Sep 30, 2010

New Halloween Ticings Edible Sheets + Giveaway

Remember when I first introduced Ticings, the company with edible icing sheets, last year here?  Well, today Ticings is launching a fun Halloween collection just in time for Halloween planning and they shared it with us first.  I adore these new cobweb, owl, “bite me” and “boo” designs. These are perfect for the at-home baker who is a little intimidated to experiment with Halloween decorating.  But don’t think these are just for novice bakers, I have lots of pastry chef friends who love this technique as well!  It is a simple and inexpensive way to dress up your baked goods.  Lucky for you, Ticings is giving away this new collection to three of our readers today!  Simply state in the comment area what kind of Halloween fete you’ll be throwing and you have a shot to win these spooktacular goodies!  Be sure to head on over to Ticings to see their other new designs.

PS – Come back later for some fun Halloween news from me!

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  • Kristen S

    I am having a halloween cocktail party for our group of friends. I will be serving drinks of “poison” martinis,”blood red” wine and scary looking cheeses and snacks!

    • Ren

      so cute! -my daughter will be a little owl, so these would be perfect for our party…

  • We’ll be having some friends over for Halloween…decking out the house and enjoying tons of sweets! These would be awesome!

  • We will be throwing a smaller party for our kids and their friends! They would LOVE these!

  • We will be throwing a party for our kids and their friends! They would LOVE these on the cupcakes!

  • Putting together a Halloween dessert table at the end of October, at my local bakers market!

  • Leslie W

    I’m doing a Halloween House-warming Brunch the Sunday before Halloween, and these awesome Ticings would be quite the great wow factor for my cupcake tree and dessert table! Very cool product!

  • We are doing a trunk-or-treat at our church and cupcakes like this would go over wonderfully.

  • Kathryn

    My husband and I have family and their DOGS over to eat, drink, and greet trick-or-treaters! We get loads of trick-or-treaters and they love to see the dogs all in costume! These would be a super addition to our dessert course!

  • Cindy

    We will be having a Happy Haunt Halloween Family Custom Contest Party and would simply die for these. They are Fangtastic! Boo to You!

  • I will be helping my next door neighbor throw a spooktacular bash this year, and the Ticings would be a sure hit!

  • Janelle

    Awww these would be awesome for the halloween party I am throwing my daughter classmates and her neighborhood friends at my house.

  • I will definitely be throwing a Halloween cocktail party this year, and these will be the perfect finishing touch on a sweet ending I have prepared!

  • i threw a huge shindig last year involving what’s the potions, darts with timed eating contests etc. now how do i beat that this year?! with these ADORABLE cupcake designs!

  • Stef

    We will be having two families over so the four boys can go trick or treating together early, then have late dinner and some halloween games.

  • Bridget

    I am hosting my annual Halloween party for both my kids’ school classes, and their siblings – 50 so far are coming, with 20 left to reply! Scary!

  • im planning to host a pre-trick or treating get-together with friends and family and eventually do an all-out casual dinner with the trick or treaters (and go over with them the goodies they were able to get!)

  • Liz

    I’ll be attempting my first Amy Atlas-esque dessert table and these would add the perfect touch! Along with the sweets I’ll be serving up such enticing dishes as “toe jam” (hummus) and “zombie snot” (guacamole).

  • Tera

    LOVE these!!! I am putting together two Halloween desert parties… Kindergarten & 4th grade and also a Halloween fundraiser for my kids school! Whooaaa that is alot of baking, I need some help!

  • We be having some family, an a few of my daughters friends over for some games an food…

  • Kristine

    We will be having our annual Halloween party. All of our friends will be decked out in costumes, there’ll be a DJ spinning awesome music, and lots of yummy food will be consumed. I love Halloween!!

  • AmyC83

    I want to have a really small dinner party on Halloween night. I want to be able to answer the door for trick-or-treaters, but also enjoy some food and drink with friends. These edible sheets would really help out a novice baker like myself!

  • Manette Gutterman

    We will be having a little get together with family for the kids to trick or treat! These would be so cute for our party!

  • These are so cool. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

  • Sharon O.

    We will be having a neighborhood spooky fun party for both kids and adults. We love our neighborhood friends!

  • Ani Djambazka

    We will be throwing a party for friends with babies.It will be my son’s first halloween party.So excited.

  • A cosy party of cocktails and deserts for my kooky friends.

  • Loydene

    I’m having a crafting party – I’ll offer a project and everyone can bring whatever else they are working on!

  • Shea

    We’ll be doing a little pre-trick or treating chili party. Always need something sweet with which to follow up such a yummy meal.

