Apr 07, 2011

Crate & Barrel Giveaway!

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds, Swag

Photograph by Gemma Comas.

REVISED 4/13/11

We want to thank everyone for being so patient with us over the past couple of months.  This past week has been all about catching up and planning ahead.  We have an AMAZING giveaway for you.  We are frequently asked where we get vessels for our dessert tables.  One of the tables that we get asked about the most is our white table above.  The truth is, many of our vessels are from Crate & Barrel.  I love their products.  They are durable, have a clean aesthetic and are easy on the wallet.   So….(drum roll please)….Crate & Barrel and Amy Atlas Events are teaming up to give away over $200 worth of vessels (similar to the ones above) to one lucky reader so that you can create your own Amy Atlas-inspired table. Please scroll all the way down to see all of the swag that you can win below.  You will have until Wednesday at 3pm EST to enter.  We will announce the winner jointly on Sweet Designs and on the Crate & Barrel fan page on Facebook next Thursday.  To enter, please leave a comment on the blog stating how you would use the vessels.  The winner will be randomly picked.  This contest is limited to readers living in the United States.  Good Luck!!



Thank you to everyone who entered.  We received over 1,400 entries!

4 Small Rectangular Platters and 2 Large Rectangular Platters

2 Square Platters

4 Sauce Dishes

One Large Delish Cake Platter and One Small Delish Cake Platter

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  • I would use these vessels to host wonderful dinner parties when I move into my new apartment!

    • Beth

      I would use these gorgeous items to host my evening dinners, soires, birthdays and much more….

    • BeBe

      Entertaining is my expression of the love I have for my family and friends. Winning the vessels from C&B would allow me to show that love in style.

    • Emily

      cupcakes, of course!

    • Adrienne

      I would use these to host a party for my husband to celebrate him becoming a US Citizen!

    • Ashley K

      They’re so clean and beautiful! I’m graduating soon, so I’d use these for the party I’m throwing! Not to mention every social occasion afterwards 😉

  • I would use these lovely vessels to take photos of recipes on my blog!

  • I would like to use these for my kids’ birthday parties this year!

  • What a wonderful giveaway! I would use them for my dessert table for my oldest son’s upcoming graduation party in May. The simple white would work very well with the red/black theme I will have. (School colors). Thanks for the opportunity!

  • sonya dunn

    i would use them to host an all-local spring brunch once my CSA starts delivery!

  • These would absolutely get some miles on them with all the entertaining I love to do! Sleek and white, there would always be an occasion to use these and I would love to have them on my buffet table for the coming Easter!

  • Tina

    I am a stay at home mom trying to get my own business off the ground and these would be the perfect addition to my collection.

  • I would love love love to have these for serving my desserts at parties and taking photos on my blog!

  • Nicole

    I absolutely love to entertain and love Crate and Barrel’s “service ware.” I would love to use these items for my next party to create beautiful tablescapes.

  • Rafaela

    I would use this amazing vessels for my Wedding…

  • Melanie

    I am the social sales/wedding manager at a historic Inn..I would love to use these to do some Amy Atlas inspired candy bars to use in our wedding packages !!! I send all my girls to Amy’s website and we are now doing candy bars quite often–we are always looking to create new custom ideas for the brides!!!

  • A Mother’s Day brunch for my wonderful Mom and for my blog photos!

  • I love these. Perfect for food photography.

  • Debbie

    I use my own things to do showers and parties for our church members and WOWwhat a blessings these pieces would be!

  • Tara

    I’d use these for a beautiful modern white/gold angel themed dessert table for a christening reception I’m hosting.

  • AnnieLaurie

    I am pregnant with my first child and would use these amazing vessels for countless birthday parties and other gatherings for my new little one! Here’s hoping for a little girl! 🙂 additionally I am involved with a new non profit organization supporting impoverished children in rural Kenya and would love to be able to create a dessert table for more of their fundraising events. The tables are soooo impressive they would really add a special touch to these events. Thanks Amy and Crate & Barrel!! You are both my favorite!

  • Amy, You have my dream job!! It’s my hearts desire to have my own event business. The only thing that stops me now, is the fact that I have no choice but to do healthcare (my college job) to put food on the table for our family! But mark my words! one day, when I no longer bear the brunt of being sole income provider, I WILL do this for my livelyhood!! And I will use all these vessels to help start my biz!! Love your blog! Such great inspiration!1

  • I would love to use these on my Christmas table…red and white…classic!

  • I love to entertain and share a lot of recipes on my blog! I always want to make my table look beautiful! I would definitely use these to serve yummy food to my friends!

  • I will use those clean, crisp and lovely platters to highlight the food for a shower that we are planning! They help make the presentation so very attractive!

  • I’d love to win them & use them in a table setting for a baby shower! All my pals are having babies these days!

  • Marta Albacete

    I would make a point to entertain my family and friends all througout the year, creating some fabulous dessert stations! Cookies, petit fours, cake pops, all sweet treats would look fantastic on these serving pieces!!

  • Judie cortez

    I just moved across the country and left all my glass items for my Candy Buffet so I would LOVE to have this set to get started again here in Florida. Pllleeeaaasssseee!!!!

  • Angie S.

    I use white porcelain everyday!!! The set is beautiful. But will enjoy seeing fresh farmer market feasts on all of it!!

  • I would use these to make our everyday dinners look pretty! No need to save them for a special occasion!

  • Bridget

    I am doing a dessert table for my younger brother who is graduating from high school next month! He’s graduating from a sports academy where he plays baseball and the graduation party is for the team. The whit would be perfect for not just the school colors but all the red accents for the red-and-white of baseballs!

  • Michelle

    I would use them in my Sunday Dinners! Also for any of my catering I do on the side. Thanks!

  • Veronica

    I would use this beautiful vessels for my 10th wedding anniversary!!! thanks!

  • Jen P

    I would love to have them. Would use them for family dinners inside and out!

  • Crate and barrel is always my first choice
    when i look for vessels for my dessert tables.
    I would definitely use these to build more
    sweets table, luv them!

  • These would be perfect for the upcoming party for my twin boys. They are turning one and would love to use these service ware collection from Crate & Barrel. Having these lovely items would be simply amazing! I have more parties to plan over the years. These would be a great starter kit.

  • elaine

    I would use them for a family reunion.

  • Cassie

    I have an upcoming bridal shower that i’m throwing. They would work perfect!

  • liz

    I would use them for the candy tables I set up for work!

  • Shonie

    I would love to have this set for all of the parties I have planned for this summer. Thanks for the chance to win them!

  • Alisa

    Great giveaway! I would use them for my children’s birthday parties and upcoming summer entertaining.

  • Jeannette

    Thank you for your amazing inspiration! Crate and Barrel has some really great products and I would love to have these vessels to create a clean and unique display of goodies for Easter.

  • Betty S.

    I’d love to use them for my house-warming/ 30th birthday “White Party” i’ll be having this summer!

  • These are so timeless and gorg! I would LOVE them since they would go with everything and anything!

  • Krysta Crane

    OH my!! What a fantastic giveaway!!! Oh how I would love to win!! Thanks for being so inspirational over the years. You truly are incredible at what you do!

  • Stephanie

    These are beautiful! We entertain often and I am always looking for the best plates and such to serve dishes on. These would be perfect for desserts and appetizers!!

  • Gorgeous! I already own the Cafeware II dinnerware and these would be the perfect compliment to my table! I host several events a month and these would be fabulous for everything from dinners to baby showers!

  • Ashley

    I am hosting my housewarming party in my first house this spring! I’m just making my way into the party and hosting world but loving every new blog post and recipe I discover! These would be a great set to begin my hosting ‘career’!

  • ellen

    All kinds of ways. Mostly for huge family gatherings and special occasions.

  • So lovely and classic! I would use those beautiful pieces at every single special occasio and party!! Because they’re crisp white they’ll go well no matter the style! Love Crate & Barrel!

  • These vessels would be an unbelievable help as I have just started my own home baking business. It’s not easy out there but a touch of Amy Atlas sparkle and Crate and Barrel design is just what I need to make my event displays, dessert tables and photos look clean and sophisticated. Thanks!

  • These are so classic and beautiful. I would love to have them to create my own Amy Atlas-style treat table!

  • Tiffany

    Thank you Amy and Crate & Barrel for this opportunity. I am daycreaming about how pretty these would be on my Easter table. Ever since I was little my mom had done an Easter table and as soon as I had children I started my own with Easter decor and ideas she passed down…overflowing with vintage bunnies, jelly beans and chicks! 🙂

  • I’d use them for summer parties! Perfect for a gathering with friends!

  • Tina H

    This would be a perfect addition to my dinnerware – I always buy white…and then add my color in with table runners and linens. Yeah – pick me! 🙂

  • i would use these for my easter dinner tablescape.

  • Zhaleh

    Family dinners, dinner parties, holidays…when would I not use them?!

  • wow Amy & C&B: lovely stuff!!! we are diehard C&B fans and have had the same set of perfect white rounded squared plates for our 9 years of marriage; they are going strong!!! we love to accent our simple white dishes with colorful food when we host entertaining parties – my husband, a Marine has several opportunities to host gatherings for friends, Marine families & more and I host several “swap parties” with my girlfriends — these pieces would work perfectly for all of these wonderful friend gatherings, family holidays & birthday parties!!

  • Amazingly gorgeous pieces, so clean and classic! I love Crate & Barrel! I have a big family and we frequently gather for dinners, birthdays and celebrations! I would use these beauties to serve all the goodies I love to make for them!

  • Beautiful! I would use these all the time! Dinner parties, Birthday parties and I’m sure they would get borrowed for bridal showers, weddings & baby showers at our church. Thank you for a chance to win.

  • AnnaB

    I would use them all the time for pretty much everything! We host so many dinners/parties in a year…I’m already planning our first outdoor dinner of the season.

  • Monika

    All Holidays! Love the look!

  • We’re getting married in June and so many of these dishes are on our registry- I have lots of visions of wonderful dinner parties!

  • Loving all the white. It’s like a clean, blank canvas just waiting to be prettied up! Very generous giveaway, thanks a bunch!

  • I would use them for just about everything. It’s versatile and great for parties & family get-togethers!

  • I would use these for family meals, holidays, parties AND, I would let my mom use them for the open house she hosts every year for the senior citizen center in my hometown.

    Thank you for the opportunity, Amy and C&B!

  • karen

    My husband wants to start up a catering business and these would be perfect!!!

  • I would use them for the Sweet Tables that I design, using your beautiful creations as inspiration of course! We love what you do!

  • Robin S

    I would use these for my daughter’s bridal shower in May…(pick me, pick me)!!!

  • Xio

    These would be the perfect addition to my little vessel collection! I’m sure I’ll find the perfect ones for my daughter’s birthday party.

  • These would be wonderful for all the entertaining we do! The cake stands will be especially nice on birthday occaisions and mother’s and fathers day. great giveawayG

  • I would use these for our food photography. I love your designs. My friend Wendy Kromer told me about you.

  • Kristy

    Oh, so pretty! I would use them for every get-together. Seriously, LOVE!

  • Will love to win this and recreate an all white look! What a beautiful inspiration picture you’ve given us!

  • Pontus Andersson

    Hello Amy!
    I would not say I’m your most frequent follower, but my sister, who is a baking enthusiast always talks about your blog, which makes me come here once in a while to see what it is she thinks is “like a dream on pink clouds”, so I would if I win give it to my sister and make her bake something delishhh from your blog and serve it on the vessels!

    /cookie monster

  • Yanira

    I love to entertaing..I would use these for the party of my son High School graduation in June: I want to make somenthing special for him; before he leaves in October..he just Joint the Marines.Thanks!!

  • Everything looks perfect for party hosting!

  • Ali

    I am an event planner….let’s just say these are FUN & FABULOUS!!!

  • A Crate & Barrel just opened a new store in my town and I’m in love. I always got their catalogs and shopped online, but there is something magical about their stores. What would I NOT use these for? I’m an event planner and hostess to the core. Thanksgiving dinners, Sunday brunches, wedding dessert tables (a la Amy Atlas), the list goes on and on… GREAT Giveaway! xo

  • I would use them for a baby shower for my first grandchild due in August! Although I won’t be giving the shower as a hostess, I am always asked to make the cake. I have had a dessert table in my mind since I found out I was going to be a grandma!

  • Dawn

    I would use the vessels for entertaining in my new condo! They would be a perfect additional to sleek kitchen and the cake stands would be delight for my baking parties!

  • Alissa

    i have two C&B platters and they are my favorite! i keep wanting to get more and would love to have these for the baby shower i’m throwing this weekend!

  • Oh I would LOVE to win these!!! My event design business is growing by leaps and bounds and these would be a wonderful addition!!! Especially since they have come from you <3

  • Patsy S

    What a wonderful opportunity for many people. I love to entertain and would use these to spread food along my island, using as a buffet for holidays. I will also use them at my daughter’s wedding in October.

  • Freda Goethie

    I’ve been doing small themed parties for friends & family. With these vessels I could display my talent on a larger scale, maybe even help me start a new career as an event planner.

  • I’m a jewelry designer getting ready for a photo shoot next month. I would use these vessels to display my jewelry as candy at the shoot. My jewelry is made up of beautiful color stones and the theme is candy buffet.

  • I would use these to celebrate my husband. He’s been so amazing this past year – he deserves it!

  • Amy: White makes food pop and I can’t imagine what this set of white dishes would do for my table presentation at all the events(I’m a new start up small business) I do over the course of a year.It would be nice to have a little bit of Amy style at all my events and I think it would showcase my macarons beautifully.If you can’t have the stylist, at least one lucky winner will have her style!:) Thanks to you and Crate and Barrel for you generosity!

  • These are beautiful, so simple and classic! I would use them for so many different things, but I think that the first would have to be the “girl party” a friend and I are hosting!!!

  • Meredith

    I would love to use these for a gray and white dessert table! Stunning!

  • From appetizers to sweet tables and everything in between! You rock! <3

  • Beth

    I have a very large family and we celebrate every holiday and personal milestone with wonderful food and lots of fun.
    I also have a small floral business with two of my sisters and these vessels would look lovely with a spring arrangement in them.

  • Bethany

    I would use these to host Army Family Readiness Group events, I am an Army wife always looking for ways to make these events special and beautiful for the families!

  • Entertaining is my passion and and as wedding/event planner I am trying to build my inventory of items so my brides and clients have a wide variety of things to choose from when working with Sarah Viera Event Planning & Design. These beautiful vessels would create a beautiful dessert buffet or add a touch of class to any party. You work is inspirational and I hope to have the ability and chance to create a fantastic display like you do! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  • I would LOVE to win these for a dessert buffet that I am making for a Spring Garden party!

  • Brook P

    I use Crate and Barrel serving dishes every day and would love to add these pieces to my collection. I use them for both every day meals and special occasions.

  • Audrey

    When I host my friend’s bridal shower in June, and just all the time!!

  • Erin in Virginia

    I just started creating dessert tables as a business, so these would get a lot of use!

