Nov 11, 2010

Baking Party

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

Brittany and Sara from One Charming Party sent these exclusive photos to us and I nearly fell off my chair when I opened the email.  The styling and photographs are pure perfection. How fun are those baking cup flowers on the chef’s hats?  Fabulous idea!  I also love the cupcake wrapper garland, the custom doll cake topper {made to look like the birthday girl} and those pretty milk glasses.  We are totally swooning here at AAE over this guest feature.

The party had seven activity stations: decorating chef’s hats, dipping chocolate strawberries, making chocolate candies, making mini apple pies, assembling mixed berry tarts, making strawberry jam, and decorating cupcakes. Any kid would have loved to be at this party.  Downright perfection, ladies!   Photography by Nicole Hill Gerlulat.

Ps – Come back later for the cupcake wrapper flower and garland tutorials later.

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  • Wow! Oh my cuteness. I can’t even get over how gorgeous and sweet this is!

  • Amy, I love your work, it´s so cute everything you make magic !!! Anahí (

  • Every detail is gorgeous! And the photography is spectacular.

  • This party is beyond adorable…I’m in love! Definitely have to put this one in the inspiration file, thanks so much for sharing!

  • What a GREAT interactive party! Love the girly hats and the daintiness of everything! I LOVE creating those pin head girls, my daughter still plays with hers from her 3rd birthday last year…so cute! Love it!

  • this is too adorable! LOVE it!

  • Every detail is gorgeous! Love the bakers hats and the flower! Cant wait to see the tutorials Xx

  • OMG, this is absolutely wonderful! My daughter and nieces would love something like this! I wish I had such a lovely kitchen as well!…

  • cindy

    SO incredibly sweet! I LOVE all the details! Looks like it came straight off Martha Stewart! Great Job!

  • Kimberly

    OMG, so cute! Can’t wait for my daughter to get a little older and try it for her birthday, she loves to bake!

  • Oh, this is MY kinda party! I’m already bookmarking for when my 3 year old turns 10.

  • Brittany & Sara created such a clever & charming event. Nicole is a seriously gifted photographer. Perfect presentation. I am going to lose sleep over the cuteness of those chef hats!

    Way beyond extraordinary.

    Kristy {the purple pug}

  • amie

    The jesse steele aprons are fantastic on these little dolls. We do this regularly as a playdate for my 5 year old. The girls love putting the treats together and proudly share their tasty treats. Thanks for showing how to add some serious flair. Great job ladies!

  • This is just the BEST little party ever!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • WOW! I love the details and the photography is spectacular! What an adorable party!!

  • Mary

    WOW!! Love it!! I cant wait to see the flower tutorial 🙂

  • I would love to participate on a birthday party like this! 🙂
    everything is lovely!

  • Sherry

    Sweetest idea ever – love the chef hats!

  • wow so adorable love it

  • Does anyone have an idea where those milk glasses came from? They’re gorgeous!

  • That’s absolutely precious! I love it!

  • Love, love, LOVE this! And I want one of those fabulous hats! Wonderful job, ladies! 🙂

  • The pictures look like they came out of a magazine. I love the colors and the activities!

  • Oh my goodness! What an adorable party…you amaze me!

  • So perfect! I want to be a guest at this party!! I LOVE the hats!!

  • Elizabeth

    Adorably sweet and fun! Very cute!

  • Adorable!

  • Kathryn

    That is just beautiful. I want to lift every detail and duplicate it in my home. Just Beautiful. Wow

  • love, love, loove!! My 7 yr old requested a baking party for her 8th Bday! I will be stealing a few of this amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sooo SWEET! I love every detail!

  • oh my goodness. this is just so cute, fun and perfect.

  • I agree–pure perfection! Love it!

  • This is adorable! My five year old is looking at these pics over my shoulder and putting in a request for a similar party. You’re so right Amy, any little girl would have loved to be at the party! What any mom would want — THAT KITCHEN!! 🙂

    The cupcake wrapper and coffee filter garland and flowers are my favorite too.

  • Wow Amy!!! This is a beautiful party! The little girls are so cute!

  • Brittany’s work is always pure perfection. So happy to see this gorgeous party she created with Sara, the photos are stunning, styling lovely, and the activities the sweetest!! It looks like a dream, love it!

