Sep 08, 2010

Bakerella Cake Pops Giveaway!

By: Amy Atlas, in Swag

Hello my baking friends…I’ve been taking some time off relaxing with family and am going to take a few more days since we’re heading into the Rosh Hashanah holidays.

In the meantime, I thought I’d leave you with a really sweet giveaway.  My blogging friend Bakerella just came out with her highly anticipated cake pops book.  Yes, you know who I am talking about.  Bakerella started the cake pop frenzy and there will be an even bigger frenzy after you see this book.  We’ve all been salivating over her website for the last few years and now she’s given us even more gorgeous cake pops to get excited about.  Chronicle Books just sent over a copy of Cake Pops to me and Bakerella outdid herself with this ridiculously cute book.  Bakerella once again brings each and every pop to life with her innovative designs.  I’ve been flipping through the book all morning and it is filled with inspiration.  My kids have already folded the popcorn cake pop page above since they have asked {actually begged} to make those.  Best part, true to Bakerella style, these recipes are easy to follow and any novice baker can bake these fun recipes.  Be sure to pick up a copy right away!  Huge hearty congrats to Bakerella!

Okay, now to the good part for you all!  Who here wants a free copy of the book?!?!  If so, share in the comment area your favorite pop from Bakerella’s site and also share who you’ll make your first set of pops for if you win the book.  I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday at 12pm est.  Good luck and get ready to bake!

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  • Stephanie

    My favorite are the cupcake pops… they are so adorable. I would make pops for my sister b/c she loves anything miniture.

    • Monica

      its hard to decide… theyre all adorable, but since my baby boy is beginning to discover new tastes…. i think ill probably make him the cookie monster ones, thats his favorite character, and it will help me practice because i want to give them away as invitations for his 1 year old bithday…. ill put them in cello bags and tie a bow with a message with all the info… yes, thats exactly what ill do!

      • Megan

        I love the smiley face pops, and if I won the book, I would make some for my daughters first birthday!

    • They are all super cute – she really does an amazing job! If I had to pick an absolute fav, I’d go with Rudolf! Isn’t he just adorable?

    • LISA

      Robots take the cake!!!

    • Valerie

      I think my fave are the hello kitty pops. I will make some for a christmas party that I’ll be doing this year!

    • Sharon Robinson

      It is a hard decision because they are all so cute!! I love the chicks, Turkeys,and reindeers. The wedding cakes are my favorite.Thinking I might have a wedding in my near future.

    • Vilma

      My fav. pop was the Disney ones, love the Mickey, minnie, pooh bear, mr potato head, I would love to have a party for my son and use any of these pops.

    • Heather

      I absolutely love the cupcakes, you do beautiful work! I am not very good in the kitchen but would love to be better. So if I won a copy of your book I would make them for my child’s Halloween parties at school. Then comes Thanksgiving with the family and I would love to make a center piece out of them.

    • Sherra

      I really, really love them all. They are so very creative and I am amazed that people can still come up with new ideas for cake! Amazing. I have actually been looking at the cupcake ones lately since I am planning a 2nd birthday party for my baby girl. There are so many to choose from, I can’t wait to get a hold of this book.!!!

  • Nicole

    My favorite pops are the ice cream cone pops…so dang cute! I would make pops for my three daughters…they would LOVE them!

  • Rachel W

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mr. Potato Head cake pops! Adorable!

  • The Hello Kitty cake pops! They would be perfect for my 5 year old niece who LOVES Hello Kitty!

  • Definitely the wedding cake ones she made for a surpirse proposal to one of her fans!! I would make cake pops for EVERYBODY, first on the list is my niece’s sweet sixteen party coming up soon!!!

  • Amy

    I love the cupcake pops!!! So delicious!!

  • I love the OWL pops on the cover. I would like to make the Christmas trees again this year as gifts for friends!! So fun

  • Amy

    I love the cupcake pops. I would make them for my daughter who loves any and all things cupcake!!!

  • Kristy

    Popcorn bucket pops! My nephew of course!

  • Jen P

    The pops are sooo cute.. and I am sure they are super yummy…would love to try and bake some!

  • I made the graduation cap ones for my little brother when he finished high school! My favorites I think would have to be the adorable animals..or maybe the Halloween ones..and I would LOVE to make the snow globe cupcakes she made a few Christmases ago. I still think about those, even though they aren’t exactly pops.

  • the ice cream cone ones are too cute!! and i would love to make footballs for college football season!

  • I LOVE the Thanskgiving turkey pops. I have even tried to make them…they were no where as cute as her’s, but gosh I just think they are adorable.

  • Janine

    I love Bakerella’s cake pops. They’re all precious, but I love the Mr. Potato Head one. It’s so cute. What little child wouldn’t love a Toy Story themed party, complete w/Mr. Potato Head?!

  • Sheree Renee

    I love them all! The flower cake pops she did for Mother’s Day were really really cute. The next cake pops I’d like to do try out are the Halloween theme ones!

  • Iliana Llopiz-Lozana

    They are all adorable! If I had to choose, I would definitely choose the cupcake pops for my daughter Madison’s Cupcake Themed 5th birthday coming up. She would be so thrilled!!!!

  • Lorena Mora

    I love all her pops but my favorite are the Toy Story ones she put on her website, Mr. Potato Head! I’ve done the cup cake ones but I have to try a few of her other ones.

  • I would make the robot cake pops for sure. My 3 year old is obsessed with “boo-bots,” so they’d be for him.

  • Elizabeth

    OMG! I looooove the owl pops… I will make them for our daughter… Too adorable!!! 🙂

  • Trish

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the ice cream ones!

    I am planning on making these next month for my 2 daughters for their classroom celebrations, now if only I had the book? 🙂

  • Karyn

    I would like to make the original cupcake pops, those are the cutest. I love the smiley face ones too.

  • elle

    i absolutely love them all but i do have a special place in my heart for the little round yellow chickies because they are simple yet incredibly adorable all at once! i made my first cake pops recently as a trial run for a bridal shower i’m throwing for a friend this weekend (heart shaped, of course!) and while it took me a little practice to get the dipping/decorating part just right they are just too awesome for words. i can’t wait to see how all the guests like the ones i make for the party!! i’m dying to see this book in person, my goal is to become the cake pop guru for all my friends!

  • I can’t wait to make the cupcake pops for my daughters Spring Kindergarten party!!!

  • Mie

    Definitely the wedding cake ones! And my nieces would love me forever if I made them these pops! 😀

  • Carol

    My favorite Bakerella cakepop is the Mr Potato Head pop!

  • I’m a purest so I basically love the plain cake pops. The Easter pops are pretty cute and so are the Sesame Street pops! I made cake “truffles” (that’s what we call them) for an opening of a photography studio and they were a big hit. If I win the book, I’ll be baking for my grandson next weekend when I visit!

  • Shea

    I love the little chickies.

  • Candace

    My favorites are the wee cupcakes with sprinkles. The first cake pops I make will be pickle pops. Yes, that’s right, pickles. I do realize they’re not cute, but my husband is turning 50 and we’re having a pickle-themed party in his honor since they’re his favorite things in the whole world and he’s a bit of a pickle-puss himself.

  • I love the sheep cake pops!If I win I’ll make for my son.He loves cakes…

  • My favorite Cake Pops were the Hello Kitties! They were so incredibly cute!

  • Allison

    How could I choose, I love them all!

  • I’ve tried making the turkeys… They came out o.k. I can’t wait to try the sesame street characters. They are awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on her book!

  • Alithea

    I would make the minnie mouse & mickey mouse for my two kids 🙂 They LOVE Disneyland…and love minnie & mickey! I have to change the cake to gluten free for my son, but that’s not hard!

  • Andrea

    Red velvet cake pops for my sweetie!

  • i swoon over the spring chicken cake pops! i would love to make these for my sister-in-laws baby shower this december…so so so adorable!

  • Elena

    I love the owl pop! so cute!

  • i love love love all things cake pop :). I still love the cupcake pops the best. If i won i want (need) to make the owl pops. I am planning my twins first birthday (owl theme) and they would be perfect!

  • I love the popcorn ones!
    I really want this book!

  • Oh my gosh! The burgers and bumblebees are incredible!!! I was inspired by Bakerella a few months ago and made pale blue and white pops for a baby shower. They were certainly a hit, but so rudimentary compared to the awesome ideas in Bakerella’s site. Wow! I love making pops and cupcakes, so having their new book would be a real treat. Next weekend is my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and I am throwing the party. Center stage is the sweets table and you can bet golden pops will grace the presentation!!

    xoxo, Lori

  • sydney85

    I love the Minnie Mouse cake pops. My Granddaughters will be going to Disney World and I plan to make them as a surprise before they go.

    [email protected]

  • I LOVE the Hello Kitty Cake Pops { } and I would make them for my daughter, my friends, and my friend’s daughters. So fun!!

  • I love the cupcakes, the Sesame Street ones, the holiday ones…who am I kidding? I love them all!

  • Kristin

    Such a hard choice to make…. LOVE them ALL. My favorite is the ice cream cone cupcake and if I won the book I would make them for my grandson Patrick’s first birthday party along with the cupcake pops. All the pops just make me happy to look at them!!! I am a kid in a candy shop or a bake shop!!!

  • Amy

    I love her cupcake cake pops! The next one I would try would be Halloween treats and I would make them for my daughter and her friends! All of her cake pops are adorable!

  • I always miss her when she comes to Atlanta but I love the bees cakepops those are too adorable lol. Congrats to her!

  • Suzanne

    My favorite are the Sheep pops! So cute. I would make the popcorn pops for my son & his class at school!

  • Sandra Tran

    Choosing one is hard!!! Hmmmmmmm . . . let’s see, but if I must choose 1 then it would be the little bees. Those are the cutest of the cutest!!!!

  • I LOVE Bakerella!!! My all time favorite pops are the cute little chicks!

  • The lamb pops! I’d make them for my friend’s upcoming baby shower.

  • The sheep ones are super stinkin’ cute! I would probably make the first batch for a girls afternoon at my place.

  • Lorraine

    My favorite pops are the Sesame Street Pops. I am planning on making Elmo for my son who turns 2 on December 8th – just 3 months away – can’t believe it.

  • I love all the cake pops. They are the cutest things ever! I made the cupcake ones for my daughter’s birthday and they were a big hit. I’d love to try some more.

  • Sharla Muegge

    I triple LOVE the owls!! I’m sooooo into owls right now!! If I win the book, I will be making my very first cupcake pops for my daughters 3rd birthday!!! I think these are perfect for little fingers and she loves anything that looks like a cupcake!!! That book belongs on MY shelf! 😉

  • I adore the pie pops! My dad gardens like crazy, he just brought me a couple pumpkins from his garden…I believe I will make him pumpkin pie pops! 🙂

  • Mirele

    I’ll do it with my sis for my nephew’s 1st birthday!

  • I absoluetly love all the cakepops and would love to try any of them. Being as though I have 2 little boys under 2 the Sesame Street ones would be my first attempt. I am so excited that this book is out and am looking foward to baking and decorating!

  • It would be impossible for me to pick a favorite… I have been been able to create ONE so everything she does is amazing to me!! I would make… or attempt to make… a set for my 7 yo’s next birthday party!

  • Taylor

    Hello Kitty is still my fav.. although, for Halloween, I’d have to pick the mummy pop!

  • Zhaleh

    I thought the sesame street pops were completely darling! Fortunately, I have some little cousins who would appreciate them!

  • I love the classic mini cupcakes. They are so so so cute! I would love to make up a batch for my sweet husband!

  • Sally

    I love the Easter Chickens! Sadly my attempts to recreate them have been disasterous so I need some guidance from Bakerella’s new book 🙂

  • PinkLibrarian

    I love her Hello Kitty cake pops. Perfect! And I always bake for my coworkers at the library.

  • Kerissa

    Love! I love the spring chickens! I would probably make the first ones for a bridal shower I’m baking for next month! 🙂

  • Danielle Esparza

    I absolutely love the Hamm and Mr. Potato Head pops. I would make them for my niece’s 3rd birthday. She LOVES Toy Story and when she asks to watch it we all crack up because for some reason when she says Toy Story it sounds like she has an Italian accent! 🙂

  • Jen B

    I love the snowmen! I’d have to make them for my little guy this winter! 🙂

  • It’s hard to choose just one, but I loved the wedding cupcake pops. I have a friend getting married at the end of this month…I would totally make a cute display bucket for the happy couple. 🙂 It might not be on their registry, but I’m guessing there would be no complaints!

  • Christine

    Sheep cake pops & Hello Kitty, for my darling little cousins.

  • Melissa

    I love the cupcake looking cake pops on the website. But if I got the book I would make the owl pops first. My daughter’s “fall theme” birthday party is coming up and they would look great!!