  • Lisa

    Love the vessels! I would be thrilled to use these for my husband’s office’s spring Patient Appreciation Day. We’ve been planning our table and these would work perfectly!

  • Amber

    All of my serving pieces are in storage in another state, so it would be perfect to have these for my daughter’s first birthday party, as well as for everyday entertaining. Gorgeous!

  • Michelle Eche

    I would use them everyday!!! on my dining table!!

  • Jalyn

    These would be great for any dessert table. Love C&B.

  • I would use the square platters daily and I collect cake plates. Love these!

  • Laurie in Long Island

    I would love to use these when entertaining in my backyard. Perfect for decorating my BBQ buffet with white and green, and dispersing amongst the locally grown annuals.

  • I have a really sweet polka dot baby shower coming up. I’d love to use them for it!

  • I would use them for my sister in law’s baby shower… then for the bridal shower I am helping with for my bff, …. and then probably EVERY event after 😉 LOVE!

  • Lillian Phelps

    I can just imagine how any party would be fabulous using any of these wonderful serving pieces. I love to entertain and I love a wonderful table scape. These would be perfect to own and to use throughout the year for holidays and celebrations.

  • There are so many great uses for these, since they are white. I would love to style a white table for a Christening:)

  • I just got married last summer and I’ve been trying to build up my collection of serving dishes, as we entertain weekly for Sunday dinner and these would come in so handy! I especially love the cake stands because I don’t have any.

  • vicki cooley

    Love this table and I would use the vessels to create my very first “fancy” table and I would have a party to celebrate the important women in my life!!

  • I love Crate and Barrel! And the crisp white serving ware is perfect for any occasion, any time of year! Simply stunning!

  • i would use them for my best friend’s upcoming bridal shower! i am in charge of the desserts, and these vessels would make it look spectacular!

  • Gabrielle

    I would used these for the “mirror mirror on the wall” bridal shower I am planning in June.

  • Rachel D

    We constantly have family and friends over at the house. These would be perfect for dinners, appetizers, desserts, and much more! I love the classic white and clean lines!

  • Ali

    Love this giveaway! Exactly what I´ve been looking for! I´m throwing my best friend an all-white engagement party and these vessels are perfect for the dessert table I want to create. Love all your work Amy!!

  • Annie Sifrit

    I would use these throughout the year, for parties, holidays, and just fun pizza/pasta nights!!!

  • I love Crate and Barrel and I was just looking at these items in their catalog! I would use them to host fabulous dinner parties (and birthday parties.)

  • Lilian

    I would use them for my daughters sweet sixteen party that she is having on May 7th. Her colors are white and pink! Perfect!

  • Robin

    I love to gather Family and Friends for all occassions and for no reason at all! These would be such a Great addition to the Parties:)

  • Sherry

    I would use them for my husband’s 30th birthday next month! I wanted to do a nautical-ish theme with cobalt blue and bright white, so these would be perfect!

  • Jennifer

    We are having a dinner at church to raise money for Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) in a few weeks. These would look great!

  • Riley Hammond

    I would use them for my graduation party!

  • I collaborate with local wedding vendors, and we have some fun “sweets table” photo shoots coming up – these would be PERFECT for them!

    Love your work, Amy!

  • With dishes this pretty, I’d come up with a party! We do have a baby coming in July, so a dedication is in the plans too.

  • Jackie Tate

    I LOVE parties and have one just around the corner! I’m planning my grandson’s 6th birthday in May at our family farm! You can see our venue at http://www.tatefarmspumpkins.com. These will make a great background for the cake and foods I’ve got planned. Already got some of the decor ordered from Etsy!
    Then, its graduation parties….and the list goes on….
    Super giveaway…

  • Marcy

    We are always entertaining. I would use them to host brunches, lunches and dinner parties.

  • Ann

    I would use them for an upcoming baby shower!


    I would so love to have these. The white is so perfect for just about all parties and events. I have two weddings and showers coming up within this year and how perfect would my displays be with these beautiful vessels! I would be so so happy if I won!! My fingers and toes are crossed!!! Thanks for all your inspirations!!

  • I would gift them to my sister who LOVES to bake and cook. She would make great use of them for parties!!!

  • Jackie

    I would use them for the dessert table at my daughter’s birthday coming up in May. Cake plates and platters are the last thing that I need on my list. They would be PERFECT!

  • It will be so versatile with any other combination at dinner parties, also I don;t have many rectangular, square shaped dishes so it will be a nice change for foodstyling for my blog as well.

  • Teresa Hemsworth

    I would use them for our patio crawl we are having in our neighborhood. The white vessels I would sue for appetizers and the clear cake plates I would pile high with fabulous desserts, like mini pies and tarts!

  • I would use these for a desssert bar for my daughter’s first birthday!

  • Sheree Renee

    I would use them for my bridal shower & wedding :]

  • kelly

    I too love Crate and Barrel! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  • Stacy L.

    I’m hosting a book club soon and these vessels would be perfect to stack on top of old hardcover books for the buffet I am putting out!

  • Thanks so much for this contest! I LOVE Crate and Barrel. Having all these great dishes on hand, I’m thinking would be an excellent reason to treat family and friends to an Mmmmm Chocolate party for my little one’s birthday. He loves to say that!

  • Oh my I need these sooo bad! I am creating my first Amy Atlas design table in May for a mothers day event at our church. We do so many events at the church these dishes would be put to great use!

  • Necelda

    What a perfect timing! My daughter is turning 2 this month and I’ve been so inspired of Amy’s dessert tables that i’m setting up one for her bday on the 30th. I hope I win this one. 🙂

  • Wendy

    I would use them for my son’s third birthday (dr.seuss theme: happy birthday to me, i am now three!) table! Thanks for the opportunity to win these!!

  • Niki

    I would use these beautiful vessels for a wedding reception dessert table. I think your work is amazing 🙂

  • BelleSoiree

    In addition to the hundreds of uses I have at home, I would love to be able to use these for my clients’ wedding sweet tables!

  • brooke cox

    i am in love with crate and barrel. i registered there when i got married three years ago and i can’t go over how much i still love every item. three years later all my friends are now expecting BABIES and i would definitley love some new items for all the upcoming showers!

  • Casey

    My best friend is turning 21 at the end of the year, and I have already planned her entire party. I would use these vessels on the dessert table that i have planned from start to finish. [http://i55.tinypic.com/2mg8gzk.jpg] dessert table rough sketch and [http://i54.tinypic.com/aauank.jpg] cake sketches. The theme is the roaring 20’s/speakeasy style and the colors are white, dusty rose, and creamy purple. These plates and cake stands especially are EXACTLY what I have been looking for to use. I have also started planning my little sisters sweet sixteen, and my boyfriends birthday, both this summer. These items are perfect for all of these parties, and SO much more!

  • Jennifer

    I have a plan for my son’s 5th birthday “circus” inspired dessert table that I am so excited about, but need to get white vessels. I have all clear from other dessert tables I have done. 🙂 I love love love all of your beautiful designs!

  • Oh, I love these! I design cookies & other confections — these would help make the prettiest display 🙂

  • Xochitl

    What a wonderful give away!!! You inspire so many to a colorful world of fun dessert tables we’d only dreamed of.
    If I won this collection I would use it on my buffet, because when you have children they love for you to decorate for every holiday. And the classic white goes well with everything. I would definitely use it for their birthday parties. For baby showers of close friends. For the bridal shower I would like to give for a sweet girl who just got engaged. She was our house sitter and babysitter! I would like to use it for my Mom’s upcoming 77th birthday/Mother’s Day brunch. And what I have been planning this past year is the over the hill party I will be giving myself!!!! I know it’s suppose to be black but I think I should be able to pick what ever colors I want. So white, pink and black!!!
    Even if I don’t win all those celebrations will be fun. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  • How can you go wrong with white? It works for everything! I would use the items for my Girl’s Night In get togethers where we enjoy great themed dinners.

  • Stephanie W

    I would use these for parties that we have with family and friends. I am one of 10 children, so put my dh family and mine together(my side alone averages 45 people) plus friends and we need lots of serving pieces. These would work wonderfully since my children are young 5 and an infant, so we have lots of parties for them. These would look so wonderful for my son’s 1st birthday party coming up. Thanks so much for a truly wonderful giveaway, and for all the inspiration!

  • Felicia

    I LOVW cooking, baking and throwing dinner parties, kids parties and Stella & Dot jewelry trunk shows, so I could definitely use more vessels for the desserts and tapas for my next event! Huge, huge fan of Amy Atlas and Crate and Barrel ~ so excited!! 🙂

  • Jen

    I’d probably use them most often to photograph food for my blog – I’m thinking the plates would look good draped in something chocolate and the cake stands could use a nice berry covered cheesecake…

  • Janelle King

    I would use the vessels for my baking parties I have every month.

  • Cathy

    I would love the white to use for my Christmas party. Thanks Amy for all the great ideas and Crate & Barrel.

  • Laura

    I have been tossing around a summer fete, and these would look amazing against the bright summer colors I want to use!

  • Meghan

    We’ll be moving into our first home in June and I’m attempting to do something like your modern Moroccan table with possibly yellows and greens. I love the bold colors. I would love to get some of those rectangular C&B platters for my macarons, and I’m definitely planning to make some of the lemonade cookies from ‘The Decorated Cookie’ post you had a while back.

  • colleen

    i would use these lovely pieces for my spring house warming party. Thanks!!

  • Sara R

    I would love to say to host cocktail parties, but with baby #1 on the way there are much more important events….showers, baptisms, first birthday parties….they will be used for many occasions!

  • elle

    oh! lovely! …i’d start with my sister-in-law’s baby shower and then, oh the places they’d go… 🙂

  • I’m constantly helping my friends throw parties, showers, etc. And just this week I’ve contemplated doing something along those lines professionally. These would come in oh so handy either way:)

  • Sarah

    Hi! How exciting! I would use them for everything from mother’s day brunch, to holidays and special occasions. Thank you!

  • Jennifer

    Love love love your beautiful tables and crate and barrel! Doing a classic circus dessert table in May or my son’s birthday!

  • Merilyn

    I love to host parties and would use them for serving my fancy desserts.

  • Rochelle

    I would love to use them at the elegant 40th anniversary party I want to throw for my parents.

  • I’ve just moved from a tiny 1 bedroom apartment into a rented 3 bedroom house and am dying to have friends over to celebrate the move. These dishes would look quite nice with appetizers and sweet treats displayed on them.

  • … wow Amy that’s wonderful!! I cross my fingers!! 🙂
    Thank you

  • Ailie

    A perfect collection for parties and entertaining! I’d use them first for my friend’s upcoming bridal shower.

  • Lisette

    Love the clean look with white. I recently purchased a 8 person china set and these with compliment beautifully, not to mention Amy Atlas designs are simply stunning.

  • These would absolutely be amazing for all of the entertaining that I do. They would also be a GREAT addition to the Royal wedding party I am having in 2 weeks!

  • Love these! I’m a Chef who runs two businesses and both would be very handy! I also love to entertain throwing parties for family/friends and although I already have quite a collection of white platters and such, who couldn’t use more right? :o)

  • I would use them for my little boys 2nd birthday party in June!! and to display my cupcakes, as I’m trying to start a cupcake business!!

  • Rachel

    I love them! I’d use them for baby showers!

  • Tara

    Ah! I would use these for parties (three kids) and for photos of cookies and cakes that I make – for flickr.

  • Kristin

    I’ve been wanting a set just like this!! They would have been perfect for my son’s first birthday party in february! I would use them for everything from dinner parties to birthday parties. they are perfect!!!

  • Caitlin

    I would love to use these at my modern wedding for my candy/sweets buffet. The clean lines would make the chicest back drop to build upon! Plus, following the wedding these essentials could be easily integrated into my personal collection!

  • Diane

    These are perfectly versatile, so they could be used in many circumstances. We host a Mother’s Day luncheon every year where these would look great.

  • Susan

    These are so great! I would use these just like you do. Celebrate their simplicity and versatility to show off wonderful, delicious and colorful treats and eats. I love to throw parties and put on a display, these would be awesome to have.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • Missty

    Actually, these would come in handy, my girls ballet studio is hosting a alice in wonderland tea party, and I’m scrambling for cute display items. These would be perfect.

  • I’d use it for fresh, bright produce from the neighborhood farmer’s market and lay flowers in the longer dishes. Beautiful and bright, come on Spring!

  • Lovey

    These are so basic that they would be great for all of our summer events – graduation, birthdays, company party, neighborhood bbq’s! I can picture them with so many themes.

  • Giuliana

    One can never have enough white receptacles 🙂

  • These plates/containers are wonderful! I entertain quite a bit with birthday parties(2 kids, with 3 birthday parties each to accomodate an outrageously large family), showers, holidays and work events, and I’m sure some or all of these pieces would make an appearance each time!

  • Courtne Huffman

    I would use these for some many dinners and parties at my house, but first for my daughters upcoming birthday!

  • Jessica

    I would use these for my sister’s wedding. She is having a dessert table and these plates would make it look beautiful.

  • I would use these for cookie pictures! and I would fill up the pedestals with treats ! Love the square bowl! So pretty, thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Rebecca Smith

    Beautiful! I would use them for my twins’ 5th birthday party.

  • Erin C

    Oh my, these are awesome! I have been looking for thngs to use for my daughters first birthday party, these would be perfect! As of course her huge bash is inspired by you!

  • sabrina

    to serve food at a bridal shower, a twin babies shower and a wedding.
    and that’s just in the month of May.

    thanks for sharing all the lovely things you do!

  • shannon

    I LOVE Crate & Barrel! We entertain all the time, so this would be perfect for us! Specifically, I can envision a beautiful patriotic table for our annual neighborhood 4th of July party!

  • Cija Brown

    I would use these for dessert buffets that I’m trying to do as an extra source of income. I’ve been so inspired by you, I tell everyone about Amy Atlas tables.

  • Emily

    I use them to make beautiful dessert tables for parties! 🙂

  • Molly K.

    Wow! What a wonderful giveaway! So many parties so little time. I first envisioned using these vessels for the 30th Birthday party I will be throwing my husband later this year (Shhhhh! It’s a surprise!)

  • I would use them to host awesome coordinated parties, and to put my cute baked goodies on to photograph for my blog! What an awesome giveaway!

  • Stacy Wilson

    I would use these for the first birthday party that I am planning!

  • Hi Amy. I LOVE your dessert tables, they’re stunning! In 2009 I was laid off from my job as a Service Coordinator for adjudicated youth. This was my 4th layoff so I decided to finally start my dream business Posh Pastries DC following my passion for all things sweet. I will use the items to create beautiful dessert tables starting with my best friend’s bridal shower April 30th! This event will be the most important event, you know BFF’s have high expectations and I want to make this a special day to remember just as you do for your clients!!!

  • Kelsea Kangles

    I would use these as often as I had the chance! I have two pieces just like these, and now I wouldn’t have to use other mismatched items as well! I have been wanting to throw an elaborate party, and these would be a step in the right direction.

  • I would use them for all the baby showers I keep hosting!

