Nov 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Crafty Roundup

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Thanksgiving is next week {can you all believe it?} and we’re loving these crafty Thanksgiving ideas.  How will you all be decorating your Thanksgiving tables?  Thanksgiving place setting, mayflower and pilgrim cups, turkey leg, and turkey spoon holder, apple pie snack holder and Give Thanks Tree via Fiskars, paper turkey via One Charming Party, yarn turkey and turkey napkin holder via Parents, Teepee centerpiece via Kaboose, gourd gobblers via All You.  Check out our tips for a great Thanksgiving dessert table on IVillage and Lil Sugar today.

pixel Thanksgiving Crafty Roundup

18 Comments for: “Thanksgiving Crafty Roundup”

  1. All so cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. awwww, so cute!!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! Especially the pies!!!

  4. We’re using these cute decorations that the kids color themselves — gives mom a break and the kids always love helping!

  5. Oh my goodness, this kid’s setting with the pie and pilgrim hat is so creative and beyond adorable!!! I’m going to have to replicate that!

  6. So fun!

  7. LOVE these! We’ll have to get the kids to work on them this weekend!

  8. This would make any Thanksgiving party feel like you’re a kid again!


    Luciane at HOMEBUNCH.COM

  9. You’re bloody brilliant! I’m stealing some ideas for our next craft day! I also really want that paper tree.

  10. …so cute!!!

  11. so many lovely ideas and only a week to go! oh, to have more time to create beautiful things…

  12. These are adorable ideas! Thanks for sharing all in one place! I shared on my blog and linked back! :)

  13. Is there a place to get the templates or instructions for the Thanksgiving table setting? We would like to do this for our Thanksgiving soup kitchen we do with our Sunday School kids.

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