Oct 20, 2010

Spiderman Guest Dessert Feature

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions, Kids

table3 700x697 Spiderman Guest Dessert Feature

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Cake Pops Cookies1 700x525 Spiderman Guest Dessert Feature

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We’re up to our second guest dessert feature of the day.  This one is from Cecilia and Jeannette of The Treat Table in Florida {we’ll get a link up to their site soon}.  It is not easy to incorporate commercial characters into a polished sweets spread, but I think these ladies did a fantastic job.  There are a lot of great components to this table.  The spiderman cake is really fabulous and these ladies made the cake so that it looked like the cake would be crawling on the table.  I love the cobweb borders around the cake boxes, the cobweb linen, as well as the comic book cityscape backdrop.  I also adore how the splattered cake pop design looks like spiderwebs.  That technique could be used for Halloween as well. Ladies – maybe you can share the technique?  Fantastic job, ladies!

pixel Spiderman Guest Dessert Feature

9 Comments for: “Spiderman Guest Dessert Feature”

  1. What a fun party! Great ideas!

  2. OMG…my husband would love that!

  3. How cool!

  4. My son is having a Spiderman theme for his 3rd birthday, so I will be using some of these ideas. Thanks!

  5. WOW! I love that spiderman cake! Who made that awesome cake?

  6. So much talent I’m impressed and will use some ideas,
    specially the cake pops!


  7. The backdrop is spectacular!!! I love it! And that cake….WOW! The spider web ribbon is pretty awesome, too. Great work! :)

  8. A-MAZING! Love the comic book-themed backdrop. Cake is so life-like….great ideas!

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