving board. All the kids would fight over it and whoever got it out of the pool won the ultimate prize. Then they cut the watermenlon and everyone got to enjoy a piece. Nothing better than watermelon in the summer!

  • Teresa Hemsworth

    The parade, sitting in front of my Grandma’s house eating sausage egg sandwiches, and then getting tons of candy! The men on little bikes were always my favorite part!

  • Julia C.

    Love watching fireworks with my kids, watching their faces light up is just awesome!

  • Cassie Brumbaugh

    Our family lives far apart, and my Aunt Judy came to visit during the 4th of July. We ate lots of fun food, adorned ourselves with red, white and blue, and went to the Firework display put on by the city. The excitement of being with my family, the patriotic music, jets, amazing firework display, and celebrating Freedom with a grateful community…what beautiful memormies!

  • Jo

    My favorite memory is the big block parties and fireworks. Just being a kids and truly enjoying the sparkle and light that is July 4th.

    itsonlyjc AT hotmail DOT com

  • I was the youngest of 5 children and my dad always sponsored the 4th fire works for the community we lived in on Lake Eufaula. Cherries were my favorite fruit and he always purchased me, and only me, lol a bag of my very own cherries. A tradition we shared for probably 25 years. The first year my husband and I married my father passed away. My sweetie husband has carried on this tradition and can’t wait to buy me my bag of cherries for the 4th each year.

  • Tina de Vere White

    My favorite memory is of course being with my family and the fireworks, but also decorating my bike for the parade around my neighborhood.

  • Shelley G

    My favorite 4th of July memories are of my childhood – watching fireworks – and being amazed. I am passing this along to my kids. I love making 4th of July recipes and crafts.

  • Ashley

    Fireworks at my grandparents on the water….brownies….peach icecream…and sparklers!!!

  • Fourth of July is always a special holiday for our family. Growing up my parents would invite their friends over for a backyard swimming and bbq party during the day. Then in the evening we would all (30+ adults & kids) walk to the high school in town, less than a mile walk, and set up blanket and chairs on the football field to watch the fourt of july fireworks show for the City! So much fun! I have wonderful memories of doing this for approximately 10 years and this year we are invading my parents back yard with our friends and their children to start the tradition all over!

  • Leslie

    Sparklers!!! Need I say more?!?!

  • Kim Olea

    I remember being a little girl of about 5 years when we lived in Illinois. The weather was especially cold that year and on the 4th of July, it was so cold out that we had to watch the fireworks from our attic window!!!!

  • Sara

    Our family loves the 4th of July! We made a float one year for our neighborhood parade and threw twenty pounds of salt water taffy to the crowd. Now whenever I get salt water taffy I have the urge to throw it!

  • Mary

    It will be seven years ago this 4th of July that I met my husband. I was just coming out of a horrible relationship and decided to throw a 4th of July bash with a friend. He wasn’t a stranger but I didn’t know him well. While forcing all my 4th of July BBQ appetizers, dips and of course red, white and blue jello shots…we got to talking a lot. Seven years later we have a lovely home, 2 dogs and a beautiful 1 year old daughter. Life is good thanks to my dedication to always having plenty of food and drinks…if not for that I would have never had enough props to pull him in! 🙂
    Every 4th of July is a fun, festive patriotic holiday for our family.

  • Lisa Frank

    My favorite 4th of July memory is a tradition that started when I was a young girl and now continues with my own children…decorating my dad’s tractor or 4-wheeler with a wagon attached and riding in our small-town parade, throwing candy to everyone along the parade route and enjoying all the creativity of the participants and the All-American feel of our celebration.

  • Every year we spend the 4th with family and we always try to find fireworks to watch somewhere. It was 4 years ago when I found my dog, Jack. He had just joined our family and it was his first 4th. I thought he was going to be scared of the loud noises but I remember just seeing him so amazed at the lights and sounds in the sky. He had a great time then and we still bring him with us when we watch fireworks.

  • My favorite 4th of July memory would be when me and my husband had our first baby girl 5 years ago, and we went to see the fireworks with his parents and mine, knowing he had to leave for a year overseas, it meant so so much to me that we were surrounded by the most important people in our lives celebrating our country together, and holding each other so close, looking at our beautiful little girl that Daddy loves most!!!!! It was such a magical night, that I will be never ever forget!!!! Since then, he has had to miss the last 4 years of 4th of July celebrations due to being overseas everytime, so I hold the memory of the 4th in 2005 for the rest of my life!!!

    Michelle Torres
    [email protected]

  • we’ve celebrated the 4th of july for the last few years at my parent’s house (that they’re renting) where we have a view of the fireworks over the ocean from their front yard. i hope they stay there forever – i love watching the fireworks while eating cake, sitting on towels spread around the grassy yard.

