Dec 10, 2010

Behind the Scenes at Amy Atlas – Holiday Party in Colin Cowie’s Home

By: Amy Atlas, in Behind The Scenes

From left: Myself, Colin Cowie, Lisa Hauptman of AAE.  No, Lisa and I did not coordinate the chartreuse palette.  Yes, Colin has fresh green chrysanthemum on his beautiful Christmas tree.

We were at a very special holiday party last night.  Colin Cowie hosted an intimate holiday party at his home in New York City for The B-List and a couple of other close friends.  You can only imagine what a joy it was to see the ultimate entertainer in action.  I’ve known Colin for a couple of years, but I have to tell you, seeing him in his own environment was quite amazing.  He is extremely gracious, charming and fun.  Of course, the decor details were elegant and chic. Colin served delicious food and killer cocktails from his favorite master mixologist Yusef Austin of Elite Elixirs.  He also had music from his friend DJ  Donna D’Cruz.  One of the coolest things was getting a peek into Colin’s personal style and decor in his home.  Colin has innovative art throughout his apartment including a work of art created completely out of eye shadow compacts {yes, you can touch it and re-apply if you dare!} and a wall of inspiration boards filled with swatches in his kitchen.  I was humbled to see two of my dessert tables in the inspiration boards that were housed on his kitchen wall!  In addition to lots of food and drink, Colin talked about lots of exciting things he has in store for 2011 {stay tuned!}  Check out Colin’s newsletter and follow him for upcoming news.  Okay, now for a peek….

The B-List gals, AAE, and Colin.

Buffet filled with food in Colin’s kitchen…

The inspiration boards in Colin’s kitchen.  If you look close enough, you can see my yellow and black dessert table on the two top right boards.

A closer look at the buffet and a peek of the view outside…

Colin telling us about all of the exciting things coming up.  Check out the eyeshadow art behind Colin on the wall. Brilliant!

Yusef of Elite Elixirs mixing cocktails…

What’s a party without dessert?  Delicious toffee and whoopie pies…

A close-up of Colin’s Christmas tree.  I love the fresh green chrysanthemums tucked into the tree.  Colin’s holiday ornament line can be purchased on HSN.

Christmas tree and gift bags…

The goodies inside the bag…

I’ll be back later with a great find for the holidays…

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  • michelle kanner

    amazing and beautiful!

  • Amy I love your outfit and did you notice it matches Colin’s tree!! Spectacular! What an amazing treat to go into his home. I can only imagine the decor.

  • Thanks so much for sharing … you and Colin are both great inspiration for the wedding industry!

  • Wow..I’m so jealous 😉

  • A-MA-ZING! I am amazed and in awe of both your work and Colin’s.

  • WOW! How amazing! Love your dress, Amy!

  • Beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing, feel like I was there!

  • This is AMAZING!!! And you have GREAT hair!!!

  • Amy- Will you do a post on your hair routine- product and styling? You always look flawless!

  • You’re right … we can only imagine!!! What a thrill! I LOVE Colin and all that he does! (Well, and you too!) Thanks sooooo much for sharing these photos with us – they are a treat to see!

  • WOW!! What a beautiful party & what a beautiful dress! That photograph with you, with gorgeous Colin Cowie & Lisa Hauptman is adorable…everyone looks so amazing with the coincidental coordinating chartreuse palette!! 🙂 Beautiful, beautiful color! Yes, I also have to ask the same question: Amy, what do you do/what product do you use for your flawless, long gorgeous hair?? Do share your secrets! 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

    PS: Can’t wait for the launching of your first book!! I’m so excited. I told a friend of mine who lives in NY just 3 blocks away from you to get me an autographed copy since I live so far away ~ I reside here in the beautiful Capital of California, Sacramento!! 🙂 Is it 2012 yet??
    Have a beautiful and restful weekend,
    Beth & Young Andrew

  • aly

    What an amazing night that must have been! Thank you for sharing all the drool-worthy details. And I agree, you looked fabulous.

  • You look lovely! What a fabulous and fun evening that must have been.

  • Haha…I too noticed the matching dress and tree…coincidence I bet…but still funny!

    What a beautiful home…and so beautifully decorated!

  • Looks like a great time!

  • Beautiful party! PS. Love your dress!

  • Wow! love the photos, Colin is amazing and an inspiring person. You look gorgeous Amy love your dress!

  • Wow what an elegant affair! xoxo

  • what a fabulous party!

  • Looks like it was an amazing time!

  • Oh that must have been just lovely!