Aug 31, 2010

Jewelry Inspired Guest Dessert Feature

Finally, the fifth and last guest feature of the day…Melissa and Kellie of Icing Designs sent over this fanciful dessert bar that they created for a Stella and Dot jewelry party.  I’m a girly-girl gal who loves both jewelry and desserts so this jewelry dessert combo is pure bliss for me.  This reminds me a little bit of the jewelry dessert feature I worked on for Town and Country Magazine.  I’m smitten with how those jewels are draped around the vessels.  I also love the silver, champagne, black and blush pink color palette, the mercury glass and silver pedestals, and the ribbon backdrop {check out a how-to for this here.}   The glittery tags that they created are also pretty fabulous!  Melissa and Kellie made the desserts from scratch and bejeweled them to dress them up.  The cupcakes they used were simple buttercream cupcakes dressed up with pink chocolate diamonds.  If you don’t have chocolate diamonds handy, bedazzle your spread with lots of glittery candy.  This is so pretty and a relatively easy display to put together {although you may have to run out and get some jewelry to recreate it!}

Some Sweet Styling and Practical Tips:

(1) Don’t be afraid to let some ribbon hang on your bows that are wrapped around your apothecary jars.  I often let my ribbon drape down on apothecary jars, especially if it is a feminine display.

(2) Be careful when you are using cupcakes that are not frosted on the whole surface.  While it looks so precious, often the cupcake is exposed to air for too long and the cupcake gets dry.  If you plan to do this, store those cupcakes really well in an air-tight container before putting them out.

Congrats Melissa and Kellie on a fantastic job!

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  • I love how they used the vintage jewelry. Such a unique idea.

  • I love Icing Designs. Kellie and Melissa are just so wonderful and thoughtful and pay particular attention to everything they do. Everything is perfect. These gals really do lot for different organizations. Currently, I know they have donated their income from Icing Designs to a gentleman suffering from pancreatic cancer. They are also doing a fundraiser for the Fairy Godmother Foundation in Chicago. These young women are helping everyone with their Icing Designs and are so modest about it. I absolutely adore them. They are honest, sincere, caring, sharing and just as sweet as they can be. They are as you see them in the picture on their website or their blog or Facebook. Thank you for featuring Icing Designs in your blog. You are fabulous.

  • very pretty!

  • As a Stella & Dot Stylist I think this set up at a trunk show would be unbelievable. It is beautiful and memorable and I know the guests would love looking at everything – it is almost too beautiful to touch – but not too beautiful :).

  • Great Idea, Gorgeous!!!

  • I LOVE icing designs! These gals are wonderful! And everything they make is BEAUTIFUL!

  • This display is so cute! I just signed up to be a Stella & Dot stylist recently and am hosting my jumpstart party next Monday 🙂 it’s Mexican themed, but I think I’ll use this as inspiration for the fundraiser I’ll be hosting for the local crisis pregnancy center. Thanks for the splendid ideas!

  • I am in love with the Icing Desgins girls… they are simply amazing! This was actually my Stella & Dot trunk show and we also had their creations on display too. My jaw dropped when I walked in and I saw the set-up. I was the luckiest S&D Stylist ever to have paired up with these girls to do business. I cannot wait until our next party together. Amy, thank you so much for featuring their amazing work – they are as sweet as their desserts from the inside and out. xoxo

  • Amazing ! Totally luxury ♥ Glam & Chic 🙂