Feb 09, 2011

Behind the Book – The Planning Phase

We’re starting a new series on the blog today called “Behind the Book” where I’ll show my experiences and some behind-the-scenes peeks of making my first book.  There are many decisions that go into making a book like this, especially when it is such a visual book like mine.  If you know me, I’m a cookbook hoarder, tear sheet collector, and I’ve been keeping a journal of my ideas for years.  When I was little, my trapper keeper was more likely to be filled with doodles of me drawing cupcakes than anything else.

Figuring out how to narrow down all of the ideas I have and give you what you all will enjoy most is no easy task.  There are many choices that have to be made {like big picture items with publisher such as hard cover vs. trade paperback} to smaller, but also important details like which tables we’ll shoot, the sensibility of the tables, desserts, crafting choices, and so many others decisions.  Last night, after a long day of meetings with some of the members of my awesome team {see above and below}, I couldn’t fall asleep.  The first part of our shoot is next week {we’ll be shooting through March} and my head was spinning with details.  How could I fall asleep with all of this on my mind?  My husband, who always manages to keep me real, gently reminded me to enjoy the process.   It is so easy to get caught up in the details and not be reflective about the process, but the truth is this is one of the most exciting times of my life, and seeing my vision unfold in a studio next week is something that I should relish.  I’m hoping that writing this “behind the book” series will not only give you a peek {and get you excited for what’s to come}, but will also be a reflective process for me.  Stay tuned!  xoxo

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  • Dalia

    Dreams! isn’t it wonderful when they come true. Thanks so much for sharing these experiences, they are every bit as inspiring as seeing your beautiful dessert tables.
    Can’t wait to see the book!

  • super exciting news !! good luck for the next few months to come. and thank you for sharing the behind-the-scenes as you go. will definitely have us more and more excited for sure, and hope it does allow you to reflect and enjoy the process more too. hey, everyone wins. =)

  • Wonderfully exciting, thanks for the behind the scenes peek!

  • This is wonderful! Thanks for letting us tag along on your journey!

  • aly

    While I know others will agree with me that we can’t wait to see the final result, it will be so exciting to have a look behind the entire creative process. And I agree with your husband, make sure to enjoy it. Try not to get frustrated with all the little details.

  • This post made me smile! I agree with your husband! What an amazing experience. Thank you for inspiring us all. Dreams can come true!!!

  • Candy

    We are all so thrilled for you! To see the fruition of your dreams come true must be extremely satisfying. Yes, savor every moment. We are all on the sidelines cheering you on. We as sisters are so proud of your success and your example of hard work. Thanks for taking us with you on your journey!


  • Love this new series. I have a tremendous admiration for your work. Thanks for sharing with us, your readers/followers such great journey.

  • What a thrilling experience this must be! Be comforted in the fact that you have so many fans {like myself} that support you, and admire that you put your heart and soul into your work. It truly shows. I am quite excited to see the final product! All the best with your upcoming photo shoots.
    Truly, Dawn

  • Sharnel

    I have no idea how you slept last night Amy. And you’ve had your hair cut! It looks lovely.
    Remember to breathe every once and a while.

  • Congratulations on the “sweet” book! It sounds like it will be wonderful. Your designs and tables are amazing. Thanks for thinking of us… we are happy to contribute 🙂

  • I’m super excited for the book. Congratulations again! Enjoy the process and take in every little bit of it 🙂

  • Aren’t husbands great — mine often has to remind me of very similar things. It is so easy to get wrapped up in details and forget to celebrate what is so great in our lives. I’m really looking forward to reading your “Behind the Book” posts! –b

  • I am just so excited about this book, Amy! This will be a fun series to read as well! Thank you for sharing it with your readers!

  • This made me even more excited about your book. Congratulations and enjoy the whole process. I can’t wait until it come out.

  • This is an exciting adventure – thank you for sharing it with us and I hope you enjoy it as much as we all do!
    Can’t wait to see the finished book!!

  • Sarah ~ Dreamers Joy Events & Design

    How exciting! I will definately be following this new series. So looking forward to getting your fabulous book! 🙂

  • Sarah / Dreamers Joy Events & Design

    How exciting! Loving the new series and cant wait to get your fabulous book! 🙂

  • Amy, I know you may be afraid it won’t be “perfect” …. but we all know, it will. Congratulations – and I’ll enjoy following along with your journey.

  • How wonderful and exciting this is. I want to wish you great success Amy! you are an inspiration to me and many others.
    Bonne Chance

  • SO cool, Amy. What an awesome experience. I can’t wait to see your book progress on your blog…. Can’t wait to buy it, too! 😉
    You have load of support in your fans…. we all love you!

  • You are such an amazing person to share your tips with us and now your journey through creating this amazing book. What an inspiration you are. Thank you for sharing!