Oct 25, 2010

Crazy Over Candy Corn!

By: Amy Atlas, in Kids, Recipes

We are knee-deep in Halloween projects {I’ll show you a peek this week}, and there is candy corn all over the AAE office!  Like many, candy corn evokes so many childhood memories for me.  I remember my Grandma used to have small bowls of candy corn around her house on Halloween and I would grab as many as I could before anyone would catch me.  Every time I eat a candy corn, that sugary taste still reminds me of those days.  Since then, candy corn has come a long way.  We’ve seen it transform into many different types of desserts.  The bright color palette lends itself to some pretty dessert designs.  This candy corn round-up shows some of my favorites.

Top Board – On left – Candy corn brownie image via Amy Atlas Events, candy corn macaron via Barbara Bakes, candy corn cookies via Flour Pot Cookies, candy corn cake pops via Bakerella.

Middle Board – Candy corn cupcakes via The Curvy Carrot , candy corn rice crispy treats via Lick the Bowl Good, candy corn jello bundt via The Food Librarian, candy corn parfait via Hershey.

Bottom Board – Candy corn taffy via Sweet Candy Company, candy pops via Mrs. Prindables, Candy corn pretzels via Your Home Based Mom, candy corn shortbread via Sweet Spot.

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  • I love candy corn even if in Italy we don’t know exactly what is it, what do white orange and yellow colours mean? Anyway I really like it!!

  • LOVE Candy Corn!!! but unfortunately we don’t have it in Spain.
    I just sent the photos of my Halloween party in case you want to share it as a featured submission.
    Your work really inspires me to do these things, and I’m finding that I love it!

  • So beautiful!! Loved these colors!! xx

  • Great images! I like how it looks but I have to say, I’m not a candy corn fan Way too sweet for me!

  • Wendy

    WOW! Perfect!

  • I love it all! Candy corn brings back so many memories!

  • Sue

    So creative! Love all the ideas Amy – thanks for sharing!

  • This must be an American thing as us Europeans don’t kow what it is! Even so, the combination of colours is just what we need at this time of year-bright and cheerful. Thanks Amy

  • Jeannie

    I love the bright color and designs, such creative ideas!

  • I have such a soft spot for candy corn, too! I love these ideas – especially the rice krispy treats. : )

  • I love Candy Corn, the taste the colors. Just looking at those pictures makes me smile.

  • Candy Corn is my favorite Halloween/Fall candy!
    I would frame these pictures there so gorgeous!

  • this is fabulous! thanks for sharing! WOW!! {and lordy, do i love candy corn!}

  • I love candy corn! I am teachinig my 3 year old and 19 month old that it is yummy. I love the colors and the memories attached to them. I just found a yummy recipe for candy corn ice cream that I want to try.


  • Oh my! I posted dairy and nut free candy corn desserts (cupcakes, that are oddly similar to the ones from the curvy carrot… what can I say, great minds think alike! and rice krispie treats) that I made a few weekends ago for my little one just this morning too! LOVE candy corn!

  • Cheryl

    Love this!!! Reminds me of childhood and trick or treating fun. Colors make me feel eight yrs. old again.

  • I just delivered a kids Halloween-theme candy buffet to a country club today that included chocolate covered-marshallow treats shaped and decorated like candy corn (made by Whitman). They were such a fun find that I just knew that they had to be included in my buffet.

  • Love the versatility in making candy corn themed desserts! These all look delicious!

  • It’s probably not a good idea to look at all these when you’re hungry :/ .

  • Oooh. Loving the pretzels! I might just have to make those.

  • Rowaida Flayhan

    WOW!!! this is perfect!

  • I think I have died and gone to candy corn heaven! Yum! I’ll have one of each please 😉

  • I have no clue what Candy Corn is – being from Australia, so all you Europeans, I feel you! I’m sure, in great American tradition, it’s completely bad for you! he he yummm. This looks so totally cute! Love the colours! Love everything!

  • What a fun collection of candy corn treats! I’d love to taste them all. Thanks for including my candy corn macarons.

  • Love candy corns for the Halloween holiday!


  • Terri

    My Mom LOVED candy corn! It brings back sweet memories of her.