Aug 16, 2010

Hello Hanna Giveaway!

By: Amy Atlas, in Swag

We’re busy propping around NYC today for a special project, but I thought I’d leave you with a fun giveaway. Hello Hanna has graciously offered her beautiful sweet stands and her new wishing tree for one of our readers. Aren’t they darling? You can use them for both formal or informal occasions. All you need to do is submit in the comment area how you would use the wishing tree and the sweet stands. The winner will be randomly picked and I will announce the winner next Monday est time. Enjoy!

Ps – I’ve had so many guest features since the guest feature marathon and will be posting more soon!

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  • Robin

    For a fun party!

    • Lorraine

      I would use them for my sons’ birthdays which are within a month of each other, so I make lots of cupcakes for parties at home and at school. It would be great to use the stands to showcase them and make the events extra special.

      • pamela Schofield

        Love them! so cute for an upcoming bridal shower.

      • I would use the wishing tree at my wedding instead of a guest book, and the cupcake stands to present my wedding cupcakes!

  • I would use these for my daughter’s 4th birthday party!

  • Simone

    I will love to get one of the wishes tree so I can teach my girls how to care and
    love each other. I thought each day we can take one wish from tree and trying to do
    something good . I really loved the tree. Its a such cute gift.

  • My littlest daughter turns 4 in September. We’ll be on an annual trip where we gather with college friends and their kids. I would use the sweet stands to display the castle cupcakes she has already announced she’d like for her big day. The wishing tree would be a fun way to help stretch out her celebration…letting her open up a paper each morning revealing a special treat/experience for that day…a drink at Sonic with mom, special trip to the park, or her choice of board game for the family.

  • Donna Sanfilippo

    I love them. I would use them for a dessert bridal shower that I’m hosting for a dear friend. She would love it.

  • Simone Flores

    I will loved to used that in my girls b-day party.

  • Alissa

    I would use the individual cupcake stands for my almost-one year old’s birthday party. They are so dainty – perfect for a baby girl. And I will use the wishing tree for the bird-themed baby shower I am planning. ADORABLE!

  • AmyQ

    I would use them at my baby shower – after 2 years of “trying” we were finally blessed!

  • I would use them to photograph some stunning cupcakes!

  • Ces

    i would use them for my daughter’s birthday party

  • These are sooo darling!! I would use them to celebrate my upcoming graduation!

  • I would LOVE those cupcakes stands for… well… EVERY occasion! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Meghan R

    So pretty! They would be perfect for a shower I’m hosting for a dear friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My sweet little niece turn 6 in a few months, and this would be PERFECT for her party!
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!



  • Stephanie

    my son’s 3rd birthday is coming up ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melissa Baum

    For the wishing tree, I want to throw my friend a surprise party and have all the guests write a nice message or wish for the birthday girl and then present it to her as a gift afterwards.

    For the cupcake stands, they would also contribute to the surprise party as each guest can be presented with a cupcake and at the top of each stand, an interesting fact about the birthday girl is underneath! This makes the event personal and makes eating a cupcake more fun!

  • So pretty! I would put this to good use ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’d use them for my wedding! I’m making my own cupcakes for the event and it’d look super cool at the reception.

  • Robin D.

    I would use them for a retirement party I am working on.

  • Kristy

    These would be perfect for our house-warming party!!!

  • Angela

    I would use them all the time! They would be perfect on any dessert table!
    I just LOVE them! They are so cute!

  • Mrs S

    My baby shower, for sure!

  • Brooke

    I bake for my roommates all the time but they never know I do because I can only store them in the microwave so this would be a great addition to our apartment ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Taylor

    I would use the beautiful cupccake stands to showcase my cupcakes at any of my upcoming parties, but I would save the wishing tree for something special like a bridal shower.

  • debbienine

    I would use these any and every occasion! I have seen these before and have been wanting them!!!

  • Michelle B

    these would be great for a 16th Birthday party!!! Or an 11th birthday party!!! Both which are coming up in November ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Allison

    I am doing a Bridal Shower for a friends daughter in a month, and these would be so perfect! I LOVE the wishing tree, what a great idea!

  • Lisa

    Oh, those are sooo…cute. I would use them for my Grandaughter’s 2nd Birthday! Thanks for sharing.

  • suzanne

    I would use it for my easter table display.

  • Madison Blackwell

    My daughters birthday is less than a month away and she decided that she wanted cupcakes this year instead of a cake, and I
    think these would go perfect with the cupcakes and be such a suprised to her.

  • Ooo these are cute! I might use them for my sister-in-laws baby shower ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Juliejules

    I’m turning 30& Fabulous next month. I could put this wishing tree stand into good use for my birthday party!:)

  • ooh! I love discovering new resources like this! I would use the cupcake stands for an upcoming photo shoot… and for my Sarah’s upcoming 6th birthday as it will be uber-girly! I definitely would pass the wishing tree on to my sister-in-law, Melissa out in Alexandria, VA who will be having a baby shower (and a baby!!!) very soon! Thanks!

  • I’m an event planner and would use these over and over again for all kinds of events, weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs! They are perfect for everything.

  • Goldy S.

    I want it!!!! and I want it NOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JK;)When would I NOT use it?

  • Leslie W

    I have a housewarming brunch for one of my best friends coming up and the wishing tree would be a perfect for friends to wish her well in her new (post divorce)adventure! …of course there will be cupcakes at said brunch as well!

  • Flavia

    I would love to use these for my daughter’s first birthday party! Adorable!!

  • Alyssa

    We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in September with a dessert reception. Weโ€™ve been through two bouts of breast cancer (and Iโ€™m only 32!) and have a high-functioning autistic son and weโ€™re still together and stronger than ever! We definitely have a huge reason to celebrate and they would make a wonderful addition to our party!

  • Hannah

    I am throwing a bridal shower for my best friend next month and these would go PERFECTLY!

  • I would clean my house and throw a fall party!

  • pamela

    They are pretty enough to sit out all of the time! But I help coordinate lots of showers and events at our little church congregation and these would be used to make each and every one feel special!

  • Jenny R

    I would show these off at my sisters babyshower

  • I would love to use those cupcake stands! They would be so cute for individual place settings!

  • Meg

    A friend’s bridal shower!

  • beka

    my son’s 1st birthday party is going to be next month and i’d totally use these!!!

  • My sister-in-lawโ€™s baby shower is in a few weekends and this would be just wonderful!

  • Hi Amy!

    Am I eligible from Playa del Carmen (Mexico)??

    If so, I would use them on the upcoming birthday party for my boys!!

  • Those adorable little cupcake stands would be PERFECT for my upcoming “Sweet Shoppe” party!

  • Kristy

    For my son’s baptism!!

  • LISA

    I could use these in so many cute!

  • Barbara Sullivan

    My daughter just received her Masters degree and we’re having a party to celebrate, of course! I’m going to make the hydrangea cupcakes from Glorious Treats to go with the ones from our garden – her favorites. These would be adorable little stands for the floral cupcakes! Hopefully yours…

  • Sara

    These are so adorable. My Grammy was just moved to an assisted living facility last week. At 93 ~ full of smiles and laughter, this transition has still been a difficult one. My Grammy could use something that would put a big smile on her face. I would put some fun cupcakes on the stands so that she could invite some of her new friends in to have a sweet treat. I would take the tree in so as all of her family and friends visit, they could leave her a note that she could read later.

