Aug 18, 2010

Sweet Guest Dessert Feature from Elizabeth Messina

My dear friend and famed photographer Elizabeth Messina of Kiss the Groom and Elizabeth Messina shared with me these precious photos of her daughter Mykela’s birthday.  Elizabeth emailed me when she figuring out what to bake and told me she was wondering what I would do. Well, goodness, Elizabeth did not need my help at all!   Besides Elizabeth’s incredible photography and gorgeous styling, those desserts look just incredibly, well…sweet.  Sifting through all of Elizabeth’s photos was the hardest part of doing this post.  It was so hard to decide which to use!  Not to mention I did want to take a bite out of that munchkin birthday cake!  I love all of Mykela’s sweet birthday details…the ice blue palette, the stone cake stands, that heavenly iced bundt cake, the staggered lit cakes, and the ice cream cone candles are just a few of the things I’m loving about this table.  Elizabeth – I’m so happy that you shared this with me and I think everyone will enjoy this one!
PS – I had a chance to meet Mykela out in California last year and she is just as sweet as these photos…Happy Birthday Mykela xoxoxo

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  • Wow..the simplicity of desserts looks so delectable with Elizabeth’s photography! Amazing as alwasy!

  • SO sweet! I love the tall candles!

  • Perfection… the only way Elizabeth Messina knows how to work… i think I’m probably her biggest fan!!!… I know I am!!

  • Oh, I adore the ice-cream candles!!! Where did she find them?

  • I absolutely love Elizabeth Messina…Sofia I’m her biggest fan! 🙂 Together we are her ultimate fan. This is gorgeous!

  • Oh! I love the textures of the desserts that match the cabby chic robin’s egg blue table. So unique!!!

  • Simply gorgeous!

  • love everything you do! love the colors & the ice cream candles are adorable : )

  • Those cone candles are beyond amazing!

  • Absolutely adorable. I love that blue, and the candles… so cute, all of them. My oldest niece is going to turn 13 this year. I think she’d pass out if she had a spread like that-so fantastic. But I have to say that if I had a 13-year-old daughter that looked like Mykela, I’d have to lock her up. That girl is stunning. Her parents are in big trouble. 😉

  • haha… I agree with Kelly!

    Ai-yai-yai! This is such an amazing 13th birthday spread!!!

  • *Sigh* I love Elizabeth’s work SOOOO much. I have been following her work for a few years and I have been dreaming of going to one of her workshops someday… Wouldn’t that be a dream come true!?

  • Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

  • Just enought sweets for a gorgeous event!

  • Janina

    Just adorable!!!!
    Please tell me where those ice cream candles are from?


  • this spread looks heavenly- i wish it were my own birthday party! the icing is my favorite color in the world. it’s just perfect. i love the ice cream candles!

  • Oh my goodness this is just so sweet! Everything looks just gorgeous! Mykela is so stunning! Beautiful job Elizabeth!! xoxox

  • Beautiful all of it!! Stunning photos, stunning girl! I’m hungry now though!!

  • Love it all…especially the color blue. This color makes me smile. Would love to know where Elizabeth got her necklace and what nail polish she’s wearing…dreamy – all of it! And, photos are out of this world!

    • Would love to know where Mykela got her necklace is what I meant…sorry for the name mix up:)

  • Simply blissful!

  • I love all the tall, unique candles. They really make the desserts standout.

    If you like dessert tables, you’ll love my blog entries on them.

  • this might sound really stupid/weird…for the dessert tables that the company does, do you bake all the goodies?

  • Adriana

    Those ice cream cone stick candles you can find online(crafted I love this post. Beautiful!!!!!

  • Quite simply ..WOW and my favourite shade of blue.