Sep 13, 2010

Guest Dessert Feature – Part II

By: Amy Atlas, in Featured Submissions

MG 5255 a Guest Dessert Feature   Part II

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MG 5272 a 700x1050 Guest Dessert Feature   Part II

I’m back with Part II of the guest dessert feature from Jeanna Hayes and Suzanne of SHE PAPERIE + Design Boutique. If you missed Part I, you should definitely stop by here {it will be worth the click!}  Above is the Sugar And Spice Sweets Station they created for the shoot and it is nothing short of spectacular.  These pictures just make me happy.  The dessert bar was set against a backdrop of vintage-like fabrics that had been ripped and tied onto a rope, to create a “rag swag” effect.  The desserts included handmade cotton candy, decorated sugar cookies, sugar wafers, the season’s sweetest apricots, snickerdoodles, peppermint unicorn pops and cinnamon caramel popcorn.

I love the patterned fabric on the rag swag fabric backdrop,the multi-colored wafers, the beautiful ice-blue linen, and the use of fresh, seasonal fruit on the table.  Again, fabulous job ladies!

pixel Guest Dessert Feature   Part II

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  1. I am in love with these tables… I love the cake stands with the ribbons…

  2. Love the fruits mixed with the sweets!

  3. You can get those cake stands right now at Home Goods for $12.99 each! I bought several.

  4. THANK YOU! I will check right now… hope they send them to Portugal! :-)

    • Oi Susana, tudo bem? Eu achei os suportes para bolos na Marshalls aqui nos Estados Unidos. Comprei-os para o aniversario de 1 aninho da minha filha. Vale a pena, e algo muito util para varias ocasioes. Alem disso, nao custa muito. Talvez voce possa encontra-los online. Faca uma pesquisa no Google.



  5. Just beautiful! Love the fabric swag!

  6. I love this, so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful guest posts and ideas from your business!



  9. Unbelievably gorgeous!!

  10. SO precious! Love it all!

  11. I love the how effortless it looks. And the cake from the first post is gorgeous.

  12. Thank you to share us your work!

  13. I love the cotton candy — such a sweet touch!

  14. What a BEAUTIFUL tables! That fabric garland is OMG STUNNING.

  15. Beautiful! I Love it all!

  16. So sweet and adorable!

  17. So beautiful I had to repost! xo

  18. That fabric rag swag is just amazing, I love it!!!
    I would also love to get one of those cake stands but I am in Australia and have never seen anything like that. Not sure how it would ship and if it would cost a fortune.

  19. Excuse me while I brag just a little. I happened to be one of the lucky ladies at that photo shoot and I can tell you, it was beyond magical! Suzanne has been a friend of mine for many years and she has impeccable taste in everything she does. She’s simply amazing, and incredibly sweet too. I’ve only met Jeanna a few times but she has a great eye for photography, plus she’s just the nicest person you’d ever want to meet. They make a great team and I for one was totally overwhelmed by all the details of our “sugar and spice” themed photoshoot.

  20. I just want to say how much I love seeing the sweet fruits of the season on this table. I’m a fan of sweet treats too, but those glossy grapes and tender round apricots look just delish! They’re just one part of this table I love. Another fabulous job!

  21. Absolutely Beautiful! Love the vintage look!

  22. Wow-That table is so gorgeous and so beautifully shot, not to mention the desserts look absolutely delectable!

  23. I just came across your website! Love this idea!

  24. Beautiful table setting! Where did you find the tablecloth?

  25. This could easily be the cover of Marie Claire Maison!!!

  26. Do you sell the fabric swags and anything that might go with decorating a table like this for a party? I saw the post about the cake stands already but anything else that has color that might go with it such as straws and such???


    Absolutely beautiful :)

  27. Can we order the signage and toppers???

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