  • Natalia McNamara

    We are a family of 4 with sweet tooths all around for healthy and not so healthy goodies alike. I would use the stands to present fruit in a fun and elegant way everyday, as well as parties to present appetizers & deserts. We would us the wishing tree as a great way to start each morning with a message or wish. It’d be a great way to get the kids talking at breakfast each morning.

  • Sarah

    I’d use the tree at my wedding for wedding wishes and the cupcake stands at my bridal shower!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am an up and coming event designer and would LOVE this!!!
    BTW thx as always for your wonderful generous talent 7 heart!

  • Jessica C

    I would use these for my daughter’s upcoming 6th bday, and every occassion! How fun!

  • amie

    I’m working on a portfolio of my deserts in an effort to secure funding to turn my hobby into a business so I can spend more time doing what I love…teaching my 4 year old daughter to bake. I want to have a tasting party and prepare a table for “investors” (aka friends & family) along with the portfolio. The stands would photograph beautifully and I’ve got tons of wishes for the tree.

  • Susana

    Iยดm throwing a surprise party for my momยดs 60th birthday in september, and Iยดd love to use this beautiful wish tree!!!!!

  • Johanna

    I would love to win these. I have two baby showers for friends coming up that need to be organized and I simply have no idea how! These would be extremely helpful! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I would use the tree at an upcoming Baby Bee shower that I am hosting. I think it would be a great idea to give tips/suggestions for the first time mommy.

  • Amy

    I would love the tree for our new entryway and the stands parties!

  • I have a group of artist friends who get together twice a month. I would love to use the wishing tree and those adorable little cupcake stands for one of our meetings. We always have food. These would be so perfect for this group.

  • I would use them for a much needed mommy’s night out party that I’m currently planning!

  • Fuzz

    I’d use it in my classroom for students as a reward-motivator. Obviously not the intended purpose, but I like anything I can find that is innovative and has an ‘ooh, ahh’ factor!

  • Kristin

    There are so many opportunities to use the cup cake stands and wishing tree, but I would definitly use the wishing tree for my niece’s bachelorette party in October which by the way has the same color theme.

  • I would use them for my son’s 1st birthday party…coming up in November!

  • Beautiful! I would use them for my darling sister’s baby shower-it’s her first child and these would go wonderfully with my sweet plans! Thanks for the chance! xo

  • I would use them as a reason to have a party! How cute are those!?!?!? Love them.

  • Sara

    My good friend just found out she is pregnant but her family does not believe in buying for the baby “before” it arrives which means no baby shower.. but her friends can certainly throw her one (hint-hint) these would be perfect!!

  • Victoria

    I would throw a girls night just to use them! They are just adorable!

  • Annie Dillon

    OMGosh, what WOULDN’T I use them for??? Birthdays, baby shower, parties, tea, friends, back to school… just about ANYTHING!!!! They are darling!

  • Colleen

    Iโ€™m hosting my oldest and most dear friendโ€™s baby shower next month and both the stands and the wishing tree would be an excellent addition to the party!

  • Tammy

    I’ve got a bridal shower, 75th b-day, 5th b-day, & a tea party coming up…I could use these for any or all!
    So cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Trish

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE them for my (2) daughters who will be having a cupcake themed birthday very soon!

  • Summer

    The sweet stands have so many uses, but I would put the wishing tree in my son’s nursery and write wishes on them for him whenever the inspiration hit me.

  • Kati

    The cupcake stands for my daughter’s 4th bday. I would give the tree to my best friend to use at her wedding in October.

  • I would use the items for our housewarming coming up.

  • Lisa

    I am getting married in May and we are doing a dessert reception. I would love to have these to use.

    The tree would also be awesome. When I was showing some of the ideas from your site, I showed one where there was a wishing tree and my fiancรฉe wants to do it now!

    We are also having a nature theme so this would tie in wonderfully!

  • Brittney S.

    I would use them for my nephew’s bday party

  • Sunshine

    How fun it would be to bless someone with this wishing tree! Our women’s group, at church, could use it for the next wedding or baby shower, what delight!

  • Candy

    I would use them at my grand-daughter’s parties.

  • Dawn Miller

    I am totally in love with the wishing tree! I would use it daily as an inspiration tree. Instead of reading morning inspirations from a book they could be read from the tree. I would also use it for anytime we celebrate a special life moment…..
    Since anytime we eat it should be a delightful experience for all of the senses, I would use the sweet stands to turn an everyday ordinary snack or desert into something special.

  • giselle

    Ummmm for everything!! Love it, Love your blog, love it all!

  • Fia

    I am designing my first dessert table ever for a friends wedding and have gotten so much inspiration here. She has given me free reign to desigm the whole table and it will be a total surprise for her. These would be so awesome to incorporate in the table, especially the tree…it would make an awesome centerpiece!

  • trisha

    Perfect for my daughters birthday coming up around the corner!

  • My daughter is turning 16 this year… Sweet Sixteen!

  • So adorable! I would use the cupcake stands for my nieces upcoming 3rd birthday party. I would use the cupcakes stands again and the wishing tree for a bridal shower that I’m hosting in October.

  • CJ

    For this wishing tree… I can’t decide between my niece’s first birthday or my daughter’s fourth.

    For the cucpake stands… lot of things, including for a little Pinkalicious theme day I am planning for my daughter which would absolutely require cupcakes.

  • Michaela

    they would be perfect for my garden party

  • For my niece’s first birthday party!

  • I would use them for a baby shower I’m hosting. So cute!

  • I love entertaining. The tree and stand would make the perfect additions to a party!

  • I would use them for a thank you party for my wonderful friends who helped this weekend with my daughter’s wedding reception. We had an Amy Atlas style dessert buffet that turned out great thanks to all of them.

  • my first grandbaby is turning one soon and the theme for her party is “cupcakes” … perfect!

    i think the wishing tree would be darling for one of my daughters’ bridal showers – people could put their advice down for the bride to be!

  • Heather Ryan

    Hosting an owl-themed baby shower soon. The stands and cute tree would be perfect!!!

  • Stephanie

    I would use it for my daughter’s first birthday party!

  • WOW! I’d use the stands for my daughters birthday party in Nov! and the tree, I’d use it for the next baby shower or bridal shower as guest writes advice to parents to be or the bride =)

  • Monica

    I would love to use them for a candy shoppe theme party for my lil girl’s 5th birthday!!!

  • Lora

    I would use them for EVERYTHING!! So cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I think they would stay out year-round @ my house with little picture frames on them and just change the ribbons as the seasons change.

  • I would love to use these for my little girl’s 1st birthday party next month!

  • Nicole Carr

    I would use them both at my best friends upcoming baby shower, they have waited for this baby for years! So she deserves the best shower yet!

  • Linda Burt

    There is a future wedding for my oldest daughter and I think it would make a wonderful statement for a bridal shower. Something new and original!
    Hope I win!

  • They would be perfect for my Son’s 25th B-day!! Fun!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Winnie Poon

    I would put developmental milestones of my 2 year-old sons (as they happen) on the wishing tree, and I would put paper cut outs of animals and toys on the stands to help me teach him the alphabets!

