Dec 03, 2010

“She’s About to Pop” Bubbles Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

oreos7679sm1 Shes About to Pop Bubbles Guest Dessert Feature

How cute is this “She’s About to Pop” guest dessert feature from Jessica of Pen n Paper Flowers?  Jessica centered the design completely on “bubbles” and played off the word “pop.”  I love the backdrop that was made to look like floating bubbles, created entirely out of plastic plates!  Jessica was inspired by our lollipop trees from our cherry blossom table for her lolliPOP trees.  She also used bubble oreos, bubble cupcake POPs, POP ‘ems, Jello custard POP shots, POP in your mouth whoopie pies, and sodaPOP lollipops for this bubble POP theme.  Other fun details included a bubble machine and bubble bath favors.  Very clever, Jessica!

inviteandlollipops7310sm Shes About to Pop Bubbles Guest Dessert Feature

bubbles1 Shes About to Pop Bubbles Guest Dessert Feature

cupcakes7838sm1 Shes About to Pop Bubbles Guest Dessert Feature

centerpiece7738sm Shes About to Pop Bubbles Guest Dessert Feature

jello7722sm Shes About to Pop Bubbles Guest Dessert Feature

pixel Shes About to Pop Bubbles Guest Dessert Feature

35 Comments for: ““She’s About to Pop” Bubbles Guest Dessert Feature”

  1. I love the whole theme, the colours and those fabulous jello shots!

  2. I am in love with this dessert bar. The colors are so fantastic!

  3. Awsome! This is so beautiful. What a genius.

  4. This is the GREATEST!!!!! I love it!

  5. what a beautiful display and what a brilliant design concept – love the wall art that was made to mimic the invitations

  6. The “bubble” backdrop is Fantastic!

  7. i love the lollipop tree

  8. Wow this is really amazing! Loved it

  9. Two features in one day has left me on cloud nine! Thanks so much for featuring this Amy. I’m beside myself with the sweet comments that have already been left. I can’t thank you enough!! I sincerely appreciate the feature but more importantly, I appreciate the inspiration you continually share with all of us!!

  10. I’m lovin’ the jello custard! Adorable and creative!

  11. wow! everything POPS! hehe! I love the jello shots!

  12. Love the backdrop and the colors are amazing!

  13. The backdrop is brilliant! I love it!

  14. This is one of the most creative parties that I have seen in a long time. THe backdrop is GORGEOUS and so unique!

  15. Jessica such a great job and I love those bubble jello shots!!

  16. I love all of the unique elements that make this party really stand out, WOW!

  17. I am constantly amazed at the creativity that people can come up with! Such beautiful thoughtful presentation down to the last detail.

  18. Love this baby shower theme, the colors are so fun and the plate wall art is one of a kind, what a clever idea!

  19. everything is so beautiful… love the simplicity and the impact of the plastic plates on the wall…

    I’m just in love. Maybe I’ll throw a party with no reason at all just to have something gorgeous like that
    where can I find lollipops is such great colors? I’m new to US, I don;t know if they are regular lollipos you can find anywhere… love the shape and transparency!
    And the tree is made by you too?

  20. How on earth did you make those jello shots? They are absolutely FABULOUS!

  21. Oh my, such great ideas and colours! I have to ask how long did it take to make the jello custard pops? I guess you let one layer set and then poured on the next? I’m going to try something like this with an xmas theme :-) Thanks for the inspiration.

    • London Wedding Photographer –
      You are right – the jello layers were done in stages but the process didn’t take too long because I added unflavored gelatin to the regular jello.

      Here’s the ratio and instructions:
      Mix 1 pkg flavored jello with 1/2 pkg of unflavored gelatin. Add 1 cup boiling water. Stir to dissolve.
      Pour into desired container and let sit for 15 minutes. (or use refrigerator for faster set-up).

      Hope that helps!!

  22. Really, really, REALLY pretty. And imaginative. A beautiful theme, beautifully executed.

  23. Soooo cute. So fresh and modern yet completely adorable!

  24. Where did you get the clear cupcake skewers? How can I get some?

  25. The custard shots are to die for! This party planner went all out! I think this looks pretty expensive, but I bet she did it for a good price! The plates on the wall are also super cute and creative. Something people will talk about for a long time! Congrats to the mommy to be!

  26. Clemens… congrats…you deserve to be featured!!!!brazilian crafters here!!!!!!!xoxo

  27. I love the invitations. Where can I find them to purchase?

  28. I am in love with your post. Amazing job…. Can you share with me where I can get the dessert shot glass stand, lollipop tree stand and the cupcake stand stick? Thank you! Kim

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