  • this is sooooooooo CUTE. I want to have one for grown ups too!!

  • Maribel

    Gorgeous! It’s so stylish and original! What a great idea!

  • This looks so cute!! LOVE the flowers too!

  • Oh my gosht his party gave me goose bumps. I love the soft colors and the aprons and hats with big flowers on them are TDF. Brittany and Sara are SO talented!!

  • Strawberrie Rose

    ADORABLE!!!!!!! What a great idea for girls of all ages!!!! Congrats Brittany and Sara!

  • Ursula

    Where can I find those chef hats? They are simply adorable!

  • Wow! This party looks like so much fun? I want to do this!

  • Stunning! Gorgeous details and colors!

  • Oh my gosh!!! I love this!!! Being a pastry chef myself, this makes me want to have a little girl then throw her this party when she is old enough!!!

  • I love a little girl’s baking party! How sweet is this! Great job, One Charming Party!

  • i love their chef hats! how adorable.

  • Oh, My, Oh MY!!!!!!

    Eye-candy!!!! So perfect!

    Luciane at HOMEBUNCH.COM

  • This is stunning. I agree completely that the photographs and styling are pure perfection. I absolutely love it!

  • How absolutely gorgeous! I never had a party like that when I was young. The pictures are perfect. What fun!

  • irene

    amazing, just amazing.

  • Super adorable!!

  • The hats are simply too cute for words! I love that – I want an adult on for Thanksgiving – if I’m going to be in a kitchen all day I at least need an awesome hat and maybe an apron with pearls drawn on it…

  • What a dream!!

  • This party is a true standout! I adore the garland and hat flowers out of cupcake liners, so adorable and beyond creative. And I especially love that the focus of the party is on activites and fun and not just a well decorated table… anyone can decorate, but this is a true PARTY!! Well done ladies!!

  • Absolutely adore this! So sweet!

  • this is such a glorious idea! i can’t wait to do this for my lil gal when she gets old enough. maybe i will just throw one for myself! (smile!)

  • This party is fabulous! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and the chef’s hats are so creative, love the cupcake wrapper flowers! One of the cutest party themes I have ever seen!

  • Wonderful pictures!! Loved the idea!!Bjs!!

  • so cute… so sweet… I love !

  • Oh my. This is simply so sweet. I love those darling flowers! Too cute!

  • So cute!!! I know the girls were thrilled! Love the styling

  • …So sweet !!! lovely!!!!

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  • Gorgeous party, beautiful styling – what fabulous fun …. and Sophia’s freckles – just too cute!

  • This is the party I was planning in my head for my daughter’s next birthday! It’s even more beautiful than I imagined thanks to your fantastic style. I love it all. I especially love the vintage feel with the aprons and the color scheme.

  • Wow this is incredible and every girls dream (no matter what the age is)!

  • So cute! I’m dying to know where those glasses on the cake stand came from! They are calling to me! 🙂

  • Linda

    What an Inspirational party this is !!?? Just love everything about it.

  • deepika

    so beautiful and pretty! i’m sure the girls had a great time! lucky! i was wondering where did you find the aqua/white dot fabric? is it fabric or something else? i’m trying to find something similar..thanks!

  • I LOVE this idea for a baking party because there were so many activities! That’s the one area in party planning that I’m always stressed over figuring out the activities. My 2 girls would love this one!!

  • This party is gorgeous! What a sweet and adorable idea. I love that cake topper and those flowers on the chefs hats. Beautiful!

  • Quick note from the Netherlands, very impressed with the styling.
    Even more impressed by the small doll holding the rolling pin and the cake. I’ve collecting anything with a cake for more than 25 years and I was hoping you could tell me where I can find it. It is absolutely fabulous. If someone could help me, or point me in the right direction PLEASE!
    Love from Holland,
    Tineke Hendrikse ………….. oh and great hats!!!

  • {Kay}

    Where can one buy those cake stands!! Also the ceramic egg carton?!

    So in love.

  • Way too cute! Featuring this on the blog today!!!

  • Ahhh! SO darling! Did someone make that baker-girl cake topper?! I want her! Is she purchasable?!

  • Judith

    Wow what an amazing job!!! Where can I find the chef hats?

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