Mar 10, 2011

Goldilocks & Three Bears Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

We’re seeing a lot of classic nursery tale themed parties popping up in our inbox lately.  This Goldilocks and The Three Bears party guest feature from Paula of Frog Prince Paperie is “Just Right” as the famous author Robert Southey once wrote.  Guests were invited to the party with a Goldilocks board book and “Bear Mail” bookplate/invitation.  Paula created a bear house vibe for the birthday party.  She used a painted bead board as a backdrop with silhouettes of mama bear, papa bear and baby bear. She used tiny dollhouse chairs to display desserts that might find their way into a bear celebration: baked porridge topped with maple frosting and cinnamon, marzipan acorns, honey cupcakes, chocolate covered bear pops, and bear sugar cookies.  The kids ate all their goodies at a four-poster twin bed that was converted into a kid-sized table {how fun!}  Paula created a snack bar for the kids with berries (candy), mushrooms (cracker sticks with mushroom tops), twigs (pretzel sticks) and brown teddy bear grahams.  Party favors were porcelain bowls and wooden spoons personalized with each child’s name and a small teddy bear nestled in the bowl.  Fantastic job, Paula!

Photography by John McLaughlin and Paula Biggs.

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  • Gabi

    how perfectly styled!!

  • Katherine {flower & honey}

    so adorable! love the polka dot balloons and the silhouettes!

  • HiLLjO

    those mini chairs are NUTS!!! Where are those from?!
    I love the table-bed and the dessert table! The colors are super fun and it looks like research on the story was done beforehand in great depth!

  • Cheryl at Bliss! Weddings

    wow! this was beautifully executed! such a great, unique idea! LOVE the cookies and the tiny chairs!

  • Yum Yum Tables

    This is beyond cute…Love this idea! =)

  • Sara

    GORGEOUS! So creative and well done!

  • Misha

    This is so cute! It’s crazy perfect! Beautiful!

  • Michele @ crazyfordesign

    Are you kidding me! This is so great! Great job Paula!

  • Robyn

    Just stunning i love the little chairs and the table party – all incredibly creative!

  • Chris @ Celebrations At Home

    I’m crazy about the tiny chairs on the dessert table! Paula has such talent!

  • Tammi and Bec – Rubyju

    Very Cute! Such a different theme! Love it! xx

  • monique simone weston

    This is Amazing!!!!!

  • Jeannie

    What an adorable design, so imaginative!

  • Andrea @ Paper-Charmed

    love, love, love it! yellow and blue are great together!

  • Jessica Hembree

    This is un-bear-ably cute!!! Love it!

  • Jaclyn

    wow, this is beyond cute. All the way around to perfect and adorable and stunning.

  • Nicole @ Tradewind Tiaras

    Congratulations, Paula! This is one stunning, incredibly well conceived and executed party! I love your creativity.

  • Kristy

    Oh my. I’m in love with every single detail, especially the bed table. Too cute!!!

  • Debbie @ Table Tops For Tots

    So beyond wonderful! Absolutely the most creative party I’ve seen of late! All I can say is, awesome job Paula!

  • Elizabeth@lovely little parties

    wow. Talk about detail. nice.

  • Marcie

    So precious and creative!!! LOVE IT

  • Eloïse

    Oh my gosh, this is my youngest daughter’s favourite story!!! This table is so darn cute, this would be to long to comment for me cause i like, no, no, no, I LOVE EVERY SINGLE DETAILS, we were planning my husband and i to do her this theme for her next birthday on August. Congratulations to Paula, and thank you for sharing this!!!

  • Dulce Sobremesa

    So cute! Great details!

  • Melissa from The Speckled Freckle Party Place

    This is one of the best parties I have seen in ages. I love the doll house chairs. They are just gorgeous. Everything about it has the wow factor. I love it.

  • Kristyn

    This is one of the most thought-through parties I’ve ever seen. Beautifully styled. I wish I was as creative and industrious as Paula!

  • Amy @ Blowout Party!

    Perfect, perfect, perfect! I can barely wrap my mind around all the gorgeous details of this party! Love the little chairs, the bear silhouettes, the bed tables… WOW! Paula does it again!

  • manvi @ mochatini

    beautiful styling and photography. so adorable.

  • Lisa

    Seriously?!! This is the most unique theme I’ve ever seen. Wow, so adorable.

  • Renee

    Wow she thought of every detail – this looks incredible! Great work!

  • Monique of Enchanted Expectations

    OMG! This is the most adorable party. Love it all!

  • Polly McMillan

    This is the beary sweetest party ever! So clever and original. Love the execution and all of the sweet touches!

  • Martine LC

    This is really well done, clean lines, great ideas but not too many, which makes for genius, great use of colour, I suppose you didn’t repaint the walls so great choice to use the blue and enhance it. The framed silhouettes are brilliant. The bed, everything, really well done it is very inspiring. Are the blocks boxes or cakes?
    From the southwest of France

  • Nat

    Well done!
    Hey, where did you get those cute mini chairs!!!! LOVE IT!!

    • Paula {Frog Prince Paperie}

      Nat–they were unstained chairs from Hobby Lobby, and we just made them the color we wanted :)

  • aaron greenwood

    Love it all. So sweet & fun! The bed was a great touch to the party as well!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Cari

    This is DARLING!! Love it!

  • Sarah Goodwin

    One of my favorite childhood memories is my Grandma reading me Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This darling party completely brought me back in time. What a perfectly detailed occasion?!

  • Ceilidh

    what a great looking dessert table…so much effort put into it, but it paid off! Gorgeous.

  • Jane

    Simply Genius!

  • Rowaida Flayahan

    love the bed table what a great idea for the theme. Gorgeous

  • Audrey @ Sweet Cheeks

    This has to be the sweetest party ever! The details are amazing!

  • Jeanee

    So cute! Love the details. The table/bed is just adorable ^.^

  • Mandi Briggs

    Absolutely precious!!

  • Bettijo @ Paging Supermom

    So sweet! I love all the darling details and such a fun, unique idea.

  • Valerie@yellow+gray

    This theme is so great! I love all the details especially the miniature chairs…awesome job!

  • Josie

    amazing spread!!! i love the details

  • Nancy

    Perfection! Beautiful!

  • Jonni

    Wow! This is amazing. Nice job! Love the bed idea too.

  • Dina

    Stunning!!! LOVE the table.Love everything!! Fantastic job Paula!

  • Ledingham

    WOW!! So much effort has gone into this by the looks and it has really paid off. It really looks amazing.

  • Ann

    Adorable! Love the table! And where’d you get the large spoons and personalized bowls?