May 13, 2011

Lace and Embroidery Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

My heart melted when I saw this submission that was sent to us by Truc Luu of the San Francisco Blog Treats.  Truc created this sweets spread for her Goddaughter’s Christening in Norway. The inspiration came from the beautiful lace/embroidered gown that the baby wore at the christening.  Although the details were subtle, the lace/embroidered theme is on the border of the tulip planters, the cake, and the lace dress cookies.  The elegant and romantic style of the table would be perfect for a bridal or baby shower as well.

With the help of a fellow godmother, Truc created all of the desserts on the table.  While it looks like Truc is a seasoned baker, she actually does this in her SPARE TIME!   Her day job is in corporate finance.  Her passion, though, is baking which is obvious by these desserts.  Simply beautiful!

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  • I adore the entire feel of this party!

  • Love all of it…speaks to me since my parents were from Bergen, Norway.
    Simple, light and airy…My mother always used white lace and linen. 🙂
    Absolutely love the lace/doily cut out on the flower cans.
    Thanks for sharing and wish I could enjoy one of the Ebelskivers {yummy}!

    • Elin Horn Galtung

      Hello Lisa.

      This dress is from Bergen!! And have been used in my family, the Horn family, through 3 generations. I am the Godmother and Grandmother of Elin Louise who is the fourth generation, my Mother, my self, my eldest daughter and the babie’s Mother with the name Elin -though she has gotten Louise as well but we just use Elin.

      Are you connected with the Gundersen Clan in La Cross, Wisconsin?

      Best regards from Elin Horn Galtung, born at Paradis, Fana, Bergen but have been in Oslo for the last 43 years except from 1 year in Minneapolis.

      • Hi Elin!

        What a lovely story about your family.

        I do not think I have family in Wisconsin, but perhaps we are all on the family tree together somewhere. 🙂

        My maternal grandmother was a Johnson and did travel to Minnesota to be a nanny for family in 1906. She returned home to Bergen because she was homesick and had already met my grandfather.{ Glad she did }

        My parents were the only family who came to America{ New York } in 1951, the rest of the family is still mostly in Bergen and surounding area. I have connected with many cousins on Facebook…wonderful!

        Have a lovely Syttende Mai, I know the flags will be flying and the bands will be playing. { My father was a member of the Bergen marching band}
        My husband just switched our { outside display} American flag to the Norwegian flag for the week.


        • Elin Horn Galtung

          I guess you know this typical Bergen greeting with such a wonderful love story and a strong connection to the World’s most wonderful place/city? I do understand your Gandmother because I have been homesick for all the years in Oslo. But when you have to choose between love and city it was not that hard 43,5 years ago. Luckily it doesn’t take that long to fly over but it is a question of having the time for just breeth in the special Bergen air and admire the city and the sorroundings.
          Truc allways send us a box of Norwegian flag cakes for the 17 of May all the way form “over there”! So in this house and another Norwegian family we even eat the Flag. You should get her to send you a picture of them. The struggle has been to find the right colour shades as even it has the same colours as USA’s they are a little different. Truc comes to Norway at least twice a year and we love our extra daughter and all the wonderful cakes she brings and even sometimes send as surprises. Are you just as keen and clever baker as she? You should have seen the big cake and the one like the dress live bacause they were unbelievable beautiful. I have kept some of dresses as souvenirs from the BIG event. Truc has baked fantastic special cakes for the weddings of her 2 Norwegian “sisters” and wil do the same for her “brother” August the 27 when she is returning for his wedding. This time in Oslo but Elin Louises parents married in Storetveit kirke in Bergen like her grandparents and we did. The other was in Stavanger. The cakes were part of the table decorations and were big hits and surprises since we are not used to such cakes.
          Give my best regards to your husband for his understanding about the big importance the 17 of May is for us Norwegian. May be your parents have taught you and him? As you know we never flag every day like you do but that Day it is a shame if you have a naked flag pole. Have they told you about the Buekorps and the big importance they play in the Bergen way of celebrating this day?

          Best regards from Elin

          • Halloen 🙂

            Yes, my parents were always a bit homesick on May 17th and would call ‘Home” to hear all about the days festivities. Unfortunatly, their brother and sisters passed away as the years passed,and the phone calls stopped. I am grateful for the cousins that I keep connected to… so nice to know that i have family,even if they are so far away.

            My parents have also passed away in the last 3 years , but they live on in the traditions that i keep alive for my family. Mostly in the cakes that I bake…and then there is Christmas! 😀

            I do not create the amazing cakes that Truc bakes…I specalize in American classics : Lemon pound Cake, Banana bread, Pumpkin spice cakes. to name a few. “Mor Mor’s Christmas Cake” sells very well during December. My customers love the taste of Cardemom, yet they can never guess what spice they are tasting..
            And my Almond pound cake is popular too, it reminds me of the Fyrstekake my mother would bake for my fathers birthday.

            I’m not sure if my father was part of the Buekops…It sounds familiar. I do Know that the band he was in played at the band shell in the park in Bergen.

            Tussen Takk…So nice to chat with you Elin!
            I will be thinking of you on Tuesday.

            Although we could continue to chat here,…

            Keep in touch with me at [email protected]
            visit my site
            And if you are on Facebook,

  • So simple and perfect. The lace accents on the sugar cookies are beautiful! Everyting… just beautiful.

  • Stunning! The detail work on the cookies is just astounding! Definitely better than many professionals could produce.

  • Gorgeous! So many subtle, yet intricate details! <3

  • Richel

    When I saw those pots at Ikea I knew I had to get some just for the purpose of setting up a table like this!!!! Its beautiful!

  • Really like your stuff…..beautiful

  • Beautiful! Good to know that I am not the only one working on a Finance Corporation and doing desserts as a hobbie. 😉

  • Jenn Adams


  • Anne Marie

    It lookes amazing. Very elegant. Perfect for a baby girl’s christning.

  • sheila

    The presentation is amazing! Lucky baby to have a godmother like you!

  • Super sweet and elegant. Love it!

  • Beautiful!!

  • This is stunning. I love the simplicity of it all.

  • Nadia E

    WOW love it! I have these flower pots too 😉

  • Those biscuits are to die for. So sweet.

  • Simply beautiful!

  • So sweet and delicate.

  • Liz

    A lovely design 🙂

  • Ridiculously beautiful!…the detailing is so intricate.

  • WOW this is amazing
    Sweetness perfection
    Every detail was thought of

  • love Love Love!!! the christening gown cookies are just precious! so pretty and elegant

  • Sarah / Dreamers Joy Events & Design

    Love the simplicity and beauty of this dessert table! The pink tulips add the perfect splash of color.