Oct 31, 2010

Halloween Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

halloween19 Halloween Guest Dessert Feature

Suzanna of Mon Tresor sent in this haunted treats table that was inspired by my turquoise and orange collection for Cocodot.  Suzanna used a turquoise and orange palette and mixed it with black and white to make it a little more spooky.  Suzanna elevated a traditional Halloween table to chic by using a beautiful black and white backdrop.  I’m loving the witch’s brew, the pretty coconut cake, the lace around the beverages, and the spider treats bags.  Of course, I always love to see Rosanna cake stands on any dessert table!  Great job Suzanna!  Happy Halloween everyone!

halloween14 Halloween Guest Dessert Feature

halloween6 Halloween Guest Dessert Feature

halloween11 Halloween Guest Dessert Feature

halloween7 Halloween Guest Dessert Feature

halloween1 Halloween Guest Dessert Feature

halloween22 Halloween Guest Dessert Feature

halloween3 Halloween Guest Dessert Feature

pixel Halloween Guest Dessert Feature

17 Comments for: “Halloween Guest Dessert Feature”

  1. Beautiful display! Where did you get the glass bottles for the drinks? I’ve been looking everywhere for them.

    • I couldn’t find anything like that when searching for my daughter’s birthday party, so we purchased Starbucks Frapp from Costco and after we drank them (bonus!) we took off the labels and used them. Still super cute and easy to find!

  2. The mini bottles are from Woolworths or Safeway in Australia. In the deli section.

  3. Hi Amy Atlas Team!

    We were so excited to see this feature using our Happy Halloween Printable Graphic Design Collection!

    Thanks for featuring this!
    We love what she did!


  4. It’s fantastic!!xx

  5. Where is the drink dispenser from?

  6. Gorgeous styling colours are well executed ! Can’t wait for you to style mikayla’s bday next year. Well done;)

  7. Hi Shayne, the drink dispenser is from a store in Australia called “Spotlight”

  8. Thank you so much for featuring my Halloween dessert table, it is an honor Xx

  9. Very chic elegant. Well done!

  10. this is spooktacular!

  11. This is so gorjuz I LOVE IT! :) so stylish and beautiful presentation WELL DONE :) mm mm yum yum i want to eat it all :)

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