  • these items are so beautiful and creative! we have a group of friends that we love to spend time with, but can never seem to find enough time! i would use the whimsical wishing tree (i love tree decor!!) and the stands for a “adults only party” and have a great kid-free night with great friends. it would bring awesome memories and could become a yearly tradition. we would write down our hopes, goals and dreams for the coming year and then keep them to read them at the party the following year and see how many came to be. aww- i can already picture it. thanks for sharing these designs.

  • We’ll use both for upcoming events! The wishing tree would be great for our Harvest Celebration in October.

  • OMG!!!! I would use these as props for when I set up weddings with my mini doughnuts!!! How adorable would little mini doughnuts be hanging from the branches of that tree?!? I am in love!

  • Sara R.

    I would use them for my sister-in-law’s baby shower.

  • i would use them for my family reunion that is coming up. LOVE these and the simplicity of the designs. perfect.

  • I would use them over and over for many parties. The cupcake stands would work for more than cupcakes. Maybe jewelry or crafted pieces that need displayed. I would probably use the tree for an upcoming 40th birthday celebration.

  • Amy

    OMG these are so cute! I would use these for my parties and with a little girl I’m sure I could make good use out of these! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Gaby

    I would use them for a couple bridal shower, my cousin is going to get married soon so will do a really great party for them, so i hope to win because is so nice and a really great idea!!!

  • Marcia

    Would love to use those for my BFF’s triplets baby shower dessert display!

  • I would love to use them for a “mock” baby shower I am doing at the Lil Lamb Shop in Annapolis, MD!

  • Michele

    Along with using them at any of my three son’s birthday parties, I would also use them for the teachers at my son’s school. It would be really neat to have that wishing tree in the school office with lots of encouraging words for the teachers to pick, and to present a fun dessert bar with those ever so cute cupcake stands!

  • how cute is that!? you could use it for so many occasions! thanks for a great giveaway!

    [email protected]

  • WendyB

    I would use the wishing tree as a love note holder to my daughter far away at college. The sweet stands would be for when she comes home!

  • amy

    I would use the sweet stands for my little girls birthday party next month and I would use the Tree for parties, showers, holidays. Tons of things are going thru my mind!!

  • Sheree Renee

    I would love to use it for my college graduation party. I need all the wishes I can get!

  • Oh my stars…I was planning on making one of these (or I should I say going to attempt to make) for a very special shower for a baby who will be born with spina bifida…this would be unbearably cute!! Pleae pick me!!

  • Lisa F.

    These are adorable! I’d use the cupcake stands for my daughter’s 4th birthday party and the wishing tree for my Christmas Advent calendar, writing an activity on each hanging slip of paper and then attaching numbers to each one. I’d also add some bling and paper holly or poinsetta flowers to the branches with supplies from my scrapbooking stash.

  • Jenny D.

    These would be perfect for my sil’s upcoming baby shower. How special!

  • Kuulei

    These are so cute…I would use them for any and every occasion.

  • My niece’s birthday is in September and I’m making her a candyland party!!! These would be perfect.

  • SO SWEET!!! Would love to win these! I’d use the little stands to line sweet treats (table runner style) for a bday party! Maybe spell something out with tags or toppers! The tree would be perfect for an anniversary event. I’d include the note tags with the invitation and have guest mail or bring them! =)

  • Gaby

    I’m throwing a tea party for a gaggle of little girls, and these would be perfect for the cupcake table! Plus they’re kind of amazingly adorable.

  • I would LOVE to use these for my bridal shower!!

  • I’d like to have a meet and greet for my baby and would use the wishing tree to ask friends for lovely thoughts and would make a scrapbook for her of from all the people who love her!

  • You have such great party planning skills…My dream job!!

  • Dyana

    I would have a “mom” party. I would have wonderful cupcakes on those cute little stands, and have support “wishes” for all my fellow moms ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Angel

    I’d use these OVER and OVER again! Any occasion would suffice. These deserve a party “just because” so you could show them off!

  • I Would love the stands for a christmas party and I would use the tree all year long but change the decorations I put on it to reflect the time of year! I would love it!

  • Jessica

    My daughters 2nd birthday is approaching and the cupcake stands would be perfect with her decor and the wishing tree is too adorable for my baby shower next month!

  • angela p

    my friend’s baby shower!!! whoot ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anika

    For my 17th Birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Denise

    I would use them at our Church at all the Baby showers and Bridle Showers we give!!

  • Krys

    I would use the stands for my girls 6th and 9th birthday parties around Christmas time. And the wishing tree would be great for a friend who is having twins via a surrogate in October.

  • I would love these for an upcoming bridal show. I do custom wedding invitations, favors, place cards, escort cards…you name it!!! I am always looking for creative ways to display my work. The tree would be adorable for escort cards. The stands could be used for cupcakes to give out to brides that come to my booth.


  • The Cupcake Stands are perfect for any occasion, and I’d love the Tree for a whole slew of showers that are coming up later this year!

  • how wouldn’t I use these?! they would be a perfect fit for any event!!!

  • Jen

    My rental daughter (best friend’s little girl that I do girly stuff for because my boy can’t take it) is owed a fancy fancy tea party from me. I’d invite her new kindergarten friends and make it very sweet. Shouldn’t little girls have all kinds of new kindergarten wishes?

  • I am sure I would use them for a lot of different occasions!!!!

  • I would use it for daughter;s upcoming birthday party!

  • Tricia Sternberg

    Would love these for a sweet tea party……

  • They are so adorable! I would use them at my twin girls’ second birthday party next month. I love the idea of having the wishing tree there.

  • Audrea Ratliff

    These would be so lovely for my daughters 2nd birthday party in 4 weeks. It’ll be a dress up party and these would make it even more fancy! I would also use them for all of her party’s each year – a great start to a lovely tradition.

  • Lisa

    For my friend’s baby shower!

  • Roci

    These are adorable!

    I would use them for my travel themed wedding next month!!!

  • Erica Suderman

    I will use these for a bridal shower I’m hosting for my best friend…they’re so cute! Can’t wait to win them!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Since I have started doing cupcakes as a way to portion serving sizes… these stands would be perfect for family events! I love the idea!

  • Rebecca M.

    I would use this for family nights and baby showers:)

  • Kerissa

    I would love these! I make cupcakes constantly for friends and kids and I’ve admired the stands at my local specialty paper shop for a while now. I would perhaps even use the wishing tree for my wedding. Thanks, Amy!

  • I would use them for Thanksgiving!

  • I would use them for an upcoming shower I’m hosting then after I would use the tree as a jewelry holder for some of my delicate necklaces!

  • I would use these when i have guests over!

  • I’m hosting a baby shower for my Sister soon and would LOVE to incorporate these! They are darling!

  • Ayesha

    I am in the midst of planning a surprise 40th Anniversary Party for my Mother + Father in law. The wishing tree would be a perfect way to let guests leave special messages for the couple.

  • mallory

    what wouldn’t i use them for? i might have to plan a party just to show them off :]

  • That’s a hard one. They’d be perfect for a baby shower I have coming up, but I’ve been dying to do a dessert table, so I am throwing myself a birthday party. I could use them for that!