  • Jan

    I recently did a beautiful sweets table for a Bridal Brunch and had to BORROW several of these pieces! I would love to have them for my own – they are perfect!
    Smart brides always register for these – they are timeless.

  • Lynda

    I would use these for my mom’s upcoming 70th birthday party. And for my daughter’s upcoming polka-dot themed first birthday party. Two different guest lists, both would love the look!

  • I already have one large rectangle platter and it is my very favorite! I use it mostly for serving deserts like cookies or cupcakes and would love the rest of the collection. Would be perfect for parties. Would be so so so happy to win!! I Love crate and barrel – it would feel like my wedding all over again! 🙂

  • Stephanie Barrick

    My youngest daughter is turning Sweet 16 in October of this year. We are planning a HUGE bash – costume party – along with a candy buffet utilizing her 3 favorite colors – pink, aqua & lilac. These pieces from Crate & Barrell would definitely help us achieve an over the top, one of a kind, birthday party!

  • I LOVE the look of classic white serving dishes! All my current dishes are white because they go well with any color scheme or decor. These would be perfect to add to the mix. I would love to use them for my upcoming wine & cheese party or the baby shower I’m planning too! So perfect!

  • Chelsi

    I would use them in my baby birth announcement party that I will be having when I have my precious girl in August!!

  • Amy Hellewell

    I am planning a Tiffany’s styled 35th birthday and these would make the most beautiful dessert table….with the little blue accents! Not to mention every other party that I plan. LOVE!!!

  • Linda

    If I won, I would finally invite my parents for a dinner party at my apartment:)

  • Jessica herberger

    I would use these for the back to back birthdays we have this month!

  • Vanessa Grant

    I would LOVE to add these to my dessert buffet vessel inventory! I agree that they are classic, elegant and clean looking and would add just the right amount of chicness to any table!

  • Sapphire

    I would be honored to display my desserts on these platters. I am hosting my SIL’s baby shower and this would be the perfect palette to highlight the yummy food!

  • Amy Lynn

    We recently have recently become the proud guardians of a 6-year-old, and these would be perfect for all of the girly gatherings for her and her friends!

  • I would love these for an upcoming graduation party.Hope my dessert/candy table looks as good as yours;)

  • Sylvia

    These are awesome! I have just launched my a new bussiness. These are perfect for my dessert tables.

  • Summer

    I would use these when we layout starters or brunch on the buffet in our dining room.

  • These sleek classy vessels would be used for dinner parties and my food photography! They are lovely!

  • Maria Malaveci

    I would use these for absolutely everything…..! What a wonderful giveaway. The first thing I would use them for would be a dinner at my house with my lovely family.

    [email protected]

  • Nancy

    I would use these vessels for a lovely Passover brunch.

  • Liz

    Oh I LOVE white platter and bowls! They have so many functions. I would love to win these!

  • Great Giveaway Amy!
    I would use all the vessels for my girls birthday parties!
    I just hate buying all the 1-2 time use (vessels) I find that
    match the themes/colors or scratch easily so they get discarded.
    I think having a nice set that can be used for numerous parties events
    is one of my goals … winning this giveaway would be the beginning of my
    party collections to use over and over (saving me cash)!

  • I would use these all the time. LOL For dinner with the hubbie to girls night and all the parties in between. They are so versatile!!

  • ana

    I would like use these for the birthday of my son this junio it will be perfect
    thak you for the chance

  • I would use these to set out a lovely dessert spread for my sweet friend’s bridal shower in May – lots of cupcakes (of course!), fresh fruit and petit fours, all just perfect for a summer bride!

  • Melinda B.

    I would use these for an upcoming baby shower, and for many other events!!!!

  • Ashley

    I have eight nieces and nephews so it seems like we are always having a birthday party (or a huge family dinner)! These would be perfect!

  • This would be awesome! Someone gave me a set of their white dishes, which In love, and these would go great with them!

  • Ann Moore

    Sooooo cute- the white table is amazing. I would use the plates to create my own! 🙂

  • I would use these beauties to step up my photography game on my blog.

  • Jenny

    I would use these beautiful vessels for a mother’s day gift to my mom 🙂 Presented with treats on top of them of course!

  • Shannon

    Oh, Crate & Barrel how I live! So excited we’re finally getting a store in Utah. So many ways to use these great items! My first major use would be for my mom’s 60th birthday party coming up soon.

  • Renee

    I would use them for a friend’s 40th birthday party that I am helping to give in the near future!

  • Becky D.

    I could use these for singles night at our church!!

  • Kathy

    I am chairing a fundraiser for a preschool and will be creating a dessert table with a Noah’s Ark theme. These dishes would be the finishing touch and would really make it look like an Amy Atlas table!

  • Debbie L

    I would use them to host parties! I am a college student and am getting ready to move to an condo back home, would go great for some new tools!

  • Lisa

    I would use them for fun dinner parties with friends.

  • I would ♥ these for all of the parties that I do dessert & sweets tables for! They would be perfect!!!

  • Melissa

    I would use these for a baby shower I am hosting in late July! Thanks for the chance!

  • We would use these vessels to jump start our collection of serving pieces for our own dessert table displays.

  • Stacy

    I would love to use these for my daughters birthday party. I’m always looking for ways to dress up my table, for my mini desserts, and these would work great. Love your blog, so inspired by your design.

  • Janet

    I would use these great plates and containers to show off my cakes and cookies at my next event.

  • These would be used non-stop in my home. From dinner with the husband to the parties I love to throw!

  • Holly

    I would use the vessels to entertain my family and friends. I love have social events in my home 🙂

  • I can’t wait to have a donut party and think these vessels would be a great way to display them!

  • Meghan Zimmerman

    I actually have registered for some of these items for our wedding in June. I would absolutely love to be able to use these beautiful dishes to entertain. We just moved into our first house and this would be a great housewarming gift!

  • Tempest

    I would use these for my daughter’s first birthday party coming up! 🙂

  • These would be perfect for not just dessert displays, but food displays while entertaining. It’s fun to make food look pretty!

  • The Crate and Barrel platters would work wonderfully with my vintage square pedestals and my base of “Great White” ware from PotteryBarn. We have a large family and love to all gather ’round so these would beautifully complement the table-scape for an upcoming family wedding in June. Of course, before then we have three birthdays, a crawfish boil and Texas Bar-B-Que planned that we’re hosting!

  • I love these! I’m helping my mother-in-law with a wedding reception this summer and these vessels would look lovely. 🙂

  • amanda

    I currently do not own any serving platters so I NEED them. They are beautiful.

  • Jill

    My husband and I love to host dinner parties, and we haven’t done one in quite awhile, so if we won, we would host a large crowd immediately!

  • I host a weekly Wednesday night dinner, each week my friends and I prepare a new meal that no one has ever made before. We take photos of all of the food afterward and the pictures would look so much more professional in this set from Crate & Barrel. We someday hope to pick from our favorite dishes and start a restaurant!

  • Myndi Hunt

    I am getting married in November and the beautiful pieces would be used in my wedding collection, They would make the dessert table look beautiful and elegant!!

  • We do a lot of entertaining in our home – especially to moms of young children and young adults who don’t have family nearby. I love making people feel special in our home and feeding them – these “vessels” would be vessels of “love” that would put the finishing touch on dinner, dessert, etc. I would LOVE to have these in my home!

  • I am getting married soon, and I want our wedding to have a very DIY, but still clean and modern, feel; using much of our own resources for a more personal feel, and I would love to have these fabulous vessels to display the delicious treats we’ll have at the reception!

    thanks so much for the consideration, and best of luck everyone 🙂

  • Chelsea

    I would love to win these! I am a huge fan of Crate & Barrel! I would use these to host parties; baby showers; holiday parties etc…. Im a newlywed so I am trying to collect all the things needed to host get togethers etc…

  • Sarah

    I would use these vessels for all of the entertaining that I LOVE to do with my large family! These would look great with all the Crate and Barrel items I already have in my kitchen 🙂

  • Awesome! I would love to use these dishes at my bridal shower for my upcoming 09.10.11 wedding <3 and also for my future sister-in-law's baby shower…after two years of trying, she is expecting TWINS right around the wedding date! So we have to make this shower perfect 😉

  • Emily Hayes

    I would use these classic vessels first to throw a “Welcome to the World” baby book shower. These are the perfect backdrop to fit my “around the world” food and decor to welcome a sweet baby with books about the world around her. These vessels will be useful now and for many, many years to come, because this classic style will never be outdated.

  • Jeanmarie

    I would use them to help support myself and my kids, and teach my girls that you don’t have to stay in a bad marriage if you can be independent!!

  • Amber Geesey

    These are beautiful, timeless pieces! I would use these vessels for weekly dinners with extended family. Talk about getting alot of use. 😉

  • Hannah Lou

    Would love to win these! We always enjoy having people over- these would look great!


    What a fantastic giveaway! These classic white serving dishes go well with my ever changing color and decorating schemes. I would use them everyday for total enjoyment, why wait for a special occasion! Crossing my fingers!

  • katy

    I would use them for a pool party!

  • Jenny

    For my sons first birthday party!

  • I love to entertain! Most of my pieces are hodge podge patterns that I’ve picked up from neighbors and relatives. I would love to own a set of matching serving vessels!!!

  • Lauren

    I would love to use these to create a buffet or dessert table when my husband and I finally get around to hosting our first party as a married couple. Things have been so hectic for us lately that we have yet to have any company since our wedding in December. These would be perfect!

  • I would use these very lovely and versatile pieces for special gatherings, such as Pokeno, Bunco, lunch gatherings with girlfriends, dinner parties, holidays, and for “just because” get togethers. There are so many wonderful ideas I could use these for…dessert and specialty dishes alike. I <3 Amy Atlas blog and designs<3!

  • Hannah

    I myself am going to make a dessert buffet for my upcoming wedding this summer! These pieces would hold desserts so beautifully. Amy Atlas is such an inspiration and I love Crate & Barrel!

  • I would love to try and recreate the white dessert table. So pretty!

  • Liz Wise

    I would use these from everyday dinner to floral, fruit and dessert displays depending on the day of the week.

  • Tina

    I would use these in my new-first-time homeowner to host a bridal shower for my future niece-in-law. I love you ideas!!!

  • There is nothing like clean white tableware. It allows you to add color many different ways. I love to entertain, and would be sure to always use them.

  • I would you the vessels at the many dessert tables I design…..inspired by you of course!!

  • marla

    I’m getting married this summer and would love to have these to help start our new life together as well as having people over once the craziness is over!

  • Lalena Cooper

    Each week I host a ladies group in my home. I love setting a beautiful table. These would be perfect!

  • Jennifer Anderson

    These are amazing! Would love to share them with the entertaining that we do within our home with family and friends 😉

  • Dana

    I love Crate & Barrel…and I would use these while entertaining with friends & family. 🙂

  • Chelsie Dofelmier

    I would use these for all the parties I host, baby showers for my girlfriends and sisters, bridal showers and birthdays!

  • Krista

    These would be used over and over at my children’s birthday parties and other family gatherings throughout the year.

  • Jennifer Culp

    We just bought a new house and I would love to use these for all the entertaining we are planning. We just had our 1st party in February for my daughters 2nd birthday. These would have been perfect. My son is turning 6 in June and we are in the process of planning his party. Great ideas from this blog!!!

  • Danielle

    I would use these lovely vessles after my wedding in our new home to entertain guests! We love crate and barrel and your set ups are BEAUTIFUL! It would be so much fun to be able to host parties with all these wonderful dishes!

  • Kristy

    I would use it all to display cakes, cupcakes and candies for my little girl’s birthday coming up!

  • Serena Locatelli

    I would love these, they would make my dessert table look amazing!

  • We love to have people over, and I love to make everyday things beautiful. If I won these they would become a staple at our fun informal dinner parties!

  • I love all of C&B’s fabulous serveware. Would use them for everyday, special occasions and parties (of course!)

  • Kay

    These would be perfect for the multiple bridal showers that I am throwing in the next year!

  • Jamie Dornberg

    Love, Love it all. I am such a huge Crate and Barrel Fan

    My husband is Coming home from a Deployment soon, so i would use all those wonderful vessels to host his coming home party. Also for all other parties and events i love to host throughout the year. I would definitely put them to good use.

  • vickie rich

    i would use all these vessels for my xmas eve party i have at my house with all the family

  • Stephanie

    I would use these awesome vessels in my new home with my new husband…. We are getting married on June 19! 😉

  • What wouldn’t I used these for?! So pretty, clean & simple for serving!

  • I would use them for really any form of entertaining. They are perfect classic pieces that can be dressed up or down. I love that!

  • I have a “Champagne Brunch” every July for my besties and these serving vessels would definitely make me hostess of the year.

  • Ashley

    I’m hosting several bridal showers and baby showers this year – I would love to use these to show that I’m a stylish hostess!

  • Jackie H

    I would use them to entertain friends at our new home! I would bake cupcakes just to place them on the cake platter. I love crate & barrel!

  • Melissa

    I absolutely love these! I would use these for anything and everything, for family dinners, holidays, tea parties, and to make the everyday fancy 🙂 I can totally picture these in our home, thank you so much hosting this giveaway!

  • Lezlie Blazzard

    How WOULDN’T I use these?!? Ü I would use them for all future birthdays of my twin girls. Dinner parties galore! Wine club parties. Holiday parties. The possibilities are endless!

  • Elaine

    Crossing my fingers to win! I am a SAHM that owns 2 businesses and these would be great for the parties we throw! We are starting to host more princess parties and these would be perfect!!!

  • Megan

    I am getting married this summer and would love to use these to kick off our married life as we start hosting more parties and family holidays!

  • Maria

    For my wedding dessert buffet table 🙂

  • michelle

    I would use these vessels daily to add a little “specialness” to serving everyday food.

  • Lynne

    I would use these dishes for entertaining friends and family at my home and for wedding showers and baby showers that I host.

  • Crystal

    So classic, there are endless possibilities! We entertain a lot so these would be used for serving guests. I’d love to create a candy & dessert bar for our kids birthday’s with these too!

  • These are the perfect staples to have for any gathering! I can see fresh flowers on them too!

  • Brianne Stroub

    I love these ideas! I would love to use these at my upcoming wedding in June! They would be perfect! Then we could use them for dinner parties for years to come 🙂

  • Kristina R.

    Love C&B’s white tableware – which is why we have so much already. These pieces would add flexibility in entertaining or just putting a “fancier” touch to a weekend evening’s cheese and fruit platter for the hubs and I.

  • Erika F.

    I would use these vessels at my upcoming wedding to display desserts or candy.

  • Bonnie Tran

    These would be perfect to use for dessert display for my husband’s birthday party in June. Love them!!!!

  • Jessica

    Our upcoming baby shower candy and dessert table is based off of your design. I would love to have the vessels to complete the look. We also host Thanksgiving dinner every year for our family and entertain friends often so they would be put to good use all year round.

  • natasha

    Let me count the ways I would use these………… Photos for an upcoming business venture, entertaining in my NEW apartment, Holiday with family and friends (and I may need to make up new Holidays just to use these). Thanks for the opportunity!! XOXO

  • Susan

    I would fill these beautiful dishes with goodies for my girlfriend get-together in May.

