May 31, 2011

What Inspires Me: Flowers

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Behind The Scenes

We’re starting a new series today called “What Inspires Me.”  In this series, you’ll get a peek of what gets me excited when I’m looking for inspiration.  As you will see as this series unfolds, inspiration for me can come from anywhere. Today we’re starting with flowers.  Let’s face it…who isn’t inspired from a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? They can brighten anyone’s day.  Living and working close to New York City’s flower district provides a tremendous amount of color in my life.  If I’m hitting a design block, I can walk into one of the many flower district shops on 28th Street and I’m instantly rejuvenated from the color, the smells, and the luxurious textures of the flowers.  In this post, you can see me looking at closed peonies, colorful tulips, and robust hydrangea.  Lined rows of bright tulips look like a Monet painting in a museum.  Isn’t it beautiful? Now let’s turn to you…what inspires you?  Please share what makes you tick in the comment area below.  We would love to hear!  Be back soon with more of what inspires me…




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  • Amy — these are such gorgeous pictures of you. Beautiful!

    The Eiffel Tower and everything Paris inspires me!

  • Beautiful! You are so lucky to be so near the wonderful Flower District. I, too, am inspired by nature. Especially the very big, wild, mountainy parts. A hike through some trees to a spectacular view really gets things stirring for me. It’s so very sensory.

  • Lovely pictures!

    here`s some of the things that inspire me:
    Colours, music, my kids and their drawings,
    old photos, faces…

  • abby

    You! My children’s creativity, books, and dear friends…

  • Awwwwwwwww, I can just imagine the incredible smell of that floral shop. Was it refrigerated? Right now I am inspired by working in the garden, turning over the rich moist dirt, knowing that it will benefit my flowers to grow and blossom, all the while bugs crawl and the earth worm works it’s own magic in the soil! Now if I can just wish hard enough to get it to stop snowing in our mountains of Park City, Utah.

  • All of those colors – gorgeous!
    Inspiration for me comes from vintage party books and photography books, YOU, the J Crew Crewcuts catalog, bridal magazines, photos from Pinterest, bakery supply shops, fabric shops, and being surrounded by nature at the family lake house.

  • Melissa

    Beautiful. I love the colors.

  • I’ve been diggin’ on flowers lately too. I really am in love with blush irises.

  • I am constantly inspired by the most random things! Out and about, I might see a piece of architecture, or a piece of furniture, or the colors in a candy store….
    I just love opening my eyes and clearing my mind to get new inspiration!

    BEAUTIFUL photos, Amy! What a wonderful resource you have in your backyard!

  • Dalia

    Such vibrant colors! Just BEAUUUUTIFUL!!!
    I get my inspiration from beautiful stationary items and believe it or not
    different patterned wallpaper. I’m from Israel, so whenever I go to Tel Aviv and go through my favorite stationary and wallpaper shops, I always come home with new ideas. And of course, you AMY, my BIGGEST inspiration of all!!!

  • Oh I would love to be so close to flower district… that’s like heaven to me!

    Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC.

  • How beautiful are those flowers! Where I live (Cyprus) there are no shops like that.
    I am inspired by nature, fine art, my babies, school and craft supplies (I LOVE the look of pencils and of spools of twine).

  • Angela Willis

    I am inspired by a lot of things! I don’t have a flower shop like you do, but each day I walk my boys to school right through our tiny corner neighborhood hardware store, where I am surrounded (like in a jungle) with beautiful plants and flowers EVERYWHERE- I could get lost in there!

  • Can I just say how marvelous to have such a resource.Flowers are my daily inspiration and lends itself to my whole business concept. Since my business revolves around a specialty that reminds me of flower, I have a continual and seasonal database to draw upon right in my own back yard.

  • Pictures! I love to just look at pictures of things or people, and get inspiration. Teh problem is getting everyone else to see the “picture” too!

  • maria

    I was born in Venezuela a tropical country with beautiful beaches and landscapes , for that reason my inspiration comes from the blue sea, white sand and the sunset .

  • Oh what beautiful colors! like a painters palette, nature really gives so much inspiration…

    I find inspiration from all the creative women I know 😉 , the visual abyss of sites like lonny and Pinterest. Oh my the eye candy that is out there!!!

    And music…cannot work without something playing in the backround. Love big band and jazz from the 40’s… & disco classics get me moving for a long day in the kitchen.

  • Even though I’m there a few times a week the flower district still remains a great source of inspiration for me. I may go with one idea and then leave with another for a project I’m working on. I love browsing fabric stores as well for more inspiration of colors and textures!

  • Hi Amy, what inspires me? Hmmm, where shall I begin? 🙂 This question really made me ponder & of course I appreciate all the beauty of life. Many wonderful things/people/photographs, desserts/my love for God & my Faith, Family, Friends, Nature, our beautiful four seasons here in CA; Paris, all of Paris, Italy, The Islands of the Philippines, my simple but beautiful vegetable garden of herbs; anything vintage from yester-year, tantalizing photographs of blogs, food, faces & dessert tables, great recipes & delicious recipies like yours and from many other terrific & talented women via Blogs inspire me. I find beauty in everything! 🙂
    Thanks so much for the lovely blog, tips, ideas, inspiration that you share with us readers. You truly inspire me since day one when I came to know about you & your amazing work via your daily blog through a friend from work. WOW! You are an amazing example of inspiration to many! Many great thanks, Amy! Beth

  • Hi, Amy. I get the same thrill from farmers’ market trips. Today it was purple broccoli, sea scape strawberries, artisan goat cheese, cherries, baby artichokes and baby squashes. I love the variety of color, the smells, the tastes and the never-ending display of shapes and sizes. I’m a graphic designer, so my work is about creating order. A trip to the fresh food market always brings a welcome rush of kitchen creativity!

  • Gorgeous pictures of you Amy, love the flowers amazing.

  • The photos above do nothing short of exciting me! Working in the floral trade, nothing motivates me more than seeing bulk flowers at the market or flower auction. The peonies and tulips shown above are just gorgeous! You can tell they’re fresh cut judging by their somewhat closed blooms. Please post more articles on flowers. Will stop by occasionally to read up 🙂

  • Melissa

    Amy — You need to put the Pak Khlong Talat (Flower Market ….. also known as the “Night Flower Market” and the “Thewet Flower Market”) in Bangkok, Thailand on your “Bucket List”. Don’t miss it! It’s heavenly, inspirational and simply fabulous!