  • April

    I can’t decide there are so many cute ones. I will be making my first set for my daughters birthday party. She is having a Pokemon party and I am going to make pokeballs. I found a photo online of them…not sure if they are from Bakerella but she did make these ridiculously cute peakachus out of peeps (peep-achus) that I will be making as well.

  • Her Hello Kitty pops are THE CUTEST! But, with halloween coming up, I’m dying to try the frankenstein pops. I will probably make those for my daughters pre-k class.

  • My favorite are the Mr. Potato Heads! I would make them for my husband. I tried to make some last week and they fell apart and my husband basically accused me of being crazy for trying to stick cake on a stick! LOL I definitely need this book. 🙂

  • Jillian

    I love the popcorn and the ice cream cones! I really want to make them for my son’s carnival themed 3rd birthday party. 🙂

  • Rachel

    I love the Snowmen cake pops. I’d make them for my daughter’s Holiday Party. I know they’d be a huge hit!

  • Since it’s coming up on Halloween I’m loving her Halloween pops, super cute!!!

  • NormaJean

    I would for sure want to make the mickey mouse pops and I would really want to make alot more with my daughters it would be way fun to make all different characters. I really cant wait to see this book live and in person!!! 🙂

  • Amanda

    I just loved the Hamm and Potato Head cake pops. I absolutely loved the movie and they remind me of my childhood. I would love to make those with my sister, so we could have old Toy Story movies playing and laugh just like we used to before she got married.

  • I love the Mr. Potato Head cake pops. I’d make my first set in October for my son’s birthday, but then I also have my daughter’s birthday in Nov, and my other son’s birthday in December. I’ll need lots of POPS ideas 🙂

  • Brittney S

    I’m a fan of the originals probably because I like to keep it simple. I admire her work as well as your own! I would certainly love to dive into her book and make something new for my guy!

  • Brie

    love bakerella! so far i’ve only attempted the basic round cake pops, but they were a hit! i’m loving the owl one above, although i would also like to make her elmo ones for my Goddaughter!!

  • Jen

    I absolutely adore Bakerella! She was added to my favorites awhile back! 😉
    As for my fave pop…hmmmm that’s a good question but I think I will say the cutr little chickadees!
    They are too cute to eat wellll ok I would still eat them! Lol
    Also as for who I would make them for?
    I think I would have to say my mother in law to be!
    She loves that I have been baking for her lately and loves hearing what ik am gonna make next!
    This would deffinately put a HUGE smile on her face that I would love to see!

  • I love Bakerella! It’s hard to choose one favorite, they are all so cute! I would let me kids pick which ones they want to make. We need more craft days together. 🙂

  • Stephane

    Hands-down, my favorite is Mr. Potato Head! However, I’ve made he mini-cupcake pops to rave reviews!

  • I think the chick pops from Easter are adorable 🙂

  • How am I supposed to choose a favorite?!?!? I love all her pops. The best ones ever were the toy story ones, but I love those popcorn pops! My little boy’s third birthday is coming up, so that’s probably what i’d use it for first, to make pops for his party

  • Renea

    Hello Kitty has my vote! those caught my eye the first time I went to the Bakerella site. If I win, I would make the pops for my daughter’s Kindergarten class.

  • Emi

    The Sesame Street pops because my girls love them so much.

    We made them for their 4th birthday party, and all the kids adored them.

    If I win, my girls and I will definitely be trying out all the pops.

  • Tobie

    I love the little chicks. They are so cute and simple.

  • Jessica

    Definitely the Burger Bites… I’d make them for my son’s 4th birthday… he loves his burgers!!

  • Monick Sanchez

    I LOVE the Hello Kitty ones she makes !!!! If I ever have a Hello Kitty party Im sure to be making some!!!!!

  • definitely the toy story ones. i LOVE all of them! I would throw a party just so i could make them. hehe

  • well I would make the hello kitty ones for myself. but we are having a dr. Seuss inspired 3rd birthday for my son next month and I had planned to try the basic pops in shades of blue and red. would love to see what else is in the book. that popcorn design is darn cute.

  • Linda G

    My favorite are the reindeer pops! I would make them for a friend whose last name goes with one of non-Rudolph reindeers in the song.

  • Taylor Paige

    My favorite cake pops are the little lambs. They are too adorable! My especially love their little heart nose ♥

  • My favorite pops are the ice cream cone pops. I have 3 children that would love for me to make these for them!

  • colleen

    love the cupcakes…even bought the flower cookie cutter to make them…BUT HAVEN’T YET!!! Will make ’em for the family…

  • Sara R.

    I love the cupcake pops! She is so amazing! I will be making cake pops for my sister-in-law’s baby shower in Dec.

  • Robin S

    Well, i truly love love love the snowman…and I just can’t wait for winter to get here….ok, now I could say something drippy and sentimental that I am making them for my favorite cousin who lives in the snow, but truly….I am making them for MEEEEEEEE…’cuz I am all about cake pops and have been waiting for that book forEVER!!!!

  • Mary

    I’d love to try several of these, but I can’t get over how cute the ice cream cones are–and I think they would be a great first effort because they aren’t as detailed. I’ve been working for two years on developing a leadership program for a nonprofit I’m involved with, and we’re just about to kick-off the pilot year of the program. I’d make these for the women who have been working with me on this project, to develop and launch this program. They deserve a treat!

  • I adore the Sesame Street pops, though I might feel a bit guilty eating them. And the Mr. Potato Head is just awesome. I would make some with the intent of sharing them with my family, but they all live so far away I might just have to eat them in their honor 😉

  • Oh I love love love the sheep cake pops, something about their bursting bodies with little legs, so cute! I will make them for my hubby as the secret to a mans heart is through his belly! Hope I win!

  • Lily Corona

    I absolutely love LOVE the Hello kitty pops! I would make pops for my boyfriend’s birthday party. =)

  • Danielle

    My favorite pops are the ice cream cone pops!! I made them to my sister-in-law’s baby shower and it was a big hit!!

    Have a sweet year!

  • The baby chicks are my favorite, I would make them for my niece’s birthday.

  • Judy Kucharuk

    I love the smiley face cake pops! They make ME smile. The first set of cake pops I would make would be for my mom, because we all know our mom deserves the best!

  • Ces

    if I had to choose a favorite, I’s say I like the Mr. Potatohead pops.. just adorable. My daughter’s birthday is coming up in November and I would love cake pops at her party.

  • I love the Hello Kitty pops, because who can’t help but love the kitty?

    I’m actually making cake pops tonight for my little ones daycare “class”. They’re having a tailgate party tomorrow so I made super yellow cake with white candy coating dipped in either green or gold sanding sugar (for The Packers!).

    Once I get the book there will be reasons to make them all over the place!

  • Leiana M.

    I LOVE the CUPCAKE pops! they are so adorable and can be so elegant at the same time. i would be making the cake pops for my husband’s 30th birthday in november!

  • Lauren

    I loved the wedding cake pops, and how she helped someone propose! Too cute!

  • Nikki

    I love the little reindeer. I love everything Christmas. What a great homemade gift to give – a bouquet of little adorable reindeer cake pops! I love it.

  • Nydia

    Love, love, love the Sesame Street cake pops! My 3 year old’s class may just be getting a special treat!

  • Tina


    i’m going to be making the hello kitty pops for my daughter’s 6th birthday. she loves hello kitty!! 🙂 i already bought the melts, sprinkles, cookie cutter, sticks, bags, etc… and can’t wait to make it. i think my daughter will enjoy making them and eating them too!

    thank you! >^..^<

  • Veronica Mendenhall

    I looooovvvveeee the cake pops Bakerella did for Toy Story (Mr. Potato Head and the pig!) 🙂 So Cute!

    I would love to make my first batch with my new husband in our new place <3!

  • Hello Kitty! I’m already planning to make them for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party!

  • I love the Wedding Cake Pops! I’d love to make them (but change them to ‘birthday’ cake pops) for my Grandfathers 80th birthday in two weeks time!
    Good luck everyone! My fingers are crossed for me to win! (and for you guys too) x

  • Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio)

    Though I love them all, the Mr. Potato Head cake pops are the ones I can’t stop staring at! Such perfect replicas!

    I’d love to make the first set of cake pops for my son and his friends at the homecoming party at our house. (I’d have to make the bees for that, probably.)

  • Sara R

    How can I pick just one?!?! I am currently loving all things “cute” bug related IO have to go with those bee pops….but since the end of summer is creeping closer I am already getting into holiay mood, so I think the first ones I might try are those cute raindeer pops for my annual holiday party!

  • beka

    i’d make the cupcake pops for my friends!

  • Marcia

    The Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse pops are a huge favorite of my 2 yr old son’s!!!!

  • Amanda

    I would make the cupcake pops for my baby’s one year b-day party!

  • Kelly

    Hands down, the reindeer! Precious! First in line for the baking…my two wonderful daughters…and mail them to them at college! How awesome to open a box fill with those! :)kelly

  • My son loves Toy Story & Mr. Potato head, he would get a kick out of the Hamm & Potatoes guys! thanks, Carli

  • Donna

    The owls- it’s my friend’s 50th soon and she just LOVES owls!

  • Natalia Seara

    I love the Cupcake Cake pops and I will make them for my best friend´s birthday.

  • Lo Muller

    The ham & potatoes are stinkin’ adorable!!!! SO cute! I love the “classic” cupcake pops too simply because I love cupcakes and their cute little shape. I’d probably start with the cupcake pops… honestly, for myself… and then of course share them with family, friends and classmates! Super cute!

  • Emmy

    Wow, I just heard about these amazing pops just last week. I love it! I love the sports ones that are on her site. My 4 year old son is taking soccer this year for the first itme, so I would love to make soccer balls for an end of season celebration. He would go crazy.

  • Mai

    I love them all! But, if I had to choose, it’d be the character cake pops (Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street). My son is in love with Mickey Mouse at the moment, so I’d like to make them for his upcoming birthday.

  • Bakerella’s spring chick pops. Those little chickies are too cute!

  • Vickie Palmer

    Frosty the Snowman pops. My 3 daughters love the old movie, video, DVD, and with Christmas around the corner, I’d make Frosty Snowman pops for all three of them. And Hubby too!

  • I have been counting down the days for this book. I love, love, love all Bakerellas work and have tried a few cake pops myself, very dangerous as you so cant stop at one

  • Michelle S

    The Sesame Street cake pops are amazing!! I would love to make them for my sister’s baby shower in October. My son would also flip for Elmo..his favorite!!

  • I adore the smiley face apples so much! I would love to make them for my kids classrooms! I will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks!

  • meeyeehere
    The Mario brothers pops for my husband who would really love these for his birthday!!!

  • Amber Ferrier

    I Love,Love,Love the Toy Story 3 cake pops!! I will for sure be making these for my little boy’s 6th birthday party!

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE the cupcake pops!! I would share these with my good friend Kellie as she loves everything that has to do with cupcakes! I also have a 5 month old and can picture myself using cake pops for her future birhtday parties. This idea is so innovative and fresh! I LOVE IT!!!

  • I have a lot of favorites but I love the apple cake pops … perfect for the first day of school!

  • Sonia

    I love the cupcake pops. They are just too cute. I would make them for my best friend b/c she loves anything that has to do w/ baking.

  • Lisa R.

    I love the frosty cake pops. They look like they could come to life and dance around the kitchen. I would make them for everyone who comes to visit over the holidays. They are the perfect size for one more bite, when you have already had far too much food.

  • Maggie F.

    My favorite pops are the snowmen cake pops… and, I WILL make them for work… regardless if I win or not (I really, really, really hope that I win though!!). Every year, my work has an event during the holiday season and we have a bake sale and raffles. 100% of the proceeds are given to a local charity. Last year, we raised almost $18,000! I hope I win the book…!! : )

  • Natalie

    I covet the little chicks, i cannot wait to make them for my little chickadee’s at home xxxx so inspiring!!! xxxx

  • Dawn

    Totally in love with the owls and the robots (two of my daughter’s favorite motifs). I think I’m going to have to check out the book-signing, too! But, would love to win the book.

  • Cheryl Gallant

    I love the cupcake pops but my little friend, Peyton, who is four is very intrigued by the robots. So the robots it is! You know what I love about bakerella? I am not that creative but if I follow her lead, she makes me look like a rock star mom!

  • I think the Candy Apple cake pops are the sweetest! I would make them for Teacher Appreciation day at my daughters school this year!

  • I tried the chicks one at Easter and even though they turned out cute, the Hello Kitty ones are just way too adorable. I don’t even think I would eat them.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Beth

    Love the Mr. Potato Head cake pop! So cute! I would make pops for my son who is having a birthday party in 1 month!!

    • Vanessa

      I love the sheeps. Their heart-nose is sooo sweet!

  • I love her classic red velvet with cream cheese icing. And of course the Mr. Potato Head one!!

