Jan 11, 2011

Enchanted Fairy Garden Guest Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

We are totally enchanted by this sweets table that was created for a very lucky one year old little girl, sent to us by the lovely girls down under Jenny and Peggy from Sweet Parlour.  Their table included a toadstool cake with fairy figurine, toadstool, flower and butterfly cookies, pink glittered cake pops, fairy garden cupcakes that were inspired by Hello Naomi and personalized chocolate bars.  I love the clean, minimalist look of the table. I also love the flower cookie pops flanking the cake (notice how they didn’t put too many there and that was a good styling choice because it didn’t get too crowded).  The bee and caterpillar cupcakes are also fantastic. Congratulations ladies!

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  • Gorgeous and stunning!!! I love everything about this party, can’t pick a favourite element as its all too beautiful. Well done ladies.

  • robin

    This makes me want to have a party! GORGEOUS!!! You inspire me!

  • Sensational display, well thought out, great details down to the grass on the table itself. Love the look of the bees and ladybugs, whether it’s fondant or marzipan, they’re awesome.

  • The colors are just lovely! Great job!

  • Amazing! Just Beautiful! Where did you find such a beautiful fairy backdrop?

    • Hello Adriana!
      Thank you for your lovely comments =) The fairy backdrop was custom designed for the Enchanted Fairy Garden party by Sweet Parlour.
      Kind regards,
      Peggy & Jenny

  • So adorable! I particulary love the cookies, but the entire table is so well done!

  • Oops, the butterfly cookies, I meant to say (although they’re all gorgeous!).

  • Lauren

    It’s party table perfection!! So beautiful!!

  • Holy moly, the cute.

  • So precious. Makes me wish I had a wee baby girl. Thanks for sharing an absolutely lovely display. Gorgeous.

  • Those Aussie girls got it going on!
    I can always tell a table from “down under” LOL BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Broonda

    Lovely, i have to make a birthday party for my girl (when i have it) .. because i love fairies…. You are a greatest … Thank you and your team… 🙂

  • what an incredible spread. and a lucky girl!

  • Just perfect!!

  • The details on the cupcakes and cookies are so delightful. In fact, every detail on this table from the fairy backdrop to the green grass carpeting is superb!

  • Susan

    Perfectly Lovely for the one year old Ladies! I adore the details on everything!

  • So beauitful everything looks gorgeous!

  • olesya

    Просто супер!
    Очень красиво и аппетитно!

  • Stunning and fun! Love the butterfly cookies.

  • Lovely table for a little girl! The cupcakes are amazing!

  • Beyond cute……I love the fairy girl and the lettering going around her….lovely touch. Well done ladies!

  • mara

    …Ownnn so sweet, beautifull!!!
    …have a nice day!!!

  • Oh….My…Goodness, This is beyond CUTE!

  • Paola

    Super like! This table is so cute.

  • Oh my goodness! So much to say…what a beautiful table. I <3 the toadstool cake, the backdrop, the cupcakes put me in awe and those butterfly cookies are to die for!

  • This is gorgeous!!!

  • So cute! I love the cupcakes.

  • Such a fun theme! I love the polka-dotted mushrooms throughout. Did you make the cookies and cupcakes yourself or were they made by Hello Naomi? They are beautiful!

    • Hello Sarah!
      The cookies and cupcakes were all made by Sweet Parlour =)
      But we just wanted to mention that our cupcake designs were inspired by the amazing Hello Naomi! We are a huge fan of hers!
      Kind regards,
      Peggy & Jenny

  • Hello Ladies,
    WOW!!! These are absolutely adorable! I love every bit of design on your table. How sweet and precious it is to look at such beauty. 🙂
    Yes, simple yet most adorable. Perfectly adorable! I just love Fairy Parties!
    Question for you Ladies, where do you find the “faux grass” on your table? I reside in Northern California & where might I find something like that? Thank you & best wishes!!

    • Hello Beth & Andrew,
      We bought our grass from an artificial grass supplier in Australia.
      The best place to start looking is probably online, try typing: “artificial grass california” in your search engine.
      Peggy & Jenny

  • sweet!

  • What fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!! :-))))))

    Ciao, Mariolonza

  • So pretty! What a lucky little girl 🙂

  • Precious theme and gorgeous execution of it!

  • Irene

    Just gorgeous!The backdrop is so subtle but perfect. What is in the drink bottles?

  • So fantastic, love all the colors and textures!

  • Tina

    Excuse me while I wipe my mouth from the drool! This is amazing and stunning!

  • This is beyond amazing! Love love it!

  • Krystal D

    So amazing! Love all the details. Did they do their own printables?

  • Adrienne W

    This is absolutely beautiful!! May I ask, where did you find the bottles that you put the lemonade in and the old fashioned drinking straws? We are having a fairy party soon, and I just LOVED that idea for the lemonade!

  • valeria

    Who made your cupcakes?