Apr 14, 2011

Hello My Sweet Guest Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

It is a beautiful day in NYC today. I am finally starting to feel like Spring is here.  Heather and Jason from Hello My Sweet sent us this cheerful submission that just put a smile on my face!  The table was designed for a birthday party for their nephew and, of course, the Easter holiday.  This table is a terrific representation of how “Less is More” and how you can find inspiration anywhere.  Their original inspiration came from the green polka dot tablecloth that they used.  They then added the candy and desserts to bring in the pastel colors to bring in the Easter theme.  Glass serving pieces open up the table and let the desserts be the star.   Additionally, the vertical element is just enough to draw your eye up and bring everything together.  Heather and Jason designed all of the tags, signs, flags, wrappers and baked all of the desserts!  This was the teams first dessert table of hopefully many to come.

Great Job!

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  • Oh my goodness, how adorable is all of it?!?! Finding lots of inspiration for our Easter celebration. Now that my grandkids are two and four, it’s a lot of fun to just go all out and make it fabulous for them!! 🙂

  • robin

    your things are always so beautiful. I can be having the worst day and I see your post and I look at the pictures and they just make life seem so sweet and happy. Thank you.

  • This is so beautiful, so colorful and so fresh!

  • Rachel

    I’ve seen these milk bottle glasses in several posts. Anyone know where to get them? I’ve searched and searched. Found some vintage bottles on etsy, but would love to have a set of these too!

    • Donna

      Buy the ones Starbucks sells.

    • Milk bottles can be found in the form of Starbucks frappacinos sold in 4 packs at your local grocery store. We drank a lot of them, then stripped all the labeling off and are now using them a milk bottles 🙂

  • I like, J aime beaucoup les couleurs, la douceur 😉

  • SO cute!!!

  • LOVE the chickies under glass. Precious!!!

  • Melissa

    Greetings! I am a newcomer here. Absolutely LOVE everything I’ve seen. I’m not particularly crafty, so I have a question and I hope someone will be kind to me. How in the world do you make the lovely little labels for the straws? Is there a template? Do I draw them free-hand and cut them one at a time (20 times)? And while we’re at it, how do you make the food labels? Again, is there a template? Is there a certain computer program that everyone is using. I really appreciate your kindness. Thank you!

    • Dulce

      Melissa, there are several vendors on Etsy that have fabulous pre-designed decor por parties. They are DIY, so you will have to print/cut/glue by yourself, but most have tutorials, freebies, etc, in their blogs. Look for DIY Party Printables, some examples are: TomKat Studio (very cute), Sweetly Sweet (has a complete free Strawberry Shortcake DIY file), PaperGlitter (super cute and also has freebies), etc. Hope this helps.

    • The labels here are also for sale in our Etsy shop, they are a file you download and then print at home or at a copy shop and cut out.
      Our shop is at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/hellomysweet

  • Robyn

    Another idea for the glass drink bottles is to use Goulburn Valley (or similar) glass fruit juice bottles, they are small in nature – buy one here and there, strip off the labels then cut down the straws to a good length.

  • I love the carrot cookies ^^, the colors are really sweet, wish i could taste the chocolate cakes!

  • What a happy party!! I love this colorful sweets!! lovely!!
    happy week end

  • Cute! Would be perfect for Easter.

  • How gorgeous . thank you for sharing

  • We are holding a contest to win this entire set of printables, customized for your party, on our blog: http://www.hellomysweet.me/blog/2011/4/16/its-a-contest.html Contest ends Tuesday, April 19th @ 9PM EST. Head on over and comment to enter!

  • Oh my the sweets are so adorable.Everything looks so colorful,tasty and delicious.These would go great for wedding treats and for any occasion!Wish I knew how to makes these yummy desserts!

  • I wish I would have found your site a day earlier! I would have LOVED to be in on that contest! This is really beautiful and so creative. Thanks for sharing!