  • Kristen S

    My to-be Mother-in-Law is throwing me a tea party shower. These would be such cute additions to our girly day of sweet treats and well wishes!

  • I’ve been wanting to celebrate the Japanese holiday Tanabata and that wishing tree would be perfect!

  • Emmy

    I am the leader of a church group of girls ages 8-11. We do variuos service activities and I think this would be great to have my girls take the tree to a local women and childrens center and have them use it to make a few wishes of their own. Thank you for sharing this great website, and for everything else you share. So inspiring!

  • I would use it at my daughter first birthday

  • Bibi

    Sooooo cute!… Especially the cupcake stands,,,wow!

  • Sheri

    For an awesome party!

  • caroline wong

    i would use them for a faculty social ๐Ÿ™‚ i am a teacher that is back to school now!!! our teachers would love the gesture and it would also put a smile on their faces ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Elizabeth

    Love these! I would use the cupcake stands at family parties, which we have often in my large Italian family:) The Wishing Tree would be a great gift for my brother and his fiance who are planning a wedding for early 2011.

  • Karyn

    These would be wonderful for my daughter’s birthday next month!
    Thanks for the link and the giveaway.

  • I would use it for the baby shower I am throwing for my cousin, so stinkin cute!

  • I’d use them for a baby shower I’m helping with in Nov.

  • I would use them to decorate my store with my ‘cupcakes’!!!

  • I would use it for my best friends birthday party! She will be 30 in september and I am desiging a dessert table wilt love bugs. So cute!

    Love Sabine

  • mmeyer

    I would use them for a formal 3rd birthday for my son.

  • Melissa

    These would be the perfect addition to my wedding and upcoming bridal shower. How perfect that our invitations have love birds and cherry blossoms on them. Our guests would be really “wowed” to have their cupcake presented in such a beautiful way!

  • Jackie

    Hello Hanna has super cute products! I would use the wishing tree and stand for my best friend’s wedding shower I’m planning at the moment.

    The wishing tree will be for the guests to leave advice for the bride. And the stand will be perfect for the cupcakes I will be making for the shower.

    Thank you for the giveaway! :)It would be super handy to have them.

  • Kari V.

    I LOVE these cute stands and wishing tree! My daughter is turning 16 next month and I would love to use them for her sweet 16 birthday party!

  • I would love these for the garden party luncheon I’m planning for my brothers wedding!!

  • Debbie Thompson

    I would love both of these stands since I love to throw parties for my granddarlings. They love parties!!

  • Stephanie

    Oh! They would be lovely for a babyshower!

  • Natalie

    For my baby shower!

  • For the holidays my kids party room always grants wishes for kids in the area it would be adorable to use in our display.

  • WOW!! These are adorable!!! I’d use them for my daughter’s next party ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kim

    The cupcake stands would be used all the time!!! I bake, for ppl and for my family, they would be so fantastic! The tree I would use at my futur sister in law’s bridal shower!

  • i love these! i’d use them everywhere!

  • barbie

    omg They are too cute!!! i think they will look super cute with tea cup cupcakes on them!

  • Eliane

    That would be perfect for my daughter’s 2 bday next month

  • Nina

    It’s baby season over in my neck of the woods, so these would be perfect for all the baby showers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hmm… mind is churning. Could use the wishing tree in millions of ways, for any event at all. I made a halloween tree one year that has gradually been adapted over time to incoporate every special event going. Cupcake stands would be brilliant at a market stall or photo shoot too.

  • I have so many upcomming events these would be perfect for. My husband’s birthday, my best friend’s baby shower, and my Son’s 3rd birthday. What a fun item!!!

  • Maureen

    It would make a great centerpiece for an upcoming anniversary for all to write notes to the couple .

  • Lisa

    This wishing tree looks perfect for my niece’s bridal shower. She has been so busy creating her own wedding invitations and other pieces for the wedding, I would like to make a special display for her at her shower with special wishes from her friends and family, surrounded by a fun display of cupcakes in pink and green to match her wedding colors.

  • megan douglass

    i would love individual cupcakes at every setting for a birthday dinner!! so lovely!

  • Anything will be wonderful on these, but as soon as I saw the tree I though it will look wonderful as a display for my handmade tags and cards! The stands would be lovely used also for the birthday cards, as props for pictures or craft fairs!!
    Love them!!!!

  • Denise

    I’d love to use them at one of our family holiday get togethers. We can use it at Thanksgiving to state what we’re thankful for or at Christmas to reflect on the year or at New Years for our wishes for the new year.

  • Sheri

    Oh my goodness they are cute! I would use them for all of the summer entertaining I do. Thanks for the chance!

  • The wishing tree and stands would be perfect for my daughter’s upcoming first birthday party. What a fun keepsake the wishing tree would be!

  • Stephanie

    I am involved with planning a creative connection day at my church for all the ladies. I would use the cupcakes stands at the refreshment area where the plan is for everything to be pink/black and white. The wishing tree I would place on our “card table”–a table set up with blank note cards and blank greeting cards for our ladies to take the time out to drop a note to those ladies that are housebound or in an extended care facility–I would utilizxe the wishing tree in some manner there.

  • Kari Vriesema

    I would use them at my parent’s 50th Wedding anniversary – the cupcake stands, well for cupcakes silly and the wishing tree for the guests to send their wishes for many years to come! Then I would reuse both at Thanksgiving – and the wishing tree would become the I’m thankful for tree, the cupcakes stands would be used, for well, wait for it – cupcakes. And then again at NYE where the wishing tree would be used for New Year’s wishes and the cupcake stands would be used for…. oh come on! CUPCAKES, and then at Valentine’s day…. j/k. So cute!

  • Becky

    I love this! I would use the wishing tree for my daughter’s first birthday party and for holiday cards :).

  • I would use it for babyยดs first birthday dessert table!

  • SugarCrystal’s

    I would love to use both at my next dinner party. The cupcake stands to serve dessert on, and the tree as a fun way to present place cards.

  • I love the tree! I’d use it to remind myself of my goals in life! and the cupcake stands i’d use fot gettogethers and diners

  • Juliane

    I would use them for a dessert table that I’m currently planning for my sister’s graduation party wih family and friends. The wishing tree would be great for writing down wishes and comments for her future career.

  • I’d use both for a baby shower! Too cute!

  • Jenny

    I would find as many reasons to use them because they are just so cute! I’d love to use them for our daughter’s adoption day celebration and for her 2nd birthday.

  • Haley

    sooo cute! i would use them for my friend’s baby shower that i will be throwing for her!!!

  • Thais Luy

    I will use the stands to show my Big S art work when she decorates cupcakes and the wish tree is perfect to leave lovely random notes for guest when entertaining

  • Kerrie

    Adorable. I would use the tree for a reward for my 4 and 6 year old. I would allow them to pick a tag with a secret surprise inside after they’ve finished their chore charts. They would love getting to pick from this special little tree. The cupcake stands I would use when it’s time to take cupcakes to the kids’ schools.

  • Mariolonza

    Hello, I would want the tree to hang my felt creations! My wish? Able to open my small workshop felt. A big kiss from Italy!
    Maria Sole

  • Valerie

    I would use the tree for a friend’s upcoming wedding and the cupcakes for a friend’s baby shower. They are so cute!!