  • Alisa

    Love the Toy Story ones… Hamm & Mr. Potato Head are sooo adorable! I would definitely be making those for my daughter ♥

  • Kristen S

    I would make the burger cake pops for my fiancee as sliders are his favorite food! I would make him a meal of sliders and then burger cake pops for dessert! He would be in burger heaven!

  • Farjana

    I love everything from the bakerella website. I would have to make the Sesame Street cake pops for my daughter. She loves Elmo.

  • I would make the Halloween cake pops for may children and friends because Halloween is getting close and I love all things fall. It would be a great excuse to host a party! Do I need one?

  • Jenn

    I could never choose a favorite for they all put a smile on my face! I would love to whip up a set before a holiday and take them into work. As a teacher, I know they would just make my coworkers smile!

  • I love the cupcake pops! I’d make them for my sweet little girl.

  • I’d make the cupcake cake pops. For me!

  • I love the original cupcake cake pop, especially after learning the story behind it. I would make my first pops for my daughter’s birthday dessert table!

    Kisses from the WhipperChicks

  • Kristin

    I love Mr Potato Head! The kiddos love anything Toy Story 🙂

  • shanna

    Omigosh! How can you pick just one favorite?? Bakerella has some amazing pops! I would probably do some cupcakes or ice cream looking pops for my daughters’ birthdays that are coming up!

  • Karen

    I am so excited for this book! The preview pictures look fabulous.

    I love, love, love the apple cake pops. They are just perfect for an afternoon back-to-school get together with the little one’s friends.

  • My favorites were the Sesame Street ones! So cute! But then, they’re all cute!

  • joh

    WELLLLL..I am a HUUUUGE mickey Mouse fan so I love bakearella’s nod to the Disney mouse, and as for the making it has given me a great idea…….. my senior food tech class has just been asked to bake for a breast cancer morning tea so Im thinking about getting them to make pink hearts or pink ball pops

  • Jenn B in AK

    I like them all but if I have to choose I would say that the Hello Kitty pops are a favorite. I would make them for my son and his preschool class! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Donna

    The graduation hats were a big hit at my grand daughter’s graduation party, but my favorites are the Easter pops. I love making pops for all of my grand kiddos!

  • Michelle

    I’ve made the Hello Kitty and Easter Bunny pops in the past (they were such a hit!) Next up: the reindeer for the holidays! I would make them for my girls and their classmates 🙂

  • Flavia

    She’s got such an amazing variety. I love the cupcake ones and the ice cream cones. I would try those two first for my daughter who is 3 1/2 and has a BIG sweet tooth just like her momma 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway. I’m a big fan of your work.

  • I love the cupcake pops! I’m going to make them for a Girls’ Night Out event that’s happing in my town to help support breast cancer research. I think Bakerella is amazing and I hope to see her at her book signing in Seattle.

  • Meg

    This is nearly impossible to pick one, but i love the reindeer! I’ll make them for my family! I love love Bakerella!

  • Kathryn

    My favourite are the cupcake cake pops. I’d make them for my friends and bring them into school!

  • Christina

    The are all so cute but I would make the duck pops for my daughter. She love ducks and collects them this would make her so happy.

  • Heather Ryan

    I will probably make the owl pops. I am hosting an owl themed baby shower in October and those would be perfect!!!

  • Stephanie W.

    I love the Cookie Monster cake pops!!! The miniature cookie is the perfect final touch. I will probably make my first set of cake pops for my family. I can’t wait to share this treat with them!

  • I loved when she made those cute wedding cake pops and helped someone propose it was even sweeter than a cake pop. I love to share pops with my daughters and especially my husband who normally doesn’t like sweets.

  • I kind of just stumbled upon your blog…..and I’m lost for words. Never before have I seen such amazing and beautiful images of sweet food. Amy, you really are a creative genius.

  • Dawn Nikol

    The Hello Kitty cake pops are my fav. My daughter LOVES HK, so they’re perfect. =D

  • Tina

    I love the cupcake pops… so cute and adorable. I made them last year for my dauhter’s birthday party.

  • Andrea D.

    I love them all! I esp love the little sheep!!

  • Kate Bower

    The Mr Potato Head pops are the cutest EVER…love them!!!!!

  • Tanya

    I just love the Mickey and Minnie cake pops and would make them for my nieces Thanks for the giveaway

  • Nancy Larson

    Lovin them all and I’m sure I’ll be making them for many an occasion, but the first would be the monsters. Going to host an outdoor movie night for my son and his buds w/ a monsters theme. Doing it a week or two before Halloween and we’ll be watching Monsters Inc. to get us in the Halloween mood. Those monster pops would be a DARLING addition to this monster mash bash!

  • I love the chicken pops (If if absolutely HAVE to chose one) and would make them for my twins, Luka and Zoe, birthday party, which would be farm themed.Thanks for the giveaway

  • Maysem

    I don’t think it’s possible to pick a favorite one!! But if I have to….hmm…the Mr. Potato head is super duper cute 😛 I’m gifting my nephew Mr. Potato Head in a couple of days…so as a follow up I would make him the first set of cake pops:)

  • Love love love her Mickey and Minnie Mouse pops. I made some for a friend’s son’s birthday and now, all my friends want them for their children’s parties 🙂

  • Judy

    since I have my kitchen decorated with apples at thei time of year, I have to say that my favorite pops right now are the apple ones! – withor without faces would be cute – and I would make them for the new teachers at school!

  • leithompson

    Love her Sesame Street pops! AWESOME! I made the flower pops for Mother’s Day this past year. Everyone loved ’em! 🙂

  • I love the cupcake cake pops! 😀 I tried my hand at making some cakepops (except, erm, I sadly couldn’t find lollipop sticks anywhere!) for my coworkers on my last day of work 🙂 But for cakepops made with one of the book’s recipes (and little decorations!) I’ll probably make them for my boyfriend 🙂

  • Winnie The Pooh for sure! I would have to make them for myself, that or my friend’s daughter Sophia.

  • I would make the Mini & Mickey pops for my kids. I would love this book!

  • My favorite are the Snow Men and the Wedding Cakes, I just can’t decide they are so darn cute. :o)

    • I love the Snowmen and I would make them for my new husband to celebrate the Holiday Season! We live in AZ so that’s the closest we’d get to actual snow men.

  • Stephanie R

    I would love to make the little chickies for my grandbabies in Georgia. I am in California, so I dont get to see them often. I miss so many special moments to just be Nana to them and do things for them and make special memories for them as I would love to do if they were nearby.

  • Kristin

    My favorite was the wedding cake pops! I loved that story! I’d make some pops for my friend’s upcoming b-day celebration

  • i’m loving the smiley face pops. i would make them for me and my three best friends. we’re all moving away from the city we all live in soon and i think it would be a great way to celebrate the happy times we had together here.

  • aisa

    Lovin the ice cream cone cake pops. Gonna make cake pops for my little sister!

  • jennys

    ooh, the chick cake pops are super cute. so are the sesame street friends ones! 🙂

  • Oooh, a Bakerella book! I looooove the Macaron pops. 🙂

  • Fern

    I love the Mickey Mouse pops because my daughter loves them. We would make them together.

  • Brooke

    I love the Hello Kitty ones! I will make some for my nieces and nephews! 🙂

  • Katie

    AMAZING!! I love the ice cream cone ones! I would make these for my little boy’s first birthday party in October!! 🙂

  • Jessica

    I love the chicks, so much better than real chicken I imagine!

  • Oh man, so many! But the Sesame Street ones are my super fave, being my favorite childhood show. I made my very first batch of apple pops for our teachers yesterday for the First Day Of School, so those are my second fave. We are having a Monster Bash too for Halloween, so we’ll be attempting monster pops as well.

  • Maricris

    I adore the burger pops!

  • I love the cupcake pops. And I love Bakerella. I would make them for my baby’s 1st birthday party. She would look so cute with them instead of a cake.

  • Niki

    I love the Sesame Street cake pops! Thanks for this awesome giveaway. Btw, I love your work Amy!!

  • Lauren

    I’m with your kids! I’d make the popcorn bucket pops with my niece and then we’d share them with my nephew who is too little yet to help. It would be a lot of fun to make it a movie night for the whole family – Grandma and Grandpa included!

  • My favorite ones are the chick ones! Soooo cute! 🙂 And I NEED this book!

    • And I would make my pops for my lovely boyfriend, who eats everything that I’ve made and is super supportive!

  • I make brownie pops,just plain sprinkled ones,all the time. I really need to step them “up” a notch. Would LOVE the inspiration of your book.

  • MJ

    I first saw the cake pops on Tori and Dean’s show and have been dying to try them. I then found Bakerellas site and couldn’t wait to make the cupcake pops myself. I have several nieces and close friends with sweet tooths that these wonderful treats would be perfect for. I tried to make them on Sunday, but they came out mushy. 🙁 But I won’t give up. I can’t wait to try again.

  • Amy, I just love your blog, and I love Bakerella! So fun that you guys are friends. While I love so many cake pops, I have to say my favorite is the cupcake pops. I will make the cupcake pops for my mom’s birthday. Her favorite color is peach so I will dip the top in peach candy melts! : )

  • Angel

    My favourite were the the Winnie the Pooh cakepops!
    They were so accurate and adorable! She really outdid herself and I was really impressed!
    WOW. What I would give to have that talent! (:

  • Jerickson

    THE TURKEY POPS!! Ohhhhh they are soo cute!

  • They are all so cute, but if I have to pick a favorite, it’s the apples. I made them last year for a back to school breakfast event. And it’s time to make them once again!

  • My favorite cake pops are the cupcake pops, but they’re all sooo cute! I’d make cake pops for my daughter’s preschool because the kids would just love them! 🙂

  • I’m a big fan of the plain old regular cake pops, mostly because I’m too lazy to take the time and do something cute with them. However, if I was going to take the time to make some, those sheep cake pops are adorable.

  • I fell in love with Bakerella when she did the Sesame Street pops. They are AMAZING and probably the cutest things on the internet since that “Charlie bit me” video on youtube!

  • I love the cupcake pops! I’d make them for the girls at church. I’m thinking a “pop swap” party would be so much fun to have!

  • Judy in Tulsa

    I love the ones that look like popcorn bags but I love all of hers!

  • The cupcake pops are awesome!!!

  • norma

    As the true geek I am, I would love to make the robot pop cakes! I would bring it to my work to celebrate my graduation.

  • oh my.. this is great! i recently gave birth to a baby girl and i’d love to try the bumblebee cakepops for her baptismal next month. surely, it’ll be a happy ba-bee party! 😀

  • Love Bakerella! I’d have to say that the cupcake ones are my favourite, since they started the whole cake pops craze! And I would make a batch for my big sis to celebrate the end of chemo and radiation for breast cancer – Go Pink!! 🙂

  • Debbie

    I have been following since she was on Martha Stewart showing how to make the cupcake pops. I have made them a couple of times and they were so cute and everyone really liked them so I would have to say they are my personal favorite. If I won the book I would make the popcorn ones for my grandchildren’s classes.

  • Since the soonest holiday my kids are looking forward to is Halloween, I love the spooky sweets – I think my favorite is the Frankenstein! My youngest son is going to be 1 in January and I SO SO love the Sesame Street ones!! They are adorable!

  • Love the mr. Potato head! I will be making my first batch with and for my three year old daughter!

  • Claudie

    Omg! I’m in love with your blog! I’m definitely gonna add it to my favorites!

    Thanks for the op to win!

  • When I get a copy of the book, I can’t wait to make her clown cake pops! They are adorable. My favorite cake pops on her site are the cookie monster ones. 🙂

  • I’d probably make the owl ones since I’m into owls these days. I think I’d make them with my 3 kids or just by myself and spend some time de-stressing as I created.

  • Mariee

    I love the burger bites! I would make them for my sisters.

  • Krista

    One of my favorites is the Toy Story ones they are all so cute though it’s hard to choose! I love them all! I am going to try and make some for my sons Kindergarten fall party, Christmas party and any other party I can. I know the kids will love them! I already made some for my 2 yr olds bday party and everyone is still talking about how cute they were!

  • lil

    i love the hello kitty pops! i’m going to attempt them this weekend… =)

  • Ham. I would make it them for my hubby and my little niece. 🙂

  • Brandi Coom

    I love the yellow chicks:) I meant to do them for Easter last year, but hopefully this year I will conquer the task!

  • Emily F.

    Ooh! My favorite are her Hello Kitty pops! I must make a batch for my fellow Hello Kitty lover & BFF, Katie!

  • Brandy

    The sheep pops for sure! Too cute for words! And if I win I will make sheep pops, and chickie pops, and apple pops, and owl pops…for my family!

  • Lokyee

    i LOVE the ice cream cone cake pops! So adorable! I would make them for my co-workers since we’re all such foodies.


    Best redvelvet recipe ever… in little dinky doses it’s even better 🙂


  • I love the cupcake pops and I would make them for my daughter’s 1st birthday party!

