Aug 31, 2010

Floral Guest Dessert Feature

I’m up to the second guest feature of the day.  This drop dead gorgeous display is from Allyson and Sarah of Bobbette and Belle from Canada.  Bobbette and Belle first came on my radar last year when the owners Allyson and Sarah sent me pictures of their gorgeous macaron towers.  This display was created for a fundraiser for the NICU and the Avery Goldman Fund at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.  This stunning home provided a perfect setting for the display.  Can I live in this home please?  If I had that kitchen, I would never leave it.  Okay, let me stop daydreaming and get back on track with the dessert design…I love how Allyson and Sarah pulled the floral pattern and color palette from the pillows on the couch and brought it into the display.  You can see that floral pattern woven throughout the party {on the floral containers, the runner on the dessert display, etc}.  The soft palette of pinks, pearl grey and blue with the floral pattern is effortlessly chic and charming.  How perfectly executed is each and every single one of those desserts?  They are all dreamy!  I love how all of the intricate designs work together, yet aren’t too matchy-matchy.  

{A sweet note – the ladies told me that tickets were sold out for this event and the hospital was able to purchase a new retinal eye scanner with the proceeds!}. 

Some Sweet Styling and Practical Tips:

(1) When you are placing platters on top of platforms, it isn’t a bad idea to affix the platters to the platforms.  Guests can get pretty pushy when they see a display like this and you wouldn’t want your platters knocked over.  I use a hot glue gun to secure my platters to platforms.  

(2) If you’re setting up a dessert display in a kitchen, make sure food isn’t being cooked at the same time.  It looks like Bobbette and Belle had the kitchen just for desserts, but I’ve had situations when food was being prepared by the caterer in the kitchen at the same time.  If you are in that situation, make sure your desserts don’t go out until the kitchen is cooled down.

Again, drop. dead. gorgeous.  Congrats ladies!

Photography by Click Photography Co. 

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  • I want to live here too! The table & chairs are breathtaking. Its so feminine and light. I haven’t seen this Italian reproduction chair done in the clear yet. Fantastic. I love the ceiling of white balloons. Subtle but softens the whole space.
    Those cakes those cakes!
    I think the bite size rice krispy treats is sheer genius. Thanks for sharing and soothing my sweet tooth for the day 🙂

  • Ces

    everything about this party is stunning!

  • Absolutely GORGEOUS! Everything is pure perfection! The satin rosettes on the ribbon trimmed cake is my favorite. WOW!

  • Breath taking!
    Love the balloon feature, I use that for Halloween with black and orange light up balloons from Windy City.
    I’m helping with a dessert bridal shower in Oct. I’ll be using some of these ideas.

  • wow, this is just beautiful…. talk about dessert heaven!

    love the mini rice crispy treats – such a great way to “class-up” one of my favorite kiddo desserts =)

  • Truly breathtaking! What a wonderful spread. SO inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing.

  • this is simply stunning. so simple and classic – the event seems to flow seamlessly with the home. and those macaroons look delish!

  • I’m too distracted by that house and its perfect, perfect furniture and woodworking to even notice the dessert! ; ) That’s an absolute DREAM of a house!

  • I am in heaven looking at these pictures! What a fabulous event this must have been. Wonderful work!

  • Just stunning!!! The desserts, the composition, the kitchen, everything!!

  • Beautiful! I love the soft colors and patterns.

  • Absolutely blissful! WOW! Theses women are beyond talented! Can’t wait to share with my readers! =)

  • :O

    I want to die at this moment…dreaming of those sweet, sweet, sweets!

  • Beautifully done! Thanks for sharing!

  • OH~ MY!!! The satin ribbon on the cake, and those chairs are to die for! Simply gorgeous!

  • GORGEOUS!!! Wow – that home is amazing, too!
    I love it all!

  • Hands down one of the BEST TABLES I have EVER SEEN! Oh my heavens. Dying in love right now.

