Nov 01, 2010

Halloween NYC Style

By: Amy Atlas, in Behind The Scenes

Since I wrote so much about Halloween on the blog this month, I thought I’d give you a little glimpse of what it is like to trick or treat in NYC….Scroll down to the bottom and comment about how you decorate and celebrate for Halloween in your neighborhood. Here are my boys…Aniken Skywalker and Iron Man.

Since we don’t have houses in NYC, we often trick or treat in the building and around the neighborhood. Before trick-or-treating in our building, we walked around the neighborhood.  Below is a picture of a closed off street in NYC where kids can trick or treat without worrying about oncoming traffic.

Ominous looking sky as we begin to trick or treat…

A cobweb-clad townhouse…

We loved this giant mummy.  My kids got a kick out of this…

Ghosts and pumpkins by the windows.  In NYC, we’ll make use of any real estate to decorate…

These people went all out…

A townhouse filled with tombs.  Scary!

Chains and skulls draped on the staircase…

This witch scared my ‘lil ones!  They wouldn’t walk on the same side of the block!

And another one…

Cobwebs everywhere!

Hanging spiders and skulls by a doorway…

If we don’t have the real estate in NYC to put Halloween decor on a lawn, we just build up!  This was two floors up.

Scary skulls…

I’ll be back!

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  • Even though we live in a big Chicago suburb….we live on a quiet street with very few kids. We had a grand total of 7 doorbell ringers! Our big Halloween bash {and chance to dress up} is our church’s “Trunk or Treat.” We decorate the back of our lil’ SUV and hand out treats to 1,200 munchkins. This year we were “Trix -n- Treat’s Bake Shoppe” and we took home the prize for “Best Trunk”…for the 2nd year in a row! We love it more each year! The wonder on the kids’ {and adults} faces is priceless!

  • Loved the pics!! It’s great!!xx

  • Colleen

    Very cool. The third picture reminds me of a scene from Ghostbusters.

  • this is awesome! Party everywhere! Great.

  • How fun~ and spooky too;)

  • Bibi

    Love it! miss my NYC, altough the burbs can throw a party too!!! The block I used to live at use to be closed for HAlloween too. It was awesome, I should bring my kids back in a few years!

  • Heidi Lee

    I love NYC, but realized I have never been at Halloween. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Trick-or-treating down the street kind of reminds me a little of a tradition here where we live. We live on a small island in So Cal, and all the shops down our main street hand out candy for two hours in the middle of the afternoon. Different from what I grew up with, but it is great fun. I like seeing all the kids and actually being able to SEE their costumes. Lots of tourists end up at outdoor restaurants parked there with a front row view of one long Halloween costume parade! We even have shops that hand out soup! I never got to Trick-or-Treat for soup when I was little. I am sure it is not a kid favorite, but it sure is for the adults!

    My question in NYC for all the really decorated places…where do they store those decorations? Living on an island, our place is SMALL. No garage. We are creative with our storage, but really…where do they store all those tombstones and spiders?

  • Do a lot of people in your building open their door for trick or treaters? Ours was pretty lame. Was so much better when I was a kid!

  • Debbie Allen

    this looks amazing! here in the U.K halloween is a much quieter afair, people don’t decorate the outside of their houses apart from the odd pumpkin. In our village we didnt even get one trick or treater, last year was better we had one so this year we decided to buck the trend and had a party instead.

  • These are some fun pictures… thanks for sharing!