Nov 10, 2010

A World of Cake + International Bake-off

By: Amy Atlas, in Great Finds

I’m sure you all would suspect this, but I have collected a lot of baking books over the years.  Every time I go to a book store to get something for my kids or myself, my eyes start wandering over to the baking section.  Well, this weekend was no different.  I went into Barnes & Noble to get something for my older son and ended up finding “A World of Cake” by Krystina Castella.  It was sitting on the sales table and I had never seen this book before.  At first glance, I went on a sweet journey and knew I needed this book in my collection.  I loved reading about the history of desserts from all over the world.  From England (Queen Mother Cakes) to Australia (Lamingtons), each page is a virtual sweets retreat.

Reading this book inspired me to reach out to you.  I always love seeing pictures of tables that all of you are creating around the world.  Often, you have candy shipped from the States to create your tables.  After reading this book, I’m inspired to see you all create dessert tables or just desserts (without the whole set up) of your traditional desserts.  I would LOVE to see the delicacies that are traditional to your countries and celebrate your heritage and the stories behind them.  If you are from Japan, you can make mochi rice cakes.  If you’re from Mexico you can make churros.  If you are from India, you can make Gulab Jamun.  If you’re from Oklahoma you can make Cherokee Wild Huckleberry Cake.  The list goes on.  You can start sending right away and for the next few weeks I’ll post your traditional sweet treats and the stories behind them.  What do you all think?  Who would be game?

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  • Wow, Amy, I’ve never seen this book before either. What a fabulous idea, and I would definitely be game!

  • Must rush out and buy this! Thank you !

  • I would love to send some photos in! What a fabulous and culturally educating experience!

  • I love that idea! I’d love to share a traditional Pakistani recipe eventhough I’m totally more American and can make way better cakes and pies. Will have to call my mom:)

  • What a great idea!
    Oh boy….off to baking we go!

  • I’m in! I think you’ll love some portuguese sweets… 🙂

  • I’m all in.
    The only thing is I’m all American my many great grandfather crossed the Delaware with George Washington.

  • Dalia

    Wow Amy, what a terrific idea!
    Must get my hands on that book.
    I’d love to share recipes from the Israeli kitchen.

  • Krystina Castella is really amazing I have a book called Crazy about Cupcakes gorgeous book!

  • Oh, I would definitely be in! An all-southern dessert table is coming your way 🙂

  • Ok, now I’m officially hungry! This will definitely be on my holiday wish list.

  • What a great idea! I came across this book a couple of weeks ago in the amazing Kitchen Arts & Letters store in New Yorrk – but sadly, was already so far over my luggage limit that it couldn’t come with me. Am keeping my fingers crossed for Christmas, but will definitely have to start cooking up some local treats to send pics of…

  • Thedrohans

    Loved the idea! I am from Brazil and there’s no party without brigadeiros and beijinhos. My son’s first birthday party is coming up (November,20th) and I will send you some pictures for sure!

  • Angela Morgan

    Count me in! What a fun project you have given us. You are amazing, Amy!

  • I would make alfajores de dulce de leche and pastelitos, but I am outside of Argentina and I don’t know if I can get the ingredients in Cyprus…I’ll check it out, I love the idea!

  • I would LOVE to do this. Next week probably – already baking 3 things to put on my blog this weekend. The timing for this is perfect though. Each year my parents would throw a huge Christmas party (we lived in Canada) and she would make about a dozen or so desserts for it. I grew up helping her make them, and now that I’ve moved to London, UK my husband and I throw our own Christmas parties.

    Yesterday my mom just emailed me a few of my Canadian favourites to bake for our UK friends. Actually, that’s kind of what my blog is about. Explaining the differences between baking in North America and the UK.