  • jennifer post

    soooo cute! thank you for the opportunity ti win this!

  • Mistie Ota

    These are so creative! I would use the sweet stands topped with cupcakes to take pictures using my new dslr camera! The wishing tree i’d use for my sister’s baby shower! Lovely!!

  • margarita


  • Stephanie

    Love the cupcake stands! I would use these for a friend’s upcoming bridal shower.

  • Jessica B.

    I would use the stands for my cupcakes because it is so cute and the wishing tree I could use for my sister’s wedding that is coming up. I think it would make a beautiful decoration.

  • Emily Ferons

    I would use these for a special party for my mom and sisters.

  • Rossana

    I’ll use for my son b-day party!

  • Becky Workman

    Perfect for an upcoming baby shower.

  • Rebecca

    For a pretty pretty princess party!!

  • Christina

    OH MY GOSH!!!! WOW!!!!! These are simply awesome… My sisters and I are planning our mother’s 75th birthday and these would be great to win and use them at the party… Good luck to the winner, thank for sharing..

  • Nicole

    I would use the stands to display my cupcakes for my blog pictures.

  • Alison P

    I am doing an Alice in wonderland tea party and I would put the cupcake holders on each persons place setting. The wishing tree would be used for Christmas. I would let my kids fill one out the days leading up to.Christmas. Love this!

  • Suzanne

    Those are so cute, I think I would just leave them out all of the time for decoration!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brianna H

    I would use these cute decos for my 21st Birthday dessert table that I am in the process of planning – would be fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jen

    These would be perfect for an upcoming bridal shower!

  • I would give these to my lovely friends who are getting married in January!

  • Sonia

    Ohh I love this! It would be great for a charity dinner I’m planning to raise money to put children rescued from trafficking back in schools. Advice for the children or for people who want to give back in their communityโ€”perfect!

  • Michele

    I would love to have this for all upcoming holidays and numerous family birthdays!!

  • Kristy

    For my niece’s first birthday – she would love them and so would I!

  • I will be doing an Owl themed Baby Shower and would love the opportunity to use the stands for the cupcakes or mini cakes to give the dessert buffet the extra WOW factor! I will use the wishing tree to have the guests write helpful advice for the expectant mom.

  • I would love to use them for pictures on my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nuny

    i would use this for an upcoming family reunion! a “family tree” so to speak =)

  • Rebecca Garner

    Super cute, maybe around holidays decorate it appropriately for the holiday and then write notes to my children…or for a teacher’s appreciation luncheon…cupcake stands to bless people I love and appreciate, maybe teachers, hubby & kids….the possibilities are endless :o)

  • Ann

    I would use them both for an upcoming baby shower — I’d build the theme around the tree!

  • Kathy Elrod

    I can think of a million ways to use these! Thanks for sharing!

  • Christine Zettl

    I’m just going to be honest…I like them and I would like to have them! I’m sure the uses are far beyond what my mind can think of at this point. I have a 5 year old little girl who I’m sure would go crazy with ideas!

  • My mom recently passed away and every day I find myself wishing I had asked her one question or another. I would love to use this as a permanent display in my home where different family members could ask each other questions. . .we could answer one question a day at dinner time!

    The cupcake holders would be a perfect to make dessert time special.

    Love your blog!

  • I would use it in my classroom. I would use ‘wishes’ of things my students could feel good about doing for the community (ie writing an encouraging/thankful letter to troops overseas). When they had some extra time, they could pick a wish they would want to make ‘come true.’

  • Oh!! I would use them for a beautiful dessert display that I am planning for my Mother in Laws surprise 70th birthday.
    They are absolutely adorable.

  • I would use them in a housewarming party I hope to be ready to have very soon — in a month or so! SO CUTE!

  • Ann Marie Buckley

    I would use them for my monthly “Cousins’ Night In.” I think the cupcake stands would make the dessert portion more festive and the wishing tree, we could use to remind us how lucky we are to be friends as well as family. we started it because we were feeling too scattered, I highly recommend it for anyone. It has made all the difference in the world.

  • Jenny

    I would use them at my kids’ birthday parties. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rachael W.

    I would give the tree to my girl friend who is getting married. I would give the stands to my the girlfriend who makes the most delicious cupcakes and always shares! So cute!

  • I would use the tree for a baby shower or bridal shower; it’s perfect! The stands are great for taking photos for my blog.

  • I’m already planning my daughter’s 2nd birthday at the end on december. These would be grerat to have for it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • They are so awesome, I’d love to use them for my niece’s bridal shower in Sept.The guests would be so impressed! (I’ll have to practice to get some cupcakes to look as good as your picture!)

  • Oh, aren’t these simply beautiful! I would use them for my daughter’s fourth birthday party, which is coming up very soon!

  • Mindi

    I would use them for a baby shower I am helping throw for a friend who is having triplets!!!

  • Jennifer

    I’d use the wishing tree when I host my friend’s baby shower. She and her husband are adopting a baby from Ethiopia and I want her attendees to write a wish for the new baby or them as a family.
    I’d have to use the sweet stands for cupcakes, of course! I wouldn’t be baking them because we have so many wonderful cupcake boutiques to choose from in our city.

  • Fiona

    Too late? I’d love these for my upcoming wedding.

  • raisingcropsandbabies

    I could definitely use both for baby showers and Sip’n’Sees. I do both quite a bit as all of my friends are having babies right now and I love to host things for them!

  • Kaila

    I could use them in soooo many ways. My sons birthday would be perfect, or just for dressing up a nice dinner.

  • I would use them at my birthday party and have guests write me their wishes for my birthday year.

  • rebecca

    I love these! I would display these beauties…in my house…anywhere…maybe as a centerpiece!!

  • I would use them for an end of summer party! So cute! Love them!

  • Emily S

    Definitely for my daughter’s first birthday!

  • Ally

    For dessert themed “dinner” parties

  • Lauren

    What a lovely giveaway! I would use the cupcake stands to elevate some of our honey jar favors :o) I would use the wishing tree for a friend’s housewarming party!

  • Ashley

    i’m in love with that wishing tree! i would use it in my home…somewhere! it needs a special place!

  • caryn

    I am doing Cupcakes for my Aunt’s 90th birthday. It will be the 1st time I do cupcakes for someone other than my children and I want it to be beautiful!

  • hello, this are adorable, I would use them to decorate my sons candy buffet, and these would display some of the cupcakes or may be some gourmet apples,,

  • Amy! OMG I love those!
    I would use this for my grandmothers 88th birthday! I’d hang 88 birds (paper or something cute) from the tree because she LOVES birds. For the cupcakes, I would stack beautiful cupcakes on those cupcake stands and prop them up at different levels around the tree.

  • Amy

    I would totally use both of them to do a photo shoot with my cupcake ornaments I sell!

  • Cindy

    I would love to use these adorable stands and tree for an upcoming Alice in Wonderland Back to School Party.

  • Thanksgiving! Such a time to be thankful & wish the best to everyone! I would love to use the wishing tree for my Thanksgiving gathering! Its beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Donna

    For a special afternoon tea with my girl friends who deserve some time out.

