Dec 02, 2010

Vlog # 7 – Sweet Talk With Chocolatier Jacques Torres {+ Chocolate Giveaway}

By: Amy Atlas, in Behind The Scenes, Swag, Videos

If you were here this yesterday, then you were able to see a sneak peek of Master Chocolatier Jacques Torres’ amazing chocolate shop in NYC.  In preparation for the holidays, I had a chance to have a “sweet talk” with Jacques and make chocolate Christmas trees with him.  Check out the vlog to see Jacques teaching me a little of his craft.

Jacques has also graciously offered up a delicious chocolate gift to one lucky winner.  Simply guess in the comment area what you think Jacques made for his first ever dessert as a pastry chef and we’ll pick a random winner from the correct guesses. I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday.  Ready. Set. Chocolat….



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  • Love the video, looks like you had so much fun! The trees turned out perfect! I think Jacques made chocolate cake for his first dessert!

  • Hum… Chocolate Chip Cookies? Does it counts as dessert? 😀

  • Jessica Hembree

    First ever? I’d guess chocolate chip cookies…

  • and by the way, I’ve been to this store once and it really smells SOO GOOD… and the chocolate chip cookie there is just PERFECT. Love the video!!

  • Vanessa Marquez

    mmm lets see, I would have to say truffles.

  • oh man that looks like a great time! I’m gonna have to guess he made a chocolate cake!

  • Jen T

    25 Jacques Torres bonbons? This I cannot resist! I’ll go with a sacher torte 🙂

  • Riley Hammond


  • Hmmmm…Chocolate souffle?

  • Well, he is french, and as a professional pastry chef, I think he made a Croquembouche or an éclair…hummm…going to go with the éclair…beautiful chocolate xmas tree by the way!!

  • Rosanna

    Chocolate chip cookies!

  • love the vlog, what a fabulous experience! they turned out perfect!
    I’d say chocolate truffles? 🙂

  • Ruthy

    Hmmm, I would venture to say Jacques Torres made some sort of chocolate tarte.

  • Jessica Batres

    It must have been so fun. I would say his first dessert was bonbons.

  • Angela


  • chocolate chip cookies. he makes the best

  • I’m going to guess Parisian macarons, because they’re my favorite.

  • Jillian

    A chocolate croissant….not quite dessert, but very french.

  • Cecily

    Awsome. I loved watching his tv show when it was on. Chocolate truffles have to be my guess.

  • I LOVE chocolate, my grandmother started a chocolate factory and when I was 3 months old she would give me licks of ganache. I am going to guess from Jacques Torres’ southern french origins he would have made Tarte Tatin.

  • MelissaP

    I’m guessing he made petits fours!

  • I love chocolate making. I’m planning on doing some truffles this weekend. I think that Jacques Torres would have either made an apple gallet / Apple Tart Tatin or a creme brule.

  • Rena

    Chocolate mousse!

  • Lucky you! Looked like a lot of fun!

  • Faye

    I’m going to guess chocolate chip cookies!

  • Pearl


  • I say he made chocolate chip cookies.

  • I would guess Chocolate Chip cookies also. Isn’t that what we all learned to bake with?

  • Susan Yu

    I will guess a decadent and out of this world chocolate cake!!!!!!!!

  • Rian

    Going basic here with BROWNIES

  • I would say…chocolate souffle! MmMm! With hand whipped whip cream on top!

  • Hmmm…I want chocolate from Jacques so badly! I am going to have to guess because I really have no clue – puff pastry? Perhaps with chocolate in it? He worked at a pastry shop in the beginning, so that’s the best I can do.

    What a great experience to make moulded chocolate with Jacques!

  • I would say a chocolate cake.

  • Janelle

    Chocolate meringues?

  • Lara

    Yummy! I would guess champagne truffles.

  • I would say chocolate mousse! Best chocolate dessert ever!

  • Shelby

    My guess is chocolate souffle!

  • Jackie Watson

    I will guess chocolate chip cookies!

  • Sarah

    Truffles?! Loved the vlog, thanks so much!

  • Leanne

    Oh it must have been chocolate mousse!

  • Lora

    Please say chocolate chip cookies!

  • Melania

    Strawberry Ladyfinger Cake : )

  • Michelle S.

    Cream Puffs!

  • Kari V.

    Very cool that you got to make chocolate Christmas trees with Jacques Torres!! What fun!
    My guess is he made Chocolate cake!

  • Those are beautiful! I would guess Jacques learned to make petit fours.

  • How fun! I’m so envious. What a great experience. So I’m going to have to go with chocolate mousse.

  • Gwyn

    I am going to guess something simple. Probably a cake.

  • Tracy

    First as a professional? Maybe cream puffs? Or financiers?

  • Alexia

    creme brulee

  • Angela

    chocolate cake!


  • Sumin

    Chocolate souffle

  • Sonia

    Creme Brulee

  • Chocolate Truffles?

  • Eclairs

  • Mmmmm!!!! Maybe Chocolate Pastries?

    Michelle Torres
    [email protected]

  • zarpandit

    chocolate chip cookies..

  • ~Carolyn Miller

    Oh, this is too hard! It’s definitely something chocolate. The first thing that comes to mind is chocolate mousse… but now I’m thinking of lots of other yummy French pastry chef-sounding-things. Guess I’ll have to stick with my first thought… Hope I win that chocolate tree! 🙂

  • nicole

    ….ummm…chocolate molten cake ?.?.?

  • Hmmmm… How about creme brulee?

  • I think he made an apple tart.

  • Marlene

    Chocolate souffle??!! Worth a shot!

  • Amy P

    Chocolate chip cookies!

  • Kimberly

    Chocolate eclairs

  • Chocolate Soufflé? I love seeing how they make chocolate….this has inspired me to make some chocolates! 😉

  • Jane

    Apple pie?

  • shiori

    How about a chocolate ganache for a pastry?

  • Anh

    How about chocolate truffles? Yum!

  • Btrflywmn

    chocolate cupcakes

  • Shannon

    Chocolate Tarte

  • Andrea D.

    Ak! I’m sure I’m too late but, I think he maaaadee a chocolate cheesecake 🙂

  • Kristi

    Chocolate Creme Brulee with caramel!

  • Kelly


  • Barbara Parnell

    The first thing he ever made was lollipops with a chemistry set his parents gave him.As for his first dessert as a pastr chef,I am going to guess frangipane.