May 24, 2011

Art Party Guest Feature {& Giveaway}

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids, Swag

We are loving this new Art collection from Kim Byers of The Celebration Shoppe.  The new collection was inspired by Kim’s assistant’s daughter, Emma who loves art. This perfect palette collection includes custom invitations, thank you cards, table décor, printables, custom cookies, and a monogrammed shirt for the birthday child.

The colorful desserts at this party were so fun.  Paint ball gumballs, paint buckets containing large marshmallows rolled in sprinkles, rice krispie paint brushes.  The artist’s palette cookie cake was a two layer flat buttercream cake purchased from Kroger for $5.99.  Kim embellished the cake with artist palette cookies from Sweet Tooth Cottage and paint brush cake pops from Terri’s Treasure.  Looks like the kids definitely got their “creative juices” flowing at this party!

Guess what?  Kim is giving away 20 custom print invitations, 20 thank you notes, and the printable collection for one lucky winner ($75 value).  In order to enter the contest, please mention your favorite collection from Kim’s shoppe in the comment area below.  We’ll “draw” a random winner by next Monday.  Get going!

Photography by: Angie Arthur Photography

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  • Wow, I love all of the colors on this table! My favorite items from her shop would have to be “Deep Blue Sea” and “Cupcake”!

  • You got me with the paint brushes ADORABLE!

  • Gwyn

    I love the martini and mayhem set. It’s too cute for a halloween party!

  • I really link the fun Prince and Princess design…not too frilly but yet girly.

  • I think the train collection would be super great for my boys. I loved the cake she posted with it! Adorable!

  • I was so happy to be part of this party. I love making the paint brush cake balls and thinking outside of the box! Kim did an amazing job with this party!

  • marlene aguilar

    I love the divine collection.

  • Love it! My favorite is the Art party of course! But I’m a big fan of the farm party too.

    I love the use of the little easels for name cards. I’m going to remember that!

  • michelle

    My favorite collection from her shop is “on the farm.” I love the pictures of the animals.

  • Jill

    Love the Luau and the baby bump. The drink wrappers are super cute.

  • Patty M

    I like Harvest. But really I like them all. : )

  • Tammy

    hard to pick just one!! Little Sailor and Campout are my favorites, but they are all so sweet!!

  • Hi Kim!

    Sooo colorful and creative.

    Hard to pick just one fav from the shop…I think the BUZZ collection is adorable!

  • I love the Barnyard theme materials! The “Farmer’s Market” signs and cupcake toppers are adorable.

    for the art party, I am loving the artist’s paintbrush rice krispy treats. how creative!

  • This party is just adorable!! I just did a complete camo birthday party for my boys…they loved all the shades of green!! My favorites on the site are the Luau and Owl Couple…planning both these types of parties soon!! Adorable work!!

  • Meg B.

    I love the color palette of the little sailor party!

  • Sandra S.

    I love the Deep Blue Sea theme and also this Art theme. (However, it was hard to choose, they are all so cute!)

  • I like all of them, especially camping and woodland fairy.

  • The movie night invites would be perfect for my daughter’s birthday party this summer!

  • Angela

    Love the art party!

  • Love the Luau!
    In the above post I think the rice krispie treat paint brushes are wonderful!

  • Ofie

    Loving Buzz. Beautiful work!

  • I love the art party one the best! I think that is the theme my daughter wants for her next party.

  • Kristie

    The art theme is a great idea for a gender-neutral party. I also love the Space and Science collections for my 5-year old son!

  • Tina

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! As well as the “Peapod” from Kim’s Shoppe! Great work!!!

  • beka

    all of these are fantastic but i think the pirate party is my favorite!!!


  • Sylvia

    The ‘Buzz’ baby shower collection is my absolute favorite. Besides having a stunning color palette, it is also chic, and modern. I love the entire collection, from the cupcake toppers to the candy wrappers. So very cute 🙂

  • Suzanne

    I love the slumber party. This is a great website. Just what I have been looking for!

  • Bridgette

    of course..we love the art party the best 🙂 perfect in every way!

  • Jillian

    I really like the science invites – it’s appropriate for both boys and girls…but you could get really creative with the vessels for more “adult” drinks!

  • Jalyn

    Love the soecial delivery collection.

  • Lynda

    They are ALL so cute! I think the science party is my favorite! 🙂

  • aly

    What a great party! I love the “gallery”. My favorite collection is the Harvest. I would love to use that for my annual pot-luck thanksgiving party.

  • Sam

    The Science collection is awesome!

  • Sara

    Love the Deep Blue Sea and all the Halloween ones! CUTE!!

  • I like the prince and princess party. Great for both girls and boys!

  • Love creative parties. Kim did an amazing job with all the details!

  • stephanie miller

    i have ordered from kim before, love her parties!!! next we are planning for the paris party, love it!!! steph at [email protected]

  • Laura

    Love the treehouse collection!

  • Selina Willson

    I Love this party! Reminds me of My Emily!! I really love the pirate Party!

  • I adore the Owl invitations…a great way to great summer!

  • Kim

    Ooohhhh I love the Pirate Ship 🙂 I am planning a Pirate Themed Birthday for my son in January… yes, January and I my mind is already full of ideas!