  • Oh, too sweet. I would love to use them to display my felt cupcakes and I have just the right little cookie ornaments to hang on the tree. What creative and fun centerpieces Hello Hanna has created โ™ฅ

  • sydney85

    The wishing tree for Christmas when friends visit. The cupcake stands for a pokeno party I am hosting.

    [email protected]

  • Steph

    I’d use these for an upcoming baby shower!

  • Barb

    It’s my 20th anniversary this year – this could be the springboard to my party!

  • Clare Tea

    Beautiful! beautiful! Even though there will be a one in 1000 chance, I’ll put my name in the bin!

  • These are soo adorable! Would use them for my friend’s upcoming baby shower where like me she too is expecting twins

  • Jenn S

    I love these stands. What a creative idea! I would use them for my daughter’s birthday party…or simply anytime I wanted a creative way to display cupcakes. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  • The sweet stands are so unbelieveably cute I just can’t stand it! I am planning my daughter’s 7th birthday party in September so that is something I would use it for. Also in October is my mom’s 75th b’day so the wishing tree would be a great addition for that occasion.

  • These are so unique and different. I would use the sweet stands for my Baby Girl Deme’s 1st birthday party, and the wishing tree for Thanksgiving. We host over 25 people at my house and I am always looking for creative ways for us to give thanks! I think the “wishing Tree” would be a great way to get everyone involved on that day!

  • Randi

    I would use them for my baby sister’s baby shower. I’m in charge! โ™ฅ

  • Susan

    Would love to use this at my son’s birthday party! He is turning one and with about 100 guests coming to his party, wee would love to see all their well wishes on this tree!

  • Melissa

    upcoming baby showers

  • Jill

    I’d love to use them for a baby shower. Many of my friends are having babies, and I can just see how I’d set the table. Sooo cute.

  • jolivette

    my favorite book is the giving tree and so i plan to throw and giving tree theme party and use the tree for people to pick out what they can do to give back. Who doesn’t love cupcakes. I’m in to decorating them so i would use these stands to display the best ones.

  • Deborah

    I’d love to use the stands at a summer party, and the wish tree at the next baby/bridal shower I host – whenever that may be! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mary-Frances C.

    I would use the cupcake stands for my daughters Marie Antoinette birthday party.
    I would use the tree stand for Christmas, as a sort of advent calender to share what we are thankful for until the big day.
    mommieseatsoggycereal at gmail dot com

  • *sigh* soooo cute. i have no hugely special occasion but would <3 to impress my book club friends when i next host! they would be amazed! *fingers crossed*
    xxx sarah

  • A week ago I found during one of my blog-world-daily-trips, I would love to use the sweet stands at the party I am planing now for my little sweetie who is turning two this September! Wishing trees are a tradition display in Japan on July 7th, people write there wishes and hang it on a bamboo tree, Hello Hanna tree will be a wonderful display for next year celebration ! I wish I’ll win ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jessica V.

    My daughter Abigail’s first birthday is August 26th, and the theme is cupcake. The stands would be so perfect! And the tree would be so lovely. I would adore reading all of the first birthday wishes her family and friends will leave for her on the tree.

  • Angela

    I throw parties for those I love and care for all the time. To have these over to top adorable and ever so useful stands and wishing tree would be so very exciting! I can think of 101 ways to use the tree (year round). The cupcake stands are just too cute… gotta have cupcakes for every occasion!

  • The wish tree would be a thought provoking decoration for a new year’s party, hanging good intentions and projects for the year to come, and all the more amusing to get it out again the following year and reread them!

  • I would try and create a delicious raw vegan cupcake and do some fun food photography with it!

  • Caroline

    I would use them for my moms 60th Birthday. I am going to do a surprise dessert bar for her. I would use the tree for us to write her little messages as to why we love her so much and how much she means to us as she always puts everyone else before herself. I think it would be a nice way to show her and she could keep it forever.

  • Daisy

    I would use this for my sons graduation from high school. Even though it is a year away. HOW ADORABLE!!

  • Lia

    These will look perfect for a party I’m planning at home… And maybe so many more… I thinking in so many ways to use it… PICK ME! PICK ME! Love you Amy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Those are too pinkalicious!

  • Dalia

    I would use the cupcake stands for my dessert table during “Rosh Hashana”, the upcoming Jewish New Year, and the wishing tree would be perfect for the whole family to make their New Year’s resolutions.

  • Mary

    I would use them for my twin grandchildren’s birthday party, and then again for my daughter’s wedding dessert table. Love these adorable pieces!

  • so cute and perfect! wonder if the tree would hold up some small cookies

  • Lucky’s Luna

    I love them! I think I would maybe just use them for home decor, the wishing tree for my necklaces and bracelets and use the sweet stands for cupcakes and treats I make.


  • jo

    for my parents surprise anniversary party…

  • jo

    for my parents surprise anniversary party!!!

  • Cindy

    WOW Never see anything quite like it! I will be using them for a friend’s wedding! I’ve been asked to help them making a lolly bar and would love to use the cupcake stand and the tree as a feature in their table! pleaseeee? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Me encantan este tipo de articulos!
    el 28 de agosto tengo una despedida de soltera y me encantaria poder adornar la mesa principal con este arbol de los deseos y los stand para cupcakes le dan elegancia y es algo novedoso que en Mรฉxico aun no se da.

    Saludos dsd Mty!

  • SO BEAUTIFUL and love the blog

    Love the cupcake stands – they are so sweet, useful and I am constantly making cupcakes for parties, formal and informal, so they will definitely come in very handy.

    The wishing tree is beautiful and can use this at our farewell party at end of October – we’re moving countries!

  • Pam Knies

    Love them, makes me want to have a party just to use the cupcake stands. Maybe a cute all girl tea party. I have a friend going bakc to Oxford, England would use for her english style Tea Party.

    Of course the wish tree for her graduation this spring!!

  • Susan

    They are super! I’d use them for the birthday party we are planning for my scout group – we could all hang a wish and a star on it (star is something good that has happened and wish is for something to happen) – perfect!
    The cake stands would be for the cupcake treats I’m going to make.

  • Mandy

    I would use the stands at my daughter’s first birthday party and I think would hold onto the wishing tree for that just right occasion.

  • Lorraine

    Lovely. I would use them for a bridal shower!

  • Van Phung

    I have a bridal/groom shower in October and the wishing tree would be great to have at the party!

  • I would love to use these for my daughters 3rd birthday. We are going to have a cupcake theme! so cute.

  • Susan Spiers

    These are so pretty, I would have to use them everyday! On special ocassions I would add additional handmade hangings for the tree. At meal time I would use the sweet stands for bread/biscuits. Too cute!

  • Tracie Green

    I am a Social Worker with the Department of Family and Children Services. I would use this wishing tree during the holidays and have our children in foster care write a gift they’d like for Christmas in hopes of an individual, an organization or a group honor the child’s wish.

  • They are just too cute! I actually have a friend who’s moving away and getting married in the virgin Islands. i would put this to good use at her going away party!

  • So lovely! I’d love to use those adorable stands for serving cupcakes at my book club meetings and the wish tree would be perfect for a little reflection with my friends at my 30th birthday next year.