  • Barbie

    My favorite memory of the 4th of July was when my little girl saw fireworks for the first time. He big blue eyes got larger then I ever thought they could and it is now one of my favorite days of the year because of that!!

  • Krista

    Each year we take our kids to the most adorable small town parade. The floats are mostly homemade, featuring the local dance teams, boy scouts and community workers. We have so much fun eating snow cones, waving our American flags, and catching beads and candy from the parade. When it’s over we go home for a backyard BBQ with our neighbors. We end the day with our own fireworks show. It’s one of my favorite family traditions.

  • Caroline

    Family , Fireworks, Food and Fun !

  • isms

    Camping with with my family for the first time! My dad and uncles caught over a hundred crabs and we had THE BEST crab feast everrr!

  • Tal

    My favorit memory was 2 years ago while getting ready to host family BBQ, my unborn child decided that it was the right time for her to come out and enjoy the party.

    3.5 weeks earlier then expected, she came out to the world on 4th of July day.

    Needless to say that the party started later then expected but we had one more person RSVP

    She is my little lady of liberty, and every year we have more reason to celebrate ….

    Happy 2nd birthday my sweet Lily!

  • Kt

    Fourth of July memories is all about my childhood neighborhood block party and waiting for the fireworks to begin!

  • Xochitl

    I have wonderful Fourth of July memories. In 1993 the love of my life met my parents at our church Fourth of July picnic. We had our first official date the next day. It was the first time we held hands. Fireworks were going off in the sky and our hearts!! Then years later my only daughter was born on the third of July. We spent the Fourth of July looking at firworks out the hospital window. This year she turns eleven and asked for a Fourth of July theme party. We have been buying red white and blue items for weeks.

  • Cally

    My best memory is when we used to get together with all my cousins when I was a kid. I was the only girl, and they used to try to scare me with those white pop fireworks that you throw on the ground, and they make a loud pop sound. They chased me with every firework they could find. It was such a fun time. Now we get together and watch our kids torture each other. :)Oh to be young,and not have a care in the world. 🙂

  • Ceci

    My favorite memory from the 4th of July was years ago when my siblings and I were still young enough and still getting together with the family…We went to the beach and after a long day we were all driving to watch the fireworks, but got terribly lost, everyone was so disappointed! but after a while we found this amazing spot by accident and watched the second part of the fireworks from what ended up being the best spot ever!!…It was the perfect ending to an amazing day!

  • Oh how I adore red, white and blue! I was born on Flag Day, therefore those colors run in my blood!
    When I was a bit younger I made all kinds of patriotic “snowflakes” to hang from all the umbrellas in my parents back yard. Everyone was so impressed and I felt great! Now every year I try to add a little surprise for everyone… whether it’s colored leis, festive sunglasses, or funny jewelry. 🙂

  • my grandpa’s birthday was July 4th, so we always used to get together to celebrate. my dad is one of 8 children, so it was always a special day to bring the big family together!!

  • Alicia Grant

    My favorite memories of July 4th always involve my Grandfather’s house. It was an all day affair with homemade everything! The best part was the homemade ice cream we all helped hand churn which always felt like it took forever. There were years we begged him to get the new fancy churns that were automatic. But Granddad always told us our hard work would pay off and what a life lesson. He passed away this year and the 4th of July will never be quite the same without him.

  • My dad used to wake us up at O’dark thirty to go see the hot air balloons take off. As a kid I was completely mesmerized by watching the massive balloons inflate.

  • claudia Israel

    My favorite Fourth of July memory is getting together with my family to watch the fireworks on the Mall.

  • keecam

    I put a mini Uncle Sam hat on my then 6 month old and he kept it on the whole night of fireworks. We thought it was so cute we all wore one. I crack up every time I see our pic of it!

  • Linda

    My husband was born on the 4th of July. We always celebrate big time!
    Our favorite memory is watching the fireworks over Bass Lake…in our boat…on the lake.

  • I was giving birth to our twins that night! As I pushing, I had the best view looking over the cityscape of Denver and the firework show!!

  • I grew up on a farm the oldest of 10 children. We didn’t get to go anyplace for the Fourth but my parents always tried to make it special for us. We got to have a small bonfire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows. My dad usually took time off from field work to spend the day having fun with us.

  • Tonya

    My best memory is of having friends and family celebrating the 4th of July in Germany! It was wonderful to see so many non-Americans celebrating such a special American day with as much passion as most Americans!

  • hollie

    Last year I was in Washington D.C. and the surrounding area and being able to see all the monuments and really seeing and feeling how proud I am to be living in a country that has so much too really be thankful for, and really understand how important independence is to me. Being able to see Arlington and really see all the one’s that have died fighting for our freedoms.It really make me want to wear the red white and blue everyday. I am proud to be an america.

    Thanks and have a great 4th of July and remember how lucky we are!!!!!