Jan 21, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Guest Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

We receive a lot of Alice in Wonderland themed dessert tables, but we wanted to share this clever and colorful one from Estela Curion of www.caraminholando.com.br in Brazil.  We love the innovative use of playing cards for an actual vessel for desserts.  How neat is that?  Estela used a glue-gun to hold the playing cards together.  You can take this idea and use it for a game night party and it would be fantastic.  The oversized cards on the desserts are also fun.  Fun quotes like “Eat Me” and “Drink Me” were incorporated into the table. Cake and sweets were made from Soul Sweet and AMMA chocolate {which helps several poor communities in northeast Brazil}.  Very clever, Estela!

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  • How on earth did they get that house of cards to stay put! Amazing!

  • Are you kidding me with the stacked playing cards!?! So clever!!

  • Broonda

    Great, i love the cards, it is amazing!!!

  • I’m so proud of my fellow brazilian friend 🙂 amazing party!! So many talented ladies there!

  • fernanda

    Beautiful! I loved! Happy to know it’s from Brazil! Like me 🙂

  • Mariamoya

    Es increíble! Qué arte tienes!!!

  • I love the house of cards! This is such a clever take on a theme I’ve been seeing a lot lately, but this party has a very cool & unique feel. Thanks for sharing.

  • Marcelo

    Absolutely gorgeous!!
    Candies and decoration , just beatiful

  • Dalia

    Such a fun table! The stacked cards are a genius idea. Nevermind how you
    glued them together, how on earth did they hold the weight of the cakes
    you put on each level???!!???
    I absolutely love the colorful little cardboard wrappers used to hold the cupcakes and truffles, especially the purple and white polka dot ones that
    open up like a flower, would love to know where I can get those.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi dear…
      that candies aren’t cakes… but a chocolate candy, called brigadeiro, tradicional here, in Brazil…
      the little cardboard wrappers can be found in stores for parties

  • Card stack a brilliant idea, would be good too with big cards as long as you don’t put anything too heavy on it. Would love to see an overall picture of the buffet. The little holders for the truffles are great too as well as the little frilly pink paper flowers.
    Well done and yes, thanks for sharing

  • Dear all,

    I´m so happy with all the comments! Thank you very much for the compliments. I love what I do and to be here, on Amy´s blog, is such an honor.

    Since the card sweet stand is something that generate so much interest, I’ll post a DIY in my blog latter this week. You can check on:


    Best regards to all,

  • It’s funny this post is about AIW, because i’m so into it right now, the card casttle is really inspiring!

  • Well done, very unique and I LOVE all the Alice elements throughout the table. Card vessel has to be my favourite, and the card picks.

  • Sooo cute! Very unique in its styling and palette from any other Alice party I’ve ever seen!

  • Oh my goodness, what a precious, adorable, whimsical “Alice in Wonderland” dessert table! I love it~! I am amaze at the precious five-tiered card stack.
    WHOAAA!! Estela, I’d love to learn how you did that magic! 🙂
    I can’t wait to see your DIY on how you did the card stack. Lovely, lovely styling. I also love the “Drink Me” mini bottles. I wonder where I could get some of these cute little bottles? Thank you Estela for sharing your artwork with us readers and admirers! And as always, thanks so much Amy for all your beautiful work and for featuring great dessert table styles! Can’t wait to get your book in stores…That will be first on my top “WISH LIST!” 🙂

  • Increíble Amy! Gracias por inspirarnos a todos, incluso cuando veo estos post con fotos de otros, no dejo de ver tu obra detrás…

    A mi me inspiraste tanto que he publicado mi propio blog, pero dedicado al público latino, con tus ideas y otras muchas, espero que te guste!


    Un beso y gracias por todo, sigue así!

  • Really amazing!
    Loved it!
    Now if I can only be that good with glue!

  • It’s a lovely party, isn’t it???
    Yes, here in Brazil, there’s a lot of talented girls… and amazing parties…

  • Bianca Monnerat

    I’m from Brazil and I also just had a Alice party for my 2 year old girl, but this idea of the cards is amazing, nice job.

  • Dear,

    I didn´t had the time to post the cards’ castle DIY in my blog yet due to the great (and good!) amount of work. Sorry!

    But Claudia did it for me and it is in her blog (link below). I used only hot glue gun and regular cards to do it. In fact, it is eaasier than it looks like. Although it is in Portuguese, the pictures help to understand the steps do be followed.


    Any question, please email me and I´ll be more than glad to answer you back: [email protected]


  • Jennifer Cuda

    Where did you find the bottles? Thanks, Jen

  • meaghan

    LOVE!!! going to have a bridge party and this is inspiring. i found this vintage card aprons http://www.etsy.com/listing/83582187/vintage-apron-queen-of-clubs and thrilled to include them. THANKS!!!