  • LoveloveLOOOOVE the paintbrush rice krispie treats! What an awesome and creative idea — one that I hope to use at a future party!

  • Marina Reyes

    I love all Kim’s collections, but right now, this art one is my favorite. Keep up your good work!

  • Some reallly smart ways of incorporating the theme!! 🙂

  • Angela R.

    I love the deep blue sea party!!!!

  • Darielle

    I absolutely adore your Science themed birthday party! I have printed out every page of your amazing party and I am soooo thankful for all the links and detailed information on where to get everything! Before I found your shop we went to Party City (the largest party place on Long Island) and they didn’t have a single thing for a Science party! I love a theme that is not popular, but to have not one My Science loving son’s birthday is this fall and I hope to recreate some of the super science fun that you did!! Thank you 🙂

    • Darielle – I’m thrilled you like my son’s science party and our science birthday collection. It was great fun and several moms told me later that their children truly enjoyed the day. You’ve got to love educational fun! 😉

  • Thank you Amy & Lisa for sharing some of the pictures from my latest collection. And to all of your fabulous readers for their super sweet comments! You’ve all truly made my day!

  • What an adorable “ART PARTY!” I love the easels holding the artwork-cookie, the rice krispy treats edible paintbrush, the dessert table & most especially, the cake bowl! How very creative and fun! 🙂

  • Well, since I’m planning an Art Party for August my pick is this theme!!! Fingers Crossed!

  • Jen

    I love the dinosaur collection!

  • Alma Valenzuela

    Besidest the Art collection, one of my favorites is the Tree House printable collection… It’s not only adorable, but also unique!!!

  • Love the dinosaur and rock & roll party stuff! This art party is so creative and bright 🙂

  • Rena

    I love the baby bump collection!

  • Carolyn

    I love the science party, but it would be hard to choose! What great stuff!

  • Jesssica

    I just fell in love with the ladybug collection!

  • Marsha

    Love the Art theme party. Would be great for my granddaughters 3 birthday.

  • Antonella

    OMG…I love them all!! How can I pick just one….lol But i guess my 2 favorites are Rock star & Luau! Hope I win!!! Thanks

  • Kari

    Oooh….like a lot of ’em, but my fave is the “buzz” one in the damask theme. sooo pretty!!

  • adria

    Absolutely, positively this collection is my favorite. I am an art teacher and art therapist with emotionally challenged kids, art rocks!!

  • Lani Derrick

    I love the special delivery invitations!

  • Blythe

    My daughter would adore the princess castle invitation – she’s obsessed!

  • Kelly W

    I love the baby bump collection!

  • Tricia

    I love this Art party theme and also the Butterfly Invites1

  • Rossana

    I love the science party collection!

  • Jenni

    I like the rock star and the science ones! Too bad there’s no super hero ones – that would be perfect for my son’s upcoming birthday!

  • Renee

    I love the Little Sailor collection! I am planning on using these colors/theme for an upcoming 2nd birthday at the beach!

  • Jennifer Horton

    I’m really digging this party theme. I love the printable art frames and the rice crispy paintbrushes.

  • April

    Love this art party!! The cake the paint brush rice krispie treat… love it!!

  • Michelle

    Love the Bubbly invite hot pink and black love it. xoxo

  • omg if I could only win this giveaway. My daughter wants an art party for her next birthday…and this is by far my favorite we have seen so far! Love love it…and the rice krispie treats awesome!!! Pinning away here 🙂

  • [email protected] little parties

    I love this!

  • I am loving the art party! I was already planning one for my 4 year olds in July! What cute ideas!

  • Kelly Corder

    My favorite from the collection is Art!!!! This post could not have been more timely, this is the exact party I have been planning for my daughters upcoming birthday. Winning this would be so perfect 🙂

  • Fiona

    I can’t decide between the Art or the Pirate collection. My husband and I are big fans of both!

  • Beth

    I love the ART party – the colors are amazing. I also really liked the Bugs and Butterfly party and the Believe (perfect for my family Christmas party).

  • laura

    With graduation days away the graduation set is my favorite (wish I would have seen it weeks ago!) 🙂

  • tinaehb3

    The slumber party !!! too cute

  • What a fresh take on the artist party theme. Love the Rice Krispie paintbrushes!!

  • Megan Mahmoud

    I love the rice krispie paint rush. So creative!!!

  • Alison

    Wow, so cute and so fun. This would be perfect for my daughter’s 10th birthday party this summer.

  • Sandra Tran

    They are all super duper cuteness!!! But I’m a sucker for farm animals so . . . definitely, the farm animals :o)

  • Kim

    So many cute party ideas. I have to say my favorites are the Space, Owls, and the Art one. Love them all really!

  • Michelle

    They are all adorable but I especially like Pirate Ship – planning a pirate themed party for my daughter’s birthday.

  • Deanna D.

    Oh my! I love them all!!! But, since we are planning an art party for my daughter’s 6th birthday in October, I must say, it’s my favorite!!!!

  • I love all Kim’s collections, but I must say THIS is my favorite one!!!

  • Amy H.

    They are all so cute. I really like the Artist one. Very cute & you could do sooo much with it. 🙂

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