  • Denise

    My fave are the snowman cake pops. I can bring them to work because everyone can enjoy them. So cute!!

  • That’s easy, my favorite are the reindeer pops! They were the first I ever saw and it was love at first site! My oldest son just started the 1st grade & I am in charge of their class parties… how fantastic would these be, different themes to go along with each party?! Thanks Bakerella, you really are inspiring and make baking fun again Ü

  • ooh I love Bakerella’s cake pops!
    I am making the round pink ones for my upcoming wedding 🙂
    And I think her Mr potato Head and Ham Toy Story Cakes are so incredibly cute and lifelike!!

  • Helle

    Lovely idea. My favorite are her sheep pops for easter. Just love the little fat sheeps 😀

  • dorninie

    I would make the cupcake pops, how gorgeous are those and I am going to make them for my daughter caities 5th birthday party in december!

  • Elaine

    So hard to choose!! But my favourite would have to be Mr Potato Head 🙂

  • Amy

    Cheeseburger pops!

  • prisca

    Gotta try the wedding cake pops for a bridal shower coming up. Love LOVE Bakerella!

  • Jessica

    Bakerella’s pops are all so cute and awesome, but the Mickey and Minnie are definitely my favorite. I’m totally a Disney fan.

  • Lia

    I love the cupcake ones, they are pretty, cute and delicious… nobody ever turn those down when I do it… I’m gonna make it for my best friend’s bachelorette party so she can use as a flower bouquet… It’s going to be AWESOME!!!! 🙂

  • Maribel

    Love the Hello Kitty cake pops. My 3 year old daughter would love for me to make that for her!

  • Great giveaway! I would make those owl pops…they are so adorable and then I would send some to friends 🙂

  • Katherine Balls

    I would make the reindeer pops for all my family at Christmas to give away as little favours!

  • Fiona

    Halloween is coming up!! My first one with my new hubby! Those pumpkin pops are just darling!!

  • Satu

    As a girl from North of Finland I have to go for the reindeers. 😀 Absolutely amazing work!

  • Inger

    They are all so cute… i love them, I really wanna know how u make them and get some more inspiration!

    I think i like the little chicks and the sheep ones the best!

  • I love he Halloween’s ones!And with Halloween fast approaching they’ll probably be the first ones I’ll made!

  • VinGirl

    I adore the sheep, but love the Hamm pops too! I would make the super sweet popcorn pops first for my son, he would just love them! Thanks for the giveaway! ♥

  • Felicia

    Love love the chicken cakepops! They remind me of a rubber ducky & that’s the theme for our soon-to-be baby’s bathroom. I’d definitely like to make some type of cakepop for his 1st birthday party.

  • Miren

    sesame street cake pops!! love all of them, but those are great for my birthday party with family!!

  • Charis

    Love the owl cake pops! I want to make those. Who I am I kidding? I would love any of them!

  • Jett

    I love the snowman pops! But I would have to do the pumpkin ones first! I would love to make these for my kids!

  • Debbie

    You & Bakerella = sweet!!! I ADORE the owls!

  • Jessica

    I loved her Sesame Street pops! If I won the book, I would make them for my cousins and husband!

  • Sarah

    I think my favorite are the cupcake pops, but I sure do love them all! Right now, I would make them for my office for the new internship I just started because it’s a nice way for people to remember who I am 🙂

  • I love all her pops–but the Sesame Street ones really stood out. I grew up on SS and it really took me back to my childhood! Love them.

  • It’s so hard to pick a favorite but the mini mouses are just adorable!
    [email protected]

  • Rachel Barrett

    The cupcake pops were the first ones I saw, and they hold a very special place in my heart!! I would make them for my sisters when she comes home for Christmas from overseas, a nice welcome home present!!!

  • Julie

    I love the Hamm & Mr. Potato Head ones from Toy Story. I’d make those for my three toddlers who are in love with Toy Story!!

  • Oh it’s so hard to pick a fave! Reindeer is really cute for Christmas but the pumpkin ones seem perfect for my daughter’s 8th birthday party on Oct. 7th which is PUMPKIN themed! Her friends would think I’m the coolest mom EVER…and I would be with the help of Bakerella’s cake pop book! 😉

  • Cheryl

    i LOVE Bakerella! her blog is so awesome!

  • Johanna

    I love all of her ideas and recipes, they are delicious. My favorite would be the ice pop. My little brother and I will certainly try them the next time I come to visit my parents 🙂

  • Dalia

    Ever since discovering Bakerella, I’ve been addicted. I love all her pops but I would definitely make he popcorn pops first!
    Dalia, Israel

  • Nina

    I’m a huge fan of Bakerella! My favorite pops are the Sesame Street ones–the detail is just genius! I’ve got a good-bye party coming up in a few weeks, cake pops would be the perfect touch! 🙂

  • definitely the little baby chickies, they’re just the most adorable things ever… i’d love to make them but i’d be afraid of never actually eating them ;p

    and they’ll definitely be made for my sidewalk sale so i can share the awesomeness with others 🙂

  • hello kitty and bunny pops of course! then my sister and i would gobble them all up. maybe if my brother in law and fiance are nice i’ll share with them too. but right now all i can think is, how the heck did she make the popcorn cake pop??

  • Luv, Luv, Luv all the cute Christmas pops! It’s not even close to Christmas and I’m already planning my Christmas activities around those pops. I’ve never tried to make any of the pops so thank heavens I can get this book and start baking now. I’m thinking by Christmas I’ll have it down!

  • I love the cupcake pops – they are so adorable.
    I will be making them for my daughters birthday party coming up!
    Would love to win the book!

  • Fuzz

    Can I cheat? They aren’t in the book but I adore her Elmo pops on her site. Cute, cute, cute!

  • Amy

    Super cute idea! I would love to learn how to make for my daughter’s first birthday, which happens to be New Years Eve! We plan to celebrate both events together!

  • Vannah

    The cupcake pops are my favorite, I’m making them for my niece’s 7th birthday party!

  • Dani

    I love the cupcake pops! 🙂 I would make them for my birthday coming up in 3 weeks!

    • Jamie

      Is there a design for soccer ball pops? I coach a team of high school girls and they would love this!!!

  • I love the Smiley-Cakepops – for those were the 1st ones i did on my own. cakepops: love at first try 🙂

  • I love them all!! I’ve actually made them for work get togethers, and everyone loves them soo much!! If I had to choose my favorite one is Frosty the Snowman…he had me at hello! =)

  • Tanya

    My favorite cake pop are the birds! Soooo cute…. I will make them for my niece Melanny who’s first word is bird and she loves loves loves birds. It will be for her first “bird-day” party 🙂

  • Spring Chickens are absolutely my favourites!!! 😀

  • Meredith

    I looooove the reindeer with pretzel antlers. I would make them for Santa Claus, when he comes to visit. But wait, maybe not a good idea for him to eat the reindeer!?!

  • Courtney

    I love the little pig cake pops. So cute!!

  • Courtney

    I love the little pig cake pops. So cute!! I would make them fro my 3 year old daughter and husband.

  • I loved the Toy Story pops she did! Loved the potatoe head!

  • Lydia

    I love the cute little reindeer ones, but ESPECIALLY the fabulous Mr Potato Head ones! I would make my first cake pops for a fun party I’m having next month. Well, I probably can’t wait that long to try them, so I will make lots of experimental ones before then and send them to work with my hubby for the kids at our karate school. 🙂

  • I LOVE the ice cream cone cakepops! I’d make them for my daughters class!

  • Sam

    I’ve been making these just from her appearance on the Martha Stewart Show. Would LOVE to have the book of her secrets! I loved the Toy Story pops too. The pigs were my favorite. How does she get them so perfect?? 🙂

  • I love the whole series of “The Muppets.” They are so cute and my grandkids love them!

  • I would make the cupcake pops for my sons 2nd birthday bash in October!!!!

  • Nicki

    I love the popcorn cake pops. I can’t wait to make them for my kids for our next family movie night. The kids will be so excited.

  • Melissa

    I really love the ice cream cones and the Halloween ones. I would make them for my little girl’s 2nd birthday which is on Halloween!!!!! Plus, I NEED a book, bakerella is coming to Dallas for a signing and I am definitely going to be there!!!!!!

  • Marijke

    I love the Sheep Cake Pops! They are just so cute! I would love to make them for Easter…but that seems so far away right now. I may just have to make them before. Amazing!

  • Jennifer

    All of them are super cute but I am partial to the cupcakes. My kids love helping me bake so the first batch would have to go to them. 🙂

  • It’s so hard to pick just one! I really love the ice cream ones, but I also am a huge fan of the Santa hats. I actually made the Santa hats last year for my son’s classroom party and they were a HUGE hit! I think it would be fun to get the PTO board together and make the ice cream ones – assembly line style – and sell them in the spring as a fundraiser for our school.

  • Jessica

    The cupcake pops are my favorite! I’m going to make them for my twin girls’ 3rd birthday party next month 🙂

  • Flavia

    The popcorn cakepop!
    I would give them to myself- Have always been in love with the look of popcorn, but always choose chocolate for the movies- this would be the best of both worlds! Chocolate taste with the look of popcorn! Best idea ever…

  • I absolutely adore the little Easter chicks! They are so fat and round and utterly edible! I would make them for my sons class as I know they would love them.

  • amy

    the turkey pops are pretty cute!! i can’t wait to make some for my church kiddos. they will love them!

  • I know I am SUPER early but I Love the Christmas pops! It’s hard to pick just that one as my fav though 😉
    My birthday is coming up so maybe some cupcake pops..I think it would be fun to have a “ladies night” and we all try to bake/make them!

  • we love the robot pops & want to make them for my boys!

  • My favorite are the cupcake pops! So simple and classic, and I’m pretty sure no one would turn them down! 🙂

  • LC

    I love the original cupcake pops. 🙂

  • i absolutely love the cupcake pops. i am obsessed with all things cupcake, and these are just ADORABLE! i actually own that very edition of betty crocker fall baking that bakerella is featured in! love!!

  • Mary Williams

    We are true cake / cupcake connisseurs! Our 21 year old special needs daughter is very crafty and loves to try new things like; duct tape pocket book, pop top bracelets, colored garbage bag raincoats. She also adores anything with cooking or baking. We have come up with some pretty neat things (my poor husband!). She is graduating from high school this year so we will be throwing her a big party. Our first Cake pop would be the Hello Kitty Cake Pop! Can’t wait to give it a “test drive”.

  • Denise Thornberry

    I LOVE the Mr. Potato Head Cake Pops! You can make so many different faces with them and who doesn’t know Mr. Potato Head?! Just like you can eat potatoes several different ways – you can make Mr. Potato Head’s face several different ways too!! Lots of fun.

    I would make my first batch of cake pops for my awesome sister-in-law, Traci, who introduced me to Bakerella! For her Birthday I am taking her to the Williams-Sonoma Bakerella book signing in Chicago!!!!

  • Love, love, love the mini popcorn containers!! I remember also seeing the cupcake pops in Martha Stewart. Love this work!

  • amy

    I love the popcorn ones! So cute for movie night!! She is SO talented!

  • WendyB

    The reindeer pops. And I will make them for my sweet, 21-year-old daughter and her 5 roommates and the 6 boys across the hall and whoever else pops in while I’m there.

  • Megan

    The cupcake pops are unbelievably cute — I made them for my friend’s bridal shower and they were a huge hit!

  • Kelly Boilla Designs

    I love everything Bakerella… she provides such awesome inspiration, much like your self Ms. Atlas! If I had the time, I would make the WEDDING CAKE pops for my sister’s wedding next Saturday… but know that realistically I won’t have time for baking till after the wedding is over!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Susana

    I think the sheep pops are so cute! Althugh it is hard to pick only one as my favorite because they are all adorable!!!!

  • Kristen Alvarez

    I would love to make the Sesame Street cake pops for my little girls birthday!

  • Norma

    I would have to say my favorite are the Mickey and Minnie Cake Pops, they are absolutely adorable! I would make my first batch for my Mom, she loves the way these cake pops look! She checks the website daily for new pops! She has been saying she wants this book from the minute she knew it was being sold. =) If I dont happen to win the book, I am definitely purchasing it for her because She loves Bakeralla’s site!

  • If I must choose amongst all the lovely cake pops it will be The Wedding Cake pops which I thought was super nice. How perfect to have on a wedding with the real wedding cake.

    – Annelie – (blog name means “In my kitchen”

  • Judie

    I would choose the Micky and Minnie. Reason being is my boyfriend and I first shared those three special words”I love you” at Disney world and ever since we have had this crazy fairy tale like relationship,but recently things have been rockie he’s working across country for the pass 3months and It’s truly tested our foundation so I would love to send him a sweet reminder of our love.
    Thanks .

  • I love the cupcake on a stick. Super cute. I would to make that one as well.