  • I’m throwing a Halloween Slumber Party for my 11yo son who decided he will not be dressing up this year (*tear*). I think these might be a little too cute for a bunch of boys who want to act more grown up than they really are, but they would be perfect for my daughter’s daycare bash:)

  • Leslie Fay

    I will be throwing a small dinner party for friends and I will try my first dessert table since I have been so inspired over the past few months by your wonderful posts!!!

  • Jill

    We are planning to get together to watch the GA/FLA game. It happens to be the day before Halloween, so this would be wonderful to serve for tailgating!

  • Cynthia

    I’m going to be joining my little turtle (grandbaby) on a tour of our neighborhood. It’s the first time I’ll be joining them for trick-or-treating!

  • Rachel

    We’re having the neighbor kids over for some fun (and fun cocktails for mom and dad) before trick or treating – these would be perfect!

  • Oh these are just too cute. NEVER seen these before. They would be great to take to school for my little boy’s class for halloween!!!!!

  • Angela

    I’m throwing a Voo Doo Halloween party for my husband’s 40th bday!

  • Kristin

    Throwing a kid friendly, non spooky gathering of sweet treats. The orange jack-0-lantern ticings would be perfect!!

  • Lauren

    We are having a few friends over, making homemade pizza and dessert, and watching a scary movie!

  • Kristy

    We will be hosting a spooky party for our friends and family! A great way to welcome everyone into our new home.

  • These are so cute!! We always throw a party for my family and friends. My daughter would totally appreciate a cute decorated chocolate cupcake.

  • My daughter is turning 5 on Nov. 1st. She told me for her birthday she wants a halloween party because it is always halloween the day before. Her thought process makes me laugh. These ticings would make her birthday treats even more special.


  • I will be baking cupcakes for my son’s classmates and attempting my first dessert table.

  • Sasha

    For Halloween this year, we will be having a Halloween birthday bash for my daughter, London’s 2nd birthday!!! There will be tons of candy and surprises for the children. So excited!!! =)

  • Sam

    I am planning a full out costume extravaganza, complete with a haunted house venue, spooky cocktails and nibbles, and cheesy Halloween music!

  • I’m hosting a witch’s tea party. I’ve decorated oodles of witch hats for all my friends. These Halloween Ticings would look spooktacular on the cupcakes!

  • Elizabeth

    We’re having a Halloween costume party!!

  • I’m having my second annual Halloween bash with my roommate at our apartment! I’d like to make it look more like a haunted house this year!

  • My husband is in the Air Force, and the wives in the squadron take turns hosting a monthly get-together/dinner party. I’m hosting October’s, and these would be perfect!

  • Kerissa

    I will be having a do-over of last year’s halloween party with kids and the neighbors…since last year all but one of our guests came down with the swine flu! That was scarier than the owl cookies and the “bony finger” pizza sticks!

    These are great! Thanks for the opportunity!


  • Mindy Steed

    My husband and I will be throwing a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Party. Our friends and family will enjoy Mummy pops, Candy Corn cookies, and edible fingers and toes. We would love to add these spooky cupcakes to our dessert table!


  • Jennifer

    I’m organizing a Halloween party for my son’s first grade class, and these Ticings would be a great addition to the event.

  • Kim

    These are an awesome idea! I am in the market for halloween items as I am having a halloween pumpkin carving party themed after the “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” episode. I’ll be putting out a dessert bar for my guests & Ticings Edible Sheets would be the perfect additions to my cupcakes!

  • Shannon

    We are going to our friends annual bash, these would be fun to put on the treats we are taking.

  • I am in charge of my son’s class Halloween party this year and these would be so fun to use on their cookies!

  • Alison

    Perfect for our Halloween block party cupcakes!

  • justina

    A good friend of mine goes all out for halloween, . . . it takes her almost a month to transform her home into something that would impress Martha Stewart. I would love to give these to her, I can just imagine how much fun she would have these.
    Thank you for sharing all the inspration, I really enjoy your blog.

  • I have an annual party for my daughters class this year our theme is monsters

  • shanna

    the kids and i will be dressing up and making lots of goodies for ourselves and friends!

  • Melissa

    My little boy will turn six a couple of days before Halloween, so we’re having a big birthday party / Halloween party with about 10 other families invited. These would simplify the dessert and be adorable! Last year for the birthday/Halloween party we had a bonfire, the kids watched a movie outside, and I gave guests a corked “test tube” filled with “eye of newt”, “spider eggs”, etc. (Jelly Belly beans)! Lots of fun!

  • Corie

    These are ADORABLE!! I am a new baker and have volunteered to head up my 2 girls Halloween parties at school! No cake – just cupcakes and these would make such an impression to all the other moms!! I would love to share my secret with them!