  • Susan

    These would be perfect for my niece’s bridal shower coming up in May!

  • Leslie

    My husband is in graduate school and we are constantly hosting dinners and events in our home. This would help make any cooking efforts look so much tastier!

  • Tiarra

    I would use them for the candy buffet at my wedding. After my wedding, I would use them as serving dishes whenever I have guest over.

  • Amanda

    I would use these for my kids’ bday parties

  • Heather

    These would be just lovely for summer cookouts and birthday parties, what a smorgasbord!

  • Pegg

    These would be great for our BBQ get togethers and look wonderful on our C&B patio set

  • Katherine Harman

    I have several uses for these vessels:
    1. A dessert table for our upcoming wedding – an assortment of cookies, brownies and macarons (some homemade)
    2. For food photos on my new blog, Katherine’s Cravings
    3. For dinner parties and cocktail parties

  • Ashley Fisher

    I would use these to display cake pops and cupcakes.

  • Awesome—these will go great with all of the other Crate & Barrel dishes we registered for AND I’d be able to create dessert and candy tables all the time!!

  • Jill Blackstone

    My sister is legally blind and hearing impaired but so smart and funny. She lives with me in Caliornia and we have such wonderful friends who are in and out of the house constantly helping her, helping me help her, helping with the dogs (we also run a dog rescue foundation and always have fosters in and out besides our own dogs) and we love to have treats on hand for anyone who comes by. The platters would be piled high with homemade whoopie pies and cupcakes, my favorite thing to make. The square bowls would be beautiful with homemade lemon curd with lemons from our trees and raspberry preserves I make with fresh frozen organic berries. And then the other platters and bowls would round out the bounty with spring’s harvest, just in time for spring in southern California, especially strawberries (and some fresh cream…?!), grapes… And when we’re done, beautiful salads from our garden. Please, I never win anything!!!!!

  • William Sledd

    I would love these for my baby sisters wedding this summer.

  • nicole harding

    Daughter is going to be a Dr!! Omg! Let the multiple parties begin! These will surely help! 🙂

  • Trina

    I would use these for my dinner parties at my new place.

  • My sister is legally blind and hearing impaired but so smart and funny. She lives with me in Caliornia and we have such wonderful friends who are in and out of the house constantly helping her, helping me help her, helping with the dogs (we also run a dog rescue foundation and always have fosters in and out besides our own dogs) and we love to have treats on hand for anyone who comes by. The platters would be piled high with homemade whoopie pies and cupcakes, my favorite thing to make. The square bowls would be beautiful with homemade lemon curd with lemons from our trees and raspberry preserves I make with fresh frozen organic berries. And then the other platters and bowls would round out the bounty with spring’s harvest, just in time for spring in southern California, especially strawberries (and some fresh cream…?!), grapes… And when we’re done, beautiful salads from our garden. Please, I never win anything!!!!!

  • maureen powers

    I will fill them with the colors and flavors of spring…then summer,autumn and winter. They’re perfect!

  • Jolene Worobetz

    I would use the ‘vessels’ to have family and friends over! The pieces would really help the presentation of the food compared to what I have now. Lots of all different pieces picked up from here and there. It would help create a theme to the presentation.

  • Bonnie C

    I would service daily. I think a beautiful table should be enjoyed at every meal, not just special occasions. Thanks for opportunity to win a set.

  • i love all the vessels…but i would use the square plate as a base and cover with flowers like mums or carnations then place the small delish cake plate in the center and fill with a pyramid stack of dessert.

  • Samantha V

    WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! What a fantastic giveaway, Amy! I would use the Crate and Barrel platters and cake stands for our dessert table at our wedding next year. This would be such a wonderful prize and would save us a lot of money since we are planning and doing it all ourselves.

  • Aubrey

    I would use these to display candy and desserts for the dessert bar at my upcoming wedding! These would be perfect!!

  • Melissa Stanger

    I am helping my sister with her upcoming wedding and would love to use these. Thank you for this great opportunity. I’m so inspired by your work!

  • I would use these for the dessert table at my wedding in October! We’re serving mini cupcakes and pies!

  • Sylvia

    I would use it to display all my pretty baked goods – maybe attempt my first dessert table. J’adore Amy Atlas and Crate and Barrel!

  • J Keene

    Love these elegant items. I’d use them in my new NYC apartment for the housewarming gathering!

  • What a great giveaway!! I’m a photographer and home-baker. I love photographing my goodies and displaying them on C&B product! These would be the perfect addition!!! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  • Gina

    I would use all the lovely platters and cake stands for our annual Fourth of July party. The crisp white is a great backdrop for festive food!

  • Priscilla

    Wow! What a great opportunity. These would be great to add to my collection of cake stands, they would also be wonderful to incorporate into my baby shower dessert table.

  • OMGOSH! This is awesome!!! I would definetely use them for parties!!! 🙂

  • Amy S.

    My husband and I just moved into our first and these awesome pieces from C&B would be great to use for our first family dinner party!

  • Debbie

    Hi Amy! I am a big fan of your tables and I think you have revolutionized parties everywhere. I can’t go to a bridal shower, baby shower or birthday party without some sort of table display. I would totally use these any time a friend asks for help in setting up a display/dessert table. A friend and I are contemplating starting a side business and these would definitely come in handy!

  • Ferwa

    I would use this simple but oh so enhancing vessels to create dessert tables, entertain, and display food in decorative ways! Also following in Amy’s footsteps, decorate them at times with printed paper! 🙂

  • An F.

    I’d use it as an excuse to throw a brunch buffet.

  • emily

    I would use them all throughout the year! The beautiful simplicity of them make the a lovely addition to the table for any celebration!

  • Alissa

    I would use these serving pieces to display pastries in my new bakery opening next month in NYC!

  • Sharon

    We just moved into our first home – these vessels would be great for entertaining in our new place!

  • April

    These are fabulous. I entertain for small groups all the time, and would love to set something like this up for my first giant party that I’m hosting in a few months.

  • Katie G.

    This is such a wonderful giveaway! If I were to be lucky enough to be picked as the winner of this giveaway, I would use the dishes to showcase my baked goods at family parties, housewarmings, and summer grill outs with all of our neighbors and friends! Food is so much more tasty when it is displayed nicely, isn’t it? 🙂

  • Laura

    I love to use pieces like these for everyday dinners ~ but they’d get lots of use for entertaining, too!

  • Shelley

    Love these! I love entertaining and would use these for many birthday parties, showers and other parties. I also am on the hostess committee for my church and I am always looking for pieces to use there for wedding and baby showers.

  • Jasmine

    I would use these vessels to serve my desserts. They are lovely! 🙂

  • angela

    Love them! I would definitely use them for any upcoming party or event. I love the white and how you could use them with any theme or color.

  • Julie

    These would be great for an upcoming party I am hosting.

  • What way would I NOT use these? So simple, elegant, great for entertaining guests of any number; I would use for creating a clean, crisp, welcoming table, especially at dinner parties!

  • Leah

    Since recently turning 26 i feel that I have stepped into the stage of my life where I need to start collecting pieces that reflect a more mature state for get togethers and social events rather than paper plates and plastic Tupperware, which i don’t think ever had a matching lid. Any of these pieces would be a great testament to that.

  • Vanessa Diep

    My boyfriend’s 40th is next month. I’d use the set for the big Bday bash I’m throwing!

  • Elizabeth

    I would use these for entertaining. They go with some pieces I already own that I use for appetizers/desserts.

  • I am working on my post-pastry school portfolio and would use them in my photo shoots! What a great giveaway!

  • Courtney Wendroff

    I would use these pieces a lot, for birthdays, anniversaries, and general entertaining as well as family dinners.

  • For entertaining of course! 🙂 Love to host parties!

  • Allison

    I would use them to create a dessert table for my brother’s wedding in September!

  • Laura

    I would use these for an open house we’re going to throw after we get back from our honeymoon! I’d love to use them for a dessert table with truffles, mini cupcakes, lemon bars, chocolate covered strawberries, and other mini sized desserts!

  • Sarah Z.

    I’m a newlywed trying to build our nest and we love to entertain. I would use these to host family dinner parties and upcoming friends showers and bachelorette parties.

  • These are amazing! I can use them in displays, as mini trays, and also as candy bowls!!! Loev these.

  • I would use these for parties, get togethers and for displaying and taking photos of my invitations! They would be the final touch for any table!

  • Suzs turner

    When I saw my daugther-in-law’s new serving piece, I immediately asked where they were purchased. She got the hint and bought me two small dishes. Of course, I would love to have more! I wlll soon be moving on to a new chapter in my life. Having these pieces would give me the opportunity to entertain old and new friends in style. I also need some new pieces to keep especialy for myself and other gluten-free friends to avoid cross contamination. Thanks for this opportunity to showcase my creations!

  • These would be fabulous at every party, small or large. I’m having my fiancee’s 31st birthday in a couple weeks and these would be great for appetizers and desserts. These would also be a great addition to all the other items I’ve registered for at Crate & Barrel for my wedding!

  • Sarah

    I would use them at the baby shower I’m hosting in a few weeks.

  • Terri D.

    I’ve been known for being able to decorate on a budget and these would be a gracious addition to the weddings and church events that I’ve been asked to do. Simple, clean and white is a flawless choice for any type of event!

  • Lena

    Over the past couple of years, the pressures of full time work, hectic travel schedules that pull us apart for days at a time and the commitment of getting our MBA’s, my love (Tony) and I have found little time to spend together having silly fun! Recently, however, we realized that we should indulge in our love of cooking, baking and creating in the kitchen. So in order to spend more time together, we are going to do what we love — Spend more time in the kitchen! We wish to start a food blog and take videos of our kitchen creations, while also tapping into my love of digital photography.

    Unfortunately, we are severely lacking in beautiful dishes! The wonderful, sleek platters from Crate and Barrel would be the “icing on the cake” of our home project! The large plates would be perfect to display Tony’s delicious blue cheese & wasabi encrusted salmon, while the cake stands would be perfect for my favorite chocolate cake. Please help us in our commitment to spend more together time 🙂


    PS your blog is so crisp & beautiful!

  • Angela S

    I’m obsessed with brunch and have been wanting to host a brunch party for ages, but I don’t have any serving plates. Scones, and quiche, and cakes, oh my!

  • Your amazing Amy! Well, since Easter is coming up I would use the vessels that day, also any other time I plan on hosting a party. But my real desire to win these are to elegantly display simple finger foods and deserts when I have my own babyshower a few years from now lol. Great giveaway!

  • Parties and entertaining GALORE!!!! Stunning.

  • greenbean

    i totally would use these throughout the year. maybe with an upcoming game night! cheers!

  • Megan

    What WOULDN’T I use them for?! I am seeing them used for small dinner parties, special dinners with my beau and even for decorative purposes in my house. Who knows – maybe even to showcase some yummies at my wedding – tbd! 🙂

  • Marissa C.

    I hardly entertain because I feel I never have the right pieces. These would give me the confidence to entertain in style without breaking our budget!

  • Robin

    I would use these beautiful pieces at the parties I have for my kids’ birthdays as well as the family holidays that I host each year. I also like to surprise my office with a dessert table every summber.

  • Michelle

    I’m hosting a Royal Wedding viewing party with my British friend and would love to make beautiful wedding theme table display of treats. It’s going to be a blast in that guests are expected to dress as if those on the TV can see them from the neck up – wedding hats, hair, full makeup. But since it starts at 4A local time, PJs are the rest of the attire. These pieces are just what we need to complete the party set-up.

  • Ylvette

    I am currently in transition and would LOVE to use the vessels for my Housewarming/New Beginnings party! I am a Crate & Barrel fanatic.

  • Robin

    These are the pieces that I have been drooling over but can’t afford to buy right now.

  • Jennifer YS

    What a beautiful blog! I’m going to have to do some archive reading here 🙂

    I love Crate and Barrel also! I would definitely use the platters – for kid sized finger sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres and cake stands – for some PINK cupcakes for a lovely summer birthday party for my to-be-3 year old!
    My pre-school mommy friends would be wow’d!

  • Carol

    these items would work so well with the Crate & Barrel appetizer plates waiting in my buffet!! Love that stuff! Thank you Amy Atlas for your entertaining inspirations! xoxoxo

  • Aimee S

    I love Crate and Barrel because the dishes seem to go with everything. But I would first use them at the season’s first BBQ/block party!

  • Nancy

    White on white..it doesn’t get better as a base for entertaining!

    Crate and Barrell always offer great design at affordable prcies!

  • Pamy

    I love these! I would use these to display some yummy food at my next party!

  • Gayle Snyder

    My grandson is leaving for West Point in June. I am having a big family dinner for him. Would use the vessels for hors d’ouevres and desserts. Afterwards, would use them for displays on my table which I like to keep changing. Love the bowls, love Crate and Barrel, love your blog!

  • I would LOVE these vessels!!!

  • MC

    These would be great for the weekly Bible studies we have in our home.

  • I LOVE Crate & Barrel AND Amy’s designs! If I won I’d use the vessels to throw a dessert party for my husband and his co-workers on board the USS Hue City here in Florida. Those men and women have been working 6 days a week, for 12 to 14 hours a day in service to protecting our country. On top of that there is now news of a possible budget cutdown that will force him and these men & women to work without getting paid. We are blessed that I also have a job, but many of these families are relying on that paycheck to get by. I’d use these as my way of giving back to the men & women who serve our country everyday and let them know that there hard work and service IS appreciated!

  • These are gorgeous! I would love to use them for special family dinner gatherings, as well as every-day meals…I love making our dinners a special (and beautiful) time! :o)

  • What a lovely idea! I would replace my chipped, cheap serving trays and begin a baking spree. Cookies, cakes, and chocolates. My flour should be very afraid…

  • Kim O.

    Love Crate and Barrel!! Got my first “stuff” from there when I got married 25 years ! Have gotten the catalog for a while and drool each time I do. I get a few things here and there. Hope I win!!!!

  • Celine

    I will use them to display desserts, candies and appetizers when I have my family come over for Easter Sunday at our new house. I would love to be able to put my cupcakes on the rectangular plates, cake on the cake platter and Easter colored candies in some of the bowls, and possibly green appetizers on the other plates. Love them!

  • First, I would use these items to beautifully complete my wedding reception for May. It would be a wonderful way to display the cake we are making. Then we would use them for dinner parties and get togethers with family and friends with my new husband. We love to cook and host parties. Your spreads are just so inspiring!

  • Laurie Shaughnessy

    My fiance and I would use them all for our candy bar at our wedding reception, which we are creating ourselves. As much as we love the Amy Atlas Events, with our financial status we can’t afford to have her wonderful talent at our wedding. With some inspiration and these vessels, it would make our candy bar almost perfect!!

  • Karen

    I would love to use these for entertaining!

  • I would use these for absolutely everything! We entertain often and I have just started making mini desserts and without a doubt, this is perfect to display those on. I would also use them for decorating to highlight various displays. Beautiful! Thank you for this fabulous giveaway!