  • I’m a big fan of the cheesecake pops, simple and classic without a lot of decoration.
    I would make them for my co-worker and friend Dayle, who is about to start her own adventure and dream.

  • Kristina

    I love them all (especially the characters!), but, as a school administrator, the first on my “must make” list are the apples for the amazing teachers at my school!

  • CyndyJ

    I love the Spring Chicken Pops from the site – haven’t made them yet – but I’ve made the reg. pops tons and they are constant hits! I would def make some for friends that are tailgating for a local High School – I can only imagine the mom’s there loving the treats!

  • melissa

    I love all the cake pops….My fav is the Wedding Cake Pops! Soooo CUTE!

  • Brooke

    I love the Sesame Street pops. Elmo, Oscar, Big Bird, Cookie Monster.

  • Her VOTE cake pops are the biggest winner in my books. It’s like celebreties using their fame for humanitarian work. Bakerella is promoting something of great importance with her fun food. Yes, we all love cute but I appreicate how she’s made voting f-u-n… as it should be. I’m learning how to make cake pops for my small home-based baking business in the UK. They need a little bit of pop in their world!

  • I’m in love with the ice-cream cake pops! they are so adorable :-)))
    If I win this book my first set of cupcakes will be for my sister, who trully inspires me 🙂

  • I’m a sucker for anything red velvet, so I had to make the red velvet cake balls for a going away party for a member of my church. They were a hit! I used both milk and dark chocolate to coat the cake balls. I definitely plan to make something out of the book for the dessert/cookie/cupcake table at my upcoming wedding! 🙂

  • LOVE LOVE LOVED her Marry-Me wedding cake pops (and the follow-up post’s pops: the She-Said-Yes pops!) If I win, I’ll be making the pops for myself, my hubby and his usual Sunday football watching crowd – they’re already big fans of cakepops and cakeballs!

  • I have a 2 and 1/2 year old, Blake, who is obsessed with Super Heroes. He has a birthday in November and the Spider man pops are perfect! Love them!

  • Carolyn

    I am absolutely in love with everything bakerella does!!! I think right now because I am in the planning process of a huge Halloween/Harvest Festival, my favorites are all the adorable Halloween pops she has done!! I am thinking I need to incorporate some Jack-O-Lantern cake pops on my dessert table!!!

  • Sarah L

    My favorites are the Mr. Potato Head pops. They’re just adorable and they look exactly like the actual character! If I win the book, my first set of pops will be for my 3 year old son. He ADORES cake pops and would be ecstatic if I made some of the fancy ones that are in the book.

  • I would pick something or an assortment of Halloween cake pops. My soon-to-be 8 yr old will was born on Halloween so we always have a huge Halloween Celebration!

  • I LOVE the Reindeer pops. I am going to make them to give out instead of my usual Christmas cookies!!!! My friends will love how unique they are.

  • I love the bunny and chick pops! Made them for Easter last year! If I won the book my next set I would make for a photo class I am hosting!!

  • The owls got me! Between the eyes and the little feet! Adorable! Will make these for my son for Halloween!

  • Jessica M

    My favorite was the 2010 graduation cap they were so fun making and was able to share with some very special graduates( High School and Kindergarten. If I win the book I will make the first Pops for my Daughter Rayana’s PreSchool Class for her 4th Birthday!!

  • Karen

    I ADORE the Easter lamb pops. We call my youngest child Sam, the lamb, and they make me think of him. If I win the book, I’ll be the first one to make something from it, although my sweet little grandson will be on hand to help.

  • Ashley

    My favorite pops were the reindeer. I would definitely make them for my 3 year old cousin if I won. She gets very excited over things like that.

  • i’d make the wedding cake pops for my sister who is getting married next month!!

  • Far too many favorites to choose just one. For last year’s holidays I made the cristmas trees and attempted the reindeer. I will probably make more holiday themed pops this year. I can’t wait to get a peek at the book!

  • It’s so hard to decide when they are all so cute, but the cookie monster pop and the ice cream pop top my list!

  • Oooh! Love Bakerella and her cake pops. A Sesame Fan to the end, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Sesame Street character pops. If chosen as the lucky winner, my twin 4 year olds and my 2 year old are going to act as my “taste tester” of my first batch of cake pops. Kudos to Bakerella for a job well done!

  • Danielle

    I am in love with Bakerella’s cupcake pops and ice cream come pops. I would also love to make the wedding cake pops to congratulate my friends on their engagement : )

  • Tangela

    I love the owl pops!

  • Sandra Simmons

    Actually my favorite are the chocolate bowls on her site!! We won with those at the Family Reunion Dessert Contest (WAR!) – lololol! And I would like to make cake pops for the Mulloy children (9, 7, 6 and 2) who live in my neighborhood. They lost their Daddy this week. 🙁 🙁 We’re setting up a meal calendar from now through December. Want to give these kids some little but if fun in a very difficult time.

  • Karen J.

    I love the reindeer pops. I would make all kinds of pops for my nieces and nephews

  • I thought the apple ones were the sweetest thing! I would send them with my daughter to preschool. And thanks for the fun giveaway. You are fabulous as always!

  • My favorite cake pops are the Hello Kitty ones! I’d probably make them for my boyfriend just to be cheeky, because he loves kawaii stuff. ^_^

  • Jessica Hembree

    My daughter is 5 and her fave is the Hello Kitty. My 3 year old son loves the Toy Story ones. But my favorite (If I have to choose), would have to be Pooh! I love Bakerella and it is tough to pick a favorite of anything from her site!

  • Jessica

    My favorite is the cake pop that looks like a cupcake, it is so cute. Also, I would share them with my family because they just eat anything I make.

  • I would make the robot pops for my nephew because he loves robots and he’s still too little for my sis-in-law to let him eat a whole cupcake. I think he would enjoy playing with them and taking them apart as much as he would eating them!

  • I LOVE The BAKERELLA website! My god daughter niece turns 4 in January she would LOVE the Hello Kitty pops! I can’t wait to make them for her!

  • Jenny

    My favorite are the cupcake pops, I made them for my daughter’s sweet shoppe first birthday and they were beloved by all. If I win, I’ll make some for a Halloween party I’m hosting.

  • So hard to decide what my favorite is… but I think it’s the ice cream cone one. I would definitely have to make it for my daughter who LOVES ice cream. I’m sure she would get a kick out of these.

  • SilvanaC

    It’s hard to choose… but for my 2 year old baby I’d make the smiley faces or spiderman… those would be perfect!

  • Robin D

    I LOVE her cake pops…have made the traditional ones (cupcakes) a few times….I love the popcorn tubs and snowmen….who am I kidding…I LOVE them all!!!

  • Diane

    My favorite is the cupcake pops – so cute!
    Anxious to get into cake balls,
    and this looks like the perfect book for that!

  • Edna

    I love them all, but my favs are the Rudolph the Reinder, so cute!!! I will make them this year for Xmas dinner with the nieces and nephews!!!

  • The wedding cake pops are so adorable! What a great idea for a wedding favor or a bridal shower favor!

  • Christina

    Oh I love Bakerella!! I’ve been following her blog for the longest. I absolutely love her adorable sheep pops.

  • Lindsay Rae

    I digg the Sesame Street ones…such a perfect likeness to the real ones! 🙂 Very inspiring.

  • Lindsay Rae

    and I’d make em for my lil’ Elmo Monster cousin, Maddox. 🙂

  • Kimberly

    Definitely the snowmen pops!!! It will be a perfect gift for each of my friends during the holidays!

  • I love, love, love the cupcake pops, but it’s a tie between those and the little Easter chicks! So cute! I attempted making them once, lets just say I think I need the book for a little assistance. 🙂

  • Lauren

    I am in love the the adorable little Owl. At my house we have treat Tuesdays when I make a new treat or old favorite treat with my 4 beautiful kiddos. They will LOVE making and eating the cake pops!!!

  • OMG! I’d so love to have this book. I was just thinking of trying out some cake pops.

    This book would definately come in handy as I love Bakerella’s blog and all of her work.

    I think her ‘Chick’ pops are the cutest thing.

    Choose, me! Please!! 😉

  • I love the Sesame Street pops! They’re all so cute. I would make some for myself!

  • i love the wedding cake pops! they make me want to get married all over again!

  • they are allll so cute! i looking for ideas for my sister’s bridal shower, and the wedding cake pops would be perfect! and…when my daughter’s 2nd birthday coming up, those elmo cake pops would be her absolute love! she loves the character and every time she sees an elmo, she says “hi!” imagine how many hi’s i’d get with a whole bunch of elmo cake pops! yum yum!

  • I love them all! With Halloween coming up I’m partial to the Pumpkin cake pops. But I LOVE the Hamm and Potatoes for Toy Story ~ just too cute!

    • I would make the Pumpkin Pops for my 1st and 2nd grader’s Halloween Parties!

  • So hard to choose just one. All are amazing! I think I would have to go with Mickey and Minnie since we are heading to Disney next month and my twins would love them. And with that being said I would probably make these if I won the book. Fingers and toes are crossed.

  • gotta love the classic cupcake cake pops! and the bff is gonna be the first (of many) to be gifted some delicious treats!

  • lisa

    She constantly outdoes herself!! She has inspired so many of us to be more creative!! GO Bakerella!!

  • Erin Sue

    I love the Owls on the cover (but I love owls on just about everything)! My first batch I would fully intend to send to a good friend just starting out as a teacher. But let’s be honest, about a third of them would probably never make it out of the kitchen. It’s the thought that counts, right?

  • Aubrey

    I love the Toy Story 3 cake pops! They look exactly like the characters. I will make my first set of cake pops for my sister-in-law. I am throwing a baby shower for her come November!

  • Chatelaine B

    ahh to pick just one!!! I dunno….. I was super amazed at the sesame street clan!

  • I love the Sesame Street ones, the winnie the Pooh and the burgers. BUt they’re all FANTASTIC! My favorite cakepop story was FOR SURE when Bakerella helped the guy propose – I CRIED AND CRIED, tears streaming down while I read her post! SO awesome, that Bakerella! I would first make the traditional cupcake pops for my daughters Sweet 16 next month, to match the vintage Alice in Wonderland theme!

  • Stephanie Campbell

    OMG—-I would make the Hello Kitty pops and I would hold a bake sale in October to donate the proceeds to breast cancer awareness and research. As a two year survivor, I want to encourage all ladies to engage in early detection through self exams and mammograms. 🙂

  • Sasha

    I LOOOOOOOOVE anything disney..and when she came out with the mickey and minnie i was ecstatic!!

  • I love her Sesame Street pops she made! They are precious! I tried making pops for my sis-in-laws wedding. They didn’t work, so I’d love to correctly learn how to do it!

  • Theres toooo many to choose from! I want to try ALL the Halloween characters! I’d make a batch for my 11 year old niece and give her this book =) She would love it!

  • Are you kidding me! These Mr. Potato Head ones are the cutest I’ve ever seen! I’m known as the baker in my family, and being recently engaged I’d love to make these for my new nephew’s birthday party this November. Eep! So cute!

  • Loida

    I love the Halloween Cake Pops. My son’s birthday is on October 30th, he’s turning 4 and we are going to have a Halloween Birthday theme for him. I would love to make the Halloween cake pops, it looks real spoooky!!!!

  • Lisa M.

    They’re all SO cute, but I really like the cupcake pops. I would probably share them with my family!

  • I still smile thinking of her adorable Sesame Street character, cookie monster.

  • Kimberly

    Without question, my cake pop selection would be the barnyard animals as a surprise gift for my cute little “city-slicker” niece who lives in downtown Miami!

  • Ashley

    I love all of the Halloween cake pops and plan on making them for our Halloween party this year!

  • I love all the cake pops but my absolute favorite are the sheep pops. I would love to make them for my daughter’s friends when they come over for playgroup right before Halloween! My daughter’s going as a lamb/sheep for Halloween so they would be perfect!

  • I love the snowman pop cakes!!!!!! They are adorable!!! And since we don’t usually get lots of snow over here, it would be perfect for winter!!!!!
    Love them all!

  • Monica

    omgosh! how can you pick!!! I would love to use the book as inspiration to come up with something original!! My two little ones would go crazy over the cute lil popcorn bags too!

  • I love the wedding cake pops because they are adorable but even more so because they were used to actually help with a proposal on her blog. What a cute story. I will be making cake pops for my daughter’s first birthday. She doesn’t turn one for 8 more months but I am already dreaming of the big party…just as long as she doesn’t grow up too fast 🙂


  • I follow both yours and bakerella’s blogs…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading them! I have been wanting to get her book on cake pops since she posted it on her blog, but due to this economy and NOT having extra money to spend, I can’t get it for a while. I was hoping that my hubby would get it for me for my birthday, but we also didn’t have the “extra” money to get it then either….oh well! Please pick me

  • Judith

    ALLLL!!!!! in special the Hello Kitty pops !!!!! 🙂

  • Hello! Wow, I am so excited this book is now available! I LOVE the Mr. Potato Head Pops the best!
    I would use the book to make a set of these for our neighbors who have adopted 4 children!! And already had two of their own. Then, I would give this book to my 15 year old sister for her birthday next month. She is an aspiring baker and artist! And good at everything else in life 🙂
    Thanks for this opportunity! I hope to see this book soon 🙂
    Thanks Amy!!

