Apr 21, 2011

Rustic Easter Guest Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

We’ve shown a lot of traditional pastel Easter decor on the blog this week, so we’re giving you a taste of some earthy, rustic Easter decor with this feature from Marcie of Celebrating Moments.  Marcie enlisted Whatever Whimsy to create the lovely sweets like the chocolate bird pops, nest cupcakes, bird cookies, and bird cake.  The color palette is subdued and unexpected for this time of year, but a nice surprise.  Very pretty job, Marcie!

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  • The Robin Egg Cupcakes are life like in their coconut nest and I am very into burlap in the present so admire the burlap runner. Will take a few of these ideas to use this year. Marcie, you did a great job!

  • Irene Harris


  • LOVE! That is just so beautiful!

  • Beautiful display of “sweets”. I just can’t stop looking at it.

  • Beautiful! I love picture choice for the cookies.

  • I think my heart actually skipped a beat when I actually saw my table on Amy Atlas’s website. Omgoodness!!!!
    THANK YOU so much for making one of my dreams a reality today.
    I am TRULY honored! xoxoxox

  • I love all the bird picture motif items. Very cool. I can’t get enough of those nest cupcakes & bird pops!

  • Lois Rush

    This is absolutely beautiful and creative, and brings a softness to Easter decor. Knowing Marcie, I never expect anything less than her love pouring into her work. Congrats, Marcie!

  • Marcie and Marylin are AWESOME!!! Soo excited for you my friends!!

    Way to go on a stunning party!!

  • This is beyond gorgeous! The Bird pops might be my favorite element….but so hard to choose!

  • Lisette

    Simply beautiful.

  • I LOVE this!!

  • aly

    Seriously way too pretty to eat!!! This is a real work of art.

  • sooooo beautiful!!

  • Elizabeth

    This is one of the sweetest designs. I love it:)

  • Theresa

    I love the earthiness of the presentation. Captures Spring completely!

  • I’d like to be invited to that party 🙂

    The chocolate bird pop on grass… awesome

  • Total creativity here! Fabulous concept and execution.
    Should win an award! Love it!

  • Wow! So original and simply elegant!!

  • Also honored to be showcased here! Marcie and I had so much fun collaborating on this display! It really was a situation where 1+1=3! Our ideas melded together effortlessly! Marcie is amazingly talented and I am blessed to work with her!

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments! We both fell in love with it instantly, but there is even more joy sharing it with others!

  • Theresa

    So beautiful

  • Caryn

    Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!! I know these ladies too & they are so talented & shine beauty inside & out!!!!!!!

  • Heidi

    I love the colors! What beautiful sweets! Marilyn, you are so creative. Great job, Marilyn and Marcie!

  • Oh my, I just love this color palette! It looks exactly like the first signs of spring. I also love the way the burlap runner is so casually (but carefully) ruffled. Very organic, different, and absolutely perfect.

  • This one is just too good and original! 🙂 Love it!

  • Steph


  • This display was absolutely breath taking! I really appreciated all the details you implemented. The details make all the difference and that is proven here! The “icing on the cake” so to speak, is that the treats were also delicious! 🙂

  • Fabulous!
    And not an inch of pink or pastel something, well done. This is really just interior design at its’ best, the sugar cookies are works of art and the bird pops, would really be a shame to eat them. A great inspiration, thankyou for sharing. Now I will just get thinking how I can redesign my candy shop by tomorrow morning (easter)!

  • Just have to take a minute and thank you all for your VERY kind words. They are TRULY appreciated (as I am my own worst critic LOL)
    I am honored and inspired! xoxo

  • fresh! really enjoyed this version of Easter (not hating on pastels but you made this pop!). 🙂

  • This is phenomenal. I only hope my wedding turns out half as nice as this! Wowowow!