  • Those cupcake stands would be PERFECT for any party – or maybe just any Wednesday ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Catie

    These are soo darling. I love them – they would probably be on my counter 24/7.
    Not only are they great for cupcakes and gatherings they can display other goodies as well
    Thanks so for the opportunity to win
    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  • How perfect for Thanksgiving to use the wishing tree as a Reason why we are thankful tree. I would use the cupcake pedestals for fall themed cupcakes/placecard holders….

  • These are Toooo cute!!! I can think of a billion ways I would use them!!! I love the tree, it is so creative!

  • michele doughty

    For pretty much… everything! lol. Though I am in the middle of planning a wedding as well.


  • Penny

    So lovely! The wishing tree would be great at Christmas to go along with the advent tree I have for my daughters. Each day they could open an advent gift and a special Christmas wish.

  • Lori

    SO cute!!! Perfect for so many parties! I have some bachelorette parties I am hosting soon that both the tree and cupcake stands would be perfect for!

  • April

    A bridal shower or wedding would be the perfect event for both of these items…so darling!

  • April

    I would use both the cupcake stands and tree for my daughter’s 6th birthday. Her theme is chic birds!!! It would be so cute

  • They are so cute! I would use the wishing tree and cupcake stands at my friends upcoming shower. The wishing tree would be such a sweet addition to present the mommy-to-be with at the end of her shower!

  • Amy

    I have a good friend getting ready to ship out to Afghanastan and we’re having a party for him. I think the wishing tree would be a great for folks to give messages to him. The adorable cupcake stands could also be used for cookies or chocolates or a small favor at a party . . . place one at each seat.

  • Ami

    well well what could i do with these amazing goodies ???

    with the sweet stands i would use them for my lovely partners birthday.
    i would put a cute homemade cup cakes on each one and place the around the house in the early morning so he can find them as he wakes.

    with the beautiful wishing tree i would use it as a christmas wishing tree and set it out before christmas so the kids can have a different tag for each present they would like from santa.

    thanx Ami

  • would love to gift these to a sweet cupcake friend!

  • These are too fun & cute to use just once at a party. I’d put them on display in my home 24/7.

  • Those are way too cute to use once at a party. I’d put them on display 24/7 in my house!

  • OMG! I didnt even know this store existed till right now! I am SO ordering those placemats!

    I have a bridal shower coming up for a friend of mine and that wishing tree would be PERFECT! And those cupcake stands will be a hit at my little ones birthday this December! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love both items! Think I can use the cake stands at my welcome tea party for my mom’s arrival in LA from Asia, and will use the wishing tree at my New Year’s party the end of this year, so everybody can make a wish of what we wish to happen next year and share our wishes with each other.

  • Lindsey

    I would use these for my sister’s baby shower. I think the tree would be adorable as a centerpiece and then later could go in the babies room!

  • I would love to use these for a sweet 12 year old birthday party I’m styling! Thanks for the giveaway Amy! I love your blog.

  • Mariel

    Love love those stands!!! I would use them for my daughter’s 2nd bday next month!

  • All the way from France, I want it all !!!!!

  • I think they would be fun to use at one of our fall football parties because they are so cute and unexpected for that kind of a party. It would definitely add something different to our usual party decor on football weekends.

  • OOOH that tree would be PERFECT for my daughter’s Chipmunk party. Trying to create a chipmunk theme, (eek!) without it looking Alvin and the Chipmunkish. Amazing cupcake stands too Hello Hanna!!

  • Zachanta

    I would love to showcase my latest cupcakes at an upcoming baby shower using these cupcake stands. And what better way to welcome baby than with a wishing tree. I’m sure both will make for fab photos!

  • Lana C.

    I would use the wishing tree to hang mini photos in my daughter’s room. As for the stands, it would be great to display cupcakes for the next party I throw!

  • Joan

    I would give these adorable stands to my daughter to use in her new cupcake business. They’d be perfect!

  • I love the Wishing Tree. I am hosting a launch party for my new online children’s clothing store so I would use it to display the beautiful hair clips I have.

    The cupcake stands would be perfect on my pink, blue and white dessert table to hold the Coco & Charlie cupcakes I am making.

    Thank you for all your inspiration!!


  • Joanna Andres

    I would use it for a bridal shower and everyone could write down a wish for the bride and groom and they can hang it on the tree.

  • Shani

    Oh so cute!!! I would love to surprise my friend with these. She is such a great cupcake maker and she would have a blast decorating with both of these items.

  • How adorable are those! They would be perfect for a baby shower I’m having this weekend — well, maybe for the next party… Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I would use the treat stand for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party in October. I plan to knock those other mommy socks off! LOL

  • Maren O

    My friend is in chemo for breast cancer and I think the wishing tree would be a WONDERFUL way to bring her well wishes (signed by all of her friends)!
    The stands I would want to use everyday!

  • Amy B.

    One of my closest friends is heading off to the Marines…13 long weeks of bootcamp before he comes home for a short break. I would absolutely love to use and would use these to entertain at a party for him when he visits. Plus, I just bought a bunch of cute sprinkles…cupcakes, anyone? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jessica

    So Cute!!!! I would love to use them at my little girls upcoming birthday!

  • I would use the the wishing tree and the sweet stands at my daughter’s second birthday party! They are so sweet!

  • Sandy P.

    All of this comes at such a great time!! I would use them both for my daughter’s 10th birthday that is next month!!! Love all your stuff!

  • These are adorable! I would love to use them in my store display. I am always looking for some height to the display, without overbearing it with plates and over-sized pieces.

    The Tree would be perfect for surprise discounts. And a great way to bring interchangeable color to the display.

  • Heather

    What a cute idea! I can’t decide which of the upcoming events I’m helping to plan I would use them at- 1st birthday, 70th birthday, or one of 3 baby showers! Love how simple yet elegant they are.

  • Jennifer

    I would use the adorable give away for my sister inlaw to be. Her bridal shower ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christene

    Those stands would be perfect for my upcoming book club party, only I would use them for these awesome mini Cheesecakes I’m making. The tree I would use for my son’s baptism next month. Everyone who came could share their hopes for his future and thoughts on his special day.

  • very wonderful theme… thanks for sharing this…

    Mickey Buarao

  • Love these…I would use them in my new bakery!

  • Kazplus2

    My dear friend moves overseas with her family next year. The wishing tree would be perfect for her farewell as everyone could write wishes/thoughts/prayers for them to take with them as they go. The papers are small enough to pack in a little box and slip into a bag for homesick moments when far away. And the cupcake stands would just enhance the party perfectly.

  • Melissa

    I’d use the wishing tree as table decoration for my baby’s Christening and get all our family and friends to write a special wishes for him and place it on the tree. Just lovely!

  • I would use the cupcake stand at my son’s birthday. Why should the girls have all the nice things? The wishing tree would be great on special occasions either to wish others well, or to recieve wishes.

  • Melinda

    Wow – I’d use the wishing tree at Thanksgiving….and then I’d get another one for my daughter’s birthday! Those are fabulous!!

  • I would use the cupcake stand and the wishing tree for my daughter’s birthday, or upcoming holiday, which ever came first! LOL They are beautiful!!!

  • I would LOVE this for my daughter’s next birthday. So aborable, just like her.

  • I just got my first order in the mail today from Hello Hanna for my daughters birthday! I would love more in addition for her birthday party coming up!!