  • I love the owls and would make those but I am dying to know how to make the robot cake pops!

  • Jen

    I love the basic cupcake pops. Have made them and they turned out awesome!!

  • The cupcake pops have always been my favorite. Something about a cupcake just puts a smile on my face. My daughters and I are excited to make some of these sweet and delicious treats for Halloween this year to be given out as gifts. Orange cupcakes with Halloween sprinkles. Yum!

  • Ronda C.

    I have been a fan of hers for a while and I can’t honestly think of anything that she has made that wasn’t adorable, so picking one would be hard. Of hand I would have to say the sheep just because of all the work to get the “wool” on. I would make them for my two wonderful children and husband, as they all have birthdays coming up.

  • I like the cheesecake pops! How cool is that

  • Jennifer

    All of the cake pops are adorable, but I would choose the jack-o-lantern ones right now for a Halloween party for my kids.

  • Keli

    I love the sheep pops. Actually it’s a tie between the sheep pops and the bee pops. They are cute little works of art. I would share these with my two little girls. I can imagine them now holding the sticks trying to figure out if they really want to eat them or stash them in their room!

  • Jessica

    I love bakerella’s cupcake pops, so cute! But for my sons first birthday I am going to try to make the sesame street character cake pops. I hope they turn out half as cute as the ones bakerella made!

  • I love the Cupcake pops and want to make something cute and special for my Mom’s upcoming 70th birthday party in Dec. I would love to surprise the Family with something cool like these…so please pick me!

  • Penny

    My favorite pops from Bakerella’s site? How on earth to choose? I love the Halloween ones (I made some skulls for my son’s birthday party)…but the easter ones are just as cute as a tiny little button. Those lambs! Those chickies! Swoon. Am DYING for this book.

  • Sarah

    I love the simple pink colored pops. They are so perfect for baby and wedding showers.

  • shelley knight

    I LOVE everyone of her cake pops. My favorite has to be the wedding cake pops. I occasionally make a wedding cake and would love to try these for a wedding. I would love, love, love the book!

  • Caren

    I liked the candy apple pops because I can just imagine them at a party in a first grade class room. I’d make my first set of pops for my coworkers – they already know I have a HUGE sweet tooth (and they appreciate the freebies).


  • susanne ramirez

    i love the sesame street pops! so stinkin adorable and creative! i would make them for my nephew who loves him some sesame street!

  • Andi

    I love the Hello Kitty pops; I’d make some for my daughter!

  • I have to say that my favorite pops are the cupcakes !

  • Mary Lozano

    If I had to pick, I would have to say that I absolutely love the Hello Kitty Cake pops. Bakerella’s techniques are so amazing and it would be an honor to have her book! Thanks for another great giveaway.

  • I adore the Winnie the Pooh pops! He is one of my favorite characters from my childhood and I just adore them!

  • Hannah

    I love her Halloween pops. they are SO cute! I would LOVE to win! 🙂

    • Hannah

      I’m throwing a bridal shower for my closest friend in a few weeks. Cake pops would be the perfect addition!

  • Laura E

    I love the ice cream pops and want to try to make them for my daughter’s dance class.

    But then again there is so much more to try as well.. Where to start? Oh the book might help!

  • Traci

    I love the Winnie the Pooh pops that she made, the details are so perfect. I would make some for my sister-in-law, but she would want to make them with me. 🙂

  • mars

    I love the reindeer pops with the pretzels and red hots. I just think about the pretzel and chocolate and the red hot and it looks and sounds amazing! I also think the Mr. Potato head ones are just awesome, but then again I pretty much think they’re all awesome.

  • Keyla

    OMG! i Loooove the little sheep pops! they are almost as cute as my little niece Lia, who i would make them for a treat… hummm might even be a fun afternoon activity for us!
    I want the book pleaaaaase! 😀

  • Dinah

    My favorite pops are the spring chicken since my nickname is “the chick”. I’ve always been the youngest in school, at work and amongst friends & family and they all called and still call me the chick even after me turning 23. I would make my first set of pops for my upcoming birthday party.

  • i love the sheep ones!! she is uber creative! i would of course make them for my 5 year old daughter

  • Michelle Bitton

    I love them all!!! But I really do like the Mr. Potato Head…toooo darn cute! I am making some for Halloween for my daughters class at school

  • Anayanci Tamayo

    Love them all!! Dying to make the owl pops!

  • Kiersti

    My favorite of her cake pops are the red velvet cakes balls dipped in chocolate. I know… I should pick one of the cute ones that took more ‘effort’ and ‘artistic vision’ – but the basic balls are just so darn good!

    And…I must admit I have already made my first batch of cake balls. I made choco cake balls dipped in white chocolate. Then I drew red lines on them to look like baseballs for the opening day of my son’s first T-ball team! SO CUTE!

    The next pops on my radar….the spider pops for Halloween. Red velvet insides of course!

  • Lauren

    Wow – what an amazing giveaway! I love the bumble bee cake pops – so cute! This would be so much fun to bake with – thanks for the chance to win!

  • I LOVE Bakeralla — what a fun giveaway! My favorite cake pops are her Sesame Street characters, especially Elmo. My 2-yr-old adores “Elbow”, so I would definitely make them for her next school event or birthday party.

  • Bobbi Jo Castaneda

    I have admired this site for a very long time! One of my favorite ones is the little chics that were brownie pops. Sooo adorable!

  • Kelly

    I love Bakerella’s ice cream cone pops! They are so cute and loved by everyone.

  • Catie

    Hi there
    I love the Mickey pop’s way way toooo cute as are all of the creations.
    Thanks so for the opportunity to win this delightful book
    Catie 🙂

  • I love the originals the best! Sweet and simple! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Allison

    I love the Ham & Potatoes. So cute. I’d really like to make some cake pops for my daughter’s 2nd birthday next year, but I’m sure I’ll find another “excuse” to make them way before then.

  • Maribel

    I’ll start with making Mr. Potato Head and the pig from Toy Story. My 3 year old son is in loooove with the movie.

  • Those snowmen are adorable. I’d like to try those for a cute christmas dessert table!

  • I really can’t even get over how stinkin’ cute all of her creations are, but I must admit I freaked out a little bit when I saw the Winnie the Pooh ones. HOLY COW, she is amazing! (As are you!) And I would just have to think of a party idea so that I could have these as fun treats!

  • I {LOVE} Bakerella!!! I love the Hello Kitty design & the Halloween ones. If I won this book – I’d actually give it to my sister in law (she is more a baker then I am) and I plan on buying a copy for myself and my parents.

  • My mom named me after Frosty the Snowman’s wife… I’d like to make her the Snowman Cake Pops as a thank you for such a cool name & story!

  • Cristi Frklich

    I absolutely love the snowmen. I was thinking about the same thing just a couple of weeks ago for our annual xmas cookie exchange. But I would definately love the book to teach me. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news.

  • Krysta Crane

    I love the Mr. Potato Head and Hamm pops she did for the Toy Story 3 release. I would make those for my nephews. Their birthday is this month and they would love it!!!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    Krysta from DC

  • Sandra

    My favorite are the sheep! They are just so creative!

  • Tara

    I love the smiley face pops! They make me smile. And I would probably make them with my sweet girlfriends on our girl weekend coming up!!

  • O love them all but I think I would have to pick the ice cream cake pops to try the first time. I would make them for my daughters first year b-day in December! She will think they are great and so will her older brother!

  • i would love me some football pops for all the upcoming football games i’ll be baking through this season!!

  • Sam

    The sheep pops are too cute!


    I live in South Africa and cake pops are unheard of!!! They look amazing! If I had the opportunity I would make cake pops for my religious holiday Deepavali,being the hindu festival of light, which is usually around October/November every year, the possibilities are endless! I would do indian inspired cake pops like paisley shaped cake pops, fireworks cake pops, elephant shaped cake pops, indian themed cakes and parties are always so colourful that I would totally mix different colours to create a whirlwind of indian inspired cake pops! Deepavali is usually a very colourful and a very sweet holiday in the sense that we eatand exchange alot of sweet parcels with friends and family, sweetmeats and indian desserts! I think cake pops would definately impress the family over Deepavali lunch! xoxo

  • Jamie

    The reindeer pops are SOOOO adorable! I would bake them for my co-workers.

  • Mary

    Hola!!! Im soooo in-love with the Owl pops. How cuteeee!!! I would make for pretty tween daughter who loves owls!

  • I’d make the Hello Kitty pops for my girls’ birthday… they are super cute

  • Tricia

    My favourite is the classic (and original!) Cupcake pops.

    I would love to try these out for my kiddos!

  • Susan K.

    I love love love the Muppets pops. While my kiddos are both teenagers they both would go crazy to find one of these in their lunches! I just know it!

    thanks for the chance to she some fun with my big kids!


  • Karen

    My favorite is the cupcake pop! I made them for my daughters first birthday and they were a hit! Bakerella is awesome! I would love to win and try some of the more adventurous pops! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Leah Kelly

    The cupcake pops were the first things I saw way back when that made me sit up & go “OMG”. Plus it made me smile and be giddy for the rest of the day. I’d make my first pops for all my friends, since you’ve got to share these wonderful bites! Just have to make sure to make LOTS. 🙂

  • Manette Gutterman

    I would definitely make the Mr. Potato Head cake pops. My 3yr old would get a real kick out of those!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL of the cake pops…so hard to choose which one is my all time favorite…hmmm…have to go with the classic cupcake one because it blew my mind that she could create anything that cute…then she went on to create even cuter…maybe it’s the ice cream cone, no the elmo, no the potato head, no the hamburger…oh dear…okay I am sticking to the cupcake…and I have three parties I can’t wait to make them for, the first being my husbands 40th…I hope I win this!

  • My favorite pops are the cupcake pops of course! they are soo cute!
    The hello kitty ones and the toy story ones are to die for ! 100% cuteness

  • Hi, and thank you for this opportunity… my favorite cake pop is the snowman.. but I love all Bek cakepops! Last week I made her ice cream cake pops… if you like you can see them here ( made it in a blue way and I really enjoy to do this!!
    I would make for my two kids!!
    Etta (from Italy)

  • I love the wedding cake cake pops. I guess because I’m a weddding planner.

  • I would love this book! I think one of these cuties would be a huge hit for the charity bake sale.

  • Rebecca Kaufmann

    Ok for me it would have to be the Hello Kitty pops for my daughter Katie, who can’t say her name and instead calls herself kitty.

  • My favorites are the Sesame Street pops. 2 die 4.
    If I win, I want to make the bee pops for my little Bea’s 4th birthday in two weeks!

  • sheep pops!! i’d share them with my mom and sister even though i want to eat them all myself 🙂

  • Rose T.

    So hard to choose one Bakerella cake pop! Love the bee’s!!

  • I’m partial to the cupcake pops. My daughter (and me!) love cupcakes, so those are probably the ones we would make first. Would be great @ her 5th birthday party!

  • Lynn

    I’m partial to the cupcake pops. My daughter (and me!) love cupcakes, so those are probably the ones we would make first. Would be great @ her 5th birthday party! (please forgive this if it is a duplicate comment…. when I first tried to post, it said I was posting too fast (and I had only tried that one time!) and then it said I was duplicating my comment!)

  • joly

    I love winnie the pooh pops, I loveeee that little nose!!! I will make them for my little pooh bear who is 2 years old and loooooves “booh”

  • Susan

    the mini ice cream cones look so cute & delish!

  • Lynn M

    I love the wedding cake pops (we have a niece getting married soon); they would so cute for her shower. But the Pumpkin Cake Pops cover of the new Betty Crocker Fall Baking cookbook is so adorable, I might have to try those first.

  • LisaT

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Reindeer cakepops because I am a huge fan of combining the salty goodness of pretzels with anything sweet!

  • It’s really hard to decide! I love love love the cupcake cake pops, but I found the owls and they are truly adorable!

  • eva

    I love the cupcake pops!! I would make them for the girls in my family; my two daughters, Rhonda and Lacey; Rhonda’s two daughters Olivia and Sadie; my daughter in law Jolene and my son’s girlfriend Jennifer. There you have it. Cupcake pops for the girls. YUM!!

  • Jessica Miracle

    LOVE the Halloween ones!! I would make them for my friend’s son’s Halloween themed birthday party.

  • My favorite pops are the ice cream cone pops…they are adorable!
    I just want to make them all!

