Nov 09, 2010

Wizard of Oz Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

How original is this Wizard of Oz Party by Kate Landers Events?  Kate worked with Kim from Tomkat Studio to create a whimsical party for her daughter that would transport any kid to the Land of Oz.  I love the periwinkle and white gingham pattern printables by Kim, the blue and white checked oreos, the fondant toto and rainbow cupcake toppers, and those yellow brick road and courage cookies.  And how adorable all of the girl’s Dorothy outfits?  I get a lot of submissions and this party definitely stood out from the pack.  Great job, ladies!  Scroll down to see all of the great photos and some styling and practical tricks.  Photography by Andrea Winchenbaugh of  Open Shade Studios.

Some Styling & Practical Tricks

(1) Kate wanted the baker to cover the foil-covered cake base, but the baker forget.  Kate tried to cover the base by picking up the cake, but then the cake cracked in the center and Kate decided not to move the cake off the base!  Next time carry extra paper, fabric, ribbon and fondant on hand for issues like this.  Instead of moving the cake, try cutting a paper border and cover the foil base with the paper.  You can then wrap ribbon around the side of the base.

(2) Kate also had a cupcake mishap in transit and had to replace her cupcakes with store-bought cupcakes.  Kate said that her cupcake wrappers didn’t fit the new store-bought cupcakes.  Keep a variety of different sized cupcake wrappers in your tool kit so you have options.  Also, the ribbon and paper that you pack in your tool kit can come in handy for creating last minute homemade cupcake wrappers.

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  • This is so sweet and adorable! I love every last detail!

  • Beautiful party and adorable girls! I love how well everything coodinates with the theme.

  • Darling party!

  • Michelle

    Wow, what a party! I love it!

  • LOVE IT!!!

  • Two fabulous party ladies together! I love it!!

  • oh I love this – Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie – I might have to copy!!

  • Love this so much! It is just so simple, pretty and with fantastic details! I also really love to read that mistakes happen even for someone as fabulous at Kate!

  • Wow this is incredible. I want to come to that party. 🙂 Great idea and way to pull it off.

  • Thank you so very, very much Amy, for featuring the Wizard of Oz inspired party that Kim and I collaborated on. It has been a dream to be featured on your site, as I admire you deeply for your extraordinary gift in dessert table design. And THANK YOU for sharing the tips and tricks, will be very helpful the next time around! Kim was a JOY to work with!


    • I am totally freaking out at how ADORABLE all of this is!!! I am just a little obsessed with the Wizard of Oz and this is just over the top fantastic! It is clean and classic … love the blue and white theme and not too many other colors (’cause you KNOW there could have been scads of other colors!) HO-LY COW! LOVE!

  • Kate and Kim you did an amazing job!!! Love it all so much, especially the dessert table with the mini hay bales, Jaclyne xo

  • I love love this!!!

  • Beautiful and timeless …

  • Gorgeous, Love it!

  • This is Gorgeous!!!

  • Impeccably put together! Absolutely LOVE it! I always do wish for silver slippers instead of ruby (so it would be based on the book, not the movie), but I can’t deny that the pops of red look fantastic!

  • I loved the Wizard of Oz as a child and would have dreamed of a party like this. I hope someday my daughter will be interested in it, this is a beautiful party!

  • Rawr

    WOW!! how is mom going to top that next year?

  • We actually collaborated on this event doing cookies for Kate Landers and Kim at TomKat, using Kim’s graphics, which can be seen in the “Dorothy Cookies”. Wish we had a link to our Etsy shop, as the other cookie contributer did, but maybe next time! Our shop is

    Thank you!

  • Very simple and clean. Everything worked well. I love the bunting banner!

  • I love all the gingham with red, sparkly accents! What a unique way to pull off this theme!

  • Do you know when you look at something and are able to admire every detail? Well, my dear.. I can’t find a thing that I don’t like.

    Simply perfection and very innovative.

    Luciane at

  • This is so sweet! I really love the kids table!!

  • Simply adorable! From the basket cookies to the bright red bows it’s picture perfect – what lucky little ladies 😉

  • Love the jam jars and the cookies.
    Very detailed.

  • Thank you so much for featuring our collaboration! It was so much fun to work on these designs and Kate styled everything beautifully! She was a pleasure to work with!

  • Monica

    I loved it so much, wished this was published at least two weeks ago, see on friday my daughter also had a wizard of oz party, i researched online for ideas and made my own dessert/buffet table, it came out great, but this would have helped a lot too, i guess the only thing i forgot to do was to put a background so the table would standout more…. ill share the pictures asap! Thanks for the inspirations Amy!

  • I am a HUGE fan of Wizard of OZ! I have watched that movie hundreds of times and have memorized almost every line. This party is an absolute dream. I love all of the details and especially love the tastful touches of powder blue gingham and sparkly ruby red. I am sure the kids at this party did not want to click their heels and return home. I want a party like this and I am 28 years old! Awesome, awesome job!

  • This is one of the best parties I have run across recently, well done!

  • So darn cute…just found your blog via Jess at Pen N’Paper Flowers 😉

  • This is just way too adorable!

  • Jennifer Birkhead

    Blown away just as I knew I would be with work by such amazing women!
    Love the hap-hazard, cross cross bunting, LOVE the aprons!!!!

  • Renee

    How could it be anything but spectacular with two such amazing talents working together!

  • Oh this is just lovely!!! Beautiful job ladies!! You are both so talented!!! XOXO ~Nancy~

  • Sharnel

    Adorable. Love every detail.

  • ooooh love Wizard of Oz, this is beautiful…loving all the amazing cookies, love the backdrop and the colour palette, well done Kate and Kim!!

  • I’m a HUGE fan of The Wizard of Oz! I would have loved having this party for *ME*! Once again, gorgeous work, ladies!

  • vanessa

    too cute =)

  • A Lil Something To Remember


  • Kate always does such a wonderful job on parties! Love the idea of a Wizard of OZ party!

  • Looks great! I especially liked the basket and balloon cookies!

  • So cute… Auntie Em would be so proud 😉 I love the yellow brick road cookies.

  • This is absolutely stunning! nicely done! Love it!

  • Andrea

    This is fantastic!

  • Sada Ray

    The most beautiful work from Kate, as always. Her attention to detail is incredible. I dream of being able to produce something so incredible…..

  • What a dream to be working with these incredibly talented women! Thank you for your visions and your creativity. It was our pleasure to create your visions!

  • This is definitely worth copying over and over. Fabulous job and attention to detail. I wish I had a better understanding of making the cute little printables and labels that grace the table and periphery.
    Thanks for the inspiring ideas.

  • That was amazing!