  • Jo C.

    Part of my job involves cooking demos and we all know people eat with their eyes first! The best way to showcase your food whether it is for a photo shoot, demonstration, or a Sunday brunch is in great white vessels!

  • Michelle Buckner

    I would love to use these Crate & Barrel vessels for all the entertaining I do throughout the year.

  • All of the vessels would look great on my table for my daughters engagement party. My desserts, candies and flowers would look great in them.

  • clean white! what an amazing giveaway. love it.

  • Judy

    I would use them for all the wonderful showers and birthday parties I host. I would also feature them in my food blog that I write that features the deserts I like to bake and the meals for two that I create (No leftovers!).

  • AmyC83

    Amazing!! I’m helping a friend with her dessert table for her wedding and these would make it so beautiful.

  • I love Crate and Barrel and I love your displays! Thank you for the giveaway! I would use the vessels to entertain friends and family.

  • The cookies at my annual cookie swap would look wonderful on these white plates!

  • Jessica

    I would love to use this set for Church dinners, Bridal and Baby Showers and just to make my table pretty at home. This set is BEAUTIFUL!

  • Victoria Jeker

    I would use them on buffets at the parties I plan!!!!

  • Kelly

    OMG THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, INSPIRING TABLESCAPES! I’d use these items to make unforgettable displays for my two kids’ birthday party that will leave guests talking about them for weeks!! Thank you!

  • I used to work for a wedding magazine and styled alot of photoshoots. I loved it!!! I no longer do that and really miss that creative outlet. I would use these vessels to bring that back in my life, even if it’s only in my home for entertaining.

    Also, I am expanding my skills and trying to be a stylist for parties, wedding showers, etc and these vessels would help me get started and build a portfolio!! They will be put to good use if I win them! 🙂

  • Sandy

    I’m actually on the verge of starting a small catering business and these would be an awesome windfall!

  • Lara

    I would use them for the brunch I’m hosting for girlfriends while we watch the Royal Wedding on TV at the end of the month!

  • Elizabeth Amore

    I would use any of these pieces to present all the lucious desserts I’ll be making for our Easter feast: Key lime pie, cupcakes, strawberry bread pudding…yum!

  • Alayna Jones

    What a fabulous giveaway! I would use this gorgeous set for my baking adventures, whether it be everyday cupcakes for my family around the house, or larger get togethers with family & friends. I have a couple birthdays I’m baking for coming up as well.

  • I would use them to display my baked goods! I love baking and am always looking for beautiful dishes for display!

  • Patty

    My 2nd annual fundraiser to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is in May and is in need of these vessels! How beautiful these would be showcasing fabulous sweets to welcome our generous friends. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • love it! I would use them for daily dinners. Everything in my kitchen is white!!

  • Leanne

    These would get a lot of usage! The first thing they would be used for is the party we are having celebrating 5-years cancer free for my mom!

  • I would use these vessels to create beautiful dessert tables for my parties, showing off my organic cupcakes and cakes. I love crate and barrel! Wish I could afford more of their stuff.

  • I absolutely love to host all kinds of events in my home–birthday parties, showers, and, of course, HALLOWEEN. Friends have told me they know they can count on getting delicious snacks when they come over. These platters would get a lot of use if I got my paws on them! 🙂

  • kate

    what a nice thing to do, so many people and only one can win, but we can all dream!

  • Johanna

    I would love these for my upcoming wedding for our Sweets Table and then for fun parties at our home after the wedding!!

  • These are lovely! I would use them for everyday service to my family, and special events.

  • Renee

    They are fabulous! I would use them for any kind of gathering at my house, would use them for special events at my church, display holiday items in my house, etc, etc. Because they’re white, they are so versatile! Hope I win!

  • Valerie Funk

    Love the dishes, would use them for my big family to celebrate them everyday!

  • Ashley S.

    I planning a celebration for my good friend who just finished chemo and radiation for breast cancer. These serving platters would complete the look of my “when life gives you lemons make lemonade” dessert table theme.

  • kate

    i would use the platters and plates in both every day and party mode. i think it is a nice thing to use pretty plates and “vessels” in everyday mode too, because you should always celebrate a great meal!

  • I started an wedding & event design business, they will be perfect for the dessert displays! I can’t wait for your book, your presentations are so inspirational!

  • Caroline K

    Beautiful! I would use them as we set up our new house!

  • I would use these lovely vessels exactly like you use when you make those pretty dessert tables. I love your designs!

    thanks for the great giveaway.

  • DeDee

    When I grow up, I want to be an event planner. In the meantime, my home will still be the location for all our family & friend events (birthdays, showers, etc.) and these will help them all to look great!

  • goldengirl

    I would make these a gift to my step-son to set up his new home.

  • Amy

    Beautiful! I would use these to display the cupcakes I’m having at my wedding in May!!

  • Cathi Thorpe

    These beautiful vessels would be put to many uses. My annual Mother’s Day bash. My talented husband’s home based photo shots. Christmas dinner. For birthday cakes. Another candy/desert bar for my great-niece’s birthday. It could go on and on!

  • Jillian

    Gorgeous pieces! Love the clean look! I would love to use these for my sisters Wedding Anniversary in June. I have a big family and we gather for dinners, birthdays and holidays…so I know we would get plenty of use out of them.


  • Brittany

    Oh I would use them for anything and everything I could. I would love to use the cake and relish platters on our kitchen table as a centerpiece, using flowers and maybe some fruit or veggies in the arrangement to give it a little more structure and to coordinate with the kitchen.

  • Jackie

    I have a notebook full of all my Amy Atlas inspired ideas for my boys’ birthdays this year! Winning this would for sure make those inspirations become realities as well as lighten my ever filling Crate and Barrel cart!

  • beka

    wow! what a dream come true! i love hosting parties at my house and am always borrowing a slew of white platters from friends so that my table would look nice. winning this contest would be so awesome for me!!! no more borrowing platters!!!

  • I am throwing my first born his very first birthday party in August and I have been pricing these all over town. I am throwing a cowboy themed party and could really use these for our dessert table.

    Thank for the giveaway!

  • LOVE, Love, love C&B & Amy Atlas, how exciting!!!!

    Okay, I would use these for an adorable birthday party buffet for my 3 year old, her cute friends, and their stylish mommies! 🙂

  • Haeran Chong

    I would use it to make a candy buffet table for my niece’s birthday party!

  • Jennifer Fischer

    I only have white & glass for my serving pieces, and would love adding these amazing pieces to my collection for EVERY party I host: Birthdays for my daughter & husband, summer grill-outs, Easter, etc.

  • Tracey

    I’m always bringing goodies to friends’ homes and entertaining and I think white is the perfect backdrop to display anything and everything. What a fabulous giveaway!

  • Nancy

    I would use these every day for everything! Serving or snacking, or to organize and decorate the pantry or even the bathroom!

  • Tracie

    I love Crate and Barrel and your displays! I would use the vessels to entertain my friends and families!

  • kyra

    i love the classic white. Would love to use for hosting a summer get together!

  • Mariah

    I would use them to display my baked goods. I love to bake and am always looking for new ways to display things.

  • Brynn Nygren

    Yipee!!! What a fabulous way to start the day…with the opportunity to win these beautiful gems! I am in the midst of planning my daughter’s First birthday, and I am doing a candy/ice cream parlor theme, and these would be PERFECT for it! I am in desperate need of great serving dishes. We are kind of an entertaining family…love to throw parties and dinners and such, and these would get miles and miles of great use! Thanks for the opportunity Amy and Crate and Barrel!

  • I love all of the white dishes, they really make the food pop. I would use mine to host summer brunches and bbqs

  • I’m hosting a bridal shower in two weeks, and these would make the perfect tablescape!

  • Shauna Valentine

    I have so many events coming up the possibilities are endless. 3 bridal showers, 2 birthday parties and 1 baby shower all in the next 3 months!
    These are beautiful and timeless vessels that go with any theme and decor! Thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  • Loooove these vessels ! I will use it for the kids baking class I am running. After each class I always want to take nice pictures of their work, but I don’t have enough or pretty vessel like that to make a full table presentation of their creative baking.

  • I would use them for the dessert display at my daughter’s First Communion party!

  • Lisa

    I just moved into a new apartment in the city, and I am having the time of my life entertaining my friends. I would absolutely use every single piece to create a fantastic, summer soiree on my balcony overlooking the city skyline.

  • Kari

    It’s my turn to hose Easter this year and these would be great to use.

  • Kathleen Morearty

    I’m hosting Easter this year and I would definitely use them to serve my roasted asparagus, roasted carrots, Honeybaked Ham,homemade rolls, and cupcakes for dessert.

  • I love the simplicity of the designs – I would use them for dinner parties, for birthday parties, for regular home decor – they would be in use ALL the time! 🙂

  • Man, what wouldn’t I do with these! I would use them for big dinners with friends, showers, food styling. The possibilities are endless! Not to mention, they would match with the pieces I already have.

  • Heather

    I’d set up an Easter treats display with colors radiating out from the center of the table. Instead of the usual pastel mix, there would be either a delicate rainbow or a mix of two colors.

  • Amy

    I would simply love to use these fab vessels in creating something special!! They would be perfect for a special birthday celebration coming soon and for many special family celebrations to come! What an amazing opportunity!!!

  • These dishes would be *perfect* for making any meal look special by upping the presentation points. I love hosting, so it would be great to have these for that extra aesthetic.

  • I would love to use these both for bday parties for my 4 little ones and for staging product photos for my bath & body biz!!

  • Great idea for a Giveaway! These dishes would work great for serving new meals for my new business. Send My Menu is a menu planning membership and we personally guarantee that all of our menu’s are delicious! Needless to say, we are ALWAYS making something new!

  • Nancy

    I would love to use these vessels to display my Christmas goodies for our annual Christmas open house.

  • Carolyn

    I have re-found my passion for cooking and baking in a cathartic recent life change after breaking up with a long-term boyfriend and moving back into the city. I am rediscovering that it can be a creative outlet, and my way to nurture connections with my community of friends and family. To further those connections, I’d use these dishes to host an elegant-but-rustic outdoor dinner party to welcome the warmer days of spring. It would take place in my cozy, adorable back yard, with quaint wooden deck with slightly peeling robin’s egg blue paint, and with flowers simply burting out of the edges of the postage-stamp yard. Given how small and close all the yards are, hopefully the party could spur conversations over the fences with my new neighbors.

  • Sarah

    I would use them for a cheese tasting party with my friends! They are gorgeous! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  • i would use the pieces as a foundation for starting my ‘small events’ venture. they are perfectly versatile for lining with beautiful scrapbook paper and scrumptious sweets!

  • Sarah

    I would use these pieces for entertaining and hosting! I love hosting bridal & baby showers for friends along with different kinds of parties, etc!

  • Grace

    I would use them to put cute cookies and cakes!! I would love them for summer parties!!

  • Chatelaine B

    I LOVE to host and am continually inspired by Amy Atlas Events. I’d use these vessels every time I host any event. They go with every design!

  • Anitra

    I am getting married this fall so I would love to use these vessels at my bridal shower and am sure to find countless uses when entertaining in our home…the possibilities are endless.

  • Grace

    I would use them to put cute cookies and cakes!! I would love them for summer parties!! Love!

  • Holly

    I would use them for desserts at a friend’s wedding reception.

  • Traci

    I have virtually no serving wear and winning this would be so great. Any gathering or party at my place would be that much better with these items.

  • It’s been a while since I have entertained. I would use the vessels to try and replicate Amy’s White Table (above) and invite all of my friends over for a stylish soiree!

  • Maureen

    wow, i am glad i found your site via crate and barrel facebook. so many inspirations. i love basic white and dressing it up with accessories. i would use these items all the time – holiday parties, game night, child birthday parties, etc.

  • Ashley H

    I use them for brunches.

  • martina

    for my brother’s wedding dessert buffet!

  • Kristine

    I would use them for dessert tables I make throughout the year for family and friends. 🙂

  • Allison

    I would love to use them for Mother’s Day dinner that my cousins & I are putting together for all the moms! =)

  • Love Crate & Barrel, their stuff is so classic, the lines so simple.

    I would use these for school bake sales. With budget cuts looming, we need to raise $200k next year. That’s a lot of baking! Through your website I have learned how to take our “displaying” to a new level – and it’s worked really well.

  • Can’t wait to do an all-white table like yours and of course celebrate Passover and Mother’s Day and…everything else with these great dishes!!
    Go Amy and Crate and Barrel!!

  • i would use it to shoot my food for my blog

  • Amber Romero

    I love all of your ideas. You are very creative. We always have huge family gatherings, and there are so many ideas to choose from here. And the tables would come in great handy.

  • Chris

    I love your site! I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes you have posted!!

    These pieces would be perfect to use for my son & daughters graduation party this June!

  • I would use all these fabulous vessels for Bridal Showers and Dessert Tables in the Events I plan!! White is so classic! I can imagine all types of styles to create with the vessels shown for giveaway.
    Especially would re-create Amy’s stunning white table!!

  • I would use these for my dinner parties with dear friends and family. Sigh. I love them. <3

  • Lexi

    I would use these vessels to entertain my friends and family and create beautiful dessert tables. They also match the Crate & Barrel dishware I received for my wedding last year.

  • Wendy

    Like you, oh how I adore C&B! Though I’m usually having to borrow my friends’ and family’s pieces for entertaining, since I don’t have any of my own. I favor square/linear design and find that white pieces as my base are so versatile. They can be dressed up with metallics or dressed “down” to accommodate children’s parties. I’ve even used serving plates similar to those above in tiers. What a river of inspiration you are! We thank you and C&B for the opportunity!

  • Julie

    My family (husband,daughter 9, son 4, and myself) love to entertain. My kids love to bake and to use these beautiful pieces from Crate & Barrell would be an excellent way for them to show off their tallent to all our friends and family!

  • Jessamine

    I’d use them to host parties and for my bakery photo shooting. plus they’ll be a good addition to my existing C&B white tableware collection.

  • Lisa K

    I would use these to create beautiful memories for family and friend functions!

  • Zahra Duffy

    I would eat each and every meal on ’em and use them to present all the food we are going to eat on ’em as well. I’d just be way too excited about everything looking swanky and matching (and not chipped!)

  • Jaime

    With these I would actually have something pretty on which to display all of the treats I like to make 🙂

  • I love Crate and Barrel too. They have so many incredible items! These would work great for summer get-togethers to display all the yummy food on a gorgeous outdoor buffet table!!

  • I would use the vessels as serving platters but more than that, I would use them as photo props for my new blog! They seem perfect for picturing baked goods.

  • Sarah Hanke

    The possibilities are endless! To start with, Easter and two BIG upcoming Birthday parties. What a great opportunity! Thanks!

  • Elizabeth

    I am a school teacher AND new home owner. I would use these simple, elegant platters as serving dishes for when I host an end of the school year/house warming party for my friends and colleages in May!

  • Meghan O’Brien

    I would use these serving dishes to host a party for my parent’s anniversary at the end of the month!

