Apr 28, 2011

50’s Style Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

Lindi Haws of Love The Day sent us photos from a 50’s Diner Cherry Party photo shoot she created for her new retro cherry printable collection.  Lindi had the shoot in a real diner, which is the perfect backdrop for a 50’s party.  While playing tunes on the jukebox, kids snacked on grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, milkshakes, and then a cherry themed dessert bar.  Desserts on the dessert bar included a 7up cherry cake, cupcakes with cherry cupcake toppers, cookies with cherry fondant toppers, mini doughnuts with cherry glaze, cherry heart bars, cotton candy in cherry paper Kandy Kones, and chocolate dipped cherries.  Party favors included mason jars with gingham lids filled with candy and “with a cherry on top” cellophane bags filled with candy. This party definitely had the cherry on top.  Very well done!

Other sources – Dresses, hair accessoriesstriped straws, cupcake wrappers, and twine,

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  • This is just so stinking cute! I think Modern June’s upcoming 5th anniversary party will have to have a cherry theme.

  • feest en pinata

    so cute!!

  • So sweet!!! Wonderful colors… I love cherries.
    Very creative!

  • Alecia Shannon

    LOVE IT!!!! Absolutely PRECIOUS!!!

  • Reminiscent of Mary Englebreits artwork(who I love)–this table is “cherry” adorable.

  • This is so fun. What a great idea for a birthday and what striking colors!

  • This is simply cherryliscious!

  • SO cutie!!! These colors pop so nice!

  • Lisa

    I love anything with cherries!! This whole party is adorable!
    Love the printables, food and fun colors!!

  • Jana Woodward

    This party made me so excitd for summer. I am defintiely going to have a “CHERRY” birthday party for my daughter. This party oozes with creativity. LOVE IT!!!

  • Sallly Glies

    Dying! So retro and cute. The color combination couldn’t be better. Feeling totally inspired.

  • The Gilberts


  • Pretty much love anything that Lindi (at Love the Day) does…this party rocks!

  • J Jackson

    Lindi’s talent is always amazing. Love the blue and red combo. This is such a well-thought-out collection and the photos are wonderful!

  • Nadine

    What a cheery cherry party. Love “Love the Day.”

  • J Williams

    I’m such a fan of “Love the Day” and I’m delighted to see the adorable cherry party plan on Amy Atlas blog. This one is certainly a winner!

  • Cat

    This is so darling. The food, the decorations, the cute girls- it all ties together so well! I love it! I would so love to throw a party like this!!

  • J Williams

    I’m such a fan of “Love the Day” and this party is certainly a winner!

  • absolutely lovely!

  • Seriously cute, cute, cute!! Great job Linda!!

    • Opps, I just realized it’s Lindi! =)

  • Julie

    Love the blue and red combo so happy! As always Lindi has done an amazing job!

  • What a great party! Gotta love the cuteness of cherries! One of my first decorated cookies was a cherry design!http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4514433583/in/photostream

  • Love that cake!

  • Elizabeth

    Cute! I love the cotton candy cones and the party favors!

  • So happy for my friend Lindi! She does such amazing work! What a gorgeous guest feature!

  • Everything is amazing from the sweets to the printable love it. Great job Lindi!

  • Love this party!! Creative and the colors pop so well! Great job Lindi 🙂

  • Thank you so much for the feature and thank you everyone for your kind words!

  • Carli

    Wow!! This party is so creative! I absolutely love it. The colors work perfect with eachother. Love this party! Nicely done Lindi!

  • LOVE the cherry theme, and the jelly jar favors are too sweet!

  • It was so fun working on this project!

  • Janey

    I am in cherry heaven! I love everything about this party!

  • Love this party. Lindi is so talented!

  • Mandi

    Love all the little details. Thank you so much for sharing! Lindi (Love the Day) is so creative!!

  • OMg!!! this is the cuuuuuuuuutest theme! I must share with my readers 😉

  • Melissa

    Love love love Lindi’s work. She oozes with creativity and the beautiful cherry party is no exception! Bright colors, original ideas, pulled together perfectly. Great work Lindi!

  • RJ

    This looks so tasty. Those printables are perfect.

  • Vibrant colors, delicious creativity on the food, and some interesting pairings with the doughnuts with cherry glaze. This is a beautifully executed theme; you are an inspiration Lindy, thank you for sharing! Thanks for bringing this to us Amy!

  • Oh my goodness – this is THE MOST ADORABLE party! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  • Heather

    I absolutely love this cherry party!! So bright and cheery.
    Everything is perfect..Colors, food, printables. So
    Pleasing to the eye!

  • Kim

    What a fun party! I love the retro touches!

  • Very,very beautiful!!!Congratulations!

  • Tricia

    This is the most beautiful, “put together” party I have seen. Absolutely amazing!!

  • Hello Amy, what a beautiful decoration. I loved the color combination and the arrangement of the table. Congratulations on the excelent work.


  • I love the theme! Everything is so coordinated. Beautiful!