  • Katie

    First on the agenda is my 2 year olds preschool Halloween party. I am in charge of the party and these designs tie in perfectly with what I have planned for the themed decorations. The kids will love their cookies iced with these cute images. Then, we have a neighborhood chili cookoff complete with a haunted house. These would make an awesome dessert for all the kids and families who attend. I can just see the cupcake tower loaded with cupcakes now! This year it will be on Saturday, the night before Halloween. Then on Sunday, we are hosting my daughters friends for an after trick or treating candy exchange!! We did this last year for the first time and it was such a hit. These edible icing sheets would be just the ‘trick’ for all the ‘treats’ we have planned over Halloween Weekend. Because why should we only celebrate Halloween on one day!?!?!?!

  • Shelby

    My high school does a senior dress up day every halloween, and my friends and I are being what else but CUPCAKES for halloween! So I would love to have these to make up a little treat for our sleepover the night before!

  • Andrea D.

    We don’t usually have a huge party for Halloween. We usually go over to my in law’s and I bake lots of yummy treats for all the weeks leading up to Halloween! Why limit it to just a day or two? 😀

  • I am throwing a goulish lunch for the teachers at my daughters school and these would be perfect!!!

  • techkim

    I do something for my preschoolers. But not scary 🙂

  • Lorraine

    These would be great for my son’s Halloween party at school this year. I would use them to decorate the cupcakes!

  • My three year old is so excited for Halloween this year, so we are doing something fun to celebrate! These would be perfect for my cookies!

  • Aubrey Whiting

    I’ll be holding a classic black, orange & purple Halloween Party in my new house! My husband and I are moving in just in time to pit a little something together!

  • Carolyn

    I will be attending a friends halloween party this year! Tradition of sitting in the garage and handing out candy while enjoying a few beverages.

  • I will be throwing an Octoberfest party. Lots of baked goods, a fall feast, pumpkin carving, pumpkin beer and good times.

  • We are throwing a spider party for the kids on Sat before halloween! – love the web design Thanks for the inspiration!

  • debbie

    I love the spider web! I will be having a gathering with friends, family and some major sweets. Halloween is my favorite holiday so the house inside and out will be haunted out.

  • Brooke

    A pre-Halloween/ pre-Florida/ Georgia party. Gotta love college!

  • Ooooh those are adorable! We just talked about throwing a Halloween party the other day! It would be a costume party/birthday party with friends since one of our friends was born on Halloween. So I see cupcakes, spiced wine, good beer, etc.

  • i’m throwing a little shindig for the kids in the family. our place is the trick or treat central, so halloween is always at our place!

  • Lisa B.

    We’ll be throwing a little Halloween get-together for all the nieces and nephews and will be creating all sorts of different edible crafts!

  • Rebecca

    We’re having our 4th annual Halloween Bash with all of our family and friends, a night to celebrate with yummy treats!

  • We’ll definitely be having a costume party with lots of spooky decorations, but I’m also thinking about having a pumpkin-carving get together. These are so cute!

  • Pearl

    Tiki-ween! Boo tais and skull leis for everyone!

  • Teresa

    I am having a Halloween party for my Daisy troop, with a desert table filled with caramel apples, whoopie pies, and treats galore!

  • I will be co throwing a party with one of my friends her birthday is the 30th and mine is the 31st..We are the witches of our town..HEHEHE

  • I would put these on cupcakes & celebrate having a baby girl on the 26th!

  • Jennifer Sullivan

    we are having a neighborhood party – would be perfect on our dessert table!

  • Meg

    Family party! how cute are these!

  • Rian

    I’ll be having a small party with my kids and their friends!

  • Christy

    I’m hosting this month for my Bunco group. I’m the baker in the group so everyone is expecting spectactular desserts. These would look great on cupcake, cookies and brownies!!

  • I’m thinking of a block party for the kids.

  • I would love these for a special little party for my little ones!

  • SR

    I’m having a Halloween/Birthday party for a friend and these will be perfect!

  • Sarah

    So cute. We’re having a party with soup and dessert (these would be perfect for dessert) and then heading out for trick-or-treating.

  • Kathy

    So inspired by the Pink O Ween party…stealing the idea. These would be a great addition!

  • These would be perfect for our neighborhood Halloween party!

  • we are taking our halloween festivities on the road! Some NY bloggers are road tripping to Boston for a blogger meet up celebration! These Icing Sheets would be a great addition to some traveling cupcakes 🙂

  • Maggie

    Pumpkin carving party. Lots of kids lots of fun!

  • Michelle

    I am so excited for the halloween season this year! Last year I tried making homemade candy corn and failed, so I am going to try it again! In addition, will be making many Halloween tasty treats such as cookies, cupcakes, and more. I just moved to a new town and I am thinking about hosting a Halloween Party for our new friends using many of your decorating ideas. I am SOOO EXCITED!!!

  • Becky

    I’m actually in charge of bringing the dessert to a party some friends are having – so these would be PERFECT for some cupcakes!

