May 10, 2011

Behind the Scenes – Ronald McDonald and Icing Smiles Event

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Behind The Scenes, Kids

Above – Here I am with Kate Sullivan and Tracy of Icing Smiles.

I told you guys a little bit last week about the event we worked on with Icing Smiles and The Pinwheel Project for the families at the Ronald McDonald House. Today, we are sharing with you some of the pictures from that amazing day. I truly feel blessed that I was a part of it.  When Tracy from Icing Smiles reached out to me about this event, I jumped at the opportunity.  I can’t say I do this for all opportunities that cross my desk.  I’m quite selective with how I use my time. I knew I had a small pocket of time after my book shoot was finished and was ready to take some time to give back. After being consumed for so many months with my own business, I also knew it was time to gain some perspective. The idea of doing something just for the kids {without any self gain} was exactly what I was looking to do.   Just a day about the kids and making them happy.  I even contemplated not blogging this event here, but the importance of raising awareness for the above organizations trumped that thought.

Selfishly, I was a little scared about my reaction to seeing the families, but the kids were so full of energy and incredibly happy, that I felt like I gained strength from them.  And those moms, oh those moms {and dads and siblings}. They are so courageous.  I stared at some of them, wondering if somehow they were born with this super-power gene, but quickly realized they just rise to the occasion, and get strength from their own kids.  What admiration I have for them.  And while we’re on the subject of admiration, I was blown away by the Ronald McDonald HouseIcing Smiles and The Pinwheel Project.  All three of these organizations work tirelessly for one mission: making kids/families feel at home during a very difficult time.

The event was held in one of the family areas of the Ronald McDonald House.  Often a place where parents congregate to talk about prognosis, this was not that time. Instead, kids were running around the room with bags of candy in their hands.  Some kids were scooting around the party on their sneaker-skates.  Many were making their own cupcakes at a cupcake-making table.  Some were drawing {including my own sons, who I had with me at the event} at an art table.  It was a celebration.  I was so happy to be part of something that put smiles on these family’s faces, even if it was for a few hours.

A few fantastic people to thank for contributing to this event….{and then scroll down to see the pictures}

Candy Warehouse donated all of the candy.

Baked by Melissa donated their delicious bite-sized cupcakes.

5th Avenue Chocolatiere donated white chocolate covered pretzels.

Patti Paige donated the pastel cookies.

Sonia from Cakes and Goodies donated the macarons.

NY Cake Pops donated the pastel cake pops.

Kate Sullivan created the cake.  I have to say, not only was it visually beautiful, but it was DELICIOUS as well.

Jennifer of Bella Grey Designs created the tags for the desserts.

I want to thank my staff who worked overtime with me to make sure that this day went off without a hitch.

Thank you to Icing SmilesRonald McDonald House, and The Pinwheel Project for letting us be a part of such a special event.  I encourage all of you to check out their organizations.

A big thanks to the families and kids for letting us do something for you.  You warmed our hearts.

Photographs by Holger Thoss.

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  • Such a great prety for such a great cause!! Way to go ladies!!

  • I love that you all did this! It’s such a grand thing to help one another simply for the joy in your heart.

  • Melissa

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Amy

  • What a beautiful thing to see the smiles on those little faces amidst all that they are going through. So special. Thanks for sharing!

  • aly

    Just beautiful, and what a wonderful cause. Thank you for sharing about such wonderful organizations.

  • Giving back really is the greatest reward. Especially when it involves kids. Great job, Amy!

  • fantastic event and a great cause
    if you ever need anyone to donate cookies for one of your events i would love to you can see my work on my flickr

  • Amy, I have stayed in Ronald McDonald House in Melbourne Australia for one week whilst one of my baby twins had heart surgery and seeing these photo’s bought tears to my eyes. I remember that feeling of waking up and wondering what the day would bring…then signing the visitor book and seeing all those parents before me already at the hospital for the day…then coming back to the house in the evening…drained…and there was someone there {volunteers like yourself} who had cooked my husband and I {and the rest of the families in thee} a home cooked meal for free…was amazing! Last year I myself {I own Lily Chic Events} decided to give back and styled a Birthday Party for a 5 year old Autistic boy, and the joy on not only his face, but that of his parents made my experiences seem so much more worthwhile. Thank you for this lovely post…xx

  • Amy

    Beautifully done project. Love the pastel color palette carried out w/ every food item. I’m sure those families really enjoyed the special day you created for them.

  • Since my second career should be cake decorating, I see that lots of love went into this event. I am sure all were blessed!

  • Well Done Amy and those who partnered you in putting this together. We have used Ronald McDonald House in Australian and they do a fantastic job. This would have just made so many peoples day. I hope you know how much this would have meant to all the families and the volunteers too. Spirits do run high in places like that because positive vibes can help you through the day…I bet this helped them through the week! I had a few tears going through this post.
    Thanks for caring enough!

  • No GREATER reward!!!!! When we give of our time and talent we always get back more then we can ever give away! BEAUTIFUL in every way <3

  • What a beautiful table for such a special cause. Very touching xx

  • mara

    …ownnn sweet 🙂

  • What a great cause and the event turned out beautifully, thanks for sharing!

  • Dalia

    What a moving post! The table is gorgeous and seeing those beautiful children smile must have made it all the more worth it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Absolutely magical! What an incredible event for these precious children and their families. Thanks for posting this!

  • so cool.

  • This is so beautiful love what u did. What a great cause. The table looks gorgeous. Blessings

  • Liz

    Beautiful ♥