  • Karlene

    I think Micky and Mini Mouse are so amazing.

  • I’d for sure love to attempt some fun pops for my kiddos in a Halloweel theme! 🙂

  • Kelly

    I love Bakerella! I discovered her about a year ago and now read her blog weekly! My favorite cake pop is the wedding cake which she used to help a reader propose to his girlfriend. Such a fun post. And my first batch of cake pops from the book may be those very wedding cake pops! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Shannon

    I love the bumblebee pops! I can already see a table layout with them as the star…. For my first ones, though, I’d probably try my hand at the robots pops since my best friend adores robots 🙂

  • christine

    I love the Hamm and Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story! They had so much character!

  • kelsea

    I love the Toy Story ones, I’m going to make them for a friend’s son’s first birthday party next month!!

  • My favorite pops are the trick or treat pops. I’ve never made any of them before but i want to make my first batch for a halloween party!

  • I love the wedding cake pops, and would like to make them as wedding favors.

  • Lizabeth Gaytan

    I like the Sesame street characters but my favorite is the Red Velvet pop!

  • Tasha

    For eating, the plain red velvet cake pops with dark chocolate are my favorite by far, and it’s always gratifying to see how completely they knock people’s socks off at a party. But for sheer craft, I most admire the Mister Potato Head pops. It’s incredible how close a likeness to the real thing Bakerella achieves.

  • Kim

    I love the sheep and chick cake pops, (and the reindeer)that she has made and shown on her site. Of course, the cupcake pops are super cute also! (I could go on and on and on about the amazing Bakerella and her even more amazing cakepops!)I think that I would make some for my sweet daughter’s second birthday in October – these would be a great hit!

  • Kara

    I love the Hello Kitty and the Apple cake pops as well as the cupcake pops. They are all so adorable and look very easy to make.

    If I win the giveaway I will make my first batch of cake pops for my preschool students, because they are the perfect size for little ones! 🙂

  • The Hello Kitty pops are too cute for words! My nieces would go nuts!!!

  • HK pops and Hamm and Potatoes pop are my faves! Would like to try making these pops!

  • Mary Farlie

    I will am going to make the little puppies for my two year old’s birthday. They are adorable! They will be much more fun for the toddlers at the party to eat. Cake on stick, does it get better when you’re only 2 1/2 feet high 🙂

  • Brooke

    Bakerella’s wedding cake pops are my absolute favorite. So adorable and the story behind them, I’m in LOVE with. What a lucky girl. And I would be making them for my roommates, probably on our designated “Baking Wednesdays.”

  • Missty

    Huge Bakerella fan!!! I’ve attempted the Easter collection (ducks,bunnys). Can’t wait to get the book.

  • Kristi

    I just love how cute these cake pops are and they appear to be quite simple to make – with a little practice of course. I will be making my first batch tomorrow for my sister’s 30th birthday in hot pink BUT if I won the book I would probably attempt to make the owls – for my children (just for fun) in honour of the beginning of the school year.

  • Crystal

    oh my goodness! I just LOVE the sheep cake pops!! They are just TOO adorable to even eat lol!
    If i won the book i would bake my first set of cake pops for my mother/daughter Mad Hatter’s tea party coming up next month 🙂

    Fancy Hats, Wine, Tea and CAKE POPS 🙂

    I think i need to try to make them even if i dont win b/c they are AMAZING!
    Good luck everyone!

  • Jess

    Anything red velvet! I will make them for myself. I absolutely love cakepops!

  • Jawn

    I Love all of them (Mr Potato Head is so cute) I would love to make some for my daughter’s school party, whatever she chooses.

  • rebecca

    I would make the wedding cake pops for my sweet fiancee as a taste test before making them for real as our wedding favors! 🙂

  • The cake pops are wonderful–I saw some made at a bridal shower!!
    My favorite are the popcorn pops–I love popcorn and I made popcorn cookbooks for gifts one Christmas,
    you are so cute!!!

  • Leanne hood

    I love the cupcake pops and the first person I will make them for is my daughter for her birthday!!

  • I would love to make some pumpkin and ghost pops for my three little grandchildren!

  • I love the Sesame Street pops and would make those for my nephew who LOVES Sesame Street. 🙂

  • Love the minnie mouse pops I will attempt to make them as pretty if I can for my daughters 4th bday she is going to have a minnie mouse theme..The photos of her book are awesome cannot wait to get a copy:)

  • Audra Philblad

    I like the bumble bee and cupcake pops. I want to try and make some for Halloween….the book looks great!

  • Lynette

    The cupcake pops always catch my eye. I would love to make them in a fall color theme.

  • julie

    So hard to choose–I love them all. But I think the pooh bear and honey pots take the cake! I would make them for and with my girls!

  • Cecily

    The Sesame Street pop were great, I want to make them so bad.

  • Renee

    I love all the cupcake pops and whenever I’ve made them, they are a hit! I would love this book. I’m already thinking fall, and those turkey pops are going to be a hit at Thanksgiving!

  • I love the holiday pops and the details are just beautiful

  • jen

    Since I’m newly engaged, I’ll go with the Wedding Cake pops. They’d be perfect for a shower! LOVE me some Bakerella!

  • I recently made the ice cream cone pops and they were soo cute! I’d love to have the book and some new ideas!

  • Stef

    The cupcake pops, because they are classic!

  • kim willard

    I love all the sesame street cake pops. My son is turning one next month and I’d love to make them for his birthday party!

  • Sonia

    This is such a great giveaway! I love all things Halloween so the Jack-O-Lantern’s are my fave. But I would make my frist set of pops for my daughter’s first birthday in a few weeks.

  • Yowza!!!! Who knew cakepops could come in soooo many forms, designs and shapes….

  • Jessica C.

    My favorite is the Hello Kitty pops, big Hello Kitty fan! Also really like the sheep ones they make me think of WOW.


  • Katie Crain

    Been making them since I first heard of the darling pops on Pioneer Woman’s blog. The chicks are my favorite – I’ve made oodles to share at Easter for the past few years!

  • I love the apple pops! My husband is an amazing 7th grade teacher and they all deserve an apple pop, so if I won I’d make a bunch for to honor them 😉

  • Kristine

    They are all adorable, but I think the ice cream cake pop is my favorite…it’s genius and oh so cute!!! I would love to make some for my godson’s 1st birthday!

  • I absolutely LOVE the sheeps’ cake pops! Lovely!

  • Fave would have to be her Sesame street characters…she is one creative lady! Wondering how long they would last at Playgroup!

  • diana

    I think mine are most all of them! but, mr potatoe head, puppy pops and snowman would be the ones I would there to make since they are too cute!

  • paola

    Well….my favorite pop is the cupcake pos as it is the first one that I have ever tried to make……and well I guess I can make a set of pop for someone special to send a sweet message

  • Alison

    I love, love, love the snowman with the Oreo hat! I would make them for my grown children. Haven’t made something like this since they were little!

  • I’d make Mickey and Minnie Mouse for my little niece.

  • shannon cherep

    we have a big family so I would make them for all of them!! I think I love the little chicks best! They are so clean an simple!! Perfection!!

  • Cindy

    Mickey and Minnie Mouse are my sentimental favorites from her site but when I win (get) her new book, I’m making the robots for my grandson. He’ll be crazy about them.

  • I love the Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops! I am so excited to make special treats for my two boys and my husband to show them my love and appreciation! (P.S. I LOVE all of the ideas and inspiration you share with us!!!)

  • Ashley

    I would make the cupcake pops for my mom for being such a huge help in putting together my daughter’s first birthday party!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pick only one favorite? I just made the graduation cap pops for a recent party, but my favs are the Mickey Mouse pops and the Toy Story ones Out of the book, I really want to make the mini ice cream pops for my kids. They would absolutely flip!

  • Nicole Carr

    I love the cute Cupcake Pops!!! Perfect for my cousins new baby girl shower!!!

  • deede

    I’ve been keeping up with Bakerella for more than a year now, and to this day I still love those cute, yellow chick pops!
    Should I be so fortunate as to win the book, I’d make pops for my two sweet grandsons–ages four and 18 months!


  • Christi

    I thought her hamburger pops were just the cutest. But my favorite where her Relay for Life cake pops. That organization is very near and dear to my heart.

  • So it’s hard to decide because I LOVE them all, but I have to say I’d make the wedding cake pops for my own wedding this November 🙂

  • Yuvani

    The owl pops are adorable! I would make them for my 2 year old daughter!

  • Bridget

    I put this book on my wish list this morning! The chocolate cupcake pops are adorable, but I can’t wait to see the book and all the ideas she has.

  • Karen

    They are all so adorable, who can pick a favorite. BUT, Hello Kitty is my granddaughters fav right now, so I would love to make them for her birthday.

  • I love them all, but the icecream cone ones are my absolute favourite!! I especially love the upsidedown one that lookes like a melted icecream! I would make them for my 3 goegeous kids! Tanya x

  • Btrflywmn

    I love the elmo cake pops, and would love to make some for my kids. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I would make the Hello Kitty pops for my daughter’s 3rd birthday!!!

  • tayebeh

    I loooooove the winnie the pooh! I made some pops before and I would make the pops for all my friends cuz they love them

  • Annie Dillon

    There’s nothing better than the classic pop – LOVE ’em!!! We have 2 fall birthdays in our fam and have our little boy finally arriving in October – so, I know I’ll be making LOADS of these pops very, very soon!!!

  • Francine

    I love the classic Easter chicks!

  • Heather L

    I love the Hello Kitty pops!

  • Alexia

    My daughter loves the chicken ones, then the owls. We are going to try to make some for Halloween!

  • I have a soft spot in my heart for Halloween and all of her Halloween cake pops are adorable!

  • Nicole

    My fav from the site is the hamburger pops, but if I win the book, I’ll be making the robots for my daughter’s first birthday party!

  • Lisa

    I would make the Winnie-the-Pooh Pops for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Might even try the little honey pots that go with them. Too Cute!!

  • I think my favourites are the sheep pops – they’re so cute, and the textured finish with the sugar pearls is so unique (but the cheesecake pops come a close second… perhaps sheep pops with a cheesecake filling?). And I’d have to make my first batch for my dad – not only is he often my baking taste-tester, but there’s something so wonderfully Doctor Seuss about the pop-for-Pop thing!

  • Hayley

    I love Mr. Potatoe Head!

  • I made these for a 4th of July table and definitely need to practice some more. This book would be the perfect guide and I would love to experiment with all these adorable designs !!!!

  • I would make the candy apple cake pops for a fun fall party welcoming my new baby son to the family! (estimated arrival date of Oct.1) 🙂

  • I would make the Hello Kitty ones for my 3 year old god daughter because she looovess hello kitty!

  • Meera

    My favourite cakepop will be the hello kitty one! they are just adorable. I would make them for my young sister since she loves everything hello kitty! =D

  • I love to make and serve the red velvet cake balls – they are always a huge hit at parties!

  • It is so hard to pick just one! If I had to I would go with the cupcake cake pops. I am excited to try the popcorn tub shaped cake pop seen in the previews of the book. I am having a an outdoor movie party at the end of the month and it would be so cute to serve these as well. Very excited about the book.

  • irene

    I like the mr potato head ones, I’d probably make some for my sunday school class.

  • Marissa

    I have made the cupcake pops- so cute! They were a hit! I cannot wait to make the owl pops- soooo cute!!!

  • Chicks…..they are so cute!

  • I think the spring chicken cake pops are my favourite but the snowman ones are adorable too. Really they’re all too cute to pick a favourite. I would make the first batch for my son who’s really into eating things off of sticks lately. It’s amazing what kids will eat when you give them a tooth pick! haha! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  • Erika

    I love the cupcake ones!!! I’ll make them for my daugther.

  • kamille

    the bumblebee pops are my fave (especially since my husband & i have nicknamed each other “bee”!)

  • I am just blown away by the talent of Bakerella, and there is not one cake pop I do not love, but I will say the original cupcake pop would be my true love…

    Michelle Torres
    [email protected]

  • Cindy

    I adore the Snowman Pops. I have a wonderful snowman collection that I put out at Christmas time and I can’t wait to make the Snowman Pops, they will be a big hit when family and friends come over to celebrate the holidays.

  • Amy Barrett

    DEFINITELY the cupcakes!! So adorable. I want to have a luncheon soon and serve those. 🙂

  • f miller

    Cookie monster pops – yum,yum,yum,yum,yum!

  • Rachael W.

    I love the little popcorn bags. They are too cute.

  • michelle

    I’d make the cupcakes and I’d take them in to work – sure everyone will love them 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I can’t decide which I like more: Mr. Potato Head or the little sheep. Both so adorable. I would love to make some pops for my son’s first birthday!

  • Sheri

    I’d make the owl pops for my friend Vanessa who is obsessed with them. 🙂

  • Penny S.