  • Lisa

    Fun! And probably the cutest ones I have seen.

  • Tricia

    I am planning a neighbourhood ghoulish soiree and these designs would make a fabulous addition to the dessert table!

  • we are having a boo bash for my kids and their friends.

  • Oh, I love these! I wasn’t planning on doing major party just because I’m not good with decorating, but it would be a different story with this one. My niece, nephews and neighbor kids would LOVE having this in their Halloween party!

  • Jen Forga

    Ticings seem to be popping up on all my favorite sites lately. What a great idea and seem so easy to use. The spider web design is TDF. If I were to win the give-away I would be using them on the cupcakes I will be making for the 1st grade Halloween party at my daughter’s school. I think it would blow away all of the parents:) Plus it would be a perfect jumping off theme for the rest of their party. Thanks! Jennifer

  • Beautiful! I would totally use these for our annual work costume/halloween party. 🙂

  • I help stock the sweets shop at our community Fall Festival and these would make them all the sweeter!

  • Bonjour!

    I am holding a pumpkin carving workshop ( a little known art in this part of the world )in the village square here in the south west of France. Goûter ( afternoon kid’s snack ) would be great with iced oreos decorated with these great food decals, and so easy for an instant effect, who ever said the French know everything about style!! Bravo! to Ticings.

  • Vicki H

    I am helping out with my daughter’s classroom party. I always take cupcakes and these would make them extra special this year!!

  • Tiffany

    I will be providing treats for my military husband and his battle buddies as well as my son and his classmates. These would be a great addition.

  • jennifer crowther

    i love these!! i am having a halloween party with a dessert buffet! how cute it would be to have fun cupcakes with these amazing designs! THANKS!!

  • Diane

    We throw an annual party for about 30 guests, adults and kids every year. I try and do something different each year, but always have to include caramel apples, bobbing for apples, lots of desserts and fun activities. These would be a great addition as I am sure many families haven’t seen them before and would be very interested in this easy but fun way to decorate!

  • Connie

    Every year for the last 13 years we have had a Halloween Party and every year it gets bigger and better.Last year I did your Halloween Dessert table and everybody loved it.So these would just add to the dessert table they are so cute and the kids would love it….

  • Tais

    We’ll make a surprise party to my son’s teacher, Halloween spired. It would fit perfectly.

  • Tammy

    We are having a Halloween-themed party for my 1-year old baby girl. Depending on the number of kids, we may make this as one of the “fun” activities for them.

  • Ashley

    A friend and I are throwing a small party with a few families. We all have kids around 2 so a bunch of little ones in costume! We are planning a fun dessert table, so these would be awesome!

  • Dawn

    Going to a friend’s “All Things Pumpkin” party. I’m the resident baker in our group, so these would be an awesome addition to my pumpkin spice cupcakes!

  • Laura Peterson

    Treating the staff at our local hospital emergency room to a night of treats.They would love these and they seen it all!!

  • Lisa

    This will be our son’s first Halloween (he was born in June) so we’re planning to hang out with other families in our building and/or in the park, if the weather permits. He’s going to be a cheeseburger in this costume from Old Navy ( and I’ll be wearing a sweater from my college days that looks like a Heinz ketchup bottle. Now, to find my husband some kind of mustard T-shirt…

  • Heather R.

    My son’s birthday is November 1st so we are doing a Halloween themed birthday party for him this year. I’m so excited, the kids will decorate pails and I’m looking forward to making some Halloween bites (ha!) to eat. These would be perfect to dress up the cupcakes I’m going to make for the big day!

  • Cheri

    Great idea! I love little tid bits that can add some life to a cupcake! These would be a hit at the Halloween events this year!

  • Love these – so clever! My 6 year old will be a cowgirl and my 16 month old will be a monkey. We host a block party which includes 10 families.

  • I am a “Grammy” so I am having a small dinner party for Halloween. We are inviting 15 adults — our family and my son-in-laws family. The grandkids are little, 2-4 so I am having the party so that they can wear their costumes and we can all see them having fun for Halloween. After dinner, I will be having treats for each adult and everyone will be located in a separate room or location and the kids will go “trick or treating” knocking on bedroom doors, finding us outside in the back yard etc. and collecting their treats.
    I am working on the menu now trying to come up with a meal with some fun twists! I am most excited about making some desserts and having the kids help me decorate!

  • Mae

    So cute – perfect for my daughter’s Halloween campfire!

  • We don’t do a party, but a fun dinner with the family and we would love to use these on our dessert. SO cute!

  • amanda cobb

    I will be creating desserts for my boys at the boys home of the south! There are 22 of the sweetest littl goblins there you will ever meet and this would be super sweet for them!

  • Jill

    I teach 2nd grade and enjoy making treats for my students! They would absolutely love these