  • this was utterly breathtaking! i have to agree about the kitchen – i can move into that dream kitchen! this is just an elegant and gorgeous buffet — i love the bows on the cake — the jeweled brooches on the glass jars… the macaroons! the other fondant cake is divine too! and i love the blue/gray ribbon against the bubblegum pink candy nestled inside the glass jar – that is awesome!

  • Trish

    Unbelievable! Nothing but pure talent from these two ladies.

  • This display is so beautiful! I love the cakes–especially the one with the Satin bows. So classy. As amazed as I was with the display, I was equally amazed with the kitchen. I’m with you, Amy. If I had that kitchen, I’d never leave it. Oh the things I could do! Thanks for sharing.

  • just found you via @ToriandDean on Twitter! LOVE all of it! Simply Beautiful.

  • Allie @ HoneyBeeInvites

    And great news for the NICU!

    And…did I mention…GORGEOUS!

  • jtp

    ahhhhhh! love the table and your site- what a great find for me 🙂

  • LOVE this!!! especially love those big vintage looking bows on the cake!!!

  • Beautiful desserts & cakes, I love the collection of soft pastel colors and attention to every detail!

  • Thank you so much everyone. It is great to hear the comments and my friend Erica will be thrilled that you love her house so much, she is the sweetest! Thank you Amy for linking to the charity as well! It is always difficult when the life of a newborn is cut short, so we greatly appreciate any awareness this brings to the Fund!

  • Absolutely beautiful! And Amy I love that you use a glue gun to affix the platters. I honestly use a glue gun to hold most everything in place for an event or a shoot!

  • Catriona


    Anyone any ideas as to where they got those chairs from???

  • ~Carolyn

    Okay…this is a total “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!” Such lovely details from the food to the decor. Though it’s tough when you need to have a beautiful display in or near a kitchen like this — sure helps when it looks like THIS kitchen. I agree, Amy, this kitchen is to die for!

  • Aubrey

    This is beautiful! Awesome job ladies. I love the balloons on the ceiling. And I love the many many cakes, but I love that they aren’t the center of attention.

  • Adriana

    That table is gorgeous.

  • Gorgeous from top to bottom!!! Fabulous, fabulous cakes!

  • Adriana

    People I love this post. I would like to have the same for my next anniversary party in Brazil. Uauuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

  • WOW, this is amazing, the colour scheme, the cakes, the venue. Absolutely stunning!

  • Holy. Freakin’. Wow.
    Stunning. Everything about it. <3

  • Jin

    I am in awe of everything here!!! AMAZING!!

  • i LOVE this event & this house. thanks for sharing with us!

  • Absolutely FABULOUS from start to finish! Hope you don’t mind – will be linking back to this post! I need to save this for future inspiration!

  • Somehow I missed this one last week! This is unbelieveable! First of all I can’t believe people live in this house! Such a far cry from my NY apt!!

    Everything looks perfect! I love how “clean” everything looks and the patterns and colors work so well together. I especially loved the 3 tiered cake on the left in the first picture with the fondant flowers on it. Amazing!

  • Krissy

    I noticed you said you hot glue your platters to your elevations. What do you use to elevate the platters? Do you also hot glue apothecary jars? In catering I have always covered my elevations with fabric so I’m wondering what I could use that I could glue to and it not look messy. I am planning a candy buffet for my daughter’s 6th birthday and I would hate to freak out when one of her classmates breaks something!

  • Wow! I think this is my absolute favorite guest one ever!

  • Cinzia

    Meraviglioso! Complimenti!

  • Holy mackerel!! That cake is flawless! Lovely lovely lovely

  • Gorgeous – the mini fondant cakes are my favorite =)

  • WoW! Very exciting display. I love the macaroon and cake designs.

  • AMAZING!!!! I would love to do all this cakes, cupcakes, macarons … It is just fantastic!!! Congratulations.

  • Ryann

    Will be stealing just about all of these ideas for an upcoming bridal shower I am hosting! I have already been on the lookout for oversized balloons and white ceramic trays!

  • The work you do is astounding. There is so much inspiration in each photo.
    Great job!

  • I find your work so inspirational. There are so many fun and unique things that can be done for any even.