    Nothing beats her original cupcake styled cake pops!!!! They show that one little inspirational idea can change everything!!

  • Julie Herbert

    Goodness there is not one cake pop that I do not love. I would make The pumpkin/jack-o-lantern ones because Halloween is just around the corner and I have a classroom full of kids that would love em!

  • Love the bees!

  • HotRodGal

    I *love* the dogs with the lifesaver candy collars! Too cute!

  • Debbie S.

    Oh, these are adorable!! I would make my first set for my 8 year old’s coming birthday party…oh my gosh. SO CUTE!

  • My favorite cake pops are the bumblebees, they are so cute. If I won the book I would make the cake pops for my sister’s birthday. Her and her friends would love them.

  • My favorite pops are the Trick or Treats. I would make them for my daughter and other kids in my neigborhood.

  • Allison

    My favorite cake pops are the cute little sheep. If I won the book I would make the cake pops for my cousin and her soon to arrive baby boy!

  • Kerrie

    The yellow chicks are just adorable. I would love to make these for my kids’ soccer snack day. Maybe I could make little soccer balls!

  • Leika

    I would make some for the kids I teach at my church — they would love the miniature pops!

  • Jae

    I love the Robots they are so adorable. If I won the book, I would love to make these for my co-workers! So cute!

  • They are all too amazing to choose! I think I’m going to keep it simple and classic and go with the pink cupcake pops. They are too cute, and they would just make the day of my husband’s grandma who is turning 80! What a fun treat for her party!!! 🙂

  • Heidi Lee

    I am in LOVE with the robot pops right now. Those are going to be the first ones I make. My 4 year old wants to have a robot party, so those are on the top of my list for October. But to be honest I love them all! A friend and I made the apple ones for an end of the year party. It was for a bunch of new 2nd Grade girls celebrating that “Smart is Beautiful!”

  • It’s hard to choose. But I’d have to say that I love the Hamm and Potatoes cake pops. I love Mr. Potato Head, the toy; so this is super cute as a cake pop. Looks soooo real.

    • I would make them for my circle of friends and our kids. They would LOVE them.

  • Tracy

    I just love the Hello Kitty pops. We made them for my daughters snack at preschool and they were a huge hit!

  • karla

    My favorite are the cupcakes and I will prepare them to my daughter’s number 7 party… also I really would like to prepare some pops as mexican flags to celebrate the 200 years of our independence.

  • I pretty much love them all – but that popcorn one in the picture is just too adorable! My kids would be the first to get cuz they are my guinea pigs for everything i make.

  • i love love love the apples! since its back to school, i’d make a batch and take them to the teacher’s lounge… there’s not a teacher in my school that wouldn’t love a treat!

  • I love the sesame street characters. They are so creative. I would make some for my nephews, Jaxson and Maddox. They LOVE sugar and LOVE sesame street.

  • It is seriously difficult to pick out a favorite, so I’m going to say the turkey pops because they get me excited for all the fun of fall. I’d make these for Thanksgiving or a sweet treat before the holiday for my little preschoolers. Great giveaway! I’d love to own a copy of her amazing book!

  • Jennille

    The cupcakes..they are classic but with a ‘cake bite’ twist. A cupcake bite.

  • the ice cream cones! no arguing that one

  • Becky

    I want to make the cupcake ones. I would make them for my mother-in-law’s birthday.

  • I would love to make the cupcake pops for my little girl for her 5th birthday, she wants a baking party, and to be the next masterchef!

  • Emily

    I love the Hello Kitty pops and my daughter would eat them up!

  • i have made the hello kitty pops (big hit!) and i would make the cupcake pops if i won the book!

  • My favorite are the Cupcake pops !
    I would like to make ice cream cones pops !!

  • Sherri D.

    I’m a full time missionary in Costa Rica. When I just visited the States, I made the red velvet cake pops from off her web site for my son-in-law and he LOVED them! I wished her book had come out before I had to return to Costa Rica! There are so many unique designs to choose from. For me and my family I would make the popcorn cake pops since we eat a lot of popcorn. For the Women’s Ministry here that I head up, I would look for something special just for the ladies at an upcoming meeting.

  • Well, I just found out about cake pops when I was working at my Curves. A lady comes in with these round balls and left a few for my employees. I was starting to fuss a little because we are a Curves and cake isn’t something we bring into the club….WEEEEEEELLLLLLLL. I made the mistake of tasting one and man oh man I was a goner. I am getting ready to try making the cake with diet soda instead of oil and egg to see if that will work and cut out a few calories. I am just thrilled to have found this site.


  • Chanelle

    my favorite are the cupcake pops, and I’m not sure what i’d make first because they all look so fun and exciting to make, but I know for sure i’ll be making some cake pops for my son’s birthday next month. =)

  • Katie Fields

    I am planning on making some cake pops for my sons first birthday in November, and this book will be invaluable! I love the monkey pops — perfect for his circus birthday theme!!

  • I’d love to make the cupcake pops,they will probably be my first ones!! And I think we would eat them at home… who better to share with than family and friends!?

  • Heather R

    I think my favorite is the popcorn ones. If I won the book, I would make them for my Sept 27th fundraiser to raise funds for the Breast Cancer walk I am doing on October 23rd.

  • tg

    this is the first year in my first home and i cant wait to decorate for a christmas! so definately the reindeer ones! maybe i’ll throw a holiday party!

  • So difficult to choose a favorite cake pop!… I think my favorite ones are the Sesame Street cake pops! they are adorably cute!
    I’m planning a Simcha Torah celebration so that the one year olds in our community (including my son) can be introduced to the sweetness of judaism!… Cake pops would be a hit at the dessert table!, and winning the book would be great for ideas!

  • Nicole Shores

    My favorite cake pop are the Toy Story cake pops… I am going to try and make these for my little ones birthday

  • Adorable! I need to try it soon!

  • elizabeth

    I love many of the cake pops! My kids and I made the Mr. Potato Head pops last week-the whole process was really easy and fun! The pops are so cute and truely easy to make-I love them all!

  • HACB

    I made cake pops for my daughter’s first birthday party and they were a HUGE hit. She loved them and so did all of the guests. I will definitely make them for her again (and again and again…)!

  • Hello!!! Im from Argentina and my favourite cake pops are the yellow chicks because they are so simple and beautiful…my daughter will love them!!!!!!

  • jennifer

    cake pops are the best! and so yummy! i LOVE all the different holiday pops! i’d definitely will be making some cake pops for an upcoming halloween party!

  • Anything with chocolate works for me! Love the Mickey Mouse ones. So cute!

  • CJ

    I am trying to figure out how to make her footballs for my son’s first birthday party.

  • Angela B.

    I HOOT the Owls! Well my daughter does. That is going to the new theme of her room and maybe now her upcoming birthday party. Can’t wait to get the book and make these for my little one.

  • 97karina

    I adore Bakerella’s blog and all of her fabulous creations. When I learned that her book was coming out soon, I practically began salivating in anticipation. Can’t wait to take a peek and try some of the wonderful ideas!

  • Eliane

    My fav is the owls love them if I don’t win the book I have to buy it I love all of them:)

  • Melania

    I love the sheep cake pops. I think they are too cute. I’d probably make them for my niece.

  • Love the cupcake pops! They are adorable!

  • Amy

    The pup pops are simply adorable. My daughter would love the dogs, and it would be so fun to watch her eat them.

  • Betsy

    Pick one ? Just one ? They are ALL adorable ! But if I HAD to pick,
    I guess it would be the Halloween pops for our neighborhood party !
    Awesome ! Betsy

  • lika

    all are super cute.
    has to be hello kitty.

  • Michelle

    I LOVE the sheep pops – but they are all ADORABLE!!!

    I would definitely make these for my daughters!

  • Becky

    The Mickey & Minnie Pops were super cute and pretty easy to make…after I got the hang of it! hahaha

  • Spring Chickens i love it, and its a great idea for my baby shower in november because this is the nick of my housband in her family when kid
    😀 Thanks for the tips!

  • emi

    ADORE the Hello Kitty pops!! I gotta make them for my niece!

  • StaceyC

    Ever since Pioneer Woman blogged about Angie and showed us pics from the Lodge…I have swooned over the adorable cupcake pops, complete with sprinkles. Would I love to drool over Bakerella’s new book? Yes, please!! 🙂

  • linda

    love all the pops…i would like to bake the traditional cake pops!
    thanks for including me in this wonderful giveaway! angie is so very creative!

  • Alicia Meyer

    I LOVE Bakerella’s blog. I would love to win this book!!!

  • My little boy is turning one in just a few weeks and I plan on having a dessert table like the ones you have featured on your blog. I would make these pops for his birthday party! I have sooo loved looking at your guest features and have so many ideas from these posts. My favorite pops on her web-site would have to be the superman dad ones… so cute!

  • Spring chicken pops, and I will make some for my little chicken’s #1 birthday party!

  • Marcy

    I loved making the Christmas Tree Pops – they turn out great! I want to make them for my son’s soccer team… Woohoo Bakerella!!

  • Carmen

    De aquí a unos días es el cumpleaños de mi hija y a ella le han encantado los robots!!!! Un libro precioso!

  • Resourceful Sil

    I fell in love with the happy apples. Would make them for our town’s local Applefest Bakesale, which all proceeds benifit our local food pantry. Even my 12 yr old twin girls are excited to help make these. Anything to promote kids in the kitchen is a bonus for me.

  • Chandra

    They are all just so cute. I have an almost 2 year old and she loves owls…so definitely owls for a 2 year old’s birthday is a must!

  • Jennifer Hand

    I love everything but plan on trying the Sesame Pops for my son Wyatt’s first birthday complete with all things ELMO!

    Thank you!

  • So adorable!

  • Holly Norton

    I would love this book! It comes at the perfect time as I have just started planning my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She wants an owl party, so the owl cake pops would be perfect in the goodie bags!

  • so hard to decide. but i LOVE all things that go gobble, gobble – so i would have to pick the turkey pops! and. if i won the book, i would probably make these for my kiddos on november 1 to kick off thanksgiving around our house! so much to be thankful for!

  • Oh! I think the happy apples are just adorable and perfect for fall.

  • They’re all just too cute, but I think I would make the Sesame Street characters for my son, he’s just beginning to understand who these guys are!

  • Clueless

    Love the popcorn pops and chick pops.. And even if I don’t win I will try to make pops for my daughters first birthday. 😀

  • Zan

    Easter Chicks! Hands down the cutest EVER! 🙂

  • Shannon

    I love the snowmen, but I would probably make the owls for a friends baby shower. She is doing the little ones room in owls. I love Bakerella!


  • Heather

    I love love love all of them! But would make something from the Trick or Treats section first! My two little nephews are coming in from out of state to visit me in October. We are going to carve pumpkins and these pops would be perfect to get them excited 🙂

  • The basic pink ones are my favorite because they’re just so simple but polished at the same time. They look like something I could somehow accomplish and I’m a disaster in the kitchen. And I also really like the sheep cakepops – they’re just so cute I don’t know if I could actually eat them without feeling a smidgen of guilt. If I won a copy of the book, I would bring it over to my best friend’s house and we would attempt to make a batch to share with our families, friends, and coworkers.

    • My husband is in a mens group that is having a cooking contest. Winner gets the title of “Chef De La Krewe”. He missed his”team” meeting because he was sick… so they gave him the dessert category which is hard for most men. Of course, he tells me to find him something cool to make. The theme is caberat, and I am thrilled to wake him up in the morning and tell him I have the best recipe ever. RED VELVET CAKE POPS!!! I even think he can actually make these with out my help! The official recipe book would sure help him! Thank you!

  • Nicole

    I love the cupcake pops and would love to make a set of festive fall pops for the family!

  • i love the robot pops on the cover! of course the cupcake ones are fantastic 🙂

  • I am in love with the wedding pops. I desperately want them at my wedding!

  • gracie kim

    My faves are the sheep and hello kitty cake pops. So cute!

  • Robyn Lynn

    My favs are the Sesame Street pops, Elmo and the Cookie Monster are AMAZING. My first try at cake pops will definitely be for my little toddler man. I always try to make his birthday celebrations “Amy Atlas” worthy events! Love you and Bakerella! My all time favorite blogs!

  • Rosi

    Mr. Potato Head is my favorite of all, but my soon to be 3yrd old loves the apples and she wants some for her 3rd birthday themed Snow White. She says it will be her making them and I will for sure have fun cleaning!!! what a better way to share with someone you love.

  • Alisa

    I love Bakerella’s sheep cake pops. She said they were not her favorite to eat because of the crunchiness of the sugar balls, BUT they are just too dang cute! I will be making some Fall pops today – pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and sprinkles – to gift to neighbors. I’ve never made them before, so wish me luck!

  • I love the sheep..too cute! But since we were asked to tell who we would make them for….I would have to do Hello Kitty since I will be making them for my daughter. She will flip when she sees them.