  • Anna N

    My husband is in the military and we are moving overseas this summer where my husband will be stationed at the U.S. Embassy. Entertaining is one aspect of the job. Our entertaining will have themes that represent the United States, and these pieces would help bring the American style of entertaining to an international population.

  • Nicole Y.

    With white serving platters you can do anything! I used some white serving platters for a church event, Christmas dinner, a birthday party. So versatile and beautiful!

  • Meaghan Karanasios

    I’d use them for various parties and events that I plan and hold at my house. I love white. It goes with anything and can always brighten up a table!

  • Nicole Rapaccuiolo

    I am getting married in October and I would use all these vessels to serve up my “thank you” brunch treats for the families when we’re back from our honeymoon!!

  • Andrea

    I would use these for my Amy Atlas inspired college graduation party!

  • Veronica

    I would love to use these vessels at the various parties I host throughout the year. Love them!!

  • Jennifer

    If I won,I would finally be able to have matching pieces instead of odds and ends of baking pans, glass pans and foil products used to display items at my parties. Most importantly, it would enable me to be able to finally put dinner on the table in serving dishes instead of eating out of the pots & pans since the serveware I have are not large enough to put entrees on.

  • Meribeth Golec

    These are fantastic! I have recently been learning and trying to experiment in the “world of baking” and these would be fantastic to display my “work”. 🙂

    I try to throw a medium-sized get together in the early summer, and these pieces would go wonderfully with the simple white appetizer plates & food platters plates I already own!

  • Shalini Ayre

    So many ways to use them, so little time! I love baking and as i’m originally from the UK, I would use them to throw a traditional English afternoon tea…with scones, jam and clotted cream. The perfect way to show of beautiful items.

  • Ofa Weaver

    This is a big year for my family, my dad is turning 65, my niece 16, my sister getting married, my other sister is turning 30, and I am having a baby. I can’t contribute much to them to show them my love for them but I can and do host the parties at my house. I love my family and I love these dishes!

  • Marina Reyes

    I will use these to host my daughter’s 21st birthday in October. She wants and ice cream theme. (She has William’s syndrome) Until the day comes, I will use them for other parties I host at home and at church. I just love the all white look!

  • Allison Lolli

    I would use these for Holiday parties as well my big birthday parties for my two sons! I love simple and modern serving pieces!

  • Mindi

    I would use them for parties and showers.

  • Tonya

    I would use these to serve family meals. I don’t want to wait for “special” occasions to make a pretty table. I think everyday should be special because of the people you share it with.

  • i’m slowly gathering up dishes, both vintage and modern, to create dessert table displays like yours for friends and family’s special events! thanks!

  • Jade

    I would like to use platters for dinner party and dessert table inspired by Amy. My friends have young children and I like to throw them parties so I would use these as part of my party tray/dessert tray.

  • marisa

    As brand new homeowner, and a producer who loves to entertain, I already have a million ideas for visually stunning savory and dessert displays I could create using such a clean backdrop. Using your beautiful tables as inspiration, I would immediately send out invites and start planning for an Amy Atlas inspired house warming party to break those beautifully crisp clean vessels in! And I would take it as a challenge, to create different delicious designs each time I use them! A perfect clean backdrop to ignite the imagination!

  • Christina E.

    The possiblities on how to use these vessels are endless…thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I am just starting to build my personal collection of serviceware and this would be a tremendous help!

  • Kristy

    I would use them for dinner families and holidays.

  • Shera

    I would use these for the 3 upcoming parties I am planning! Thanks for the chance!

  • cheryl rogers

    I love Amy Atlas and I love Crate and Barrel. I also happen to adore anything white for its functionality, its practicality and and its ability to be noticable while not being distracting. I am the go-to reception girl for a large community of artists and end up putting on several huge events each year. I love the process and the creativity but always have to use my own vessels. There are never enough and I could really use MORE serving pieces. These are exactly what I LOVE and what I buy. Having them will be such a boon to the creative experience.

  • I would use these for hosting fun dinner parties, as well as displays for my bentos!

  • Becky

    Baby showers, bridal showers, girls nights out, birthdays, dinner parties, family get-togethers, and so much more. I could use these everyday!

  • Heather

    I would love to use these for my girls’ birthday parties this summer.

  • Amy, I would probably use these first for a housewarming party. We just a bought a house and I am planning on having a housewarming type of party in the net couple months. After that use I would use them for all types of parties. Since finding your blog I have been inspired to make parties extra special. I am obsessed with it now! Hahaha, my husband thinks I’m crazy.

  • Shannon Szumierz

    Making time with family and friends more beautiful and memorable!

  • I love Crate & Barrel– it’s always our go to store for parties of all kinds. And naturally, I always strive for Amy Atlas elegance! I hope I win so I can add to my collection!

  • Vicki

    Wow – the possibilities are endless……entertaining, for everyday use, etc. I would use the cake stand to display my awesome homemade angel food cake!

  • I would use these with everything, I love white, art cakes, cupcakes, appys, candles, photos, endless possibilities!

  • These dishes would go with the set of Crate and Barrel dinnerware and service pieces we already own! I would use them for an upcoming wine tasting party!

  • Diuceia

    I,m sad. Since here in Brazil it´s really hard to find products like these. Good luck!!

  • Niki

    I have gatherings and parties frequently. These would be beautiful on my Crate & Barrel dining table. I love all things Crate & Barrel!

  • I’m a newbie baker looking to put my creativity into baking and cooking. This matching set would greatly add a classy touch to any set up.

  • Elisha

    classic! I would first use these for a Mother’s Day brunch!

  • Jennifer

    I love these vessels!! We do a lot of entertaining and these would be a perfect addition to our collection. Plus our son’s first birthday is coming up & we would love to recreate some of the ideas we’ve seen on this website! Amazing!

  • I would use those beautiful plates to make a dessert buffet for the pre-mother’s day brunch I am having. It will be a mom’s only, no kids, husbands, or boyfriends allowed.

  • Maren

    I’d for sure use them for my upcoming baby shower, and for many more events to follow!

  • I would use these clean white vessels as the base for my sister’s dessert station at her August wedding! 🙂

  • Jill

    I would use them for entertaining. I collect white dishes of every shape and size, and these would be perfect! I just love making beautiful food and then picking the most perfect serving piece to display it.

  • I started throwing showers for all my friends a few years ago when everyone started getting married. I feel in love with making food not only tasty, but beautiful to show how special my friends are to me. Now my very best friend is pregnant and I can’t wait to throw her the best baby shower inspired by Amy! These item from Crate & Barrel would be great to use!

  • Kristen W.

    What an amazing giveaway! I would use these for dinner parties, brunch, birthday parties, and holidays. So great and a million uses!

  • Katie

    I would love to use the cake platter for my son’s first birthday cake!!!

  • Yay! I love dishes and I would use them to eat every day meals on … no need for a party for fun dishes, right? 🙂

  • carly jarett

    I would use these for every event I host in my home but most importantly I would use these for my wedding candy bar.. your designs are an inspiration!

  • Tara

    I love to entertain, and especially to bake! I would be able to use all those dishes to make a beautiful display!!

  • Tina

    I would use them not only for entertaining, but for every day use. White makes me happy!

  • Cheryl

    Getting married in less than 6 months outside the country, and these would be great for our post-wedding lunch for all our friends and family (who won’t be able to make the trip) when we return!

  • Anne M.

    These would be wonderful for an Easter supper or Mother’s Day brunch coming up soon!

  • Tori

    This is a great offer. I have recently discovered the planning, fun, creativity and enthusiasm of being a hostess for my best friends 1st baby shower. I am having such a great time planning for the shower approaching soon. I love the vessels from Crate & Barrel and how they can be used for so many different occasions and the versitility of them. The vessels have a classy simple uniform look that fits in with any table decor whether it be elegant or casual. I would love to use these beautiful vessels in my baby shower decor.

  • Kerry Talyat

    I am creating my very first dessert table for my daughters 3rd birthday and would love to use these dishes to help make it awesome!

  • Alexandra

    They would be used for any occacion which becomes a special occacion! White is the perfect neutral canvas for any theme, color, and design. These are fabulous for many many years to come. They are great for something casual or something very classy and elegant! I LOVE WHITE SO THEY WOULD MAKE ME SOOOOOO HAPPY! : )

  • I would love to use these at my vow renewal ceremony and reception. (Married 16 years this December!) In the meantime, and after our event, I’d use them around my house to display my collection of cupcake objet d’art and other little collectibles. 🙂

  • Maureen

    I’d love to use these to entertain in my newly renovated home!

  • jessica

    I would use the cake platters to display everyday items, such as banana bread, etc. to make them fancier 🙂

  • Pallavi Kale

    We have a lot of parties and I would love to entertain people with these.I also have a lot of white vessels and these would perfectly match with what I have!

    thanks Amy.


  • Jacqi R.

    Though I’ve been married nearly four years, we have yet to host Christmas, Easter, and other holiday events at our house so this year I offered to do Easter. It’s nervewrecking to know that I don’t have much serving ware to display desserts and appetizers and these would be perfect. It’s also embarrassing when I do host parties with friends, they know I don’t have enough dishes so they all bring their own! I can’t wait to surprise them with a whole table displayed when they arrive – and that I’ve ‘grown up’!

  • Kelly

    I love the clean white design, it really allows the food to be showcased with class and elegance!

    • Kelly

      I love the clean white design, it really allows the food to be showcased with class and elegance! I would use these to host my sister-in-laws baby shower, she is pregnant with my twin nephews who are due in June!

  • Jamie

    I love the clean and minimal look of white dishes for everyday use! Entertaining with these would be wonderful and would go with any theme! Perfect for birthdays, showers, you name it!

  • Kim

    I’d use these for a wedding shower I’m hosting this summer.

  • Arlene Lee

    Oh I love Crate and Barrel and Amy Atlas Designs! I love to make pastries and cakes and i’ve always wanted to host a dessert party as a fundraiser for a worthy cause. maybe for the red cross (for japan) or the leukemia and lymphoma society. I also have a new baby on the way and would love to use the vessels for birthday’s, holidays, and dinner parties!

  • Ashley

    I love Crate & Barrel! I would live there if they would let me! =) These are great products. I would use them at all of my parties. They’re so classic that they work for any type of event.

  • Danielle Donohue

    I would use these gorgeous pieces for my daughter’s 2ns birthday party this summer! WE just re-did our backyard, and are going to have a party to celebrate the yard AND our little princess!!! Her cupcakes will look ADORABLE on the cake stand, and the white plates will go so nicely with my white shabby chic home!!

  • mimi

    What a fun contest! So many wonderful ideas people have posted
    I would use these pieces to host an easter gathering with my family and my husband’s family. Oh geez… does this contest end before then???
    : )

  • I am a mother of 3 beautiful little girls who have inspired me to start a kids business centered around my love of food and cooking. I would use these dishes for the wonderful dishes that I prepare with my girls and they will serve double duty for my kids cooking business!

  • Esther

    What lovely vessels! I would give them to my mother because she loves beautiful, simple things — and throwing beautiful dinner parties for her friends and family =)

  • Paula Wells

    I would use them for the candy bar I’m setting up for my wedding!

  • I love Crate and Barrel and would love these vessels so much that I would even let them sleep in bed with me. But in all seriousness, these vessels will grace the birthday tables of my sweet daughter’s first birthday.

  • Trish Fredrickson

    When wouldn’t I use them??? Easter for sure!

  • These would be perfect for the birthday parties I throw. I already own and use several white melamine Crate & Barrel platters, but this matching set would class things up nicely!

  • Mary

    I would use these lovely vessels for my daughter’s upcoming graduation party and keep using them for dinner parties, birthdays, graduations, etc.!

  • brendalynn

    I have long loved both Crate and Barrel AND Amy Atlas, so it’s so great to find out they love each other too! I’m going to be hosting an elegant little pop-up dinner party in a park near my house in a few weeks–complete with cloth linens, stemware, flowers, candles, etc. These modern, clean dishes would make great vessels for putting out appetizers, passing the main dishes and serving dessert.

    I’m still stocking my hosting cupboard, and know these would come in handy frequently!

  • Ashley

    I would use these for all the summer parties we are going to throw on our new patio!!! I love these platters!!!

  • Kendra

    I’d use these for my Iron Chef contest party! (Presentation counts!)

  • Maureen

    Hi – I have other white platers from C&B and LOVE them. We use them for everything – as simple as puting out my boys’ fresh fruit for dessert (looks so much nicer and tastier that way!). We’d do the same with these – use them for everything! Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  • Carla RC

    I would use these for my bridal shower next month. I am making my own dessert table, and I am acutally inspired by your white one. Everything will be in white, with light yellow. I bought white pitchers to recreate the bouquets you’ve got on the back.

  • Amber Musser

    I would use all of these beautiful vessels for serving my wonderful friends in my Hawaii home. My husband and I got married over 5 years ago and we got many Crate & Barrel items for serving, storage, display, but I noticed I am seriously lacking in serving bowls and platters. I would LOVE to win this giveaway and share the beauty of these products when hosting dinner parties, birthday celebrations or just to hold my yummy baked items, especially cupcakes!
    Thanks Crate & Barrel for always creating such amazing pieces to beautify all of our homes!! Aloha!!

  • hello! i would use them all for my wedding coming up in october!!! yahoo!

  • Heather

    I would love to add these platters and dishes to my C&B collection. My husband loves using rectangular plates to make even home-made chicken wings look gourmet, expertly “plating” them with drizzled sauce. I, on the other hand, love stacking desserts so I’d be focusing on baking springtime lemon raspberry cupcakes to top off the Delish Cake platters! (Oh! and maybe some blueberry scones too!)

  • Alisia

    I would find ways to use them everyday because beautiful pieces should be enjoyed even on the simplest occasion!

  • I would use them to creat a party for me and my gal pals over the summer!

  • Jen O

    Love these white and glass pieces. These would be perfect for our taco nights with friends and family birthday parties! 🙂

  • Jana

    I love to have parties at my house and i have a teenage daughter who is always having parties. These would be awesome to have because they are so neutral and would be great for every occasion!

  • YoLee

    I would use the cake platters to display an assortment of miniature desserts and cookies. The others platters are perfect for serving up hors d’oeuvres and party snacks.

  • I’ve been throwing lots of baby showers and wedding showers lately (I’m in that target age group), so these classic vessels would surely get used for presentation of goodies!

  • Heidi

    My bridesmaids are throwing me a tea themed bridal shower and these Crate & Barrel items would be perfect for the afternoon tea. I don’t live any where near a Crate & Barrel store, but it’s where my fiance and I registered as we love all of their houseware and furniture items.

  • Teresa

    I would love to give these to my son and his girlfriend who are just starting out with the bare necessities. He has always loved the sleekness and simplicity of square plates and has told me he can’t wait till they can actually afford to buy some. This 20 something generation loves to entertain and on a shoestring budget I know how thrilled they would be to have a set.

  • Donna Boyce

    I would use these wonderful white vessels to help bring bride’s visions to life, for the bridal shower treats, perhaps to design a lovely dessert table at a reception; maybe for a baby shower’s meal…the options are endless! What an appropriate gift, to encourage a person’s creativity with food!

