Jan 31, 2011

Monopoly Baseball Party for My ‘Lil Guy

By: Amy Atlas, in Amy's Latest, Kids

My little guy turned 5 this month and we had a fun celebration for him this weekend.  Contrary to what people might think, I actually like to throw small and intimate parties.  They are usually low-key (with the exception of a fab cake and some cute details).  Because I have been so busy with my book, I pulled this party together very last minute, but it still turned out quite sweet.

The Inspiration…the party details were inspired by two of my son’s favorite things..Monopoly and Baseball. Monopoly is the first board game that our family started playing together and my ‘lil one has really taken a liking to it.  A few times, my husband and I have even woken up to the sweet sounds of our kids negotiating properties and “buying” mortgages (my ‘lil guy says mawguhges).  He also loves baseball (specifically The Mets) and wanted to play baseball at his party with his friends.  We meshed the two concepts by creating a Monopoly design laced with baseball/Mets details.

A few fun deets…The kid table was designed to look like a Monopoly board.  The custom placemats were property cards and had Mets-inspired properties like David Wright Way, Jose Reyes Road, Citi Field, Mr. Met Way, and more. The custom napkin rings, which many kids used for bracelets by the end of the party, were made to look like Monopoly money.  We also had custom juice boxes, candy bars, water bottles, and popcorn boxes with the well known Monopoly Go sign, but it said “Go To First Base.”  Fun goody bags in Monopoly colors were made to look like the Chance and Community Chest cards, but instead said “Wish Josh a Happy Birthday and Go Directly to Citi Field.” For treats, we had an amazing Mets Monopoly cake from The Cake Studio (yes, that whole board was edible, including the little Monopoly die and board pieces). We also had Mets Monopoly property cookies and Monopoly Chance question mark cookies from Baked Ideas.  We created Monopoly property-inspired vessels for the food by covering styrofoam boxes with colored construction paper and black tape.

After many innings and several property discussions at the kid table, my ‘lil guy felt as though he had really scored at the party.  Thanks to my team who helped me pull this together on such short notice during a hectic week!

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  • So AMAZING, Amy!!
    You never cease to amaze me. Everything is so perfect. If I could give a standing ovation, I would 🙂

  • Absolutely gorgeous birthday party theme! I love all the special details! Happy birthday to your little guy!!

  • Wow! You did such an amazing job incorporating two themes into one party! The details are, as usual, amazing! Well done!

  • Absolutely gorgeous birthday party theme! I love all the special details! Happy birthday to your little guy!! I hope he has a fabulous birthday week!

  • Especially love the cookies and the creative risers!

  • L.O.V.E. I love when a theme represents the birthday boy or girl and the mixing of two themes to create a completely unique party!

  • Nothing I love to see more than a real party-with actual kids. They look like they are having so much fun!
    So many clever ideas. Adore the placemats.

  • Danielle

    Oh wow! This is insanely creative and amazing. He looks so happy to have such an awesome party. Love the detail on the risers making them look like squares in the game. And to connect baseball with the graphics and street names is really cool. Love the ideas! Amy, you never cease to amaze and inspire!

  • Genious!

  • From one Mets fan to another, what a beautiful party Amy! My 5-year-old would have been in heaven! I hope he had a wonderful day!

  • Happy Birthday, Josh! I love the theme, so much fun! That cake is brilliant.

  • What a clever idea for a party!!
    So so cute!!!

    Looks like the birthday boy (and all his friends) are having a blast!
    Great job!!!

  • Oh this is great! I had to share it with my husband who is a huge Mets fan. The cake is spectacular!!

  • this is such a unique theme! wonderful!

  • Wow, this is such a cake! This must be really enternaining for a kid, i wish i had a mom like you!

  • How adorable. I always have issues mixing 2 themes but this is a textbook tutorial of how to do it without making a mess. Thank you Amy for sharing and Happy Birthday to your adorably bashful birthday boy.

  • Such a great party idea Amy! Love it! XO

  • Wow amazing my kids will love this!

  • Wow, so many creative ideas!

  • Amy, this is amazing! I love the table design. Looks like your little guy had a wonderful time.

  • That is so cool! I love the last two picks of him laughing!!! Looks like it was a VERY successful party!

  • camille

    Fabuleux, bravo !

  • Heather

    Love it! The look on your sons face is priceless. How sweet!

  • Fabulousity as always! I absolutely love all the details, especially the printables!

  • What fun!! I love the question mark cookies, the drink box wraps and the favor tags. And of course, that cake is amazing!! But the absolute best part, is that the kids (especially your son) look like they had a blast!

  • Dalia

    What a great party and the cake is absolutely amazing! But the best pics are the ones of the kids having such a blast. Makes it all worth it.

  • Oh WOW, Amy, this is sooo amazing! 🙂 What a great party for Josh and his friends! Geniuos!! I also just love the photos of your lil guy and his friends! Is that big brother standing behind the birthday boy? Such cute photographs. Can’t help but giggle along with them while looking at their pictures, TRULY PRICELESS!! Amazing cake! 🙂

  • Such a cute party for a litlle boy! I love Monopoly (still do), so I can imagine how happy he must have been with his party! Happy Birthday, Josh and Mommy!

  • I really love this party. Very fun and colorful. Awesome, well done!

  • That is very cute, I LOVE the picture of him covering his face, too sweet. It look like a fabulous party, you guys did great!

  • I LOVE the Monopoly concept! This attention to detail is amazing!

  • very original! Love it!!

  • Marieke de Korte

    As always; wonderful and beautiful! How is it possible to combine two suc different themes in one wonderful design?!
    But most of all, Happy Birthday to your “Lil guy” and to you!

  • What a clever birthday theme, Amy! Thanks for sharing and happy birthday to Josh!

  • Low key?!
    It’s gorgeous, and of course you never fail to amaze me! (and all of us!)
    Greattt incorporation of the theme! 😀

  • Mickey

    This is so great! I am new to the details of it all. How do I go about creating the custom labels for the water bottles, juice & popcorn boxes? Any feedback on this would be super!


  • Katie

    so cute! my husband just helped me make a custom monopoly board for our friends. love the party ideas!

  • Oh wow, what an amzingly fantastic party!! I love all the details and that cake is to die for!! You are one lethal party stylist in pulling this off last minute, I would have been stressing about it weeks beforehand lol

  • mara

    …mui bonita fiesta, encantada! besoss!

  • Sharnel

    This is so fun Amy!

  • Love his expression! He looks so happy! Mission accomplished.

  • Absolutely LOVE this! Your creativity is so inspiring!

  • aly

    Wow! All the details are amazing, but still really fun. And best of all, like others said, your son and his friends look like they are having a great time. Happy Birthday!

  • Dear Amy,

    How have I lived my life up to this point without your awesomeness??? I feel like I have been living on Mars. Will you marry me? Is it too soon to ask that? Hmmm.

    Love your guts

  • This is AMAZING!! I love that there is always something totally original on your blog, whether it be from you or a feature you’re doing. Always inspiring!! Thanks!

  • wow it looks amazing! love the details and the cake looked amazing! my 6yr old son loves playing baseball too 🙂

  • Great idea for a party.Wonderful design.

  • Wow! That is the most amazing party cake! I love everything about what you do.