May 21, 2011

Behind the Book – Photo Shoot & More

Above you’ll see scattered crafts and supplies from Michaels and baking supplies from KitchenAid.

I know I was supposed to be on here yesterday with part II of my small business tips, but we had another few days of shooting this week for our book so I’ll get that post up next week.  You all left so many wonderful comments about my tips and I’m so glad that I can be helpful for any of you that are in small businesses.

In the meantime, since you all love my behind-the-scenes posts, I thought I’d share a peek of our photo shoot this week.  We shot how-to’s for crafting and baking instructions for the book this week and below is a tiny peek.  This book is so photo and instruction heavy and I can’t wait until it is in your hands next year.  We came up with some novel concepts while shooting yesterday and I know you’ll really enjoy them.  We are shooting again next week and then just one more day next month for the cover of the book {behind-the-scenes on that to follow – it will be fun!}  I’ve been very busy with finishing recipe/crafting instruction testing {we have hundreds of instructions in the book!}, finishing the chapters, and compiling my book design ideas.  You have no idea how big of a project this is.  It is a full time job and an 18 hour day job, at that!

Here is a small peek of this week’s fun…

Above picture – you’ll see scattered crafts and supplies from Michaels and baking supplies from KitchenAid for our baking and crafting tutorials…

Photographer Johnny Miller had a lot of equipment set up for our tutorials….

My little son doing a how-to for cookies.  He was a little shy at first as we usually bake together without a dozen people and lights/cameras surrounding him, but within a few minutes he loved working with Johnny on camera.  Afterwards, there was lots of flour on the floor and cookie-eating!

A sneak peek of a baking tutorial…

My boys getting comfy with Justin, the resident photography technician for the shoot.





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  • I can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  • Who is your photographer?

  • I am obsessed with your Behind the Book updates! They’ve been such an inspiration as I write my own manuscript (the book comes out next Spring). Thank you for all you do! 🙂

  • Can’t wait to have my copy!

  • Maybe you can go Dutch immediately?? 🙂

  • Dalia

    Can hardly wait to get a copy.
    Thanks so much for being such a wonderful inspiration. I’m in the midst of starting my own small dessert table business (in Israel) and it all started with YOU! So thank you and your team! Keep the “behind the scenes” coming, can’t get enough of those!

  • Hi Amy! Hello AAE staff & NEW YORK CITY! 🙂
    I, too can’t wait to get a copy of your first book. Hopefully, autographed by you! 🙂 I reside here in Sacramento, CA. I hope to see you in person (if you ever make a book tour) here in our neck of the woods! Wouldn’t that be just terrific?!

    Thanks and best wishes,

  • Love the behind the scene photos, looks so much fun and very interesting. Can’t wait to see it all in the book. Best of luck and success Amy!

  • So fun. How adorable is your little boy baking?! Too cute!

  • Awesome! Love these behind the scene posts: )

  • Top picture looks like my kitchen! hehe

  • So much fun to see your little one — I bet his cookies were delicious!!

  • Hi Amy!
    Thanks to you and your team.I got your book as soon as it was published.Congratulations!! This would be one of my dream.There is absolutely nothing here where I live in my language:french…where do you start to ? I also have all my ideas , pictures etc…in a file. I am ready .WHERE & HOW do I start this wonderfull project. a few tips would be appreciated.
    longue vie or long life to your book and all the other projectsss.
    Hélène 🙂