  • Once I finished just staring at them, arranging them and holding them for a while 🙂 I would put them to good use for my daughter’s upcoming wedding.

  • Kristen

    I’d love these for the parties I plan on hosting this year; they’re simply gorgeous!

  • What an exciting and super-useful give away! I love that all the pieces are white or clear glass. I’m sure I would be using them for years to come at birthday parties, baby showers, etc. That is what is so great about buying classic pieces like these ones. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  • OMG! These would be perfect for my moms surprise suvivor brunch! Celebrating 9 years breast cancer free! Would be a perfect addition to lots of pink goodies?

  • The real question is: How wouldn’t I use these vessels?? My husband and I love throwing dinner parties, especially on holidays, and these would be a great base for years and years of chic and stylish dessert and app tables!

  • Oh My! these would be fabulous with some easter grass and eggs for an easter basket extravaganza! Also for my daughters upcoming birthday party!

  • I’d love these! They be great for food photography for my blog, to use as props for my jewelry website and of course, just for overall entertaining. Thanks for the great giveaway Amy!

  • rok

    Birthday parties for my girls…and holidays

  • Vicki

    I love, love, love these pieces! I would use them while hosting official events for work – I’m a U.S. diplomat. The lines are so clean and classic that they can work for almost any event.

  • I would use them for an upcoming baptism. They would be a great addition to my collection. Thanks for the giveaway Amy.

  • Between my family of five and my love of cooking/baking/hosting, I’d find all KINDS of uses for these beauties! Dinner parties, brunch, birthday dessert tables… Thank you!

  • sheala

    i love to bake so would definitely use it at my next tea party with the girls!

  • Mandy Bennett

    My daughter’s second birthday is coming up and this collection would be fabulous for a dessert table!

  • Randy in CA

    Honestly? I’d give them all to my wife. She loves to cook and bake, and after putting together dessert tables for our son’s and twins’ birthdays last year, I think she’s got dessert tables on the brain this spring!

  • Evelyn

    Dinner parties!!!! White makes a fabulous backdrop for any kind of food, so they would work wonders at any kind of party I threw.

  • I would love to have these vessels. I am throwing a going away party for my sister I’m sure my food will look much more appetizing presented with these dishes!

  • Ooh, just think of all the great parties I could throw! I love white – so versatile! I just discovered my affinity for Crate and Barrel a few months ago, and I can tell it is going to be a lasting relationship 🙂

  • Angela

    I am getting married in a small ceremony this summer and could certainly use these vessels for the party we are planning to celebrate with our friends. It would be for our first party as a married couple and then many more to come over the years. I love the classic, modern style!

  • Tammy Hudson

    I would love to use these for a book club I am hosting in June. No matter how big or small the party is, a dessert table using these would make a big hit. I love to “wow” my guests.

  • I’m cooking my way through Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes cookbook. I’d use these platters as I take pictures of all the many cupcakes I make and post them on my blog!!!

  • Paige

    I would love to use them for two upcoming birthday and an anniversary party I am throwing!

  • tina

    I would use them for Easter Brunch!!

  • I have an acting school. When we have performances a few times a year, I put together dessert tables. I am always looking for more plates, bowls and cake stands. There’s never enough, and we always have to get creative. (Plus, I’d LOVE to have more items to match the C&B things I have!!!!!) It would be one less thing to worry about. PS – Love this blog!

  • Elizabeth White

    I would use them all of the time when I entertain! I have always been a fan of the clean look of crate & barrel. These would go perfect with the mini white appetizer plates & serving pieces I already have for Crate & Barrel. Next on the books is a fun girls night 30th birthday party, these would be so fun filled with yummy treats!

  • I was thinking of using them for Halloween. An all white and silver sweet table for a Cinderella theme, as it’s about pumpkins (silver and glitery for me) and wicked step mother. I think this would perfect to change from the traditional parties in black and orange, and these vessels are just beautiful! Good luck everyone!!

  • Lisa F

    My husband and I are newlyweds and we didn’t get all the wonderful things we were hoping for off our Crate & Barrel registry. We now have a new home and want to entertain and these vessels sure would come in handy!

  • Katy

    These would be perfect for my upcoming baby shower 🙂

  • I think that they would be perfect for my wedding next year! 🙂

  • Vanessa

    I would use them for some fabulous dinner parties or just to have some friends over for good food & great sweets presented in a beautiful way. Love is in the details!

  • Jessica

    I would use it for my dinner parties.

  • I love CB!!

    I would love some more small rectangle platters for parties! I’m currently planning my Hubby’s birthday party! And white is always good!

  • Gloria

    I would use them for everyday! It would be sad to store them away only to be used sometimes. I’d serve everything from pasta to chicken to burgers to delivered pizza and make everyday a little special by how I spend it and the people I spend it with.

  • Rena

    i would use them when i make parties (i am a childrens party planner!)!!

  • Jasmine

    So clean and neat looking, I would use them at my sisters first ever baby shower (and then all the time after that).

  • athina fascianella

    i’d love to win this since i host a ton of dinner parties and showers!!!

  • They’d be so great to use for parties!

  • jen

    Wow – incredible! I’m getting married in June, these will be perfect for entertaining in our new home!

  • Karrianne

    Love these! Would use them for any entertaining!

  • Kelly G

    Ever since I could remember, my grandmother always hosted every holiday dinner at her house. Growing up and into early adulthood, I just knew that if a holiday was coming up, I was going to Gran’s house for a family dinner. It was a comfort and you knew the food would always be good. My grandmother has since passed and I am a busy working mother of 2, but something about bringing the family together has always resonated with me. I never knew how much work went into preparing a large meal for more than a few people until I attempted to host my first family holiday functions. The thought, time and energy is amazing and I look back and think, “wow, Gran did most of it all by herself!” I’ve also come to realize that presentation can make the meal that much more appealing and enjoyable, so I would use these beautiful serving pieces to keep Gran’s traditions alive as I mold and create my own holiday dinners to include not only family, but friends who are like family.

  • mariana

    I would use them to host birthday and dinner parties!!!

  • LaVonne

    These will be a wonderful way to start colllecting vessels, dishes, etc…to create wonderful tables for my brides & other clients at their events! I LOVE the white, clean look!

  • Martha

    I would use these beautiful vessels to enhance the presentation of wonderful desserts.

  • laura~eye candy event details

    I would have so many great uses for these! Romantic dinners w/ the hubby, family dinners, birthday parties & of course at all my parties I plan! =)

  • These would be beautiful on my spring open house dessert table!

  • I love love love these vessels.
    I am having my baby shower in June. These would be PERFECT for all the yummy food. 🙂

  • I love Crate and Barrel and the pieces you picked for the giveaway! I’m a wannabe party planner, so these would make my dessert tables all the much better. Thanks! 🙂

  • I’d love to have these for dinner parties, birthday parties and a special Mother’s Day brunch I’m planning!

  • McKenzie

    These gorgeous vessels would be used to beautifully display the sweet treats we’re planning for our daughter’s second birthday party, as well as dinner parties, brunches, a few upcoming bridal showers, and maybe even for the occasional dinner.

  • Everything. I have a huge crush on white, so crisp, clean and elegant yet fun. I so a fair share of hosting dinner parties and other parties, I would use these for all sorts of foods. White is always great to bring to other’s dinner party with an appetizer or dessert. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  • Rachel

    I’d use these for my upcoming beach wedding in June!

  • Ruthy

    Love! They go with anything. Clean and classic.

  • Christina

    I absolutely love the versatility of white serving dishes! I also think food (and desserts of course!) looks better against a clean, blank canvas. I’m a big fan of your work…thx for keeping me inspired.

  • Jackie

    Perfect for any party or soiree! I love Crate and Barrel. I registered there for my wedding. I don’t shop there as much anymore because I’m on tight budget but I LOVE everthing they carry.

  • I’ll use on my art gatherings every Tuesday w/ friends, we atarted this to make time for us and to make beautiful things, has been great! Love CB and AA!!! And this white table… ahhh!!!!

  • Amy, LOVE your work. C&B – these are versatile pieces for everyday and any event! I am one of seven and when we have parties or family dinner, there are about 40 of us (most being children). These would be great pieces for a dessert table for all and I would get the cool aunt award. Thanks for posting.

  • Faye

    I am hosting a 30th Casino birthday party for my new husband in June, so I would use these pieces to make a Casino themed dessert table in his honor!

  • MarciL

    These are great!! There are so many ways I would use these… my children’s birthday parties, dinner parties and what a great way to set up a dessert table at the bridal shower for my cousin!!

  • Ana

    I would use on every special occasion ! Meals will look and taste even better on it !

  • Laura Connolly

    I would use it to house some wonderful petit fours, cupcakes and cakes. It would great to have such wonderful displays to start my dessert company. I can only dream to make as wonderful dessert tables like Amy’s 🙂

  • Amy! These would be so amazing to score, thanks for being so kind in offering them. Here’s to hoping I win!! Wohoo 🙂

  • Andrea

    I would use these for family events, such as my little sister’s baby shower, my home wedding reception, a cousin’s baby shower, and in the future – any other family event that could use this detail to look that much more special. Other members of my family don’t have a lot of money, so I help them where I can – whether it’s doing wedding photography for them, making invites, or designing a dessert bar for their big event. Everyone deserves to feel like a king or queen on these special occasions.

    • I would use these fantastic pieces to setup tablescape photo shoots to give potential clients ideas! Or I’d use them to highlight yummy goodies at an Icing Smiles fundraiser!

    • I’d use them to highlight yummy goodies at an Icing Smiles fundraiser! And I would also use these fantastic pieces to setup tablescape photo shoots to give potential clients ideas!

  • Jameela Picas

    For something sweet and delicious!

  • Katie

    I would use these for my daughter’s upcoming first birthday party! They would be perfect!!! Then I would continue to use them for several birthday parties this year, and all of the events in years to come.

  • Kristen

    I LOVE C&B! I would use the dishes for an upcoming TRIPLETS baby shower I’m hosting. 🙂

  • Laura V.

    Wow, I could think of a million ways to use these. I have 2 kids & one more on the way so we host a LOT of parties (for kids & adults). My daughter is a born party planner so I know she could come up with some fantastic ways to use these over & over.

  • Connie

    In May I will be hosting a grand celebration for my granddaughter’s First Communion (which coincides with her 8th birthday) and her three month old brother’s baptism. The planned decor will be white. These Crate and Barrel vessels – PERFECT!

  • Trisha B.

    Just love these! I am preparing an ice cream shoppe theme party for my 2 daughters birthdays and these would be incredible! Thank you!

  • angie

    i would use these for my dessert catering business to try to recreate the amazing and beautiful Amy Atlas tables.

  • I would use them to display food on my blog, where I tell the story of my weight loss journey and show readers that food can still be playful and delicious, even when you’re being mindful about it!

  • I would use these lovely items to display the food I photograph for my new food blog. They are so lovely and simple they will make the food really shine.

  • Carol Hazlewood

    These pieces will be perfect when I host wine club! My table will be so pretty for all our dishes to sample with the wine! Crate and Barrel is the best!

  • Christina Perez

    I would use it for the dessert table at my son’s birthday party in May and for all my dinner parties.

  • We love to cook for our friends and family! I would use these to make our savory, as well as sweet buffets, all the more scrumptious!

  • Rosanna

    These would be perfect for the dessert table I plan on having at the bridal shower I am throwing for my friend!

  • Lily Corona

    I would use them to dress up our family party tables! So awesome!

  • Nealie

    Vessels for a sailing theme party!

  • I would use them for a dinner party!

  • I would use these to display my cupcakes, cake pops, cookies… anything and everything I can think to make. I will take too many photos 😉 and share with everyone I know!!

  • i would use these for serving simple + delish appetizers at our housewarming party. we will be closing on our house next month. the dishes are perfectly simple and the cake platters are delishly perfect!

  • I would use them on my Easter Buffet..wanna do small bites this year.

  • I would use them to hold placecards with many beans holding the placecards for a wedding!

    Also, for a candy buffet for bridal showers and bridal parties. YAY exciting!

  • Erica Sodeman

    I love hosting parties for my friends and family and the vessels would go perfectly with my Crate and Barrel dishing I already own!!

  • Karin

    I would use these beautiful dishes to host a spring themed brunch on my building’s rooftop overlooking Lake Michigan. I can just see a delicious coffee cake on the large cake platter!

  • Kathy

    I would love to bake goodies for my friends and neighbors and deliver them on these beautiful pieces, leaving it for them to keep as a gift for no reason! 🙂

  • Duana

    I would use them to make awesome tables like you :0)

  • Courtney

    These are beautiful!!! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I would use them for weddings, showers, and dinner parties!

    • Robin

      I would use them for my daughter’s first birthday party. They would be perfect with the white, pink, and black theme

  • Sarah

    we want to do a candy buffet for our wedding in august (as favors for the guests) and i know it can get expensive. we are on a budget, and this prize would be perfect and a big help! plus they would be great to keep & use over and over again at our home together & for entertaining.

  • Leslie

    I would use these precious and classic serving pieces for all of my parties and entertaining!!!!

  • Amy

    I heart the cake plates! I would use all the pieces for lots of events!

  • Jaime

    I LOVE these dishes and love C&B!! I would use these dishes for family events, open houses and parties!

  • Teresa O.

    I love your settings, a friend introduced me to your site and I am just in awe…they are truly amazing. What a great set to get someone started with. Possibilities could be endless…Thanks Amy

  • Amy

    Two of my favorite websites are Crate and Barrell and Amy Atlas- I did enter the $100,000 Bridal Give away but realize the chance is very slim and I have accepted it with grace. Our upcoming wedding nuptials are June 11, 2011. We are doing a Vintage Boardwalk theme and these white platters and cake stands would be perfect for the Desert Carousel (table)! I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that I finally find my Golden ticket for this giveaway!

  • Amy

    I would use them for all the Bridal showers I’m hosting in the next year. =)

  • Ann Cas

    All my dishes & serving pieces are from Crate & Barrel. I can’t wait to add this to my all-white collection.
    I’m hosting a baby shower next month & this will come in handy. Perfect pieces to show off beautiful handcrafted dessert!

  • Maggie Fearnow

    These vessels would be absolutely perfect for recreating one of your tables for my sister’s bridal shower! Love!

  • Kara

    I would absolutely use these classic, beautiful platters for entertaining friends and family! I love to decorate cookies and cakes, but the overall design is compromised without the classic white backdrop of these platters!

  • Natasha

    I would use them to complement my Crate and Barrel Maison dishes I use when guests come over – it would help “complete the look” for the table!

  • Judy L

    I would use them to entertain family & friends at dinner parties or just any get together.

  • Zabrina

    I recently got married and would love these for when I have my new in-laws and relatives over for dinner!

  • Abbey

    I am DYING to host an Amy Atlas-like event for my 29th birthday. Menu is ready, concept all thought out… And these dishes will be the cherry on top to complete it!!! Pick me!!!

