Jan 19, 2011

Sweet Valentine’s Day Cookies and Cake Gift Box

While searching through some of my favorite sites yesterday, I came across this adorable DIY Valentine’s project from I Am Baker on craftgossip that any “sweet” would love. She created a personalized crossword puzzle written on a cookie nestled inside a chocolate cake box.  So cute.

Check out all of the great details here.

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  • Amanda is just AMAZING isn’t she?! so very talented and every bit as sweet as her cookies!!

  • Adorable idea! I love it.

  • I love Amanda, she is always so creative! These are one of my favorites.

  • Dalia

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all…..
    What an original idea, absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Absolutely amazing! That takes one steady hand.

  • AWESOME! What’s better: Give this gift with AmeriColor’s Food Color Pens in Black! That way you and your lovey can fill it in and share the cookies after the puzzle is solved!


  • Such a creative and lovely idea for any Valentine. Amanda is amazing!

  • Love, love, love seeing Amanda’s creation here!!! She is the queen of pretty sweets! (And a sweetheart herself!)

  • Aren’t these gorgeous? Amanda is so very talented. Love her!

  • Amanda’s talent is incredible – I watch from afar . . . from VERY afar because I am NOT a baker! But her work is impeccable!

  • Amanda is amazing, I am so happy you found her awesome cookies.

    • I am amazed every time this gal posts. She never does ordinary! Adore!

  • Well that is just brilliant!

  • I myself would be in a straight jacket after attempting this phenomenal piece of artwork. Amanda is not only brilliant but one of the wittiest gals I know!

  • Amanda always amazes me her creativity! What will she think of next? These are adorable!

  • Also, add “sweet as pie (or cookies? or cake?)” to the long list of Amanda’s great qualities! And thanks so much for linking to my site (craftgossip), too, sniffle.

  • What a fun idea and so well executed! Amanda is truly talented!

  • What a great idea!!!

  • Now that’s a creative idea! Really great. Must have taken forever to make though…all of those lines on the crossword!

  • these are PERFECT! must have taken her forever, I’m sure. can’t imagine eating these!

  • Absolutely amazing! love it

  • I would never be able to eat this! they are sooooo cool!

  • how adorable and special!

  • Absolutely stunning. Love Amanda’s work!

  • These cookies are perfectly brilliant, just like Amanda and her blog! So glad you featured her! =)

  • These just amaze me. Thanks for featuring the talents of Amanda, who is so talented and truly sweet.

  • These cookies amaze me. Love them!