Jan 19, 2011

Sweet Valentine’s Day Cookies and Cake Gift Box

valentines Sweet Valentines Day Cookies and Cake Gift Box

While searching through some of my favorite sites yesterday, I came across this adorable DIY Valentine’s project from I Am Baker on craftgossip that any “sweet” would love. She created a personalized crossword puzzle written on a cookie nestled inside a chocolate cake box.  So cute.

Check out all of the great details here.

valentines3 Sweet Valentines Day Cookies and Cake Gift Box

Valentines2 Sweet Valentines Day Cookies and Cake Gift Box

pixel Sweet Valentines Day Cookies and Cake Gift Box

28 Comments for: “Sweet Valentine’s Day Cookies and Cake Gift Box”

  1. Amanda is just AMAZING isn’t she?! so very talented and every bit as sweet as her cookies!!

  2. Adorable idea! I love it.

  3. I love Amanda, she is always so creative! These are one of my favorites.

  4. Just when you think you’ve seen it all…..
    What an original idea, absolutely gorgeous!!!

  5. Absolutely amazing! That takes one steady hand.

  6. AWESOME! What’s better: Give this gift with AmeriColor’s Food Color Pens in Black! That way you and your lovey can fill it in and share the cookies after the puzzle is solved!


  7. Such a creative and lovely idea for any Valentine. Amanda is amazing!

  8. Love, love, love seeing Amanda’s creation here!!! She is the queen of pretty sweets! (And a sweetheart herself!)

  9. Aren’t these gorgeous? Amanda is so very talented. Love her!

  10. Amanda’s talent is incredible – I watch from afar . . . from VERY afar because I am NOT a baker! But her work is impeccable!

  11. Amanda is amazing, I am so happy you found her awesome cookies.

  12. Well that is just brilliant!

  13. I myself would be in a straight jacket after attempting this phenomenal piece of artwork. Amanda is not only brilliant but one of the wittiest gals I know!

  14. Amanda always amazes me her creativity! What will she think of next? These are adorable!

  15. Also, add “sweet as pie (or cookies? or cake?)” to the long list of Amanda’s great qualities! And thanks so much for linking to my site (craftgossip), too, sniffle.

  16. What a fun idea and so well executed! Amanda is truly talented!

  17. What a great idea!!!

  18. Now that’s a creative idea! Really great. Must have taken forever to make though…all of those lines on the crossword!

  19. these are PERFECT! must have taken her forever, I’m sure. can’t imagine eating these!

  20. Absolutely amazing! love it

  21. I would never be able to eat this! they are sooooo cool!

  22. how adorable and special!

  23. Absolutely stunning. Love Amanda’s work!

  24. These cookies are perfectly brilliant, just like Amanda and her blog! So glad you featured her! =)

  25. These just amaze me. Thanks for featuring the talents of Amanda, who is so talented and truly sweet.

  26. These cookies amaze me. Love them!

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