  • Nancy

    I do tablescapes for children’s parties and these would be a perfect addition for a little girl’s party.

  • Tara

    These cupcake stands are so cute! I would love to use them for my nieces first birthday!

  • Amy L

    I’d use them for my daughter’s wedding or shower.

  • My friends and I would like to organize a party for my friend’s daughter who is sick. She will be turning 5 and is going through chemo treatment. I would especially like to us the tree so we can collect all “get better” wishes for sweet Lilla. Thanks,

    • Amy

      Congrats Lilla of Lailophoto! You have won the contest. We will be in touch soon.

  • I would use them for the baby shower I’m planning on throwing early next year!

  • I would use them for a back to school party for my son’s class that I am planning!

  • Oh I just love those cute little stands!

  • kaley

    gorgeous. would use for daughter’s 3rd birthday!

  • I would use them for my niece 6th birthday party!

  • Shevanne E. brown

    I have a baby shower i am planning in Nov. these would be great. Especially the tree can use it for guest to put tips on!!!

  • Erica Jones

    I would love to use these for my daughter’s 7th birthday!

  • I would use these for my great-niece’s 4th birthday party–she’s already a cupcake diva. I would use the tree designate seating arrangements.

  • Brandy Baum

    The pedestals would look lovely at a dinner party for dessert. So many ideas for them! The wishing tree is such a beautiful idea.

  • Shannon

    I would use the wishing tree to spread tons of love and fun to family and friends by hanging little notes of love, encouragement, hope, and happiness on it for all the holidays and seasons throughout the year. I would use it for well wishes on birthdays, as a New Years resolutions tree, a paper hug & kiss tree for Valentine’s Day, a countdown for Christmas………..

    The sweet little stands would be great to display all of the yummy sweets I make for birthdays and holidays.

  • Gayle

    The thoughts of Imogen Williams, aged 10 months, submitted by mum Gayle.

    I am just a little bub
    My first birthday is very soon
    And I would love to win these things
    It would really be a boon!

    I would smile my toothy smile
    At my sister eating cake
    Make a secret wish on my wishing tree
    That would come true next time I was awake

    What that wish is I’m not telling you
    I’m not being rude you know!
    It’s just if you tell it doesn’t come true
    My mummy told me so!

  • Briana

    I would love to use this for a baby shower and add in blessing for baby and family. My daughter would also love this. She turns fire in December and seems to think she is getting a cake like the cake boss.

  • Christine

    My daughter’s first birthday is in September and I would love to use the wishing tree. The first birthday in Korean tradition is a huge deal so we are having a party with approx 100 guests. This wishing tree fits her theme beautifully!

  • nicole

    these would be so great for an upcoming baby shower I am hosting!

  • Oh how pretty! I’m currently planning for my friend’s bridal shower party, it’s a sweet informal party and this would fit perfectly!

  • Brigid Liska

    I would attach various gift cards and use it as a “money tree” – the birthday gift for a friend turning 50!

  • Jessica

    I would use these for the holidays for serving desserts and for creating a gift exchange with our extended family.

  • These are simply brilliant!

  • I will use the tree to begin a new Thanksgiving tradition – a gratitude tree. As the family gathers for the festive meal, we’d each have a chance to write what we are grateful for on a leaf-shaped card. We’d share them and then hang them on the tree. When the season wraps up, I’ll add the cards to an album for all to view as time passes.

    The cupcake stands (so cute!) will be used to hold cupcakes with name-card cupcake toppers as a delicious way of inviting guests to take a seat during dinner parties.

  • Angela

    I would use the cupcake stands for my sons 3rd bday and the
    Wish tree for a thanksgiving things were
    Thankful for tree and then some!

  • Danielle

    I’m getting married next May. I would use the tree as a guest book for people to leave their well-wishes. It would stand proudly next to a display of all the loved ones we’ve lost, doubling as symbolism for a tree of life.

    We are having a three tier cake consisting of the bottom tier (for cutting), middle tier (all mini cupcakes) and the traditional top tier. The cupcakes could be placed on those mini stands to be placed on the sweet table once the cake is disassembled.

  • My daughter’s birthday is coming right up, next week actually. And the sweet stands could make an out of this world place card for table seating, each with different cupcakes and the topper would be the guests’ names.

    The tree would perfectly be a decoration next to the main cake and a lucky prize winner picker. You know, each guest leave their names on the wish strip paper, and let an innocent hand (that would be my 2 year old daughter’s) pick one winner from the tree.

  • Karena M. Adams

    This would be so PERFECT for the baby shower I am hosting for my best friend!

  • Where were these back when I was planning on my wedding?! They would have been perfect! I would use it now for all of the upcoming baby showers for my friends! It would be such a sweet touch.

  • Laura V

    These are great and adorable! I’m baking my way into medical school. I sell cakes and cupcakes to my mother’s friends. I can use these to showcase my creations ๐Ÿ™‚

  • catherine

    Would love to use these for my daughter’s 1st birthday…only 9 more months to plan.

  • Krista B

    For my sister-in-law’s wedding shower that I am planning!

  • Bernadette B

    I would use these precious stands any time at all to make a cupcake just a little more fabulous!!

  • Vivi JS

    I would use the stands for my daughter’s 10th Birthday, and the wishing tree along with the stands for my youngest 1st birthday party. It will go perfect with the cupcake theme I am using!

  • Ruth Hill

    I would use it for my mom’s birthday in September.

  • Mary Christine

    I would use these for my upcoming holiday parties! So many fun ideas for the wishing tree like things to be thankful for and wishes for a cookie party! Cupcakes, small tarts, eclairs could all be displayed on these sweet stands.

  • my girls celebrate their birthdays only 4 days apart and I always try to make a beautiful and special birthday table for them, these would make it wonderful! I do also think that the tree would be great for the Christmas time, to hang Christmas wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I would use the wishing tree as dessert table focal point, maybe hang sweet treats from it. Instead of using a platter I’ll display my cupcakes on those adorable stands.

  • I would use them for an upcoming bridal shower. they’re just too adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  • What a cute idea!! I would definitely use it for showers, birthdays, and my dining room centerpiece in between–hung with seasonal decor. It would make a great blessings tree for Thanksgiving, too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Missy

    Beautiful addition to my candy buffet at my wedding!!!!!

  • Lindsey

    I would use these sweet stands for my daughter’s 4th birthday party. It’s in a few weeks and these would be a perfect addition to her dessert table!! ~Lindsey

  • Tien

    These are really cute! I would use both for my sister’s baby shower. The wishing tree would be really great for everyone to suggest baby names ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Elizabeth H

    These would be perfect for my daughters upcoming first birthday!!!

  • cupcakes stands for my girl’s birthday who asked me yesterday for a cupcake party and the tree for a christmas calendar with a little “bon pour” for every day before christmas !

  • wow lovely!i would use this sweet creation fcourese for the birthday of my daughter im sure everybody will love it!

  • Anna

    My daughter would LOVE these for her upcoming birthday party! The tree is adorable – love the idea of adding wishes!

  • Liana Michalenko

    Awesome write-up Chrissy! Thanks for sharing your day.

  • I`m from Uruguay and its very beautiful, I will try to do it for my birthday party.