  • I have 3 showers to host this year and I reallyyyy could use these beauties to spiffy up the showers!! Thanks for the chance, you are so inspiring!

  • Kelly

    My sister is getting married in May and I am in charge of dessert table…these vessels would be perfect! This will be my first attempt at a dessert table on such a large scale, so any help I can get would be very much appreciated!

  • Becky M

    I LOVE Crate and Barrel! I have an obsession with serving pieces and these will fit in wonderfully with some C&B pieces I already have. I’ve been dreaming of black and white party so if I win these, I’ll be that much closer to having my party! So exciting!!

  • OMG-These are great! I would use them in inspiration shoots as well as in our family parties.

  • Rian

    I have a wedding shower to throw in August – this would be perfect! I love all white, as they are so functional.

  • Oh those would be great for a couple parties I have coming up. My children are homeschooled and do a grandparent’s party at the end of the year with a program and showing their school work. Those would be great!

  • Angela Willis

    I would use these beautiful serving dishes to accent a variety of themes for the enormous amount of Spring birthday parties that we seem to have in our family (4 out of 5, between April and May)! But, I would be lying if I said that is all that I would use them for!! ; )

  • Valerie

    I would love these and actually use them for my fabulous events I have for my daughter lol. Yes, my nearly 3 year old child has quite the life. We had Sophia’s Sweet Soiree for Valentine’s Day and this month is Sophia’s Easter Eggravaganza 🙂
    We go all out with tablescapes and this would be fantastic since it is white and so with anything.

    We are crossing our fingers.

  • Naomi

    It would be easier to answer when I *wouldn’t* use them! I love, love, love Crate & Barrel but we don’t have one nearby. These are so classic, simple and elegant. I think they would find their way into every party I throw…and then some!

  • I would use these beautiful dishes for all of the entertaining of friends and family that happens at my house.

    • Lisa

      I would use them for a dessert table! It would be so fun to serve with these pieces!

  • Darci

    Goodness, there is so many ways I could use these dishes. I would use them for Holiday dinners, dinners when guests are over, birthday parties, the cake stands would be wonderful and very versatile. I love the square look and this would be a great replacement to my set I have now. So glad Amy Atlas and Crate and Barrel are joining up, this is wonderful!!!

  • barbie

    i would use them for my daughters birthday. they are so claasic they work for anything!!!!

  • Mari Pulles

    What a great giveaway! What wouldn’t I use these for? The possibilities are endless!

  • make your own ice cream bar, smore’s bar, cupcake tower, cakes, birthday parties, family get together, special night in. and on and on and on! Hope I win!

  • Christie

    I would love to use these vessels at the numerous parties I throw throughout the year for my friends and family. I usually do a mix of hors d’oeuvre and pretty desserts. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Stacy

    For everything!

  • Lisa

    I would use this fabulous serveware for my parents 60th wedding anniversary party that my siblings and I are hosting in June. It will be a family dinner in the garden. We are excited to make the event and memorable for all–especially our parents, who while still very much in love, have suffered some health issues of late. Growing up, our mother always made special parties and tablescapes for us (sometimes on a shoestring budget!), so we would like to create something beautiful for her in return. I have been following your site, Amy. Taking what I have learned from you and using these Crate and Barrel vessels, I know we could create something that will touch our parent’s hearts. Regardlesss of the contest, let’s all remember to hold close the ones we love.

  • Danielle

    Oh! I would use these lovely vessels for all of my son’s birthday parties! He’s only 6 months old now, so at least 18 years of amazing and fun parties. I already have the theme of his 1st birthday party planned- and it will be “Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh My!” I’m going to have a vintage circus theme played into it. I think its going to be great with all our close friends and family to celebrate. Thanks for the contest!

  • stephanie

    this would be perfect for my 5yr old daughters upcoming preschool “graduation” party!

  • Elizabeth

    I love Crate and Barrel and most of those are on my wish list to make entertaining easier and prettier!

  • Rhiann

    Oh WOW! What an amazing giveaway! I love Crate & Barrel.

    If I were to win, I would use the amazing set to create a magical scene for my fairy-obsessed daughter’s fourth birthday party!!! Classic dishes for a enchanted fairyland day?! Delightful!

  • What a fantastic giveaway! I would use the C&B items to throw summer events at my home. I love cooking and would really love to take pictures of my dishes on these platters for my blog.

  • Oh! I could really use those for the anniversary table that I am planning!!! Pick me, Pick Me, Pick Me…….oh wait positive thinking…you will pick me, you will pick me, you will pick me:)

  • Luciana

    If i win they will be part of my family’s memory. I’ll use in any special occasion.
    I hope i win to celebrate my baby’s 32nd b-day next month 🙂

  • I would really like to use the plates for summer entertaining, and the cake stands will go nicely with my baking habit.

  • The next event I would use them for would be my for the dessert table at my son’s 1st birthday 🙂

  • Pearl

    I’d use them for summer barbeques, dinner dishes, and baked goodies!

  • Eep! I do a lot of women’s luncheons and these would be perfect!

  • Nicole Lamb

    I would use as an Easter tablescape for a buffet including the most colorful jellybeans, easter grass, peeps and old fashioned chocolate bunnies.

  • Alissa

    I would use them for my “new kitchen” party – they will match the white and yellow theme PERFECTLY!

  • Jennifer

    Spring is in the air and so is my hankering to celebrate with a brunch. One of the large rectangular platters will hold a Tortellini Salad with ham, strawberries and fresh Michigan asparagus. Pepper crusted roasted turkey breast will be sliced and served on the other large platter. The 2 square plates will feature mini quiches and mini cream puffs with a shrimp salad filling. The 4 small rectangular platters will hold pineapple, mango and two of my favorite breads from Avalon International Bakery in Detroit, Motown Multigrain and Leelanau Cherry Walnut. At the omelet station, I will use the 4 sauce dishes for mushrooms, cheese, spring onions and colorful peppers. Finally, the Delish cake platters will be stacked to hold sweet breads including homemade cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins with Michigan blueberries lovingly frozen and cherished until the next harvest. The best part…. After the brunch is over, I can begin to plan the next event featuring these lovely Crate and Barrel vessels.

  • nicholepinz

    i would be awesome to use the pieces for entertaining!

  • Aubrey Stephenson

    I would love to have these! They are perfect for a simple dinner and to dress up for parties!

  • I would love to use these for cocktail party get togethers!

  • Peggy St. Clair

    I would love to be considered- we don’t have a Crate and Barrel yet- but one is coming soon!!!

  • Carly Potter

    Oh man! I would make up excuses to throw parties just so I could use these lovely dishes!!! Love C&B!

  • brittney s.

    I use all white plates for all of my parties so these would fit in perfectly!

  • I would use all these amazing pieces for all our parties! So much better than what I am currently using!

  • Oh my gosh, I have been dreaming of having a whole slew of plates like this to use for my wedding dessert table. I also want to throw a fabulous Christmas party filled with beautiful desserts next Christmas. I love the combination of white, tealy blue and red at Christmastime. This is an amazing giveaway, Amy! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Rebecca

    I would use them at a dinner party for my friends!

  • Season

    I love Crate and Barrel too! I would use them for so many things, but specifically for my 2-year-old daughters birthday party coming up! I hope I win!!!

  • Suzanne

    I would use them for EVERYTHING. Birthday parties and every kind of party or no party at all – just our family dinners!

  • Wow! This is a fantastic opportunity! I’m a wedding & event planner and would love to be able to make these items available to all of my clients for their special occasions!

  • Sharon

    Spring, Spring, Spring! White is for new begins. I would use these entertainment pieces for all occasions! My son’s girlfriend, Jess gave me a cupcake recipe book and I have been using it to make cupcakes for family and friends. My daughter and I use this time to spend time together and create memories. She is 23 yrs. old and our time together is not what it used to be. I would love to display our “work of arts” on these pieces. Celebrating birthdays, holidays and milestones are priceless. Crate and Barrel pieces are simple and beautiful but don’t distract from our creations!

  • I would use them for pretty much everything!!!! Birthday parties, get togethers, casual dinner!!!

  • Angel

    I’m hosting Easter dinner and plan to make a fabulous Amy Atlas-inspired dessert table complete with chocolate bunnies, homemade marshmallows,and colorful candies. These dishes would be perfect! After that, they’ll be used dinner parties — so pretty!

  • Sara

    I would use them for the 14th birthday party my best friends and I are throwing for our four daughters, whom we call the Fab 4. It’s going to be a surprise and we have been planning for months complete with introductions from their moms, and a father/daughter dance. Sniff..I’m getting misty just thinking about how awesome it is going to be!

  • I’d love to put those to good use for some party spreads this summer. We’ve had to downsize to a smaller apartment, but I still want to make the most of it with plenty of company.

  • I would fill them all with colorful sweet treats for great parties!

  • Vanessa Tellez

    I would use these for my weekly obsession of baking and get together dinners..they are perfect: simple and classy. 🙂

  • tramn

    These would be perfect for the tea parties/brunches I love hosting for my friends and family. They would also be perfect for the Thanksgiving dinner for 20(+/-) I host every year.

  • I would use these to go along with the garden party that I want to do for my birthday this year!

  • Deirdre

    I would use them for my wedding shower that my Mom and I are planning together!! The theme is white and “something blue”. Plus I would use them for all my other parties I throw!! I love to entertain my friends and family!

  • Raychel Wishart

    I am currently a stay at home mom working very hard on starting an event planning company! I realized my passion for event planning while coordinating my own wedding 3 years ago, but just recently was asked by two of my best girl friends to plan their weddings this year. That’s when I realized that it’s not just a passion, I’m actually really good at it, and ENJOY all the WORK that goes into an event!! I LOVE doing Amy Atlas inspired candy buffets and dessert tables, they are my favorite aspect of any party. These vessels would prevent me from having to spend all the money that I haven’t made yet on platters and serve wear. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win some amazing products!

  • Liliana

    I would use these gorgeous white vessels for my little girl’s birthday! I’m planning to have a fairy theme tea party and they would work great for the cake, candy and sweet table display! And because the of white color they would be great at any family gathering!

  • I would use these vessels for photography for my food blog, and for parties 🙂

  • Latoya

    I would use them for a Mother’s Day brunch/luncheon, my housewarming, dinner parties and all sorts of events!

  • I would use the cake platters as drink dispenser stands for our annual outdoor summer movie night parties. The clear glass would work perfectly. And, the white dishes would all be perfect to display appetizers, sweets, cutlery and so much more.

  • TERRI :)

    Love, love, love your work Amy! I am attempting to follow in your footsteps (needless to say that I am wayyyy faaaar in the back yet!) but trying to start a personalized desserts and dessert table business! These would make a nice addition to my “start up” collection! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Kristin

    I would use them for Everything as well. And my son turns one this fall and I would definitely use them for the party! I love Crate + Barrel, and they would go well with my white C+B dishes.

  • Leslie Fay

    I would create a full pastry spread for all of my friends and family with all the things that I will have learned in my upcoming week-long pastry workshop!

  • Ooh wine and food paired dinners comes to mind!

  • Nicole

    To create a festive table to celebrate my second wedding anniversary!

  • Shannon

    I have a few birthday parties for my family up and coming as well as a house warming for our families new home. We are about to purchase our first home, Yeah!

  • Kelly

    I will be doing a dessert table for my best friend’s wedding in September, and this set would be perfect! Especially for the budget of starving college student 🙂

  • Kathleen

    What great basics! I’d use them for all kinds of parties, starting with the two upcoming bridal showers I’m having.

  • Michelle Balvin

    Love these Crate and Barrel vessels. They would look great on my table. Thanks for the chance to win them 🙂

  • Laura

    What a fantastic set for entertaining. I would use these dishes for all of our big family meals and get togethers with our friends.

  • Angelina

    I am the party-master! With the simple style & the crisp, clean white they could match for all of my occasions…murder mystery parties, the annual autumn celebration & winter snowball cocktail parties, dinner parties, wine & cheese nights, or just having friends over for snacks & a movie! 🙂

  • I’m just entering the world of entertaining and I do not own any dishes for display. I would use each and every one of these to create fabulous set ups for my clients and personal parties.

    I really hope to win =]

  • Bernie

    Georgous! I am planning a Breakfast Reception for our college’s graduates and these would be the perfect addition to our table. Very elegant, we will be using black and white anemones in little white vases and black iron scroll work will hold the menu item cards. These pieces would be stunning on tiered platforms of black and soft gray. What a perfect way to help celebrate our student’s success!! The possibilities are endless! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Mendi

    My siblings and I are hosting a 75th birthday brunch for our mom on Easter weekend. Our party would be so special!

  • Rhonda

    I am a mother of 4 beautiful daughters ages 1,6,8,and 11. I love to throw huge over the top birthday bashes for them. I am also a very dedicated special education teacher that loves to throw bashes for my students and their families. These beautiful dishes would get much use both at home and work for me. I love trying to make beautiful tables like Amy’s at my parties. However my poor teacher’s salary limits my budget for serving dishes to Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart. 🙂 I make do But these she would go a long way to making things so much more beautiful. I can just imagine how beautiful my upcoming Mother’s Day Tea Party would be at school with these as the serveware instead of usual.

  • I’m a teacher and I would these fun items for staff functions especially after a stressful day so I could brighten everyone’s spirits!

  • They are so great. I would use them at every party!

  • Sarah

    My daughter will be one in July. We are planning on having a big party with all adults as our friends don’t have children yet. I would use these with a splash of pink added to the white.

  • I am in love with white servingware – it’s so classy, but understated at the same time! I’d use these for all the get together’s we have throughout the summer… and for any upcoming events I plan!

  • Wow!!!!!! I am so crazy about anything WHITE these days to use for my dessert tables!!!!! These beauties would come in handy for many parties for my four Beautiful daughters, that I always go all out for with decorating and mostly the dessert tables, and family gatherings soon!!!!!!! Awesome Giveaway!!!!!! Ohhhh, and FIY I heart Crate & Barrel!!!!

    Michelle Torres
    [email protected]

  • Angie

    I would use these to host fun family and friend parties. Also for future birthday parties for my kids. I love to plan parties. So fun!

  • What an exquisite canvas of white dishes on which to display colorful treats and decor. Which is exactly how I would use them in my photography! Of course the vessels would be used for entertaining too, Amy Atlas-style.

  • I love the clean lines and simple elegance of these pieces. They would mix so nicely with anything else you might already have, like vintage china or brightly colored pieces. I would love to have them in my own collection but seldom allow myself to splurge like that!

  • I love these pieces! I would use them in food photography, I’m starting out and have very few props and pieces to show off my baked goods, these would be perfect.

  • Diana

    I would love to use these beautiful serving pieces when hosting family and friend get-togethers. Sharing a meal is a wonderful way to express love and affection with loved ones. Lovely serving dishes just enhances the occasion and makes everyone know how special they are.

  • Nora

    I love Crate and Barrel! white serving ware is perfect when hosting family and friend get-togethers.

  • Patty

    The more important question is what WOULDN’T I use them for …. I see them for a dinner party, when my family comes to visit in June, birthdays, holidays, Derby. All sorts of fun.

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