Mar 24, 2011

“Boy or Girl?” Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

I like to think you can always find a good reason to throw a party.  This party idea is so creative, I love it.  I have been hearing a lot recently of couples having “gender reveal” parties. Bettijo and Aimee of PagingSupermom threw a little party to reveal the gender of Bettijo’s unborn baby to her close friends and family.  The ladies used Bettijos cravings as the theme of the dessert table and the color palette used was neutral as nobody at the party knew the sex of the baby, including Bettijo and her husband.  This was accomplished by asking their ultrasound tech to write on a notecard the gender and put it in a sealed envelope. Aimee then took the sealed notecard to a party store along with a big white box and asked the sales clerk to look at the notecard and fill the box with either pink helium balloons for a girl or blue helium balloons for a boy.  At the party, each guest was asked to put on a flair pin of what they thought the baby would be.  At the end, the box was opened and the balloons revealed.  A baby girl it is… Congratulations and great job.

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  • Sooo cute… Hubby and I will be having one of these if we’re ever expecting again…

  • I love it! Great ideas!

  • So fun! I love these ideas.

  • Judi

    So cute! Will definitely be suggesting this idea to those I know expecting! Love the idea of the buttons and tally! Such fun!

  • I’ve been seeing these a lot to, and decided they are such a fun idea I would love to do one again when Hubby & are expecting!

  • Such a beautiful party! I love the name suggestion station. What an awesome idea!

  • My husband and I hosted a gender revealing party this past summer! It was so much fun. All the food and drinks were either pink or blue and we had our guests wear pink if they thought we were having a girl or blue for a boy. It was a lot of fun and a fun way to celebrate our wonderful news with friends and family.

  • Love this! Gender reveal parties are so much fun! The dessert table is so clever with the different types of food cravings!

  • What a lovely theme the table and games are great.

  • This is so cool! I love the guess game and the suggestion name 🙂

  • That´s a nice Idea! I hope i can do it some time.

  • How cute! I love the mix of yellow + gray while still using the pink + blue for the tally board/pins! Very neutral!

    Congratulations to them!

  • What an adorable idea!! I love this. And I love the tally game and the name suggestions. Very cute.

  • Maureen

    My daughter’s employer did something similar last week. She made arrangements for the doctor to call a local restaurant and tell them the sex of the baby. The family gathered for dinner and dessert was a cake dyed accordingly, either pink or blue. They found out the sex of the baby when they cut the cake.

  • I love the color palette, i love the labels, and i LOVE the game!
    What a great idea!

  • What an adorablle and clever theme…
    The pins are too cute.

  • Amy

    I love this idea! What a gorgeous way to reveal the sex of the baby with family and friends to witness 🙂

    Gorgeous table too.

  • SO fun! I love this idea. The added element of the parents-to-be not knowing takes the excitement and fun of this party to another level. This one is extra cute with the cravings buffet!

  • such an adorable idea! 🙂 and sooo well styled!! im in love!

  • I loved!
    I never witnessed something similar to this here in Brazil!

  • Love the “What’s she craving” idea!!! How cute!

    Check out the “Baby Bundle Reveal” Soiree we just hosted. It was such an exciting and memorable night! We decorated with pink and blue polka-dot balloons, chiffon and tulle flowers held together with vintage broaches, paper doll chains, crystal candle sticks, and “?” mark bunting. We had everyone wear a pompom and yarn necklace to share their twin prediction. Each guest was given a chocolate nest with two cake truffles… one chocolate for baby A’s reveal and one white chocolate for baby B’s reveal.

    Check out the pictures we posted to find out what she had!

    X’s and O’s.


  • l.o.v.e this. the end. but really, its so dang cutie patootie!

  • Your ideas are adorable and I love the photos! I posted a link to them on my Facebook Fan page. I hope some of my readers check out your site!

  • Britt

    What an adorable and beautiful shower!! Where did you get the pins??? I’ve been searching online to no avail.

  • Camila

    I am Brazilian and here this trend has not yet arrived, but I loved it! When the stork arrive here at home, I will make!